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                                                                                              A Closer Look                                                            November 12, 2009 - 6

 Reporters Samantha Deaver, Kirstin Kressin, Joslyn Large, Keifer Mess-
 ersmith, Shelby Tyan, and Alex Wach take a closer look at the viruses and
 diseases that affect the everyday lives of teens.

        G  r
          eGemrsms                                                  Cause Problems Everywhere
                                                                            by 2nd-Year Reporter Samantha Deaver
                                                     live by entering one’s body and living off of the      Most germs are very harmful and spread
                                                     nutrition the body produces. Some bacteria          extremely easily.      Eliminating germs is a
                                                     in the intestines can be helpful to the body by     tough task, washing one’s hands after every
                    Germs are everywhere in          discarding waste matter and maintaining good        activity is one good way. HCHS custodian,
                   the air, in foods, plants, ani-   nutrients.                                          Carole Curran said, “We mop with Step-1
                      mals, and on nearly every         Viruses have to live inside another living       Sanitizer, clean every desk everyday and clean
                       surface, even one’s own       organism called a host in order to survive.         the bathrooms and toilets as well.”
                       body. It’s hard to walk       However, they can live on non-living surfaces          A recent survey found that 86% of HCHS
                     down the hall of Hayes          for short periods of time like countertops, ac-     students wash their hands regularly and 96%
                    Center High School with-         cording to Even though they         use both soap and warm water.
                    out running into someone         cannot survive for long on these non-living            According to the proper
                    with an awful cough and          surfaces, this is how many viruses are spread.      way to wash hands is using warm water, lath-
runny           nose. Kids are missing school        Once inside a host, however, the virus spreads      ering hands with bar or liquid soap, scrubbing
nonstop because of the flu, colds, and other         and makes people sick. Common illnesses             every part of hands thoroughly for at least 20
sicknesses. It’s hard to believe that all of these   caused by viruses are chickenpox, measles,          seconds, and then rinsing and drying hands
illnesses are caused by tiny living organisms        and the flu.                                                 completely.
too small for the naked eye to see. The culprit         Fungi are more plant-like organisms                            When hand washing is not oppor-
is germs.                                            that are unable to make their own food.                        tune, alcohol-based products help
   “Germs spread from person to person by            Instead they live off plants, people, and                       reduce the amount of germs on a
way of coughing, sneezing or simply talking,”        animals especially in places that tend to                        person’s hands and are fast act-
according to Fortunately         be in damp, warm areas. According to                             ing, according to the Center for
the human body has a strong immune systems  although most fungi                           Disease Control and Prevention. A
that protects people from millions of infectious     are not poisonous they can still cause irri-                 survey of HCHS students found that
germs. However, some still manage to break           table problems such as athlete’s foot.              63% of them regularly use Germ-X.
down a persons defenses and cause illnesses.            The last germ is protozoa which is very sim-        Germs can become very harmful to a per-
According to there are four           ilar to fungi living in damp areas. However,        son’s body if not properly taken care of. Hand     Junior Edgar Rodriguez is faithful in using
main types of germs; bacteria, viruses, fungi,       protozoa are more harmful and can cause dis-        washing, practicing basic cleanliness, and us-     Germ X during nearly every class period.
and protozoa.                                        eases such as malaria, nausea, intestinal infec-    ing products such as Germ-X are good ways to       63% of students at HCHS use Germ X regu-
   Bacteria are single-celled organisms that         tions, and diarrhea.                                reduce the risk of catching illnesses.             larly every class.

