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									LETTERBOOK INDEX - 1976

                          Recipient                               Subject
       2           Donald A. Yoder                    Funding Claude St. Denis
       2           Jim Feyk                           Manager - Pub Board
       2           Jay Fuller                         COG Task Force
       2           Bernice Youtz                      Thank-you
       2           Faculty and Staff                  Fund reduction
       5           M/M Trueman Schmidt                Thank you
       6           Rod Bristol                        Applicant
       6           Carroll J. Smith                   Applicant
       6           Evergreeners                       Governance policies
       6           William H. Downe                   Contribution - $7,000
       7           Patrick Callan                     VVUPS ide-Down"
       8           MIM Harold Oreman                  Status of credit for daughter
       8           Michael Munson, Simpson Timber     Thank you - plywood for Organic Farm
       9           Dr. Marcus Parr - Westminster      Recommendation - Cadwallader
       9           K. A. Randall - Mary Baldwin Col   Recommendation - Cadwallader
       9           James N. Dolliver                  Evergreen students in Yakima
       9           Faculty & Staff                    Clarification of responsibility of deans
      12           Walter Koelbel - Col. Wom. Coil.   Recommendation - Cadwallader
      12           Donald E. Bevan - UW               Representative - Washington Archaeological Res
      14           Senators Donohue & Bagnorial       Transfer of funds
      14           Trustees                           Parking
      15           Larry C. Key                       Applicant
      15           Trustees                           Agenda
      19           Mark H. Curtis                     Change in Liberal Education Project
      19           Duverglas, Nelson, Spector         Seating at Trustee table
                   Mrs. Charles Savage                Expression of sympathy
   2109           Aubrey Fletcher                    Response to curriculum suggestion
      20           Evergreeners                       Reorganization
      20           Russell L. Hankins                 Applicant
      22           Royce Clark                        Graduate/applicant
      23           Douglas Wallower                   Art piece behind library
      23           Frank W. Clark                     Applicant
      25           James Campbell                     Applicant
      26           Liz Keeney                         Graduate
      27           James F. Moore                     Graduate - diploma
      27           Academy for Educ. Development      Cadwallader - Recommendation
      27           Metropolitan State College         Cadwallader - Recommendation
      27           Mount Royal College                Cadwallader - Recommendation
      27           Douglas E. Sayan                   Payroll Certification Officer - Charar
      29           Charles Albertson                  Seating at Trustee table
      29           Hal Wolfe                          Recommendation - Donohue
      30           Institute for Environ. Studies     Recommendaiton - Byron Youtz

      FEBRUARY                                          Realignment
        5          Graduates                            Recommendation   -
        6          Parents of Current Students          Recommendation   -
      6            Faculty and Staff                    Applicant
      10           Mercyhurst College                   Faculty support
      10           Bard College                         Wednesday lecture series
      10           Douglas J. Kosan Bill Aidridge       Thank you - note
                                                        Budget proposal from HEW
    elI            M/M Morton A. Johnson
                                                        Visitation of Joseph Bettis
                                                        Metabole - artwork
     11            Mark Gottlieb                        Cadwallader
     11            Warren G. Magnuson                   Cadwallader
     12            Kormondy, et al.
     12            Donald E. Collins
Meeting noticees

     FEBRUARY (cont1d)

