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									                                 Springfield Ball Charter School

                                   Board of Directors Meeting

                                         April 26, 2010

The Board of Directors convened in General Session in the Team Room of the Springfield Ball
Charter School at 5:30 p.m. on April 26, 2010.

Board Members Present:          Hugh Drake, President
                                Kurt DeWeese, Vice President
                                Lisa Weah
                                Jacqueline Price
                                Patricia Senor
                                Shoun Reese, Secretary
                                Kathy Crum

Administrative Staff:           Mark Durrett, Assistant Principal
                                Scott Brower, Business Manager
                                Judy Lascody, Recording Secretary

Administrative Staff Absent:    Nicole Gales, Principal

The Board meeting was called to order at 5:38 p.m. in the Team Room. A motion to adjourn into
Executive Session was made by Shoun Reese and Patricia Senor seconded the motion. The
motion was approved by unanimous vote.

President Hugh Drake reconvened the meeting in to General Session in the Music Room at 6:40

Board President Hugh Drake acknowledged Maurice Newkirk and Wendell Lytle and their peers
from Southeast High School who have been mentoring some of the 5th-8th grade SBCS students.
The Southeast students who could not attend the meeting but have been coming weekly are Tives
Gardner, Brock Wright, Gregg Treadwell and Ohene Akuoko. Assistant Principal Mark Durrett
said the students were chosen from teacher recommendations. The Southeast mentors worked on
academic and social skills, focused on building positive relationships, and getting ready for high
school. The mentors also benefited by building leadership skills as they worked with the students
in a relaxed atmosphere. Barbara Bretz along with Betsy Dye of Southeast set up the program
which matched these students together. The Board thanked Maurice and Wendell for coming to
the Board meeting and congratulated them and the other students for participating in this
program. Mr. Drake said he hoped the program would continue next year.

Michelle Streder, parent of three SBCS students addressed the Board over concerns she had about
changes at Ball Charter. She said she had concerns that the philosophy of “shared decision

making” had been eroded over the last couple of years. Mrs. Streder said that she felt the new
FACE team (Family & Community Engagement) was taking over the duties of the Parent
Teacher Forum Board (PTFB) without stakeholder input. She referred to a recent school
newsletter that outlined the decision to go with the FACE team as a decision by the Principal not
a decision by the stakeholders. Mr. Drake assured her that the decision to change the PTFB
would be a decision voted on by the stakeholders at the next stakeholder meeting in May.

Kathy Crum said FACE teams were set up in other schools as a way to reach out to families and
work side by side with the Community of Springfield. She said other schools were also working
on ways to make sure their parent organizations were working collaboratively together with their
FACE teams.

Mrs. Streder also said that she had seen a decline in parent involvement and she felt the school
was not doing enough for gifted children such as her children. She said she was leaving the
school after many years of involvement because she felt the school was going in the wrong
direction like other schools in District 186. She said too much emphasis was placed on low
income and struggling students.

Mr. Drake thanked Mrs. Streder for sharing her concerns and assured her that the Stakeholders
would have a voice at the next Stakeholder meeting.


Business Manager Scott Brower gave the Finance Committee report. He said the committee met
on April 20th and was joined by Chantel Thompson, Vice President of the SBCSEA and Carolyn
Sloan, UniServ Director for the IEA.

March 2010 P & L:
Mr. Brower said the Committee reviewed the March Profit and Loss statement and supporting
notes. He said both the CEFCU and Credit Union 1 CD’s had been liquidated and the money was
placed into the Illinois Funds money market account. In addition, the Board approved an
investment of $250,000, $125,000 of which was invested in Franklin US Government Securities
and $125,000 in the Lord Abbett Short Duration Fund had been deposited.

Mr. Brower noted that Community Child Care Connection reimbursement checks for Charter
Child Care were behind budgeted amounts due to a delay in receiving reimbursement from the
State of Illinois. The same was true for the PreK for All Program which the school continued to
forward fund from the Reserve Account. He said the Committee also discussed outstanding
student fees he would be checking into different collection options used by the District to collect
on delinquent fees. Mr. Brower said he would report back to the committee on how student fees
are expensed in the school.