      Common Cold Effects Many
                                                                                 by Yearbook Editor Shelby Tyan
                                                        Is your nose starting to run? Maybe you          contagious for the first two to three days of         The most logical way to tackle the common
                                                     can’t stop sneezing. Or your throat might be        contracting the virus, but after the sev-                cold is through prevention. Whether a
                                                     hurting so bad you can’t hardly talk. Those         enth day the person with the cold is for                 person is at home, school, work, or out
                                                     are just three of the many symptoms when            the most part no longer contagious.                       in public, simple common sense hygeine
                                                     someone may have the common cold. “It seems            When one firsts feel the symptoms com-                  can curb the spread of the cold virus.
                                                     like it doesn’t matter if I’m in class, hanging     ing on, the best treatment would be going                  Persons should always wash their hands
                                                     with my friends or eating at a nice restaurant,     to bed early to get plenty of rest, drinking              every chance they get or use instant
                                                     someone around me always has a cold,” said          a lot of fluids, and using over-the-counter cold   hand sanitizer. They should cover their cough
                                                     Hayes Center Student Courtney Brown.                medicine to help ease the symptoms. Doing          by using a tissue or the crook of their sleeve.
                                                        Americans have over one billion colds in the     these things will not make a person’s cold go      They can even disinfect their items, anything
                                                     United States each year said     away more quickly, but these may make the          that others have touched. Persons should share
                                                     Children usually receive colds from other kids      person with a cold feel better for awhile.         drinks or items, such as Chapstick, either. “I
                                                     when they attend school or day care. The com-          When a person is beginning to feel sick, he     don’t really think about the consequences of
                                                     mon cold usually occurs year-around but the         or she naturally may think he or she needs an      getting sick by sharing my drink or Chapstick,
                                                     most common season that the cold will be            antibiotic, but what one should know is that       not until I get sick. Over this year I’ve learned
                                                     caught is in the winter or when the rainy sea-      antibiotics can and may only make the cold         how not to share some things with other people
                                                     son comes into effect.                              worst. “The only time an antibiotic would help     to help prevent catching a cold,” said HCHS
                                                        Research shows that over 200 different types     is if you have had the cold for 10 to 14 days,”    junior Jaime Melton.
                                                     of viruses are all under the common cold, ac-       according to google health.                           Of course, there is no way to totally prevent
                                                     cording to Within the first         Some alternatives of treatment would be to      the common cold, but some old remedies that
                                                     three days after catching the cold virus, most      consume lots of vitamin C, zinc, and echina-       people use is consuming a lot of spices such as
Junior Jaime Melton shows one of the many            people will start feeling some symptoms. The        cea while being sick with the cold virus. These    garlic or ginger in their food, eating a lot of
signs of a common cold as she blows her nose         most common symptoms include nasal stuffi-          natural remedies can certainly boost a person’s    chicken noodle soup, honey, or taking a hot
while using a Kleenex. The best way to curb          ness, drainage, sore or scratchy throat, sneez-     immune system and provide relief from the          steamy bath. “The Hayes Center School sys-
a cold is to get plenty of rest, drink plenty of     ing, hoarseness, cough, and perhaps a fever         cold’s symptoms. “My mom once told me to           tem seems to have an outbreak of cold when
fluids, and maintain a healthy diet. Using           and headache.                                       always wear a coat and always have my hood         we start staying indoors more. Good health
over-the-counter medications can help relieve           After about seven days the cold will have        up if my hair is wet because she believes that     habits will cut down on the number of colds,”
symptoms but will not cure the common cold,          run its course.                                     causes you to catch a cold,” said Junior Hayes     said HCHS nurse Delores Lawson.
according to HCHS nurse Delores Lawson.                 Someone who has the common cold is only          Center Student Linda Long.
                                                                                               A Closer Look                                                                                  November 12, 2009 - 7

        Flu More Dangerous than Some Might Think
                                                                                   by Co-Sports Editor Alex Wach
                                                     influenza virus C generally affects animals.         missed four days of school because of it,” said of days. If these guidelines are followed, the flu

   Number of School                                  The first symptoms of influenza will consist of      Tyan. “I had a really bad headache, a terrible can be contained and will not spread to other

                                                     chills and a fever of over 100 degrees. Other        stomach ache, and I didn’t want to get out of people.
                                                     symptoms include body aches, fatigue, and            bed. All I wanted to do was sleep.”
     Days Missed                                     reddened skin.
                                                         The stomach flu is an overused term for
                                                                                                              H1N1 can be easily prevented by washing
                                                                                                          your hands, keeping shared surfaces clean,                           I would feel fine when
    Because of Flu                                   Gastroenteritis, or “24-hour flu.” The stomach
                                                     flu occurs when certain germs enter the stom-
                                                                                                          avoid touching your face, and most important-
                                                                                                          ly, not to panic. A large amount of people who                     I woke up in the morn-
                                                     ach, usually through the mouth. Headache, fe-        receive the H1N1 virus may not even show any
                   7+ Days                           ver, dehydration, and vomiting can result from       symptoms at all.                                                   ing, but once breakfast

