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                                  Autumn 2005 | FREE

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  Jane Booker – Partner                       Altaf Patel – Partner                        Annette Wilson – Partner
  Welcome to the autumn edition of            It was interesting to hear in early August   MWR is delighted to announce that our
  Today which is once again filled with up-   that the Health and Safety Commission        new website is now online at
  to-date news and views as well as tips      has given its backing to the campaign to (see opposite for
  and advice.                                 end smoking in all workplaces and            our competition).
                                              enclosed public places.
                                                                                           The site contains areas about the firm
  Dare I say that we are approaching
                                              The Department of Health is now              and our people, our services, legal
  those long winter months. I find it hard
                                              consulting on Government proposals to        issues, our press releases and you can
  to believe that 2005 has passed so          end smoking in all enclosed public           even read a copy of this newsletter
  quickly. One major highlight this           places, with the exception of pubs that      online or have it emailed straight to
  summer was the Bakers, Food and             do not serve prepared food and               your in-box.
  Allied Worker’s Union (BFAWU) annual        membership clubs. Bill Callaghan, Chair
  conference held in Bridlington. The         of the Health and Safety Commission,         Within the ‘About Us’ area, we publish
  quality of the debates was as always of     has now written to Health Secretary          up to date testimonials. These are taken
                                              Patricia Hewitt calling for these            from the responses to our client care
  the highest level and embraced a wide
                                              exemptions to be dropped from the            surveys and it’s clear that our clients are
  range of topics.                                                                         thoroughly impressed with our services.
                                              final Health Improvement and
  At the conference the union celebrated      Protection Bill, due to come before          Our ‘Services’ area offers information
  25 years of service for the General         Parliament in November.                      about the areas of work that we cover,
  Secretary, Joe Marino, and also Steve                                                    with Frequently Asked Questions on
                                              The move will increase pressure on the       most of the work that we do.
  Finn, the Regional Officer in the south.
                                              Government to opt for comprehensive
  Presentations were made to them both        smoke-free legislation; the proposed         Importantly for new and existing clients
  and due to our long history of working      exemptions have already been criticised      alike, ‘MWR Online’ contains
  with them both we were proud to join        by both the health lobby and the             downloadable documents, whether it’s
  in their celebrations with them.            hospitality trade, which is worried that     a questionnaire to let us have
                                              they would create unfair competition         information about a new case or a form
  Finally shortly after this magazine goes                                                 which can be downloaded immediately
                                              inside the pub sector and between
  to press, MWR partner Annette will be                                                    and used by clients whose cases are
                                              pubs and clubs.
  celebrating her marriage to Phil. I wish                                                 already up and running. This is
  them all the best for the happy day and     The health risks of second hand smoke        particularly useful for those who are at
  am keeping my fingers crossed that it       both to the public and workers has           work during our normal office hours.
  doesn’t rain!                               been proven time and time again. Let’s
                                              hope we see more progress in                 The current facilities offered by the site
                                              November.                                    are only the first phase. In the second
                                                                                           phase, due in 2006, we are hoping to
                                                                                           complete a state-of-the-art online case
                                                                                           management system. This will allow
                                                                                           clients to view status reports on their
                                                                                           cases online. Watch this space for more