In responding to questions from Mr. DeWeese regarding budgeted expenditure lines that were not
showing expenditures such as the Core Libraries, Mr. Brower said purchases have been made and
three shipments have been received for the PreK, Primary and Upper Primary levels. He
expected the school would receive the rest of the order and would be billed accordingly in the
near future.

Mr. Brower said that in the future he would be making adjustments to the Profit and Loss
statements to reflect line items that were not originally in the budget such as the Pre-K

playground resurfacing and technology purchases. The items would be annotated at the bottom
of the Profit & Loss statements.

Mid Year Reappraisal:
Mr. Brower indicated that while revenue projections had gone up slightly, the overall projected
deficit had also increased. He indicated that expense categories for Pre-School for All,
Administration, and Child Care, Insurance and LD Teacher expenses had remained virtually
unchanged from the March report. Mr. Brower noted that projected substitute expenses for both
Professional Development and Regular Instruction had increased while they were offset by
projected decreases in Instruction Materials and TRS Pension Contributions. Operations and
Maintenance saw projected decreases in Gas & Electric expenses being offset by increases in
Supplies and Water and Sewer. The overall estimated deficit at this point in time increased from
$157,877.12 as reported in March to $158,517.96 in April. Mr. Brower will continue updating
the reappraisal information each month.

FY11 Budget Draft:
As requested by Committee Members Kurt DeWeese and Patricia Senor, Mr. Brower will
reformat the draft budget for FY11 to include FY10 budget figures and year-to-date actual
expenses along with the FY11 budget lines.

Mr. Brower said he modified the anticipated health insurance estimates in the FY11 draft budget
to include the base renewal rate figure provided by Mary Pat Klein of Troxell Insurance. He said
he would be meeting with the Labor/Management Council the next day to review the new rate
information on health and dental benefits. Mr. Brower said it was important to get the
information to the employees since May is open enrollment time.

Mr. Brower said he would present the FY11 Budget to the BOD for their review in May and
would hope for an approval vote in June.

Ms. Senor asked the Board to review the new format and indicate if it was acceptable to the

Kurt DeWeese asked Mr. Brower if he had any indication if funding would be restored for the
Preschool for All Program. Mr. Brower said no information had been provided from the State
Board of Education. He said last year the school received information in July that we would be
funded at the 60% level and then was restored at the 90% level in August. The grant application
will need to be submitted as soon as we receive notification from ISBE. At that time we would
know if we would be able to fund one classroom or both.

The next meeting of the Finance Committee is May 14, 2010 from 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.

Status Report i3 Grant:
Shoun Reese gave the Fund Development Report from the April 13th meeting. She updated the
Board on the status of the i3 Grant from the Federal Government. She said the Committee had
been meeting weekly and had set up a schedule and assigned tasks to members. She said she met
with Nicole Gales, Barbara Bretz, and Jenna Davis to develop the research and program portions
of the grant. Susan Wilson and Carolyn Blackwell also worked on portions of the grant. Mr.
Brower completed the e-registration necessary for the application process and will prepare the
financial information that will be submitted with the grant application. Ms. Reese said she was
developing the strategy and capacity as required within the application. She said as guidelines are

provided from the Federal Government, the committee will submit information hopefully by the
May 12th deadline. She said the school is hoping for a portion of the $5,000,000 that will be
available from the i3 grant.

The next meeting of the Fund Development Committee is Friday, April 30th at 4:30 p.m.

Financial Policies for Review:
Kurt DeWeese gave the Governance Committee report. He said he would bring the Fiscal Policy
recommendations to the Board for final approval at the next board meeting. He said the
recommendations were in response to the audit findings from two years ago in regards to the
Fiscal Management: Revenue and Expenses; Accounting and Reporting; Payroll; and Insurance.

