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									                                                                   The Arbiter
                                                         Newsletter of BASRA, Inc.
                                                  Bay Area Soccer Referee Association
                                                              PO Box 57853
                                                          Webster, TX 77598-7853
                                              Summer 2005

Bay Area Soccer Referee Association is proud to host the Bay Area Super Saturday Recertification
Event, Saturday, July 23, Gilruth Center at NASA JSC, as a service to its Members and to the referee
community in general.

Activities include:
     2006 USSF Recertification sessions presented by State Instructors,
     Testing & registration for 2006 (bring your USSF form),
     Drawings for door prizes,
     Referee equipment vendor on site, and
     Special Luncheon Guest Speaker Ed Bellion.
Ed is a National Instructor and former International Referee. Along with Bob Evans, he co-wrote "For the
Good of the Game," considered " indispensable guide for a beginning referee...” He will speak on
"The Emotion of the Game."

The clinic fee will be paid by BASRA for BASRA members; others will be charged the standard $20.
Registration for the clinic includes lunch provided by Mediterraneo Market and Café.

Registration will begin promptly at 8:00am with the Luncheon from 12:00 to 1:30. The day concludes at

To pre-register, contact Menno Homburg at 281-337-3467 or

An Entry Level Clinic for new assessors has been scheduled for August 5, 6 and 7 in Houston. We are
pushing to have it in the Bay Area; this becomes more likely if a large number of Bay Area folks sign up.
Contact either Menno or Richard Aguilar for more information and to get your name on the list.

With BAYSA handling their own assigning and payments, the need for two meetings a month during the
Fall is diminished. We will cut back to one meeting on the second Thursday of each month. The August
Eatin’ Meetin’, normally the fourth Thursday in August, will not be held (come to Super Saturday instead!),
but the December Eatin’ Meetin’ is still firm. If you can’t make Super Saturday, we will continue to offer
Recertification training at our monthly meetings at no charge.

All BAYSA matches worked through Fall 2004 (under the old Agreement) can still be submitted to BASRA
for payment. Bring the Games Roster and Game Card tabs to any BASRA meeting, or mail them to the
address shown under BASRA Officers at the end of this newsletter.

Dick Triche has been announced as the Acting State Director of Instruction. Dick has been a member of
BASRA for many years, even though he lives on Houston’s near west side. He is a former SRA and is a
National Referee Emeritus.

This July Houston will serve as a host city for Gold Cup qualifying and quarterfinals play. Gold Cup play
features ten national teams from CONCACAF and two invitees. The matches scheduled at Reliant are:
        Wednesday, July 13 (Group C, qualifying)
        Guatemala v South Africa, 7 pm
        Mexico v Jamaica, 9 pm
        Sunday, July 17 (quarterfinals)
        Group C winner v 3rd place, Group A or B
        Group C runner-up v Group A runner-up

Tickets for the matches may be purchased through Ticketmaster outlets including all Foley’s and Fiesta
Stores, on-line at, in person at Reliant Stadium, and by phone at 713-629-2109.

   Grade 8 Entry Level
   29 Friday       6:00pm-10:00pm        Civic Center                       Jim Babb
   30 Saturday     8:00am-5:00pm         Heritage Room                      281-996-9764
   31 Sunday       2:00pm-6:00pm         333 Hwy 332              
   06-129                                Lake Jackson
   5 Friday        6:30pm-9:30pm         BAYSA Office                       Bob Mohler
   6 Saturday      8:00am-5:00pm         17511 El Camino Real, #114         281-486-0814
   7 Sunday        1:00pm-6:00pm         (On Beacon Street)       
   06-100                                Clear Lake City
   Grade 9 Entry Level
   16 Saturday     8:00am-5:00pm         BAYSA Office                       Bob Mohler
   06-400                                17511 El Camino Real, #114         281-486-0814
                                         Clear Lake City          
    16 Saturday      8:00am-5:00pm       Hyatt Regency Downtown             Tim Sonnier
    06-409                               1200 Louisiana St.                 281-890-9484
    23 Saturday     8:00am-5:00pm        Gilruth Center                     Menno Homburg
    06-200                               Johnson Space Center               281-337-3467
    Assignors Entry Level
    16 Saturday    9:00am-5:00pm         Hyatt Regency Downtown             Bob Mohler
    06-502                               1200 Louisiana                     281-486-0814
    Assessors Entry Level
    5 Friday       TBA                   TBA                                Menno Homburg
    6 Saturday                           Houston                            or
    7 Sunday                                                                Richard Aguilar

  5-7   CITY OF ENCHANTMENT                           Kevin Kirkpatrick
        Lake Jackson                        
        U7-U18 boys/girls rec/comp                    979-265-2353
  6-7   SCHOOL DAZE KICKOFF                           Darrel Tatom
        Centennial Park, Friendswood        
        U11-U19 boys/girls rec/comp                   281-471-8961
  12-14 SUMMER SIZZLE                                 Mike Soto          Rich Newell
        El Franco Lee And Beverly Hills Parks
        U7-U19 boys/girls rec/comp                    281-484-2037       281-485-6047
  13    SFYSC MUNCHKIN MELTDOWN                       Jenny Hunt
        RJ Wollam Elementary, Santa Fe      
        4-7 boys/girls                                409-925-4507
  27-28 TEXAS CITY TUNE UP                            Murray McCauley
        Texas City                          
        U6-U18 boys/girls rec/comp                    281-557-9116 H, 281-687-2513 C
   2-4   QUEST LABOR DAY TOURNAMENT                Scott Sotelo
         Deer Park and La Porte          
         U5-U19 boys/girls rec/comp                281-479-7797, 281-478-4631
   7-9   FRIENDSHIP TOURNAMENT                     Gaylen Woodcock
         Missouri City                   
         U5-U19 boys/girls recreational            281-778-9610
          Note: Confirm local rules and method of payment when accepting assignments

In case you haven’t noticed (and where have you been if you haven’t?), it’s been hot and dry lately. And,
the summer tournaments are coming! That’s a potentially dangerous – even deadly – combination.