     12              Dodge, Balsley                   Meeting wipresidents
     13           Blake Murray                        Cadwallader - recommendation
     13           Will Bachofner                      Leisure Ed Workshop complaint (Art)
     14                                               Appointment to Publications Board
                  Paul Sparks
     19           John Woo                            Evergreen van in Yakima
     19           Representative James G. O'Hare      Evergreen van in Selah
     20           County Commissioners                Appointment to Pub Board
     23           Howard A. Stetson                   Third World Bicentennial mural
     23           Norman A. Trost                     Third World Bicentennial mural
     24                                               Grant funding
     24                                               Medic I
     25                                               Applicant
     26           Tom Street                          Applicant
     26                                               Recommendation - Ti Locke
     26                                               Recommendation - Lynda Weinman
     26                                               Recommendation - James Rodgers
     27           Martha Rost Don Bonker              Curriculum
                  Nichols, Jones, Steilberg,   Hom,
     MARCH           Feeney, Doerksen
                  Judy Annis
     1            Dick Nichols                        Curriculum
     2            Faculty and Staff                   Lab Dedication
     2            Robert Barnard                      Salary classification
                  California St. University
.    3            Tom Foote                           Congratulations
3                 MIM R. J. Cayton                    Congratulations
     3            Trustees                            Development program w/Frantzreb
     3            Mark Overland                       Congratulations
     3            University of Denver                Recommendation - Schillinger
      5           Don Humphrey                        Funding for Sherlock Holmes festival
      5           William Downs                       Nepal visit & report
      5           Governor Daniel J.                  Date of Board meeting
     5            Metropolitan State                  Funding Orcas Symposium
     8            Charles Teske                       Recommendation - Jerry Schillinger
     8            Donna E. Batt                       Thank you
     9            Warren G. Magnuson                  Use of donor1s money
     9            Jonelle Pintello                    Telecommunications study
     9            Thomas G. Morrow                    Recommendation - Cadwallader
     9            Governor Daniel J. Evans            Thank you
     10           John Merritt Mount                  Applicant
     15           Bemi DeBus                          Invitation to Lab II dedication
     16           Mrs. John R. Kelley                 Campus Hearing Board
     17           Trueman L. Schmidt                  Applicant
      18          Al Saunders                         Invitation to Lab
     23           Dean E. McHenry                     Congratulations -Thank you
     23           Chia-hao Chang                      Sympathy
     23           Stone Thomas                        Thank you
     23           Joseph Bettis                       Invitation to Lab
     25           University of Vermont               Chapter for book
    3215         Evans University                    Applicant
                                                      Open search
       31                                             Retreat
       31                                             Recommendation - Cadwallader
       31                                             II dedication Shelton project
       31                                             II dedication
LETTERBOOK INDEX - 1976 ---page 2

                        Recipient                                  Subject
      1           Richard E. Bjork                    Congratulations - Accreditation
      2           Janie Gorforth                      Funds for travel in Mexico
      2           Lois Knutson                        DTFs
      5           Dean E. McHenry                     Evergreen chapter in book
      6           Dean Clabaugh, Larry Stenberg       Enrollment drive
      6           Skidmore College                    Recommendation - Cadwallader
      6           Eisenhower College                  Recommendation - Cadwallader
      6           Ithaca College                      Recommendation - Cadwallader
      6           William H. Downs                    Donor's interest in Greece program
      6           Governor Daniel J. Evans            Appropriation reductions
      7           K. C. Badgley                       Thank you for letter of appreciation
      7           Donald Morken                       Thank you for gift to scholarship fund
      8           Nicholas Rolling                    Service on Publications Board
      8           David C. Robinson                   Meetings with business community
      8           Dennis Peterson
     12           Wolfe, Sharar, Hannigan             Career & Life Planning Workshops
     12           Dr. Thomas Hazelrigg                Community host for Lab dedication
     12           William Bain, Jr.                   Location of Third World Bicentennial mural
     14           Lee Buffington                      Payroll deductions for GECF
     15           CPJ, KAOS, Eldridge, Feeney,        Board of Trustee folders
                  Jones, Schillinger, Thomas
      23          24 Olympia Businessmen              Lab Building dedication
      23          30 Olympia Physicians               Lab Building dedication
   2233          Rudy Martin                         Eva lua t ions
                  Patrick Callan                      Off-campus programs
     26           Bev Margolis                        Acknowledgement of request for catalog, etc.
      4           Charles Johnson                     Lab Dedication
      5           Evergreen Community                 Citizens Evaluation Group visit
      5           Jim Walton, etc.                    Job Day - Counseling & Social Services
      6           Don Humphrey                        Thank you - NSF
      6           Kent Caldwell                       Acknowledgement - volunteering CEC
      6           William C. Jacobs                   Congratulations
      7           Joseph J. Tiernan                   Thank you - remarks on Precis
      7           Staff & Faculty                     Meeting
      7           Diana Osborne McLeod                Thonk you - Regional Council LA
      7           Program Coordinators/Gr. Cont.      Photos at St. Peter Hospital
     11           Andrew Hanfman                      Get well wish
     11           All                                 Revised holiday schedule
     11           All Employees                       Holiday schedule
     11           David E. Giles                      Applicant
     11           Paul T. M. Kratzke                  Applicant
     11           Gail Silvey                         Food service suggestion
     11           Patrick Callan                      Recommendation
     11           Helen Milton                        Response to complaint re: Coyote rep.
     11           Robert W. Corrigan                  Applicant
                  Representative John Hendricks       Thank you for ramps off 101
   1122          Albert Parker, Highway Commission     II    ~     ~   'I   ~
                                                        IV    VI   V!   VI   IV
      12          Representative Del Bausch
                                                        VI    VI   II   IV   IV   VI
      12          Senator Harry Lewis
      12          William Bulley, Dir. Highways         VI    IV   II   II   VI   VI


