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                                  About the Artists

  Betty Cobonpue
  Betty Cobonpue graduated from the New York School of Interior Design, and took up
  Industrial Design courses at the Pratt Institute in New York. In 1972, she opened her
  own furniture manufacturing company called Interior Crafts of the Islands, Inc.,
  producing rattan and wood furniture. A decade later, she invented a technique of
  working with rattan by laminating arurog vines to create organic forms in space.
  Betty has won awards for several of her designs in the ‘80s, and represented the
  Philippine in various exhibitions abroad.

  Kenneth Cobonpue
  Kenneth Cobonpue began his passage to design in 1987, studying Industrial Design
  at the Pratt Institute in New York. While completing his degree, he apprenticed for a
  leather and wood workshop near Florence. In 1994, he studied Furniture Marketing
  and Production at the Export Akademie Baden-Wurttemberg in Reutlingen, Germany
  under a private and state scholarship, and subsequently worked in Bielefeld and

  Kenneth returned home to Cebu in 1996 to manage Interior Crafts of the Islands, the
  furniture design and manufacturing company his mother, Betty, had founded in the
  early ‘70s. Discovering that modern design could have a new face using natural
  fibers and materials as the medium, he integrated local organic materials with
  innovative handmade techniques—offering an alternative to the Western definition of
  modern design.

  Kenneth’s designs have been featured in several prestigious books, newspapers,
  and magazines—including the International Design Yearbook, The Washington Post,
  the Shanghai Daily News, Wallpaper, Newsweek, and TIME. His pieces have also
  appeared in full-length feature films and television shows such as Ocean’s 13 and
  CSI. A master of various natural materials, his designs show a clean and structural
  approach to unique and sometimes playful concepts.

  His latest design, the Bloom chair on exhibit at Full Circle, won the Coup de Coeur
  Award at the 2009 Maisen et Objet show in Paris. The piece shows his increasing
  fascination with natural and manmade fabrics, a new frontier in Filipino furniture
Agustin Goy
A graduate of architecture from the University of Santo Tomas, Agustin Goy Goy
started painting first in oil and watercolor, particularly in the company of Vicente
Manansala who lived near his place in San Francisco Del Monte in the ‘60s. They
often painted landscapes together. In the early ‘70s, Goy studied the techniques of
Andrew Wyeth, which led him to hyperrealistic painting. His paintings are
meticulously detailed with rich and optimistic feeling. He staged his first one-person
show at Hidalgo Gallery in 1972, and has had 12 solo exhibitions since.

Anna Mari Goy
Since 1989, Anna Mari Goy has participated in 10 annual solo exhibitions. A
graduate of Fine Arts from the University of the Philippines Diliman, her works have
been exhibited in Manila, Baguio, Los Angeles, and Charlotte, North Carolina. Anna
Mari is married and resides in North Carolina, where she teaches at an elementary

Abi Goy
Abi Goy is 1/3 of boutique design company Studio Dialogo. Despite all her recent
success in commercial centered projects, Abi is foremost an artist of multiple
mediums and is, in fact, known for her work illustrating several popular children's
books. Her most recent illustration work is for a collection of Filipino poems for
children entitled Buwan, Buwang Bulawan, written by National Artist for Literature
Rio Alma and published by Adarna House in 2009.

Abi also illustrated for the Ramon Magsaysay Foundation's Great Men and Women
of Asia children's book series, entitled The Bridge Builder of Chiayi County,
published in 2007. She designed the book and also illustrated for 100 Questions
Filipino Kids Ask, which won the 2006 National Book Award for Best Reference
Book. Abi’s graphics and illustrations have been published in leading magazines
such as Preview, Town & Country, and Asian Dragon.

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Salvacion Lim-Higgins
From 1947 to 1990, Salvacion Lim-Higgins—better known by the acronym of her
name “Slim”—challenged the parameters of Philippine fashion, giving it some of its
earliest, and often broadest strokes. Blurring the divide between the conventional
and the contemporary, she is considered one of the pioneers of Philippine couture.
Another aspect of her legacy lies in the work of succeeding generations of designers
trained at the Slim’s Fashion & Arts School, which she established in 1960 and
which marks its 50th year this October.

Born to a businessman and painter father, and to a mother who designed and
embroidered her own ternos, Slim studied Fine Arts at University of Santo Tomas,
and Fashion Design at the Traphagen School of Design in New York. Her interest in
fashion began when she submitted fashion sketches to the Sunday magazine of The
Manila Times, which she signed with the acronym “Slim.” The sketches developed a
following, which led to the start of her fashion career.

Slim established her own haute couture salon in the late ‘40s, specializing in evening
wear, wedding gowns, and ternos. The unique structure and construction she
brought to traditional ternos made them wearable in contemporary, sophisticated
society. Her clients included Imelda Cojuangco, Armi Kuusela-Hilario, Chito
Madrigal-Collantes, Chona Kasten, Helen Benitez, and Carmen Guerrero-Nakpil.
One of her creations—a gift to First Lady Mrs. Mamie Eisehower during the state
visit of President Carlos P. Garcia to Washington—is now part of a permanent
collection at the Smithsonian Institution. Slim’s designs for the Bayanihan Dance
Company have even inspired a limited edition Lladro figure.

Slim passed away in 1990 in San Francisco, days after designing her last creations.

Mark Lewis Higgins
Born to an Irish-American father and a Chinese-Filipino mother, Mark Lewis Higgins
studied at the Ontario College of Art, the Toronto School of Art, and at Parsons
School of Design in New York. Although primarily a painter, his interests are diverse
and he has on occasionally embarked on other creative endeavors. All his work
reflects a deep interest in the complexities of both Eastern and Western history and
culture. Mark has been involved in theater production, having conceptualized and
designed Oriental-inspired costumes for a Manila production of The Lion, the Witch
and the Wardrobe. Mark’s works have been exhibited in Manila, Hong Kong, and in
the US.