                                                     the stomach flu. It usually lasts for 1-2 days           Almost everyone will come down with the
                                                     and will go away by itself.
                                                         Hayes Center High School students have
                                                                                                          flu in a given year, but only in severe cases will
                                                                                                          the patient be affected permanently. When
                                                                                                                                                                             was over, I would be
                           0 Days
            5-6 Days                                 been battling the different types of flu. Ac-
                                                     cording to a recent survey, 85% of students re-
                                                                                                          someone is diagnosed with the flu, it is recom-
                                                                                                          mended that he or she get plenty of fluids, such                   burning up again.
                                                     ported that their last sickness was the stomach      as water or Gatorade. He or she should also
     3-4 Days                                        flu while 15% reported that their last sickness      rest and not attend school or work for a couple    --Dillon Brown, HCHS Student
                                                     was influenza. Although the influenza virus
                                                     may be worse than getting the stomach flu, it is
                                                     less likely to occur, especially in a person who
                                                     keeps his or her body healthy.
                    1-2 Days
                                                         The easiest way to prevent the stomach flu is
                                                     by washing your hands regularly. Also, cover
                                                     your mouth when you cough and avoid contact
                                                                                                                                                                                                        H A ( He m ag glut i n i n)
                                                     with anyone else who may be sick.
                                                         H1N1, which is a strain of influenza A, ap-
                                                     peared in April and has affected more than one
                       HCHS Survey 2009              million people in the United States, according
                                                     to Weekly Reader. Since they are so closely re-         NA( Neu r a m i n id a s e)
   Teens are always looking for an excuse to         lated, influenza A patients are being treated as                                                                                                                M 2 Ion ch a n nel
skip school, but sometimes they may have to          if they have H1N1 for precautionary reasons.
miss school because they simply do not feel              “I would feel fine when I woke up in the
well. A majority of these sicknesses could be        morning, but once breakfast was over, I would
diagnosed as the flu. That’s exactly what’s          be burning up again,” said Dillon Brown, a
causing so many absences at Hayes Center             sophomore at Hayes Center High School who
High School right now.                               suffered with H1N1. “I had a high fever and
   The flu is a common term for many types of        missed six days of school.”                                    Lipid bi l ayer
sicknesses that weaken the body. Millions of             H1N1 has mistakenly been called “swine
people around the world are affected and even        flu” by many health officials, but the virus ac-
hospitalized by the flu each year. The three         tually has nothing to do with consuming pork
most common types of the flu include influen-        products. The H1N1 virus is not a food-borne
za, stomach flu, and H1N1. Different flus have       illness, so it cannot be gathered by eating
different systems, but most of them consist of a     pork. Since many Americans do not know this
headache, fever, coughing, and nausea.               simple fact, the United States Department of
   Influenza is a type of flu that typically         Agriculture is concerned that the name “swine               M 2 M at r i x Protei n
spreads through coughing and sneezing and            flu” will lead to a negative impact on farmers
is very contagious. There are three types of         who provide pork products across the nation
influenza viruses: type A, type B, and type          and the world.
                                                                                                                         I l lu s t r at ion : C h r i s Bickel /S cienc e . Re pr i nte d w it h p er m i s s ion from S cienc e
C. Influenza virus A is the most severe type;            Tierney Tyan, a junior at HCHS, was diag-                       Vol . 312, p age 380 (21 Apr i l 20 0 6) C opy r i ght 20 0 6 by A A A S
influenza virus B affects only humans; and           nosed with the H1N1 virus a few weeks ago. “I