       MAY (cont1d)

         12                Dean McHenry                       Class action suit
         12                26 Olympia Residents               Staff cutbacks in
         13                Rindy Jones                        Realignment
         14                Scott Gold                         Staff cutbacks in
         14                John W. Gerdes                     Art work
         14                Kathy Sickles                      Counseling
         14                Visual Environment Group
         17                Trustees                           Counseling
         17                Evergreen students                 Setting date of June meeting
         18                Molly Wright                       Recruitment
         18                Richard Montecucco                 Thank you - CEG
         18                Jan Arnold                         Suit of Architectural Woods
         21                Joseph Brennan                     Congratulations
         21                Suzanne Feeney                     Thank you - CEG
         21                Don Humphrey                       Thank you - Business leaders to Lab ded.
                                                                 IV      #1                              IV   IV
         21                Dick Nichols                          IV      IV                              IV   VI
         21                Niels Skov
         21                John Piper                         CFR and public dialogue
         25                Joel Rushakoff                     Applicant
         25                Lawrence M. Longworth              Applicant
         26                Jovana Brown                       Applicant
         27                Dyckman W. Vermilye                Gifts of books to library
                           Association of American Colleges   Non-renewal of membership in AAHE
                           AASCU                              Non-renewal of membership
         2:7;             Anne Hoffman                       Non-renewal of membership
         27                KAOS                               Service on Campus Hearing Board
         27                To Whom It May Concern             Meeting w/KAOS staff
        JUNE                                                  Affirmation of Michael Whitson as student
          4                William Bain, Jr.
          4                Univ. of Wisconsin - Platteville
          4                Senator Henry Jackson
          7                Francis Baxter                     Donation of sculpture - Stefan Schinzinger
          8                Paul E. Washatka                   Recommendation - Cadwallader
          8                Dumi Maraire/Ed Kormondy           Opposition to Cranston Amendment
          8                Robert Dickson & 37 others         Student loan
          9                V. W. "Bill" Korf & 10 others      HEW Audit Agency report
         11                Trustees                           Notice of Hearing
         11                22 Faculty and Staff               Thank you - CEG
         11                Allan W. Ostar                     Thank you - Graduate Studies
         17                Jackie AshurstiEd Kormondy         Cover letter w/Operating Budget
         21                Trustees                           Planning meeting at President's home
         21                Lowell Kuehn                       Re: Telegram to Congressional Delegation
         23                Ben Stone/Reginald Clizbe          Continuation of hearing
         25                To Whom It May Concern             Defense of Kormondy/McCann in Maraire case
         25                Kevin Sanders                      Thank you for program description
         25                Wendy Kramer                       Thank you - Citizens Evaluation Group
     2258                 Richard Montecucco                 Recommendation - Elluage Anthony
                           Dean McHenry                       Graduation ceremonies complaint
          28               Rindy Jones/Ed Kormondy            Press credentials
                                                              Patents, Copyrights, Trademarks
          29               Harold Hessing
                                                              Incorporation of suggestions
          30               Jagat Mohan Adhikari
                                                              Selection procedure for Dir. Coop Ed.
Title of chapter in book
                                                              Tardy faculty evaluation
Graduate studies
                                                              Thank you - Nepal program assistance

                            Recipient                                   Subject
        1           Trustees                               Administrative Organization in Prog. 010
        1           Staff                                  Goals
        6           Randy Kidd                             Applicant
        6           Alexander Lowry                        Applicant
        7           Ernest Y. Campbell                     Thank you for letter re: Nepal
        7           Nels W. Hanson                         Regrets - participation in forum
        7           Angela Bangs                           Jimmy Haywood application
        8           Ross Prather                           Applicant
        8           Richard Cellarius/Jeff    Kelly        Congratulations - solar energy grant
       13           Barry, Cadwallader,       Humphrey,        Teske Request for names of books
       14           Dean F. McHenry                        Headings for book
       15           Thomas Dalglish                        Applicant - friend
       15           To Whom It May Concern                 Jude Chukwu authorization
       16                                                  Overseas Educational Exchange Agreement
       20           Michael Walker                         Clabaugh/Moss charge
       20           Wallis Beasley                         Recommendation - Peter B. Taylor
       20           Arnie Doerksen                         Salary Classification
       22           Representative Jeff       Douthwaite     Applicant - Barnett Glickfeld
       22           Dr. Darlene Schanfeld                  Application
       23           E. J. DeRocher                         Invitation to seminar at Prometheus College
       26           William Chance                         Degree program guidelines
       26           Jimmy Haywood                          Admission and catalog
       26           Ed Kormondy                            Hiring procedures
    2267           University of Kansas                   Recommendation - Ken Hopkins
                    Jean Stevenson                         Evergreen Foundation
      28            Trustees                               Maraire Appeal
      28            Saunders                               Evergreen Foundation
      29            Trustees                               COG III hearing
      30            John Aikin                             Salary increase
      30            Trustees                               Enrollment/budget
      30            Trustees                               Articles in PI and Times
       2            Budget Heads                           Senior officer   during vacation
       2            Daniel Bratton                         Recommendation   - Frantzreb
       3            John A. Biggs                          Recommendation   - Jacob Romero
       6            Mark E. Hoehne                         Thank you - service on Board of Governors
       6            Mrs. John N. Sylvester                 Thank you - Service on Board of Governors
                                                              IV        VV         II      IV       VI     VI      'I