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Anita Magsaysay-Ho
Anita Magsaysay-Ho earned the distinction of being the only woman to be admitted
to the pantheon of the Thirteen Moderns. After attending the University of the
Philippines School of Fine Arts, she studied at the School of Design under Victorio C.
Edades, the highly acclaimed artist who is commonly regarded as the core leader of
the neo-realist group. From there, she proceeded to the Cranbrook Academy of Art
in Michigan. While in the US, she affiliated with the Art Students League in New
York, where she took courses in oil painting, graphics, and figure sketching.

Through her work, Anita painted figures with angular features, slanted eyes, and hair
covered by a headscarf instead of the idealized features of demure, curvaceous
women with large expressive eyes or luxuriantly cascading hair.

Doris Ho
Doris Ho is President and CEO of the Magsaysay Group of Companies, which is
involved in shipping and human resources services. Magsaysay is also involved in
ship manning and human resource development as well as back office services for
major ship owners around the world.

Doris is also active in key civic organizations and foundations. She is the Chairman
of Asia Society Philippine Foundation, a founding member of the Heritage
Conservation Society, and a trustee of Asia Society in New York, Sa Aklat Sisikat
Foundation, and the Metropolitan Museum Manila.

Doris holds a Masters degree in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute in New
York, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree with Double Majors in East Asian Studies and
Art History from Manhattanville College.

Robert Alexander Ho
Robert Alexander Ho, the eldest son of painter Anita Magsaysay-Ho, is
President/CEO of Fairmont Shipping (HK) Ltd. Fairmont is engaged in the ownership
and manpower of 25 vessels, having sold 15 vessels over three years. Robert is also
a director at Magsaysay Maritime Corporation and a trustee of Phillips Exeter

Roberts holds a degree in Economics from Harvard University.

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Cesare Syjuco
Cesare Syjuco is a prizewinning painter, poet, composer, and art critic. His
remarkably varied distinctions have included the prestigious TOYM (Ten Outstanding
Young Men of the Philippines) Award for Art & Culture Advancement; the Gawad
CCP Sa Sining Biswal from the Cultural Center of the Philippines; the Don Carlos
Palanca Memorial Award for Literature in English Poetry; the CMMA Outstanding
Filipino Communicator Citation from The Catholic Mass Media Awards; and the first
Purita Kalaw-Ledesma Award for Art Criticism, among many others—all before the
age of 40.

Cesare’s sudden and mysterious disappearance in 1992—at the height of his
tumultuous and often controversial art career—transformed him, in the words of one
writer, “from the country’s most visible art renegade… into something even larger
than life… a cult figure of legend among his peers.” But it is largely for his
groundbreaking experimental works in “visual-literary transmedia” that his reputation
as a world-class Filipino artist endures to this day.

Cesare will also be releasing a 15-track CD Album and Book Set titled “A Sudden
Rush of Genius” in 2010, featuring his recent avant-garde poetry and music for the
first time in over a decade.

Michelline Syjuco
Jean Marie Syjuco is primarily a visual artist whose art experiments take her into the
realm of the literary. She was also one of the most prominent and active
performance artists in the ‘80s, and is behind all of the family’s art events, organizing
exhibits with regular art performances that are participated by poets, musicians,
performance artists, and of course their highly talented children.

Michelline Syjuco
Michelline Syjuco is an award-winning sculptor, installation artist, and jewelry
designer who graduated with a magna cum Laude in Business Management. She
was shortlisted for the Ateneo Art Awards in 2009, and was one of five awardees
representing the National Capital Region for the Sungdu-an Exhibition at the
National Museum of the Filipino People in the same year. She was also cited by the
Philippine Daily Inquirer and Look magazine as one of “Manila's Most Stylish.” Little
known to most people is the fact that Michelline was also the lead vocalist of FAUST!
(the youngest commercially signed rock band of the Philippines in the ‘90s) that won
the MTV and Philips “Out Of The Box” Asia-wide band search.

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Maxine Syjuco
Maxine a poet and multi-media visual artist. Her first book of poetry, A Secret Life,
was released in 2008 and received critical acclaim. She has also been published in
several international anthologies, including the Asia Literary Review (Hong Kong),
and Chopin with Cherries (Moonrise Press, Los Angeles). Her work in visual arts
combines various elements such as self-portrait photography, painting, site-specific
installations, electrified mixed-media constructions, and sound art—often expressed
as visual interpretations of her own poems. Maxine has also done numerous poetry
and art performances in venues as varied as the Cultural Center of the Philippines,
Metropolitan Museum of Manila, Lopez Museum, art galleries, universities, libraries,
cafes, and bars, and even public streets and parks. Maxine is collaborating with her
art-band Utakan for the release of her first poetry album, tentatively titled “Who’s
Listening to Van Gogh’s Ear?”

Beatrix Syjuco
Beatrix “Trix” Syjuco is the youngest of the Syjuco sisters. She graduated cum laude
with a degree in Communication & Media Studies from San Beda College, and she
was nominated one of the Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines in the
National Capital Region.

Like her multi-media artist parents Cesare and Syjuco, Trix Syjuco, is a
photographer, filmmaker, writer, songwriter, musician, performance artist, and poet.
Her art and literary works have been published and exhibited in the local publications
and landmark institutions including The Philippines Free Press and the Cultural
Center of the Philippines.

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