For your sake, please remember to hydrate yourself before, during and after a match. That means drink
lots of water and/or sports drinks. Drink more than you think you need, and avoid caffeinated drinks. Use
sun screen with a high SPF. If needed, wear a hat and/or sunglasses (just not the reflective kind). Seek
shade between halves and matches. Don’t do too many games in a day, and allow for a break or two.

For the kids’ sake, consider allowing a water break during each half at a convenient stoppage. Watch the
players for signs of heat stress; make a player leave the field if s/he seems to be getting overheated
(injury substitution).

Signs of heat exhaustion include cool, clammy, pale skin; sweating; dry mouth; weakness; dizziness;
headache; nausea; muscle cramps; weak and rapid pulse. Signs of heat stroke include very high body
temperature; hot, dry, red skin; no sweating; deep breathing and fast pulse, then shallow breathing and
weak pulse; dilated pupils; confusion; convulsions; loss of consciousness. To treat these, move to a cool
place in the shade, loosen clothing, give fluids such as cool or cold water and/or sport drinks, and get
medical help.

After all that the Arbiter has said and listed before this article, what can we add? All our excitement is
currently for the BASRA Super Saturday on July 23, just a few short weeks from now. This promises to be
a great event. We have as a Guest Speaker a person we should look forward to hearing speak. The co-
author of “For the Good of the Game” and a former International Referee to boot! What an experience it
would be to listen to this man! We will also have a number of renowned Guest Instructors for the Clinic!
And, to top it off, Lunch will be served free of charge to all clinic participants! We may even bring some
donuts for breakfast, but don’t tell everyone!

If you are planning to join us at this Recertification Clinic, please pre-register – just to make sure we will
have enough donuts!

We were very sorry to hear that the Texas City Fun Fest Tournament simply could not come up with the
number of teams to make for a good tournament. The regular tournament in August is still on though! I
urge all of you to participate in these Summer tournaments as much as possible to get yourselves into
shape for the Fall Season, wherever you decide to do Games. BASRA, Inc. will be there to help any of
you out whenever you need some help.

There will be an entry level Assessor Clinic in early August. We are planning to have a number of people
attend this Clinic so that we will be able to help you out during the 2005 Fall Season and help you
whenever you need us.

This year, we are not planning to have the August Eating Meeting, unless you, in great numbers, insist that
we do! That’s a subtle hint! And we have also decided to hold meetings on the second Thursday of the
Month only. Circumstances have indicated that decision to be a reasonable one. So, we all are looking
forward to seeing you at our Super Saturday, as well as the regular meetings.

One last word, as I am recovering from my first cataract surgery and enjoying clear sight through one eye,
I remember asking the Doctor what may have caused this condition. One possibility he mentioned was
extended exposure to sunlight. Then I remember I spent many Saturdays and Sundays out on the Soccer
Fields, out in the Sun! All that great fun actually may have contributed to my having cataracts. You may
want to consider making sure that aside from your exposed skin, your eyes, too, are properly protected.
Believe me, clear sight is wonderful, as I have just found out! Have a great Summer!
BASRA Officers and STSR Directors
              President                Menno Homburg          281-337-3467, 832-385-1258
            Vice President               Bobby Yates                 281-476-9525
              Treasurer                  Magdy Kotb           281-333-0883, 281-333-3180
              Secretary                   Bruce Cole                 713-946-6690
            Asst Secretary                Jim Kunke                  281-468-2091
       Instruction Coordinator             Bill Snell         281-334-0167, 832-724-5222
      Assessment Coordinator            Richard Bailey               281-324-3932
    Area Director of Registration        Elo Veselka                 281-838-1307
     Area Director of Instruction          Jim Babb                  281-996-9764
   Area Director of Assessments         Richard Aguilar              832-577-6226
    District SRC Representative        Rachid Karaouni               281-484-5981
Send correspondence to: BASRA, Inc., PO Box 57853, Webster, TX 77598.
Send USSF registration forms to: BASRA - USSF Registration, 402 Post Oak, Baytown, TX 77520
For referee fee payment by mail, send a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope and completed Games
Roster to: BASRA Treasurer, 18126 Bal Harbour Dr, Nassau Bay, TX 77058

Meeting Schedule
BASRA meets regularly at Webster Presbyterian Church, 201 W. NASA Road 1. Coming meetings are:
                      July 14 - August 11 - September 8 - October 13
Youth/First Year Referees Gatherings start at 7:00pm. Business Meetings and Training start at 7:30pm,
and are over by about 9:00pm.

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