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					Discovery and Invention

  Office of Naval Research

            Dr. Anthony Junior
            Director Naval HBCU/MI Program
            Office/Education Programs Administrator
            ONR, Code 03R
     Technological Dominance
                Today, Marines and Sailors have at
                  their disposal the world’s most
                 sophisticated military technology

 Laser-Guided                                           Communications

GPS Navigation and                                    Network-Centricity,
    Targeting                                        Information Warfare,
                                                        and Intelligence
  Technological Democratization
                            In Afghanistan, Iraq, and
                         elsewhere, our adversaries are
                      leveraging sophisticated technology
                           that is now easily available
                         anywhere in the world—and at
                                   modest cost.

     Internet—                                              Cell Phones—
Information Warfare                                         Mobile Comms
  and Intelligence

 Commercial Laser                                        Handheld GPS—
Rangefinder—Precise                                       Location with
     Targeting                                          Extreme Accuracy
   Providing a Vision of the
ONR has built a concrete vision of the Navy
      and Marine Corps after Next
     with the Naval S&T Strategy….
         But how do you get from
     here…                     to here?
     Naval S&T Focus Areas
• Power and Energy
• Operational Environments
• Maritime Domain Awareness
• Asymmetric & Irregular Warfare
• Information, Analysis, and
• Power Projection
• Assure Access and Hold at Risk
• Distributed Operations
• Naval Warrior Performance and Protection
• Survivability and Self-Defense
• Platform Mobility
• Fleet/Force Sustainment
• Affordability, Maintainability, and Reliability
                        ONR S&T Portfolio
                                            Discovery & Invention
                                            (Basic and Applied Science)
 Broad                                                                    S&T
                              Leap Ahead

             Quick            Enablers
             Reaction                  30%

Narrow                  10%

             Near                  Mid                       Far

           S&T has a long-term focus but is responsive to
                      near - term Naval needs
                      D&I Vision

• Develop Naval-relevant fundamental knowledge
   – Expand the boundaries in traditional Naval interest research
   – Examine new research directions for future Naval needs
   – Encourage risk-taking to seek scientific breakthroughs
• Provide the basis for future Navy and Marine Corps systems
   – Ensure research relevancy to Naval S&T strategy
   – Transition promising Basic Research to applications
   – Use knowledge (even failures) to reduce risk in acquisition
• Maintain the health of the Defense Scientist and Engineer
   – Develop and nurture future generation of DoD researchers and
   – Ensure continued U.S. advantage in intellectual capital
   – Maintain unique/essential research infrastructure
   Navy Science and Technology Investment

             59%                                   23%
                                    29%                       48%

         Basic Research                  Applied Research

                     69%                      Naval Labs and Centers
                                              University & Nonprofit

Advanced Technology Development   FY 2005 Obligations as of 30 Sep 05
                                   (Preliminary Performer Percentages 3/06)
         S & T Directorate Organization
                 Tech Dir /                                                             N091 Principal
                                  Chief of Naval Research (00)
                 Chief Sci                                                              Deputy for P&R
                 (TD/CS)    Vice Chief of Naval Research (USMC)(09)

                                                        AVCNR (09B)              ACNR (00B)

Director                                  Director                                                  Director
    of                                       of                                                        of
Research                                 Innovation                                                Transition
  (03R)                                     (03I)                                                    (03T)

           30                 31               32            33             34                35
     Expeditionary                         Ocean       Sea Warfare             Air Warfare
       Warfare                                                      Warfighter
          and            C4ISR           Battlespace       and                     and
    Cmbting-terrorism                     Sensing       Weapons                 Weapons

                        SES              SES           SES            SES               SES
       ST 1    O-6       2         O-6    1     O-6     2     O-6      1         O-6     1         O-6

