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Earth_s Layers


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                                                Earth’s Layers

1. On the diagram of a cross-section of the Earth, label the following labels:
       a. Crust
       b. Inner Core
       c. Outer Core
       d. Asthenosphere
       e. Lithosphere

2. On the diagram, use arrows to show where:
       a. Primary waves travel
       b. Secondary waves travel
       c. Folds are formed
       d. Faults are formed

3. Color:
       a.    The inner core red.
       b.    The outer core orange.
       c.    The asthenosphere green.
       d.    The lithosphere purple.
        e.   The crust blue.
Draw the molecules in each phase of matter.

             Solid                             Liquid                               Gas

Label each layer of the Earth as solid, liquid, or in between. Then draw the molecules to show what
they might look like relative to the other layers.
   Inner Core             Outer Core         Asthenosphere         Lithosphere             Crust

1. Explain why the molecules in the inner and outer core are arranged differently. ______________

2. If you wanted to change a gas into a solid, what would you have to do to the molecules? _______

3. If you wanted to change a solid into a liquid, what would you have to do to the molecules? ______

4. If you wanted to change the molecules of the crust to be like those of the outer core, what would
you have to do? ___________________________________________________________________

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