Meningitis: Deadly but Curable and Treatable
                                                                                     by News Editor Joslyn Large
   “Late in the evening I remember feeling this      symptoms is a severe headache followed by
pain in my shoulder joint and elbow. I just as-
sumed that it was a muscle strain but it did not
                                                     the inability to flex the neck. Three symptoms
                                                     in adults make up the classic triad diagnostic
                                                                                                                    Si m pl e Way s To
feel like it.” This is the story of Kate Ogden a
19-year-old girl who suffered meningitis and
                                                     signs. These consist of sudden high fever, in-
                                                     ability to flex the neck, and altered mental
                                                                                                                 P r ev e n t M e nin git is
survived against great odds.                         status. However, these three symptoms do not
   In America according to       always occur in all cases. According to Wikipe-
about 3,000 people contract meningitis, almost “all three features are present in only        1.   Wash your hands.
one out of 10 will die from it, and one out of       44-46 percent of all bacterial cases.” But if
every five people who survive will suffer from       none of these features are present, meningitis         2.   Do not share eating utensils.
permanent damage. According to http://www.           is very unlikely., “Statis-        Some other signs of meningitis can be pho-          3.   Cover your mouth when you sneeze or cough.
tics show that one in every 10 teenagers carries     tophobia which is people who cannot tolerate
the meningococcal bacteria, which causes the         light and phonophobia in which people cannot           4.   Do not share water bottles.
fatal disease that kills around five to 10 per-      stand sound.
cent of its victims.”                                   Small children might not have the adult             5.   Get the meningitis shot.                         
   Meningitis is the inflammation of the pro-        symptoms but will not look well and be irrita-
tective membranes covering the brain and             ble. According to a sign of men-
spinal cord. Symptoms can range from head-           ingitis in toddlers “…up to six months of age,         “A great way to prevent Meningitis is to
aches, stiff neck and can be associated with         bulging of the fontanelle (the soft spot on top
fever, confusion or altered consciousness, vom-      of a baby’s head) may be present.” Some other
                                                                                                            use simple everyday sanity routines that
iting, and an inability to tolerate light or loud    signs to look for in children are abnormal skin        you were taught when you were a little
noises.                                              color, leg pains, and cold extremities.                kid.”
   People will not get meningitis just by               According to four types of
breathing the air of an infected person. How-        meningitis exists. They are bacterial, aseptic,                   --Delores Lawson, school nurse
ever, people can get it from close contact with      viral, and non infectious.
a person with meningitis.                               Bacterial meningitis is caused by bacteria        no bacterial infection can be found. This is
   Most colleges require a meningitis shot so        that differ on the age group. Group B strep-                                                                            contracted meningitis died from it. Penicillin
                                                                                                          usually due to viruses or bacteria that were                       was the way doctors were treating meningitis
it is very important for high school seniors         tococci and Escherichia coli are common              partially treated. Aseptic meningitis may re-
who are going on to college to get a meningitis      causes of bacterial meningitis in premature                                                                             in 1944 but in 1978 the first drug that prevents
                                                                                                          sult from an infection the heart valves that                       meningitis was introduced. With further re-
shot.                                                babies and newborns up to three months old.          have small clusters of bacteria that flow freely
   Meningitis can be deadly and needs to be          In older children Neisseria meningitidis com-                                                                           search medical personnel made an improved
                                                                                                          through the blood stream. Also it can come                         vaccine that will prevent meningitis that is be-
treated right away. The way doctor’s diagnose        monly known as meningococcus, Strepto-               from an infection with spirochetes which is a
or take the possibility out of it being meningitis   coccus pneumonia, and kids under five Hae-                                                                              ing used today.
                                                                                                          type of bacteria that causes syphilis and Lime                         Simple ways to prevent meningitis exist. In-
is by a lumbar puncture. A lumbar puncture is        mophilus influenza type B can be the causes          disease.
a shot that given in the spinal cord to take a       of bacterial meningitis. In adults the common                                                                           dividuals should wash their hands often after
                                                                                                              Viral meningitis is caused by viruses include                  using the restroom, before they eat, and after
sample of the cerebrospinal fluid. Cerebrospi-       bacteria that causes bacterial meningitis ac-        according to “enteroviruses,
nal fluid surrounds the spinal cord and brain.       cording to are “N. meninitidis                                                                            coughing and sneezing. Stay healthy by getting
                                                                                                          herpes simplex virus type 2, varicella zoster                      enough rest, eating healthy and well balanced
This fluid is then tested at a medical labora-       and S. pneumoniae together cause 80 percent          virus which is known for causing chickenpox
tory.                                                of all cases of meningitis, with increased risk of                                                                      meals, and exercising regularly. People need to
                                                                                                          and shingles, mumps, HIV, and LCMV.” In                            cover their mouths when they cough or sneeze.
   The treatment for meningitis is usually an-       L. monocytogenes in those over 50 years old.”        non-infectious cases of meningitis are usually
tibiotics, and in some cases antiviral drugs. In     Bacterial meningitis can be recurring because                                                                           Pregnant women need to make sure they cook
                                                                                                          caused by the spread of cancer to the mengines                     their meat completely through and don’t eat
some more serious cases a lot of inflammation        of “anatomical defects, either congenital or         and certain drugs.
corticosteroid drugs will be given.                  acquired, or by disorders of the immune sys-                                                                            cheeses that are made with unpasteurized
                                                                                                              Meningitis has been known about for hun-                       milk. According to,
   Meningitis that is not treated or is very         tem,” according to However,           dreds of years but only in the past decades
serious can lead to long-term consequences.          the most common case of recurring bacterial                                                                             do not share food, glasses, eating utensils, or
                                                                                                          doctors have found ways to treat and prevent                       water bottles, tissue, towels, lip-gloss, and lip-
Some consequences according to Wikipedia.            meningitis is a past skull fracture. Fractures in    it. The first reported case of meningitis accord-
com include “…deafness, epilepsy, and cogni-         the skull that extend toward the sinuses or af-                                                                         stick. Another way to prevent meningitis is to
                                                                                                          ing to was in Swit-                      get the meningitis shot. “A great way to pre-
tive deficits...” and according to www.fightmen-     fect the base of the brain are the kind of frac-     zerland in 1805 when an outbreak occurred permanent damage can also include         ture this happens with the most. A person with                                                                          vent Menigitis is to uses simple everyday sani-
                                                                                                          of an unknown disease. In 1887 the bacteria                        tary routines you were taught when you were a
“severe scaring, loss of limbs, brain damage,        bacterial meningitis can remain contagious for       that causes meningitis was identified. From
and lasting emotional troubles.”                     about 24 hours after starting antibiotics.                                                                              little kid,” said HCHS nurse Delores Lawson.
                                                                                                          1900-1910 75 to 85 percent of the people who
   In adults and older teens one of the main            Aseptic meningitis refers to the cases that
                                                                                             A Closer Look                                                             November 12, 2009 - 8