             S & T Departments: Portfolios
MC/NECE/NSW                  NNFE               SWE / USE                 NAE                    ALL                   ALL
MCLW                     SPAWAR              NAVSEA                NAVAIR                NAVAL MINE &          Surgeon General
MARCORSYSCOM             NETWARCOM           NAVSURFOR             NAVAIRFOR             ANTISUBMARINE         Medical Officer of the
MARFOR, NAVFAC           ONI                 NAVSUBFOR             Air Force Research    WARFARE COMMAND       USMC
                                                                   Lab                   (NMAWC)               CNET
NCIS, STRA, DHS          NRO                 NAVAIRFOR
                                                                   AMRDEC, Redstone      N84, N874             CNP
SOCOM                    NSA                 (for ships systems)
                                                                   AATD, FT Eustis       NAVMETOC              NIH
SPECWARCOM               CIA                 USCG
                                                                   NASA                  CORE, NOPP,
JNLW Directorate         NAVSEA              DOE
                                                                   MCHQ AVN              NSF, NOAA, UNOLS
Army Research Lab        NAVAIR

EXP. WARFARE                                                                                 OCEAN
                                             SEA WARFARE           AIR WARFARE                                  WARFIGHTER
& COMBATING                  C4ISR                                                        BATTLESPACE
                                              & WEAPONS             & WEAPONS                                  PERFORMANCE
 TERRORISM                                                                                  SENSING
Exp. Man. Warfare        Electronics         Chemistry             Physics               Oceanography          Cognitive science
USMC STOs in             Computer & Info     Power & energy        Aerospace materials   Ocean Acoustics       Neural science
multiple warfighting     Sciences            conversion            Energetics            Coastal Geosciences   Behavioral science
areas – C4; ISR;         Radar/EO/IR         Naval materials       Surface & Air         Marine Geology &      Social org./science
Logistics; Human Perf,                       Non-linear dynamics   launched weapons      Geophysics
Trng & Surv;             Maritime sensors                                                                      Manpower, personnel &
Maneuver                 EM propagation &    Ship Structures       Kinetic & Directed    Marine metrology      training
                         interaction         Shp HM&E              energy weapons        Space                 Human factors
MCM Warfare
                         Signal & image      ASW & UUV’s (w/32)    Robotics              MCM (w/ 30)           Medical science
(w/ 32)
                         processing                                UAV’s                 ASW (w/ 33, 31)       Bimolecular science
firepower                C3 Networking                             Air Vehicles          Signal Processing     Biosystems
Non-lethal weapons       Surveillance                                                    Maritime Sensing      Biomaterials
Combating terrorism      EW                                                              ASW & UUV’s (w/ 33)   CBWD
Joint EOD                Navig/Timekeeping                                               Ocean eng. & marine
Naval Specwar                                                                            systems
           D&I Supports Naval S&T Strategy
 Platform Mobility                                      Power and Energy
                    Naval S&T Focus Area
 Maritime Domain Awareness Vision                         Power Projection
 Affordability, Maintainability, and Reliability
                                                   Operational Environments
Fleet / Force Sustainment
                            S&T Objectives
 Survivability and Self-Defense               Asymmetric & Irregular Warfare

