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					    Conrad Electronic Release of Wireless
    Weather Stations and Railway Modeling is an online extension of Conrad Electronic UK,. The shop has released a
       selection of wireless weather stations and railway modeling power tools at amazingly affordable prices
       and great quality.

East London, UK, 18 August, 2011, Conrad Electronic increases their range of wireless
weather stations and railway modeling equipment. Wireless weather stations are a
revolutionary product that weather experts have come to appreciate. The small gadget has a
variety of features similar to a whole weather station step up with tested accuracy levels.
Wireless weather stations can measure various aspects of weather such as transmitting
humidity and temperature values, direction and speed of wind, measuring the amount of
rainfall and even giving timed weather forecast predictions. Wireless weather stations are
convenient for use since they do not require a lot of set-up processes and quite easy to

Other than the wireless weather stations the online shop has a variety of railway modeling
tools and equipment for railway modeling enthusiasts. Railway modeling equipment such as
railway trains, power cables, scenery, transformers and more are all available, over 4,000

“We aim to provide useful and accurate products to our consumers. The wireless weather
stations have a wide range of features and are easy to install. The wireless weather stations
offered and various prices ranges starting from just £5.99. The railway modeling equipment
is sourced from a wide range of manufacturers including Piko, Marklin, Liliput and more
giving exceptions choice to our customers. You will also find all the common gauges Ho, N,
G, TT and others.£ Conrad Electronic UK MD said.

Conrad Electronic UK, is on of the largest suppliers of electronic products. The online shop
is an easy to all your electronic needs, stock availability is high as ensuring latest brands
and gadgets available; over 90,000 items are available online. The wireless weather stations
at come with a variety of functions and there is a wide choice at
exceptional value. The railway modeling equipment also comes in complete model railway
sets with a choice of supporting tool and power equipment and all at reasonable prices.

Further discussing the products at the online distributor shop, the MD said “we aim to be a
leading supplier of electronic gadgets and products and within the hard economic
environment we are making every effort to ensure our customers get value for money.―

To make your order visit at:
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Conrad Electronic UK Ltd
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Tel. 0844 826 2850
Fax 0871 528 3463
Company Registration Number: 06451808
VAT-number: GB 935 8276 87
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