                                                     “Michael and Mary sitting in a tree,
                                                     k-i-s-s-i-n-g! First comes love, then
                                                     comes m . . . ono???”

              Mononucleosis Lingers Among
                 High School Students                                       by Co-Sports Editor Keifer Messersmith
   Michael and Mary sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-    virus family and one of the most common hu-        cold and the flu, and going to a doctor is not      person should go to the hospital as soon as pos-
n-g! First comes love, then comes marriage . .       man viruses.                                       necessary unless the illness lasts longer than      sible. When a person has mono, he or she may
.” Or is it mono?                                        In the United States 95% of adults ages 35-    10 days. Most commonly, symptoms develop            not be able to participate in activities such as
   Mononucleosis or “mono,” known as the             40 have been infected by mononucleosis, ac-        with fatigue, headache, and sore throat. Other      sports because of the possibility of rupturing
“kissing disease,” is a common infectious dis-       cording to the National Center for Infectious      symptoms include drowsiness, fever, general         the spleen.
ease that can leave children and young adults        Diseases in 2002. The Children’s Hospital &        discomfort, loss of appetite, severe sore throat,      Some of the less common symptoms are
feeling tired and weak for weeks. The great-         Regional Medical Center in 2005 research says      and swollen lymph nodes.                            anemia, inflammation of the heart, and swol-
est myth surrounding this disease is that it is      over 98% of the world’s population has been           “I was really worried when I went to the         len tonsils.
spread through kissing. That is not entirely         infected with the Epstein-Barr virus.              doctor, and he wanted to test for mono. My             Basically, mono has to run its course. The
true, but it is also not entirely false. Most im-       Eight students at HCHS have had mono            throat hurt so badly that I couldn’t hardly         main goal of treatment, if any, is to relieve
portantly though, mono is common and conta-          some time during their four years of high          swallow water,” said junior Jaime Melton.           symptoms. Medications and steroids have little
gious, especially among teens.                       school. “I was in a lot of pain because the in-    “Thank goodness though my test turned out           benefits to people who have mono. To relieve
   Mononucleosis is often spread by saliva and       flammation in my throat made it hard to talk       negative, even though I had most of the symp-       symptoms though, a person with mono should
close contact and occurs mostly in teenagers         or swallow, and I was also tired all the time,”    toms of mono.”                                      drink plenty of fluids, gargle with warm salt
ages 15 to 17. According to,           said senior Kirstin Kressin. “It took about five      A more serious symptom of mono is pain in        water, get plenty of rest, and take a pain re-
mono is caused by the Epstein-Barr virus. The        weeks before I felt normal again.”                 the upper left part of one’s belly. This symp-      liever such as ibuprofen. Teens should avoid
Epstein-Barr virus is a member of the herpes-           The initial symptoms of mono feel very much     tom may mean a person’s spleen has swollen          sharing drinks, close contact, and kissing when
                                                     like a typical viral illness such as the common    or ever burst. This is an emergency, and the        experiencing symptoms.

                                                 HPV-“a species of virus that causes genital warts.”

