Making online claims for QCF and Functional Skills qualifications by hxtMEE65


									Making online claims for QCF and
 Functional Skills qualifications
     A step-by-step guide for centres

This guidance explains how to make online claims for
postally examined/moderated qualifications which are on the
Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF), and externally
moderated Functional Skills qualifications, using our secure
extranet, Interchange (
For Functional Skills, sections 11 and 14 are not relevant.
For additional guidance, please refer to the OCR Admin Guide:
Functional Skills.
You can also use the guidance in sections 1 to 14 to
make online claims for externally verified qualifications
on the QCF (section 11 is not relevant).
For more Interchange support, see our
quick start guide and step-by-step entries guide at
                                                          Summary of the process

                                                               4a Finding
                  2 Selecting a          3 Setting up        (named entries)                  5 Adding units
                   qualification       your assessment                                         from another
1 Starting                                personnel             4b Finding                    awarding body
  a claim

                                                                                        6 Adding
                         9 Removing
                                             8 Removing                                 OCR units
                         a candidate                                 7 Editing
                                                a unit
                                                                     your claim
                                                                                                    14a Viewing
  10 Submitting
                                                                                                   the examiner-
    the claim
                           11 Sending                                                                  report
                          work following                                    13 Interpreting
                                                     12 Checking                                    14b Viewing
                             a claim                                          the claim’s
                                                   the progress of                                  the external
                                                        a claim                                        verifier
                1 Starting a claim

Hover over ‘Certification claims’
in the left-hand menu and
click on ‘Make claim’.

How many candidates will you be claiming for?
         To keep your admin to a minimum, try
  to put as many as possible in a single claim.
   You can revisit a claim to amend it as many
  times as you like before submitting it to your
                                OCR assessor.
                                             2 Selecting a qualification

        Choose the qualification you want to make a claim for from
                                      the list and click on ‘Create’.
         NB Once a claim has been started for a qualification, this will change to ‘Edit’.
                                 A list of all candidates entered via the named route
                                                 for this qualification will be displayed.

If your centre is approved for
a lot of QCF schemes, you can also
search for a qualification by
assessment code, title or part title.
                      3 Setting up your assessment personnel

              The first time you create a claim for each qualification,
              you will be prompted to set up your centre assessors.
         These are the people within your centre who will be marking the assessment, not the
       OCR assessor. (Once your first centre assessor is set up, you won’t be prompted in this
           way again.) Type the centre assessor’s full name and initials in the boxes provided.
                  Up to four initials will be accepted; these must be unique within your centre.

                                                                                This link only appears
                                                                                if you have no centre
                                                                                assessors set up.
                                                                                Otherwise, click on
                                                                                ‘View centre assessors’
                                                                                to set up any new

Make sure you set up your new assessors
for each scheme before you start making
the claim.
NB Any number of centre assessors can
be involved in building a claim, but only
one of them should submit it.
                   4a Finding candidates (named entries)

    First, select the candidate you want to make a claim for
                                  from the list of candidates.
Click on ‘Create new’ next to the candidate’s name. (NB This will change to ‘Edit’ once
                                             a claim has been started for that candidate.)
              If full award entries were made for the candidate, all units will be listed.
                       If unit entries were made, only the units entered for will be listed.

                                                 This candidate is only entered for
                                                 Units 4, 12, 15, 30, 45 and 72.

You can order by candidate name
or OCR candidate number by
clicking on the column headings.
You can also search for a
qualification by assessment code,
title or part title.
                           4b Finding candidates (unnamed entries)

        First, search for the candidate you want to make a claim for.
        Enter name, part name or OCR candidate number and click on ‘Find candidate’.
                 If you can’t find the candidate on the system, add them to the claim as
                         a brand new candidate by clicking on ‘Create a new candidate’
                                                 and entering their details in upper case.
                                               Remember: the details you enter here will
                                                    appear on the candidate’s certificate.

The top yellow box shows you
how many unnamed full award and
unit entries you have purchased.
This decreases each time you
submit a claim.
If the candidate only intends to
complete one or two units, unit
entries may be appropriate. If the
candidate intends to complete the
full qualification, full award entries
may be the most cost-effective
entry option.
                                         Make sure the box is not ticked before you search for candidates.
5 Adding units from another awarding body

                    Common units achieved with
                   another awarding body should
                   be claimed as part of your last
                        claim before certification.
                    You should claim these before OCR units
                    if you are claiming both at the same time.
                   Click on ‘Add units from another awarding
                    body’, select the unit and centre assessor
                   (in this case, the person who approves the
                         evidence), then enter the name of the
                             awarding body and click on ‘Add’.
                   When you have finished adding units, click
                      on ‘Done’ to return to the claims page.

                                  Evidence of the achievement,
                                  e.g. a copy of the certificate or
                                    results slip, must be given or
                                     sent to your OCR assessor.
                              6 Adding OCR units

   Select the unit(s) and centre assessor(s).
                Click the radio button in the ‘Claiming’ column for
                   each unit you wish to claim for that candidate.
         Select the centre assessor for each unit (you can select
                            different assessors for different units).
Repeat this process for each candidate, making sure you click on
                                           ‘Save claim’ each time.

                                           In this example, some units
                                           cannot be selected for the
                                           claim, as they have already
                                           been claimed.
                                       7 Editing your claim

                You can go back later to amend or add
                       to a claim before submitting it.
     You can access the claim by hovering over ‘Certification claims’ in the
left-hand menu and clicking on ‘Make claims’. Search for the qualification,
click on ‘Edit’ next to the claim, then click on ‘View claim’ to see the claim.
                          Next, click on a candidate name to edit their claim.
          Make sure you save the claim whenever you make any changes.