02 | MWR today
newshound                                                                                                 Get
New police checks are being made on drivers
                                                      MEETING WITHOUT
who have road accidents while at work.
                                                      The Meeting Without Moving Foundation, a not-
                                                      for-profit organisation, is conducting a
The Royal Society for the Prevention of                                                                   The firm’s website has
Accidents said the decision to keep official          nationwide high profile campaign supported by
records of the number of work-related road            safety and environmental pressure groups,
                                                                                                          been redesigned and is
accidents was a major boost for the campaign to       business support organisations, large               now online.
manage occupational road risk.                        corporations and individual Government
                                                                                                 boasts a brand new
                                                      departments, to create in the UK a new work         range of features and options including:
It is now widely accepted that the most               and travel culture.
dangerous thing most people do while at work                                                              • a resource library with legal updates,
is to drive, but precise casualty figures have been   Meeting Without Moving is aimed at reducing           information and articles;
unavailable until now.                                accidents and saving lives, cutting costs and
                                                                                                          • a registration area allowing users to
                                                      boosting productivity, enhancing the work/life
Charles Davis, RoSPA Head of Driver and Fleet                                                               receive regular legal updates and news
                                                      balance and protecting the environment.
Solutions, said: “We have been delighted to                                                                 on the firm;
learn that police officers attending road accidents                                                       • a claim area which allows clients to
                                                      NEW AGE DISCRIMINATION
are for the first time recording if the journey was                                                         download questionnaires for bringing
for work purposes.
                                                      RULES ON THE WAY                                      a claim for various types of personal
                                                      Draft age discrimination regulations have been        injury claims, making a will and other
“This will give us accurate information about the
                                                      announced. The regulations are due to come            useful documents.
number of work-related road accidents, and will
                                                      into force on 1st October 2006, after a three       Coming soon is a state-of-the art client
also be yet another warning to employers and
                                                      month consultation period                           case management area allowing clients to
fleet managers about the responsibility they have
                                                                                                          view their cases online.
to keep their drivers safe.”                          The draft regulations:
                                                                                                          Partner, Annette Wilson, has overseen the
                                                      • prohibit unjustified age discrimination in
INDECENT PROPOSAL                                                                                         development of the new site and said:
                                                        employment and vocational training;               “The website is user-friendly, informative
                                                                                                          and immediate, matching the needs of our
                                                      • require employers who set their retirement
A woman offered £1,000 a fortnight to sleep                                                               clients.”
                                                        age below the default age of 65 to justify or
with her boss was awarded £153,000 in
                                                        change it;                                        If you have any queries, contact our IT
damages by an employment tribunal in August.                                                              department today on 0800 731 0717.
                                                      • introduce a new duty on employers to
Managing director Trish MacKinnon, 48,
                                                        consider an employee’s request to continue
reported his advances, which mirrored the 1993
                                                        working beyond retirement;
hit film Indecent Proposal, but was suspended                                                             * WEBSITE USERS HAVE
from her £100,000-a-year job.                         • require employers to inform employees in
                                                        writing, and at least six months in advance, of
                                                                                                          THE CHANCE TO WIN
Jack Parkinson, 60, became obsessed with the
                                                        their intended retirement date. This will         £50 WORTH OF MARKS
divorced mother after their recruitment
                                                        allow people to plan for their retirement;        AND SPENCERS
companies merged, the tribunal in Ashford,
Kent, heard. Mrs MacKinnon, who claimed               • remove the upper age limit for unfair dismissal   VOUCHERS. LOG ON
sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal, said        and redundancy rights, giving older workers
she had suffered depression since quitting the          the same rights to claim unfair dismissal or
                                                                                                          TO OUR WEBSITE FOR
firm following 10 months of harassment.                 receive a redundancy payment as younger           FURTHER DETAILS.
                                                        workers, unless there is a genuine retirement;

                                                      • include provisions relating to service related
                                                        benefits and occupational pensions.

                                                                                                                                      MWR today | 03
To blow or not to blow
History is littered with whistle-blowers – good and bad. Judas was vilified after
blowing the whistle on Jesus for 30 pieces of silver - he never recovered his
reputation and his name has been synonymous with deceit ever since. But usually whistle
blowers become unlikely heroes - they take a stand to right a wrong and protect themselves
and colleagues from harm.
Sometimes their David and Goliath battles with governments and corporate giants are so epic
they are immortalised in Hollywood legend. Whistle blowing is still high risk but ‘doing the
right thing’ remains the ultimate reward. Here, MWR employment lawyer Sadiq Vohra
explains why bosses shouldn’t shoot the messenger.

