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					Natcom 3 workshop

The following document represents the planning for the Natcom 3 workshop to be held from Friday evening
9th April until Sunday 11 April. Comments and suggestions are welcome. A much fuller picture will be
revealed on Friday 9th April.


 Begin to plan a suit of telecommunications curriculum projects with a view to completing a submission
  for funding by the end of May.

 Understand a range of models for curriculum project designs

 Understand curriculum projects from a project manager's perspective as well as a participating teachers'

 Enhance knowledge of and skills with EdNA services and tools. Gain an understanding of new tools and
  future developments. (This continues after the workshop as groups undertake further planning.)

 Gain general professional development about the online work of professional associations and potential
  for professional associations to take leadership roles in curriculum implementation.

General structure

Friday night is an informal debrief of progress in building online management tools and community tools
plus opportunity to record where folks begin the weekend.

Saturday is quite a scripted day to investigate a range of project models from a project manager's perspective
as well as a project participants perspective.

Sunday is the planning and decision-making day where the Natcom group might decide on the models for
projects to pursue. Associations might then identify a project they might manage and identify events in
many of the project models which will contribute to the professional development and curriculum activities
of their members.

Pm (7-9pm at Grand Chancellor)
Cocktails and food.

       Welcome, Housekeeping and Overview of the weekend program

       Overview of what associations have been doing that they think will contribute to their planning
       process in Natcom 3.

       Joan Warhurst (ASCA) will conduct an activity which will help her collect data about The Natcom

Times      Session description                              Rationale and explanations
8.30 -     1. Overview of the weekend - what we are         This session aims to focus the weekend
10.30      doing and why we have taken the approach         and justify the design of the weekend
           we have                                          workshop. We will share our core beliefs
                                                            about the work this weekend and clearly
           2. Discussion about what people mean when        articulate the various definitions of the
           they say Curriculum Project and describe         term, curriculum project. We will thus
           how we need to shift from thinking about         reinforce why we are taking so much
           how participants see a project to how            energy to plan a suite of projects.
           managers understand a project.
                                                            We will also hint at a number of ways
           3. Brainstorm for answers to the questions       that associations might contribute to
           that will be asked of us, by our associations.   building the suite of projects.

           Why would professional associations design,      Pre-reading - the Definitions of Projects
           implement and maintain curriculum projects?
           Why would we collaborate and work together as
           we do this work?                                 You might have also looked at a number
                                                            of curriculum project designs. Don't be
                                                            concerned with curriculum ideas but
                                                            rather, how the projects run for the
                                                            people who coordinate them. What do
                                                            they do to help teachers participate?
Times    Session description                               Rationale and explanations
11.00-   The participants view                             This session provides a smorgasbord of
1.00     1. Introduction describing that we are            models for projects as participants see
         considering three kinds of models as a            them. The focus will be about project
         starting point to identify different models for   designs and the curriculum agendas
         curriculum projects.                              which are served by various project types
          - Web-based project models                       and designs. Speakers will draw out the
          - Brief recap of some email based models         design features which help projects
          - Web Publishing Project models                  become educationally defensible and
                                                           logistically manageable. A great deal of
         2. Presentation about Web-based models            curriculum discussion will occur in this
            (Tom March)                                    session without focussing on subject
                                                           matter exclusively.
         3. Short presentation to revisit Email-based
         models (Michelle Williams)

         3. Presentation about web publishing
            models (David Potter)

         4. Sharing of alternative and complementary
         models with all participants sharing ideas
         they like and know.
1.00-    Garden Lunch
2.00     Rainforest trail adventure
         Planning of Bodgie Bowls cheating
2.00-    Understanding projects from a project             In this session we are looking for good
5.00     managers perspective                              ideas that make projects easy to run and
         1. A model for analysing project design           easy to participate in. The model for
             and roles for project managers covering       pulling apart a project design will help us
             design, implementation, maintenance           critique the curriculum sense of a project,
             and development. Two examples will be         understand what features of the project
             used to draw out the features which help      design work for all stakeholders and
             project managers build and maintain           identify technical and non-technical
             projects.                                     tools, techniques and strategies that help
                                                           projects function
         2. In groups, people will analyse at least
            one project following the model if they        Although a couple of projects will be
            want to                                        used to illustrate a way of deconstructing
                                                           a project, this session is about Natcom
         3. Groups report on their analysis and            participants working together to collect
            reactions                                      good ideas we might duplicate in the
                                                           suite of projects.
         4. We all try to identify the common tools
         across projects and common management             This session will produce an important
         structures that we might like to use within       list of ideas, we and others will use.
         the suite of projects.
5.00-    Bodgie Bowls Tournament and heckling
6.00     competition.
7.30     Dinner

Times    Session description                              Rationale and explanations
8.35 -   Natcom Housekeeping                              This session will solve problems, enable
9.15     Payments, dollars, organising activities after   questions to be answered and help
         the weekend                                      everyone plan the future. We may need
         Time-lines                                       to revisit some issues again before the
         Questions                                        day ends.

9.15-    Towards a suite of projects                      This session enables us to be specific and
10.00    1. Brainstorming ideas for curriculum            try and match curriculum idea and
         project ideas without pre-empting ownership      curriculum goals to subject matters and
                                                          project models. This session is about
         2. Summary of models which emerged the           identifying some ideas which may or
         day before to be available and now mapped        may not be taken up by individual
         to the ideas                                     association. This session builds on the
                                                          ideas discussed on session 1 on Saturday.
         3. Try and group curriculum ideas under
10.00-   Associations meetings                            In this session you will discuss with your
10.45    Association pairs meet to discuss preliminary    partner, the idea you might take
         ideas with a view to helping the group           responsibility for designing and
         discuss partnerships with other associations     ultimately managing. This may be
                                                          different to the range of project ideas
                                                          your members are encouraged to
                                                          consider. This concept will be discussed
                                                          fully in Session 1 on Saturday.

10.45-   Whole group meeting                              In this session we try and identify groups
11.45    Feedback on preliminary thoughts                 of associations who might support others
                                                          and identify which associations are
                                                          developing a commitment to particular
11.45-   Association meetings                             Planing work begins in earnest and
12.45    Association meetings about ideas                 teams identify help they need over the
                                                          next 3-4 weeks to complete their part of
                                                          the proposal.

12.45-   Lunch
1.30-    Whole group meeting                              There may be tools and processes which
3.00     Identify common resource needs                   a number of association groups identify
         Build an action line and timeline                as important for their project parts.
                                                          Planning to fund and build these may be
                                                          incorporated in a separate part of the
3.00-    Closure                                          In this session, Joan will help us review
3.30     How far have we come?                            the progress we have made and help us
         What happens now?                                plan our next 3-4 weeks work

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