       6            Dennis Peterson
       6            Al Saunders                                    II   VI          II              IV             IV
II     II
       6            George Kinnear                               II               VI                               IV
VI             II        VI                                VI
        9           Douglas E. Sayan                       Designation of          Payroll Certification Officer
       20           Reginald James Clizbe                  CEG report at Trustees meeting
        1           Mary Turner                            Representative to Suggestion Awards Program
.       1           JulieEmery                             Thank you - Times article
3                   Donald T. Williams, Jr.                Acceptance - Higher Ed. Advisory Council
        3           Roger W. Heyns                         Move to W. R. Hewlett Foundation

                             Recipient                                                   Subject

     SEPTEMBER (cont   Id)




   222444
                 Richard B. Lewis
                 Mrs. Merle Landerholm
                 Ron Hoffman
                 Leo Delaney - College at Purchase
                 Governor Daniel J. Evans
                 Donald M. Schliesman
                 Budget Heads
                 The Honorable Wes Ubiman
                 Spellman, Ray Durning                                   II      IV
                  The Honorable Henry M. Jackson                                 VI                             IV        II
                  The Honorable Robert C. Bailey                         VI      II       II
                  The Honorable A. A. Adams                              VI      IV       II
                  Denny Peterson                                                  II                             II        II
                  Father John Scott, 0. S. D.                          Acknowledgement of good wishes
                  Trustees                                             Food Service profit
                  All                                                  Clarification of point re: Allen
                  Jane Johnson                                         Thank you for   Child of 1960's"
                  Ed Kormondy                                          Long Range Curriculum Planning DTF report
                  James F. Bemis                                       Citizens Evaluation Group report
                  James C. Frits                                       Applicant
                  Craig McCarty                                        Letter of appreciation
                  President James E. Brooks                            Priorities for CPE
                  Niels Skov                                           COG III DTF
                  Byron Youtz                                          Request for funding
                  Trustees                                             Maraire hearing
                  VPs, Deans & Directors, Budget Heads   Affirmative
                  Robert M. Gordon                                     Campus visit
                  James F. Bemis                                       Thank you
                  Sidney McAlpin                                       Records Officer
                                                                        Campus visit
                                                                       Sympathy at death of her husband
                                                                       Recommendation - Teske
                                                                       Note w/Citizens Evaluation report
                                                                       Appointment to Inter-College Relations Comm.
                                                                       Notice of address to faculty Citizens Evaluation
                                                                              VI              II   II

                                                                                                        Action Workshop
-                                                                                                         Jim Duncan

        1         Robert J. Hatala                  Response to 9/4/75 letter
        1         Ed Michelson                      Service on KAOS Advisory Board
        1         Stark, Rabow, Crouse, Winden,                II                    II        II
II                     II
        1         Joe J. King                       Association of Washington Business panel
        4         Participants in AWB panel-        Thank you
                  Ingersoll, Goehner, Lundberg,
                  Michelson, Shelton
        4         Fred T. Scalley                   Host at AWB meeting
        4         Barbara Kerry, Hightower, Lewis   Thanks for past year's service on
                  Alexander, Carlson                  KACS Advisory Board
       11         Rita Grace                        Sympathy (from Trustees)
       11         Marjorie A. Snoddy                Catalog request
       12         Ben Markley                       Response to letter re: homosexuality
       12         Dr. Sara Ellen Malueg             Recommendation - Richard Jones
     . 12         Heart Association of Washington   Contribution
       12         Craig Carlson                     Acknowledgement
       14         AWB Panel                         Reminder of meeting date
       21         Ernie Jones, Debbie Fetterly,     Student, Staff, Faculty weating at
                    Carol Olexa                       Board of Trustees table