If cases of whistle blowing are handled          • a danger to the health and safety of any         • remember you are a witness, not a
correctly they can actually improve a              individual;                                        complainant.
company’s working practices.
                                                 • damage to the environment;                       DON’T:
Increasingly organisations – particularly
councils and other government bodies – are       • deliberate covering-up of information            • forget there may be an innocent or good
setting up their own whistle blowing               tending to show any of the above.                  explanation;
procedures, sometimes even telephone             PIDA covers internal disclosures to                • become a private detective;
hotlines.                                        employers, disclosures made to third parties
                                                 such as union representatives and wider            • use a whistleblowing procedure to pursue
This benefits everyone – employees can                                                                a personal grievance;
report a problem to a third party,               disclosures to the police, press or MPs for
anonymously if they wish – and, if that is the   example.                                           • expect thanks.
first stage of disclosure, employers cannot be
accused of not listening.
                                                 To be covered by the legislation a
Sometimes it takes a dramatic event to           whistleblower MUST satisfy certain                 FAMOUS WHISTLE-BLOWERS
prompt such action by the authorities. For       conditions:                                        Dr Stephen Bolsin
example, the NHS has introduced new laws                                                            consultant anaesthetist at the Bristol Royal
to offer greater protection to whistle blowers   • disclosure to the employer will be
                                                   protected if it is made in good faith;           Infirmary exposed colleagues’ misconduct
in the wake of the case of killer GP Harold                                                         after deaths of babies during open heart
Shipman.                                                                                            surgery.
                                                 • disclosure to a regulator (for example the
A recent survey by the Equal Opportunities         Health and Safety Executive, Environment
                                                   Agency) will be protected where, in              Sherron Watkins
Commission of successful employment                                                                 former vice-president of corporate
tribunal applicants found that 50 per cent of      addition, the whistleblower honestly and
                                                   reasonably believes the information and any      development at US energy company Enron.
workers had not made formal complaints                                                              Exposed an accounting scam where Enron
because:                                           allegation in it are substantially true;
                                                                                                    had used off-the-book partnerships to hide
• they thought they’d weather the storm to       • disclosure to other bodies is protected if, in   losses and inflated profits by $600 million.
  save their careers;                              addition to the tests for regulatory
                                                   disclosure, it is reasonable in all              Coleen Rowley
• they felt there was no-one to tell;              circumstances and is not made for personal       Accused the FBI of a cover-up after a warrant
                                                   gain.                                            she requested to seize the computer of a
• they were embarrassed;                                                                            suspected Islamic extremist was refused. The
                                                 Employers have a responsibility for the health     man had joined an American flight school to
• they feared they would not be believed.        and safety of their workers.                       learn how to fly a jet but not take off and
                                                                                                    land. Zacarias Moussaoui was later charged as
                                                 Ultimately, if employees feel their concerns       a conspirator in the September 11 terrorist
The Public Interest Disclosure Act 1998          are being ignored, the law affords them            attacks.
(PIDA) – which became law in 1998 -              considerable protection to ‘blow the whistle’.
protects workers who blow the whistle on                                                            David Shayler
wrongdoing. It comes into play where a                                                              Former MI5 officer who blew the whistle
worker has a reasonable belief that their        SOME WORDS OF WARNING                              after becoming disillusioned with the secret
disclosure tends to show one or more of the                                                         service.
                                                 FOR WHISTLEBLOWERS:
• a criminal offence;                                                                               CONTACT
                                                 • keep calm;
• the breach of a legal obligation;                                                                 Sadiq Vohra at MWR Solicitors on
                                                 • think about the risks and outcomes before        01772 254201 or
• a miscarriage of justice;
                                                   you act;

04 | MWR today
Working at height regulation
Falling from height is one of the most common causes of death and serious injury
at work. Here, MWR partner Jane Booker presents a brief guide to new legislation
introduced to prevent UK workers taking a tumble.
The latest changes to the Work at Height             6. Ensure that work equipment is properly
Regulations 2005 came into force in April this          inspected and maintained and properly
year following increased concern about                  selected for use at height.
injuries caused by falls.
Put simply – the regulations apply if there is a
                                                     7. Ensure that suitable and sufficient steps are
                                                        taken to prevent injury to a person by any
                                                        material or object falling onto them.
risk that “without measures being taken a
person might fall a distance liable to cause         8. Ensure that “danger areas” are clearly marked.