                                                        Unit number

                                                        C = claiming
                                                        TA = assessor’s

                                                        This example shows
                                                        a unit from another
                                                        awarding body.
                                                        Non-OCR units are
                                                        indicated by *.
       8 Removing a unit from the claim

          Click on the candidate’s name to open
                     the claim for that candidate.
        Click on the radio button in the ‘Not claiming’ column
                            to remove a unit from their claim.
NB You can only make changes prior to submitting the claim.

                                         Once you have made any
                                      required changes, make sure
                                          you click on ‘Save claim’.
9 Removing a candidate from the claim

  Again, click on the candidate’s name to open
                    the claim for that candidate.
         Click on the radio button in the ‘Not claiming’ column
                        for all units and click on ‘Save claim’.
 NB You can only make changes prior to submitting the claim.
                                                    10 Submitting the claim

Once you are ready to submit the claim, click on ‘View claim’.
          Check the details and your email address, amend your email address
                  if necessary, and then click on ‘Submit to assessor’ to submit
                                                 the claim to the OCR assessor.

       Always check the details thoroughly before submitting the claim as,
       beyond this point, you won’t be able to make any further changes.
       You can print the claim or export it as a CSV file to check it before submitting.
                            11 Sending work following a claim

                       For postally examined/moderated qualifications,
                           within 24 hours of submitting your claim online, you need to send
                                          all the candidate work to your examiner-moderator.
                                  When sending your candidate work, you just need to attach
                                a simple submission cover sheet to each candidate’s work.
                                                            These can be downloaded from the
                                                       qualification pages of the OCR website.
                                                 (NB These are qualification-specific and may
                                                   differ, as shown in the examples opposite.)

                                                         Please add the claim number (see section 12)
                                                              to each form, either in the box provided (if
                                                                   applicable) or at the top of the sheet.
                                                                            This must also be written on
                                                              the outside of the package, along with the
                                                           scheme code and centre number, to help the
                                                                  assessor match the work to the claim.
                                                             (NB Some qualifications allow you to submit
                                                              work electronically. Please ensure you also
                                                         include the above details when submitting work
Submitting fewer                                                                           electronically.)
claims will reduce
the number of                                                       Please make sure that work for each
separate submissions                                        claim is packaged separately; do not submit
you need to make.                                                          work for more than one claim
                                                                                  in the same package.
                                12 Checking the progress of a claim

Hover over ‘QCF’ in the left-hand menu and
click on ‘View claim history’.
Your most recent claim should be at the top of the list.
You can also filter by qualification and order the columns
alphabetically by clicking on the column heading.

                                                                                      Once the OCR assessor
                                                                                      has completed the claim,
                                                                                      you will receive an email
                                                                                              from Interchange
                                                                                                confirming this.

The claim number is generated when       The eight-digit reference will
you submit your claim. You will need     be generated once the OCR
this when submitting candidate work.     assessor has submitted the claim.
                                                                                  Please ignore
One of these numbers should be quoted if you have any queries about your claim.   this column.
                13 Interpreting the claim’s status

                                  What does the status mean?
                                  Submitted – The claim has been
                                  submitted to your OCR assessor.
                                  Finalised – The claim has been
                                  revised/finalised by the OCR assessor.
                                  This will only appear for a short time.
                                  However, if all units within a claim have
                                  been withdrawn, the claim will remain
                                  in this stage.
                                  Processed – The claim has been sent
                                  to OCR and results should appear on
                                  Interchange in approximately 48 hours.
                                  Withdrawn – The OCR assessor
                                  has withdrawn the whole claim.

                                   When you view the claim, any
                                   withdrawn candidates/units
                                   will be indicated by ‘X’ (except
                                   where the whole claim has
Please ignore                      been withdrawn, in which case
this column,                       ‘X’ will not be displayed).
even if it
says ‘Yes’.
                                   Ignore any green ticks.
                                14a Viewing the EM feedback report

               Postally examined/moderated qualifications:
     Once moderation is complete, the OCR examiner-moderator
                        will produce a centre feedback report for
                                           each claim submitted.
                    If you have made a number of small claims, only one report may be produced.
                                To view the report, hover over ‘Centre information’ in the left-hand
                                                menu and click on ‘Examiner-moderator reports’.
If you can’t see the report…
Check that you have submitted the claim (you can check the status by
hovering over ‘QCF’ in the menu and clicking on ‘View claim history’).
Check that you have sent everything you need to the
OCR examiner-moderator.
If the status is ‘Submitted’ and it’s less than 35 days since you
submitted the claim, the work is probably still with the moderator.
If it’s more than 35 days since submission and we haven’t contacted
you yet, contact the Operations VRQ Team on 02476 496553
or at, quoting your centre number,
scheme code and claim number.
If the OCR examiner-moderator has withdrawn the whole claim
(rather than just individual candidates), OCR will send you
the report directly (not via Interchange).
                             14b Viewing the EV feedback report

                              Externally verified qualifications:
        Once an external verification visit has taken place, the
   OCR external verifier will produce a quality assurance report.
                                            This will be emailed to you as soon as it is available.
             You can also view the report via Interchange by hovering over ‘Centre information’
                                in the left-hand menu and clicking on ‘External verifier reports’.

If you don’t receive the report…
If it’s more than 5 days since your visit and you
haven’t received the report yet, contact the
OCR Customer Contact Centre on 02476 851509
or at, quoting
your centre number, scheme code and claim number.
                                 Further support

If you have any queries about a claim, please contact
the OCR Customer Contact Centre on 02476 851509
            or at,
        quoting your centre number, the scheme code
                                and the claim number.

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