OCTOBER (cont'd)

       21               Margaret Mitchell                      Request for re-enrollment
       21               Denzel Ferguson                        Malheur Env. Field Station visit
       22               Trustees                               Maraire/Kormondy appeal
       26               Graphics                               Congratulations
       28               Exempt Administrative Staff            Salary Evaluation Task Force
       28               Eldridge, Steilberg, Humphreys         Meeting wIOTCC on Continuing
       29               AWB Panel                              Thank you
                                                               Report Education


 2                Harold Fox                             Alaska visit
 2                Herb Niemoth                           Alaska visit
 2                Cheryl Burke                           Acceptance of credit
 2                Susan Ruddy                            Alaska visit
 2                Dennis Binning                         Alaska expenses
 3                Mr. Mize                               Alaska visit
 3                Mr. Buchanan                           Alaska visit
 3                Ms. Green                              Alaska visit
 3                Leslie Krogh                           Response re: Outdoor Education
 3                A. L. Alford, Jr.                      Recommendation - Brooks
 8                Job Day Participants                   Invitation
 9                Carolyn Servid                         Apology - Typo in Precis
                  Richard D. Trent                       Evaluation procedures - Faculty exchange
                  i~dward W. Weidner                     Faculty exchange
 9                Alan F. Guskin                         CJM request for proficiency materials
 9                C. H. King                             Evergreen visit - April 18, 1977
 9                John F. Moss                           Evergreen visit - 11/22 & 23/76
 9                Dean Clabaugh                          Health Services
 9                Al Saunders                            Board of Governors membership
10                Trustees                               Graduate Studies proposal
10                Trustees                               Date of Board meeting - December 9
10                Maureen Karras                         Thank you - BOT Report on External Credit
10                John R. Walker                         Enrollment information
11                Jose Garcia                            Response to complaint
11                Clabaugh, Fidridge, Feeney,            Founder1s Day
                    Kormondy, Teske
11                Senator Harry Lewis                    Ques ti onaire
12                William J. Sullivan, S. J.             Thank you - Dinner Ranier Club
16                Ken Balsley                            Thank you - Pub Board service
16                Warren W. Gulko                        Acceptance - Panel Assoc. Inst. Research
16                Richard Chait - Harvard IEM            Campus visit
16                Jones, Watts, Wright, Milton           Service on Publications Board
                  Felton and Marsh
17                Dean Harold Williams - U Of C.         Job Day
17                Don Dybeck - Foster & Marshall         Job Day
19                Governor Dixy Lee Ray                  Congratulations - luncheon meeting
19                Mr. & Mrs. Ed Morris                   Son1s injuries
22                Mrs. Lee Dawley                        Sympathy - death of husband
3204              Clinton DeGabrielle                    5-Year Plan for Computing
                  Hugh Thompson                          Organization chart



         3     Dr. & Mrs. Jacob Horowitz          Trustees
         3     Milton, Felton, Marsh, Jones       Mike Layton
            Wright, Layton                        Governor Dixy Lee Ray
         Till J. N. Peters                        C labaugh
         Lura Miller                              Matthew B. Miles
         Nicholas Rolling, Gordon Beck            Walter D. Harding
         John Aikin and staff                     Kormondy, Thomas,
         Alice Watts                              Knapp, Annis
         John & Anne Singleton                    Thank you - contribution
         James E. Brooks                          Publications Board meeting
         7                                        Applicant
         7                                        Thank you - Pub Board service
             7                                    Thank you - Pub Board service
             7                                    Regrets - Pub Board
         7                                        Thank you - contributions
         7                                        Academic Bargaining Service visit
         8                                        Citizens Evaluation Group expense
         8                                        Thank you - Pub Board
                                                  Nominations - Lidman
             9                                    Roofing
                                                  Innovative organization behavior
         10                                       Development calling
         10                                       Citizens Evaluation Group

         13     Sharon Brogan, Al Spence, James
                 Senator Harry B. Lewis
         Ronald V. Schmelzer, Jr.
         Mr. and Mrs. James W. Cobbs
         Ralph Miwa - U. of Hawaii
         James Bethel, Joseph Blum
         James K. Bender
         Ken Ritchey (plus 39 others)
         Thank you - Pub Board service

         Supplemental study questions
         Lewis questions
         Donation - shares of stock
         Hawaiian visit
         Job Day
         Campus visit
         Communications Advisory Committee

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