                                                     9. Ensure that work is not carried out near or
                                                        on fragile surfaces. If this is not practical then   THE BRAIN
                                                        steps must be taken for extra safeguards.
Employers, self-employed workers and their
staff, in addition anyone who controls the
                                                                                                             AND SPINE
                                                     SELECTING WORK
work of others – such as building owners
employing contractors.                               EQUIPMENT FOR USE AT                                    FOUNDATION
EXAMPLES OF TYPES OF                                                                                         The Brain and Spine Foundation was
                                                     Employers must give priority to collective
WORK COVERED                                         protection measures over personal protection
                                                                                                             set up in 1992 to develop research,
                                                     measures.                                               education and information programmes
Construction, clearing gutters and pipes,
painting walls and ceilings, changing light                                                                  aimed at improving the prevention,
                                                     They must take into account matters including           treatment and care of people affected
bulbs, using a ladder, working on roofs or           working conditions and risks to the safety of
high buildings.                                      people working nearby, distance and                     by disorders of the brain and spine and
                                                     consequence of a fall and duration and                  to stimulate the greater allocation of
WHAT IS A “HEIGHT?”                                  frequency of use.                                       resources across all neurological
A place is at “height” if a person can be            Each individual place which will be used for
injured falling from it, even if it is at or below   working at height must be checked on every              Thirteen years on, it continues to
ground level.                                        occasion before it is used and records of
                                                     inspection kept.                                        provide a wide range of information
A person who slipped and fell working at a                                                                   and services for patients, carers and
level would not be covered – the fall must be                                                                health professionals. During this time, it
from one level to another.                           RISK OF FALLS AT 2 METRES                               has produced 31 booklets on a variety
                                                     OR MORE                                                 of neurological conditions, work books
EMPLOYERS’ DUTIES:                                                                                           for schools and colleges, and
                                                     Where falls are 2m or more, Health and
To ensure that no work is carried out at             Safety Executive (HSE) inspectors expect                educational videos for GPs and other
height if it can be done at ground level.            action to prevent falls such as guard rails and         health professionals.
                                                     work platforms.
Otherwise employers must:                                                                                    The Brain and Spine Helpline, run by
1. Do all that is reasonable to prevent a person     EMPLOYEES’ DUTIES                                       neuroscience healthcare professionals,
   from falling.                                                                                             has responded to over 20,000 calls
                                                     Employees must report any activity or defect
2. Postpone work if weather conditions are likely    connected with working at height that puts              since its launch in 1998. In addition,
   to endanger others – for example                  themselves or others at risk.                           the former Brain and Spine Website
   maintenance on a roof / building in icy or                                                                received in excess of 3,000 users a
   rainy conditions.                                 Employees must use work equipment and
                                                     safety devices in accordance with any training          month. With its new increased
3. Ensure that work at height is properly            or instructions given.                                  capacity, the new website will see
   planned, organised and supervised.                                                                        these figures rise dramatically.
                                                     Employees with concerns should speak to
4. Ensure that risks are assessed and staff are
                                                     their union representative.
   trained and competent.
                                                                                                             For further information,
5. Ensure the place where work is done at            CONTACT                                                 call 0808 808 100.
   height is safe and has features which would
   prevent a fall.                                   Jane Booker at MWR Solicitors on: 01772
                                                     254201 or

                                                                                                                                         MWR today | 05
MWR boosts partnership
MWR employment lawyer Sadiq Vohra has been
promoted to partner level.
Sadiq, who lives in Preston, originally joined      alongside some very talented legal
MWR in 1997 as part of his legal studies but        professionals who have helped me right from
quickly progressed through the firm’s ranks.        the start of my career and I look forward to
He achieved solicitor status in 2000 and            this next chapter.”
became an integral part of MWR’s
employment law team, which he now heads.            Commenting on his promotion, Jane Booker,
                                                    said: “Sadiq’s enthusiasm and commitment
As part of MWR’s work with trade unions,            has been unwavering since he joined the firm
Sadiq has represented members of the Bakers         eight years ago. He is now a vital member of
and Allied Food Workers Union and Transport         the firm and his track record in representing
& General Workers Union across a range of           our clients is first class.
employment related matters, such as unfair
dismissal, sexual harassment and redundancy.        “This promotion highlights how committed
                                                    the firm is to investing in the progress and
Sadiq, 30, said: “It’s great to be part of a firm   development of its members. We are
which recognises and rewards the efforts of         delighted for Sadiq.”
                                                                                                                                              Sadiq Vohra
its members. I am privileged to be working

