GTAHA Officer Board Meeting Minutes � September 6, 2005

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					            GTAHA Officer Board Meeting Minutes – September 6, 2005

Meeting called to order by Mike Natyshak at 7:10 pm at the Ice House for GTAHA
monthly meeting.

Officers present: Mike Natyshak, Dennis Roudebush, Kim Sofo, Don Manders, Kevin
Thoman, Doug Dibble, Mark Mullins Doug Smalley. Quorum reached.

Board of Directors present: Chuck Lemay, (Mike Natyshak)

Guests: Ronni Wolfe, Todd Omey, Kevin Kuhr, Ken Miller, Sr., Jim Beattie, John Kolb,
Byron Brown, Tom Lopez.

Motion by Mike Natyshak to accept July board meeting minutes as submitted. Second by
Mullins. All present in favor. Motion carried.

Discussion started by Mike Natyshak of the forming of GTAHA, past year, the teams 90,
92, 93, 94, 95, 96, Mite Development, House Rec, Learn to Play. This year the board
was redesigned, a Board of Directors to over see the long term and a Board of Officers to
run the day-to-day operations. The formation of GTAHA with the Toledo Cherokee Jr B
organization. The hiring of a Director of Hockey Operations. Using help from the
Cherokee to hire this director, in the form of fundraising from the Cherokee.

Chuck Lemay discussed the opportunity for GTAHA with the Director of Hockey
Operations to have the chance to do hockey schools/camps for players. Director to
implement a system for the teams, Mitron. Currently 3 teams have become Cherokee
(98s,97s,94s). Addition of 2 new teams, 98s & the 1999-2000 Developmental team.

There was much discussion and questions from Officers and Team Treasurers/Reps.
regarding the Development Director position, including but not limited to: Why the
position was created? How the position is being paid for? The current and future rolls
and responsibility of the position? How the compensation level was established?

Regarding How is the position being paid for?

It was presented that the Development Director position is being funded currently by
previously established and successfull Cherokee Fundraising events that Cherokee
donated to GTAHA in order to fund Director Roll. Chuck LeMay also announced that
any excess funds over and above the Development Director stipend will be provided to
GTAHA . Chuck LeMay expected based on past fundraisers, to be in excess of DD
stipend, but of course could not guarentee. The Cherokee organization is hoping to
provide these fundraisers for at least the next 3 years and perhaps longer.

A bit regarding the roll and why:
It was discussed that the Cherokee as well as GTAHA are hoping to see a return on
investment in a number of ways. Some easy to quantify like hockey school revenue,
other ways more difficult yet expected, like increased enrollment, better coaching and
player development , long lasting and thriving organization as turnover occurs.

Related to the Director was a question from Doug Smalley on behalf of Officers about
the Total Cost of Mitron Hockey System to our Organization. An estimate of $6,500
was provide but the exact figure including travel was not provided.

It was noted by those present that the Board of Directors keep the officers and the
association more informed about their thoughts and ideas they have for GTAHA.
Discussion regarding Director and Chairman Mike Mankowski being out of town and
how he can effectively serve. There is sentiment to ask for current Chair's resignation,
though a motion was not made at this point.

From the treasurer’s report, the 2005-2006 budget estimate was provided by Doug
Dibble. The $110 GTAHA assessment is now being collected by the association from
the teams. GTAHA has not yet received a bill from Mitron. The players/teams will pay
for the socks, since they will be owned by the players. Association will own the jerseys.
Roudebush ordered the socks and they are in now.

The money shortage from last fall’s House & Learn to Play, that GTAHA split with the
Ice House has been tabled in regards to re-paying the Ice House it’s share of the money
(Approx. $2600), to determine more information.

Report from the Rink Manager, Kenny Miller, Sr. The Pro Shop will be open more,
they’re looking for more help. If you’re looking for any equipment we are encouraged to
go thru the Pro Shop first. The concession stand will also be open more, especially for
games. It is asked that teams do not bring in their own food. Teams can volunteer to run
the concession stand, money will go to the teams. It is also suggested that teams let the
rink know when they have games to fully staff the rink.

Public Relations Director Kim Sofo has contacted a few photographers for team pictures
and will let teams knows when something is in place. Sofo will also be advertising the
Learn-to-Play signup to area schools and newspapers.

Registrar Don Manders now has most of the teams rostered thru USA Hockey. But noted
there are 2 players from last season who owe money, if they do not pay by the end of
September they will be removed from the roster.

Nomination of Todd Omey to the position of Rules & Discipline by Natyshak, Second by
Mullins, all present in favor. Motion carried.

The 1999-2000 Developmental team is currently at 15 players, the goal is for it to carry
20 players for a future team(s)
Note from Chuck Lemay of the Toledo Cherokee, he’d like all teams practice schedule
who are interested in having playing from the Cherokee assist in practices, goalies will be
used on a rotating basis. The Cherokee are also offering teams the chance to sell tickets
to games, price will be $5, the Cherokee will receive $2 back. Teams can also do the
50/50 for the game, keeping half.

Motion to adjourn by Mike Natyshak, Second by Mullins. Meeting adjourned at 9:13 pm.

After the conclusion of meeting:

A discussion occurred after the meeting was concluded regarding House League and the
merits of having one.

Submitted by: Kevin Thoman, GTAHA Webmaster

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