   Assure Access and Hold at Risk                     Distributed Operations

     Future Naval                 Discovery         Innovative Naval
     Capabilities                    and               Prototypes
          6.2/6.3                                         6.1/6.2/6.3
                                     Naval Warrior Performance and Protection
Information, Analysis and Communication
                                       S&T Research Areas & Sub-Areas
                                                                Air / Ground Vehicles
                                                                    Air Propulsion                            Platforms
                                                                                                                                                                                                         EW Attack
                                                              Advanced Sea Platforms
                                                                                                                                                                                                    Precision Localization
            Advanced Energetics                        Ship and Austere Site Compatibility
                                                                                                                                                 Expeditionary Firepower                                 Air Defense
               Directed Energy                   Survivable Air Platforms, Signature Control and         Marine as a System
                                                                                                                                        Expeditionary Maneuver / Individual Mobility                  Torpedo Defense
            Electromagnetic Guns                                       Sensors
                                                                                                                                             Expeditionary Force Protection                             Counter IED
      High Speed Weapons Technologies                        Survivable Sea Platforms
                                                                                                                                                                                               Land Mine Countermeasures
               Precision Strike                  Affordability / Reduced Platform Life Cycle Cost             Weapons
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Mine Neutralization
             Undersea Weaponry
                                                                                                                                                                                            Special Warfare / Explosive Ordnance
              ASW Rapid Attack                                                                                                                                                                             Disposal
                    Mining                                                                                                                                                                         Large Vessel Stopping
             Non-Lethal Weapons
                                                    Littoral Geosciences, Optics and Biology            and Counterweapons
                                                               Marine Meteorology
                                                                 Ocean Acoustics
                                                                Marine Mammals
                                                                                                     Operational Environments
                                                              Physical Oceanography                                                            Communications and Networks
                                                           Space Environmental Effects                  Command, Control,                 Information Assurance and Anti-Tamper
                                                              Spacecraft Technology                                                           Complex Software System Tools               Human Factors, Organizational Design and
                                                                                                    Communications & Computers                                                                        Decision Research
                                                                                                                                                                                                   Manpower and Personnel
Nanometer Scale Electronic Devices and Sensors                                                        Sensors and Electronics                                                            Training, Education, and Human Performance
     Navigation & Precision Timekeeping                        Expeditionary ISR                                                                                                            Biosensors, Biomaterials, Bioprocesses,
                Electro-Optics                                    ISRT - EM                             Warrior Performance                                                                         & Bio-Inspired Systems
             Networked Sensors                               Integrated Apertures                         and Protection                                                                        Casualty Care and Management
           Solid State Electronics                       ASW Performance Assessment                                                                                                                   Casualty Prevention
                                                                                                      Intelligence, Surveillance,
                                                              ASW Surveillance                                                               Automated Image Understanding                 Social, Cultural and Behavioral Modeling
                                                           ASW Distributed Search                                                                  Computational Analysis                             Undersea Medicine
                                                                 Mine Hunting                         Information Analysis and        Information Processing, Discovery, & Integration
                                                                WMD Detection                             Decision Support                        Information Presentation
                                                                  Biometrics                                                                       Decision Support Tools
                                                                                                    Power and Energy Technology

       Advanced Naval Power Systems
            Air Platform Power                   Advanced Naval Materials - Functional Materials       Autonomous Systems
                                                                                                                                                                                            Intelligent and Autonomous Systems
             Power Electronics                     Advanced Naval Materials - Prediction and
                                                                 Simulation                                                                                                               Unmanned Undersea Vehicle Technologies
              Personal Power                                                                                  Materials                                                                     Unmanned Air and Ground Vehicles
                                                 Advanced Naval Materials - Structural Materials                                                  Expeditionary Logistics
                                                            Environmental Quality                                                                   Seabase Enablers

                                                                                           Research Areas                       Research Sub-Areas
               Investment Areas and Impacts

• Operational Environments
  – Revolutionary persistent sensing concept for
    oceanographic intelligent preparation of the battlespace
  – Optimizing Seabasing design criteria
  – Delivering capabilities/tactics for shallow-water ASW
  – Solving limitations in strike warfare, ship self defense &
    sensor/weapon littoral warfare performance

• Sensors and Electronics
  –   Persistent, pervasive, day/night & all weather sensors
  –   Accurate weapons delivery in jammed environments
  –   Simultaneous self-defense & area/theater air warfare
  –   Ultralight autonomous sensors adaptable to changing

• Autonomous Systems
  –   Intelligent/cooperative teaming of unmanned systems
  –   Automated / rapid UXV mission planning / re-planning
  –   High endurance and high power-density propulsion
  –   Collaborative communication in human-UXV teams
  –   Swarm behavior design and prediction
             Investment Areas and Impacts

•   Command, Control, Communications, Computers
     – Adaptive systems that improve over time
     – Secure, distributed, heterogeneous information
     – Reduced size/weight/power consumption
     – Automated situational awareness
     – Low probability of interception/detection/jam
     – Robust communications in difficult urban

•   Information Analysis and Decision Support
      – Automated image understanding
      – Rapid, accurate, actionable information from multiple
      – Tactical decision aids
      – Techniques for making inferences about entity

•   Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance
      – Persistent, pervasive, day/night & all weather sensors
          and systems
      – Sensors to detect Weapons of Mass Destruction
      – Improved acoustic transducer materials
      – Networked underwater sensors
      – Advanced non-acoustic ASW sensors (magnetic,
          optical, and blue laser)
               Investment Areas and Impacts

• Materials
   – Environmentally friendly anti-fouling hull
   – Polymer composites and sandwich structures
   – Cellular materials for improved ship protection
     with reduced weight/cost
   – Nano-materials and nano-structures
   – Marine coatings for improved reliability /
   – High temperature superconductive materials
   – Bio-derived systems and materials