                                                 Gonorrhea-“a contagious inflammation of the uretha or the vagina, caused by the

                                                 Herpes-“a common sexually transmitted disease caused by the herpes simplex virus
                                                 type 1.”                                                                Definitions by WebMD

    Sexually Active Teens Need
      to be Aware of Diseases                                                 by 2nd-Year Reporter Kirstin Kressin
    Johnny and Sally have been dating for over a        HIV (Human Immuno-deficiency Virus)             on the hands and transfer                                                 and lasting ef-
year and decided to take their relationship to a     AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syn-              to ones eyes. According to                                                 fects for someone
more intimate level.                                 drome) is a virus that attacks one’s immune, the                                                 and their partner.
   When reaching this new level, they need to        system. The AIDS virus incubates in the body       percentage of women                                                        Tr i c h o m o n i a s i s
practice safe sex; instead of ending up being vic-   for 1-10 years and no vaccine can cure it. Those   that show no symptoms                                                     can be cured if
tims of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.               who are at the greatest risk of acquiring this     from this infection is                                                        treated prompt-
   Twenty million Americans contract a sexu-         virus are homosexuals, drug users, and people      75 percent, in men it                                                           ly. HPV can
ally transmitted disease each year, and this         who have had other STD’s. HIV AIDS is con-         is 25 percent. Those                                                             also be cured
year alone, over six million people will contract    tracted by unprotected oral, anal, and genital     who are sexually ac-                                                             over a one- to
the most common disease, Human Papilloma             sex. It can also be spread by the use of IV nee-   tive should have reg-                                                            two-year pe-
Virus (HPV), according to        dles shared in drug use and getting tattoos or     ular check-ups.                                                                  riod of treat-
Sexually transmitted infection, more com-            piercings with unsterilized needles.                  The last most com-                                                           ment. Accord-
monly known as sexually transmitted diseases            Another common disease is Herpes, a blis-       monly caught STD is                                                             ing to health.
(STD’s), is an infection that can be transferred     ter-like, painful sore that shows up in or on a    Trichomoniasis, also                                                 ,
from one to another through many forms of            genital area or the mouth. This disease is ac-     known as Trich. Trich                                                         Gonorrehea
sexual contact. Over 25 diseases can be trans-       quired by direct contact and is highly conta-      is an infection in the                                                       and Chlamydia
mitted through sexual activity.                      gious if the person has open sores. Herpes can     vagina in women and                                                         are two diseases
   Sexually transmitted diseases can cause           spread before the sores form and even after        in the urethra in men.                                                      that can be cured
severe consequences to anyone who catches            they’re healed, according to sex.healthguru.       Tiny parasites that live                                                    through antibiotic
them, especially women. It is very important         com.                                               in moist places in the body                                                treatment. Often
to be tested for STD’s and to treat them as             Gonorrhea is the STD commonly known             cause this infection. Trich                                                times the condi-
soon as possible.                                    as the Clap, Dose, and Drip. It is an infection    is spread through sexual                                                  tions of chlamydia
   Some of the most common STD’s are HPV,            caused by gonococcus, a bacteria that lives        contact and also by the                                                  and        gonorrehea
HIV, Herpes, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and               in warm, dark, moist places, especially geni-      use of damp wash cloths,                                                 will be present
Trichomoniasis.                                      tal places on the body. Gonorrhea can cause        towels, and bathing suits                                                together, so they
   According to, HPV is           Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) which if         shared by an infected per-                                              should be treated at
the most common disease in America. Over             untreated can make a person sterile, or very       son. This disease can be in                                            the same time.
100 strains of this virus exist and over 40 can      sick.                                              one’s body for years with-                                                 Sexually Trans-
spread through sexual contact. Most types of            The disease that causes bacterial infection     out showing any symp-                                                 mitted            Diseases
HPV show no symptoms, but some types cause           in the reproductive and urinary organs is          toms.                                                                 affect millions of
warts in genital areas and the mouth and             Chlamydia. This disease can also cause PID in         Even though all these                                             people every year, in-
throat. Some strains from HPV can lead to            women and Non-Gonococcal-Urethritis (NGU)          diseases are very common and easy to con- cluding teens. Many critical diseases are easy
cervical cancer. This virus increases ones risk      in men. This disease is contracted through sex-    tract, not all of them have cures. HIV AIDS to contract and pass on. Practicing safe sex is
of cancer in the genital areas.                      ual contact, bodily fluids, and can be carried     and Herpes are two diseases that have no cure the best way to stay STD free.

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