how to... How to keep your property “as safe as houses”
“Your home is your castle” and is probably the      Typical buildings cover would insure your           changes, they may reject or reduce any claim or
most expensive purchase you will make.              property against loss or damage arising from, but   even treat you as being uninsured.
                                                    not limited to fire, storm or flood, theft or
Here Geoff Shaw A.C.I.I. senior manager of          vandalism, falling trees and subsidence.            Companies may charge an administration fee for
North West insurance brokers, Ribble Insurance                                                          any changes made to your policy details during
Services Ltd, presents some handy hints on how      HOW MUCH SHOULD I INSURE                            the period of cover. The cost will vary between
to keep that property “as safe as houses”.          MY CONTENTS FOR?                                    £10 and £20 and you will be made aware of the
                                                                                                        amount in advance of the transaction.
Here are some of the most frequently asked          Contents cover would provide similar protection
questions:                                          and could be extended to include for example        DOES MY LOCATION AFFECT THE
                                                    accidental damage such as spillage of paint on      COST OF MY PREMIUM?
IS HOUSE INSURANCE A LEGAL                          carpets or cover away from the premises for
REQUIREMENT?                                        sports equipment.                                   Yes – your premium will depend on several
                                                                                                        factors including the type of property, its value,
House insurance is not a legal requirement but      You should insure your contents for the amount      and where it is located.
for the majority of people it is a sensible and     it would cost you to replace them as new.
necessary precaution. It may also be a condition    However, for clothing, linen and bicycles you       As with motor insurance, premiums vary across
of your mortgage.                                   should deduct wear and tear from the cost you       the UK, but on average costs are highest in
                                                    originally paid.                                    London and lowest in such places as the Outer
As with motor insurance, premiums vary across                                                           Hebrides.
the UK, but on average costs are highest in         HOW CAN I GET THE BEST
London and lowest in Northern Ireland.                                                                  CAN I DO ANYTHING TO KEEP
                                                                                                        MY INSURANCE COSTS DOWN?
WHAT IS BUILDINGS COVER?                            It is important to seek specialist advice for any
                                                    type of insurance. Many people prefer to            Yes - you can improve the security of your
Your house including sheds, summerhouses,                                                               property by fitting high quality door and window
garages and greenhouses, which are all designed     arrange their policy through an Insurance Broker,
                                                    where products can be offered across a wide         locks, a burglar alarm and/or smoke alarm or
and only used for domestic purposes. Your                                                               even joining Neighbourhood Watch.
buildings also include swimming pools, hot tubs,    range of insurance companies, and usually at
hard tennis courts, terraces, patios, driveways,    competitive rates. The Internet also offers many    Please consult your insurance broker before
footpaths, walls, gates, hedges and fences all      good online Brokers.                                fitting any security devices.
within the same site at the insured address
shown in your schedule.
                                                    HOW OFTEN SHOULD I REVIEW
                                                    MY POLICIES?                                        For further information on insurance products
                                                                                                        and services, contact Ribble Insurance Services
                                                    It is sensible to review your household policy at   Ltd. on 01772 333818
                                                    least annually and certainly whenever a change
                                                    of circumstances occurs, such as moving house
                                                    or acquiring jewellery. If you don't tell your
                                                    insurance company or broker about any relevant

06 | MWR today
A guide to personal injury
by Eddie Mansley
                                                    Even when liability is not in dispute a personal
                                                    injury claim needs considered and careful
                                                    Going it alone can drive you round the bend so
                                                    it pays to ask the experts, as MWR’s Eddie
                                   Eddie Mansley
                                                    Mansley writes.
Accident statistics make tragic reading – their     Even the smallest bump can cause trauma and          A personal injury claim is not just about the
only redeeming feature is they are decreasing       upset but if a third party is responsible then a     simple facts of the accident such as a crash
year on year.                                       claim is possible.                                   resulting in a broken arm.
Figures just released by The Department for         Almost every vehicle on our roads has to be          There is much more to it than that. You might
Transport and the Regions show:                     insured for third party claims at least. Other       be a sportsman and the injury has prevented
                                                    road users such as cyclists, horse riders and        you from competing for the rest of the
• 280,840 casualties on Britain’s roads during      walkers are not legally bound to have                season.
  2004 – 3 per cent down on 2003
                                                    insurance cover but nowadays many do
                                                    through other policies such as household             You might have been due to embark on a
• 3,221 fatalities – 8 per cent down on 2003
                                                    insurance.                                           cruise for your 25th wedding anniversary and
• 166 child fatalities – 3 per cent down on                                                              you couldn’t go after a crash left you with a
  2003                                              It is now possible to make a claim where an          leg in plaster.
                                                    animal has run across a road and caused a
ACCIDENT CLAIMS ARISING                             crash – especially if someone has been               Aside from the actual hard facts of the
                                                    injured.                                             accident people can claim for aspects such as
                                                                                                         loss of enjoyment.
ARE A COMPLICATED AREA.                             Also, new EU legislation means that if you
MANY PEOPLE ASSUME THAT                             drive abroad and have an accident with a             There is often something which is particularly
INSURERS DEAL WITH                                  foreign driver their insurers have to nominate       unusual to a claimant.
EVERYTHING BUT THIS IS NOT                          an insurance company in Britain to deal with
ALWAYS THE CASE.                                    the matter on their behalf – therefore               CONTACT
                                                    pursuing a claim against a French motorist
A major factor is whether drivers have              should be no more difficult than one involving       Eddie Mansley at MWR Solicitors on 01772
comprehensive or third party insurance or           a British driver.                                    254201 or
legal expenses cover within their policy.