• Logistics
   – Total asset visibility
   – Advanced delivery systems
   – Sea basing enablers

• Power and Energy Technology
   – Power for high energy weaponry and
     advanced ship propulsion
   – Man-portable power sources for expeditionary
   – Fuel cells and alternate fuels
   – High power density batteries
                Investment Areas and Impacts

•   Platforms
     – Survivable ships & submarines
     – High efficiency and payload fraction Naval platforms
     – Reduced manpower requirements
     – Affordability through reduced life cycle costs
     – Air/surface/subsurface platform signature control
     – Aircraft flight control predictive diagnostics

•   Weapons
     – Rapid response (600 nm in 10 min.), long range attack
        against buried & heavily defended targets
     – High speed undersea weapons
     – Electromagnetic rail guns and projectiles
     – High performance yet insensitive explosives and
     – Non-lethal weapons
     – Directed energy weapons

•   Countermeasures and Counterweapons
     – Improved environmental characterization and
     – Torpedo defense
     – Counter IED (Improvised Explosive Devices)
     – Electronic warfare (RF and EO/IR) cruise missile
     – Mine countermeasures using single and teamed
        autonomous underwater vehicles
     – Multi-static sensor technology and techniques
           Investment Areas and Impacts

• Marine as a System
   – Human sensory enhancement
   – Assault weapon propulsion and
   – Advanced armor materials and

• Warrior Performance and Protection
   – Battlefield combat death reduction
   – Hostile undersea environment risk
     reduction for divers/
     submariners/Special Forces
   – Endemic, exotic and genetically
     modified pathogen protection
   – Social, cultural, and behavioral
   – Reduced personnel training time/costs
        National Naval Responsibilities

• Naval environment is distinctive and complex
• Naval science and technology must maintain areas
  critical to ensuring Naval superiority:
   –Robust U.S. research community
   –Adequate pipeline of new scientists and engineers in
    Naval-unique disciplines
   –Ensured future S&T products to Naval forces
• National Naval Responsibilities:
   −Ocean Acoustics
   −Underwater Weaponry
   −Naval Engineering
   −Undersea Medicine
                          In-House Laboratory Independent
       The mission of the ILIR Program is:
       (1) To foster the ingenuity of scientists and engineers at warfare centers to help
           intersect technology/knowledge with fleet and national defense needs
       (2) To aid in recruiting, developing, and retaining talented engineers and scientists.

                                                                      NSWC CRANE                  NUWC NEWPORT   NSWC
           NUWC KEYPORT
                                                                                                                  INDIAN HEAD

                                                                                                                  NAWC AD
     NAWC WD CHINA LAKE                                                                                           PATUXENT RIVER

                                                                                                                 SILVER SPRING

             SSC SAN DIEGO

                                            NHRC                                                                 NAWC AD
                                            SAN DIEGO                                           NSWC DL CSS      ORLANDO
                                                                                                PANAMA CITY
NUWC = Naval Undersea Warfare Center                     NHRC = Naval Health Research Center
NSWC = Naval Surface Warfare Center                      NMRC = Naval Medical Research Center
NAWC WD = Naval Air Warfare Center - Weapons Division    DL CSS = Dahlgren Division Coastal System Station
NAWC AD = Naval Air Warfare Center - Aircraft Division   SSC = SPAWAR System Center
             S&T Workforce Development

                                                           Naval Research Enterprise Intern
                      Undersea Weapons NNR                            Program

                                                                                            Defense Science & Engineering
                                                                                                 Graduate Fellowship
Sciences Engineering Apprenticeship
             Program                                          Science and Mathematics
                                                             Research for Transformation*
                                                                                               National Security Training
                             Naval Science Awards

                                                                                        NSF-Navy Civilian Service
                                      Outreach                     Education
   Naval Engineering NNR

                                                    Diversity                                 HBCU/MI Research &

                                                    HBCU/MI Faculty
                                                                           HBCU S&T Partnerships
                        HBCU Summer Faculty

                                        (* Joint Department of Defense Program)
Discovery and Invention Summary

• KNOWLEDGE (Develop Naval-relevant
  fundamental knowledge)

• TRANSITIONS (Provide the basis for future
  Navy and Marine Corps systems)

• PEOPLE (Maintain the health of the Defense
  Scientist and Engineer workforce)

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