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					Dr. Jill Strange, Project Manager
Jill Strange, Ph.D. is a project manager at APTMetrics, Inc. Dr. Strange specializes in
the design, development, and implementation of competency models and competency-
based tools and provides consulting services in the areas of job analysis, employee
selection development and validation, and litigation support.
Jill has led several large-scale efforts in the areas of competency modeling, job analysis,
and selection assessment design for industry, government, and military clients including
Wal-Mart, Frito-Lay, the United States Navy, European Commission, and the
Department of Defense. While working with the Navy, she designed an enterprise-wide
competency model and led a job analysis effort spanning all enlisted, officer, and civilian
jobs. Previously, she worked with US- and EU-based clients such as Wachovia, Valero,
Adidas, and the University of Oklahoma to design and validate selection assessments as
well as performance assessment systems and workforce planning strategies.
Jill is the author of more than 15 peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on the
subjects of leadership, assessment, and competency modeling. She frequently presents
at professional meetings and conferences on these areas such as the Society for
Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) and the International Society for
Performance Improvement. She earned her Ph.D. in industrial-organizational psychology
from the University of Oklahoma and is SPHR certified. Additionally, she is a member of
SIOP and the American Psychological Association.

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