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									Contractor Agreement
The undersigned contractor acknowledges that the information provided by Image X
Media Inc., and information divulged to contractors of Image X Media Inc. by outside
parties in the course of business relationships is confidential. Therefore, the
undersigned agrees not to disclose it without written permission of Image X Media

It is acknowledged by the undersigned that information to be furnished is in all
respects confidential in nature, other than information that is in the public domain
through other means, and that any disclosure or use of same by reader may cause
serious harm or damage to Image X Media Inc. Any information pertaining to clients,
pricing, proprietary systems, internal operations manual and financial status of the
company is considered confidential information.

The undersigned contractor agrees to act on behalf of Image X Media to serve the
purposes of the company on all interactions with clients of Image X Media.
Contractors should have no direct contact with clients unless permission has been
given to do so. Also, contractors may not contact or agree to provide outside work
for Image X Media’s clients unless they also have permission from Image X Media or
if the client no longer works with Image X Media. In this case, the contractor must
wait one year before contacting the former client, unless given permission to
approach them sooner.

Any work done for Image X Media cannot be displayed in a contractor’s portfolio or
submitted to web galleries or open source communities, or used in anyway without
written permission from Image X Media. Any sites that are approved must have the
following text accompanying it “Web Design was done for IMAGEX MEDIA” or “Web
Development was done for IMAGEX MEDIA” with a link back to There should be no links to the client’s site.

Upon request, any information pertaining to Image X Media Inc. is to be immediately
returned to Image X Media Inc.

Contractor Name:     _____________________________

Contractor Signature: ____________________________

Date:                _____________________________

Witness Name:        _____________________________

Witness Signature:   _____________________________

Date:                _____________________________

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