   Top tips in the event of an RTA:
   • note the registration number of the offending vehicle and the driver’s name, address, contact number and insurance details;
   • obtain the names, addresses and telephone numbers of witnesses;
   • consider reporting the incident to police in case the other driving is uninsured – even if you are told it’s not a police matter the call will
     have been logged;
   • write down everything you can remember about the accident as soon as possible so the most accurate record is logged;
   • photograph the scene and injuries;
   • visit your GP or hospital as soon as possible so a record is made of your injuries;
   • keep a diary of your symptoms/injuries detailing how severely and regularly they affected you;
   • keep a record with receipts of any expenses incurred as a direct result of the accident such as taxi fares, childcare;
   • if the accident occurred when you were in a works vehicle or on works business inform your employer as soon as possible.

                                                                                                                                         MWR today | 07
                                                     Word on the street
Free help for victims                                 Write to reply                                       Me and my job
MWR has embarked on a Government initiative           At MWR, client feedback is vital in ensuring we
to provide free legal advice to the victims of the    retain our high standards of client care. Here is    John Doyle
July 7 London bomb blasts.                            some recent feedback from a selection of MWR
The firm has set up a free hotline for those
victims of the bombings who need legal advice         • “Your solicitor was very pleasant, efficient and   In this edition of Today we
about their rights and entitlements.                    courteous. I would definitely recommend you
                                                        to family and friends. Thank you.”                 profile Business Development
Following discussions between the Government,
the Law Society (the governing body of the UK         • “I am just pleased that she (the MWR
                                                                                                           Manager and Claims Assistant
legal industry) and the Association of Personal         solicitor) found out what a lie the other          John Doyle – an essential link
Injury Lawyers (APIL), solicitors across the UK         person was saying and she got the money            in the MWR chain.
were invited to take part in the scheme.                that was due to me. She did very well.”
MWR, members of APIL, along with other firms          • “I would recommend your firm to anyone
in the UK, will advise victims on completing            who wanted help because lots of my dealings
application forms for compensation from the             with other firms were let down badly after
Criminal Injuries Compensation Scheme,                  being give the run-around and not been
collation of evidence to support applications,          asked the relevant questions.”
their rights and entitlements and advice about
probate, wills, welfare benefits and inquests.

MWR is a knockout
Three underprivileged children from Preston will receive motorised wheelchairs after an MWR team                                               John Doyle
raised over £1,000 in a local summer ‘It’s a Knockout competition’ in aid of Child Today.

                                                                                                                 I am often the first point of personal
                                                                                                                 contact for clients when they seek
                                                                                                           out MWR’s services regarding a claim.
                                                                                                           My job initially is to talk to the client to sort
                                                                                                           out the facts and obtain all the evidence –
                                                                                                           basically to decide whether there is a claim
                                                                                                           or not. If there is, I deal with the initial
                                                                                                           paperwork and get the ball rolling.
                                                                                                           After that I monitor each case as it takes its
                                                                                                           course and maintain contact between all
                                                                                                           Most of my work is done from home and
                                                                A knockout MWR tea                         every day is different. I have to be flexible.
                                                                                                           Often clients can only be contacted in the
                                                                                                           evenings, but I am usually available because
Lisa Nelson, Mark Nelson, Sharon Rigby, Ian Melling, Wes Nuttall, Altaf Patel, Lesley Mellis, Sadiq        personal contact is vital to build and maintain
Vohra and Daniel Birstall all combined to take third place. Well done to all.                              a trusting relationship, and to offer an
                                                                                                           efficient service particularly for clients who
                                                                                                           live in other parts of the country. All clients I
                                                                                                           deal with have my mobile number and can
Can we help?                                                                                               contact me at anytime.

From road traffic accidents, industrial injuries, occupational diseases, employment problems to wills      My personal contact with injured clients
and conveyancing, MWR can help. Call us on freephone 0800 731 0717 and you’ll soon be speaking             triggered an interest in their future progress
                                                                                                           and this has led to my involvement helping
to a legal specialist who will advise you on exactly what to do.
                                                                                                           injury victims, particularly Headway, a
Visit our website on                                                                       national charity for head injury victims and
If you would like a brochure, please call Jayne Raven or Anne Pickles on 0800 731 0717.                    their families. I have recently become
                                                                                                           treasurer of our local group and it is very
                                                                                                           satisfying to be making a contribution
                                                                                                           towards helping all concerned to find a
MWR Solicitors                                                                                             better quality of life.
No.6 Cannon Street, Preston, Lancashire PR1 3PY
Freephone 0800 731 0717 Fax 01772 202976
Email Website

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