He said two issues were discussed at the last meeting. One issue was in regards to a clarification
in language on the reconciliation of bank statements. Mr. Brower said bank reconciliations will
now be provided to the Board in their monthly financial report.

The other issue regarded language as it pertained to the Illinois Funds account. Mr. Brower said
the language was adjusted to recognize other investments as additional prudent investments
would need to be made to meet the school’s financial needs. The previous language was not
intended to reflect negatively on the Illinois Funds account. The new language will provide

Report of Portfolio Review Process and Tier Movement Recommendations:
Hugh Drake said that recommendations for Teacher Tier Movement had been reviewed and the
Committee’s recommendation for approval would be presented for a vote later in the evening.

The next meeting of the Governance Committee will be Monday, May 10, 2010 at 5:30 p.m. in
the Team Room.

In the absence of Principal Gales, Assistant Principal Mark Durrett gave the Administrative

SBCS Summer Learning Program Update:
Mr. Durrett said the planning team of interested teachers worked on plans for summer school.
The cost of the program will be $150, up from the $100 from last year. The goal last year was
100 students attending and 65 students actual attended. The team set 100 students as the goal for
this year and currently 65 students have shown interest. The registration due date is Friday, April
30th. Mr. Durrett said a payment plan was available for families that may need it.

2010-2011 Parent/Student Handbook Planning:
Mr. Durrett said he was working on revisions to the Parent/Student Handbook and would be
bringing recommendations for approval to the Board at the next meeting regarding policies on
graduation requirements and attendance/truancy.

Non-Agenda Items – FYI:
Mr. Durrett said a three-year calendar was shared with the Union the week after Spring Break.
He said the Union membership was currently reviewing the calendar and would give feedback to
Mrs. Gales. He said Mrs. Gales would bring the calendar to the Board for approval in May. Mr.

Durrett also reported that it is critical to have a date to communicate with parents on the first day
of school in August.

Union Questions on Budget:
Mr. Brower said he had met with Union representatives to discuss their concerns over budget
adjustments for FY 11. He said he and Mrs. Gales would meet to draft a response to their
questions and would bring it to the next Finance Committee meeting.

   A motion was made by Jackie Price and seconded by Kathy Crum to approve the March
     22, 2010 minutes of the Executive and Regular Sessions of the SBCS Board of Directors.
     The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

   A motion was made by Shoun Reese and seconded by Kurt DeWeese to approve the
     consulting teacher compensation in the amount of $500 for Hope Kennell, Consulting
     Teacher, 2009-2010 school year. Mr. DeWeese commented that administrative
     consulting line items such as these should be included in budget projections in the future.
     The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

       A motion was made by Shoun Reese and seconded by Patricia Senor to accept the
        resignation of Debbie Conner, Upper Middle Level Teacher, effective the end of the
        2009-2010 school year. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

       A motion was made by Patricia Senor and seconded by Shoun Reese to accept the
        resignation of Barbara Bretz, Literacy Specialist, effective the end of the 2009-2010
        school year. The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

       A motion was made by Jackie Price and seconded by Kurt DeWeese to approve the
        following Tier Movement recommendations to be effective at the beginning f the 2010-
        2011 school year:

            o    Maggie Cluck to Tier 3
            o    Hope Kennell to Tier 2
            o    Sherri Iwanicki to Tier 3
            o    Erin Willenborg to Tier 3

        The motion was approved by unanimous vote.

Board Member Recruitment:
Board Members discussed recruitment of members to be presented at the next Board Meeting.

Kathy Crum commented that in regards to the PTFB/FACE merger, she felt that it was a positive
move on behalf of the school and a direction that many schools were going to meet the needs of
all of their stakeholders. The overall goal of the merger is to increase parent involvement by
increasing family and community engagement.

A motion was made by Kathy Crum and seconded by Shoun Reese to adjourn the meeting at 7:55
p.m. The motion was approved and Mr. Drake adjourned the meeting.

The next meeting of the Springfield Ball Charter School Board of Directors is Monday, May 24,
2010 at 5:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Judy Lascody
Recording Secretary


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