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									Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce
                                          Membership Directory
                                             & Resource Guide

                  Cuyahoga Falls
              Chamber of Commerce
             151 Portage Trail, Suite 1
            Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221
                Phone: 330-929-6756
                  Fax: 330-929-4278
              Email: info@cfchamber.com
              Welcome to
          Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio!
 Hello Friends of Cuyahoga Falls!

 Welcome to the Chamber of Commerce.

 We are pleased to present the 2009 - 2010 Cuyahoga Falls
 Chamber of Commerce Business Membership Directory and
 Resource Guide.

 This directory is a current listing of businesses that are Members
 of the Chamber of Commerce.

 We encourage you to use this directory to help support our
 local Cuyahoga Falls area businesses. This helps boost the economy for all of us.
 We thank you for this!

 This directory was made possible by the Chamber Membership’s advertisers and through
 a generous partnership with Record Publishing Company.

 The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit business organization that offers
 events and programs to help the business community network and promote its businesses.
 Our business members count on us for professional development and to help them grow their
 businesses. We offer a small-business money-saving benefits package that includes group health
 insurance and a group rated workers compensation program.

 For the Cuyahoga Falls community, we offer FREE information that includes city street maps,
 the Cuyahoga Falls Community Guide, relocation packets, demographics packets and tourism
 information on our fine city.

 Our Chamber Business Leaders organize the annual Community EXPO and the Health and
 Wellness EXPO. And once a year we present Scholarships to graduating high school seniors
 that reside in Cuyahoga Falls/Silver Lake.

 If you have any questions, please feel free to call (330-929-6756) or email
 (info@cfchamber.com) me anytime!

 Laura Petrella, CEO

2 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
   Cuyahoga Falls
Chamber of Commerce
                       What is it?

We are a non-profit Business (Membership) Organization with 300+ Members.
We offer monthly Networking Events and activities to help Business Members meet
one another and NETWORK! (Luncheon Meetings with Business Speakers, Business After Hours Recep-
tions, Goldmine Networking Sessions, Coffee and Contacts Networking Sessions etc.)
We also offer a Benefits Plan that includes a discounted Health Insurance Plan, Worker’s Comp
Group Plan, and discounts on Phone Plans and Credit Card Processing Plans
We have a Member to Member Discount Plan of discounts and special services that encourages
Members to do business with each other.
We produce the Cuyahoga Falls Street Map, Community Book and Business Directory of
Chamber Members.
We offer Small Business “Start Up” information and resources.
We provide Relocation, Tourist and Demographics packets.
And so much more!

                                                       Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 3
                                      Cuyahoga Falls
                                   Chamber of Commerce
                                                       Why Join?
When you invest in a membership with the Chamber of Commerce, it’s much like any other
investment you make. You can sit back and watch it grow or you can actively manage your
investment by taking advantage of the many programs and events that are included with payment
of your dues. Following are some of our Members-Only networking programs:
Falls After Five Receptions:...Attend our version of Business After Hours...Pure networking,
bring business cards and be ready to meet other business leaders...Sponsored monthly by a
Chamber Member at their location.
Monthly Lunch Meetings:...Includes a professional business speaker...Round Robin Networking...
Member Exchange Table ..New Members receive their membership plaque and a 30-second
commercial about their business at their first lunch meeting.
Lunch and Learn Series:... Bring your brown bag lunch and spend your lunch hour
with us and hear a business speaker followed by a roundtable discussion.
Coffee and Contacts:...A venue for presenting your business to other Chamber Members
in one hour...Hosted by the Chamber in our Conference Room...Great for professional develop-
Goldmine Networking:..A “leads” networking group. Meets every week to exchange
business leads. Limited to 1 business category to the group.
Member to Member Discount Plan:...Take advantage of discounts offered from fellow
Chamber of Commerce Members.
Member to Member Mailing Labels:...Reach your market through a Member mailing!
Approximately 400 mailing labels $25.00.
 Ribbon Cuttings:...Call the Chamber when you have something to CELEBRATE...FREE service
for Chamber Members Only.
 Brochure Rack:...FREE for Chamber Members Only...Display your company’s Business Cards
 and Brochures at the Chamber Office...Visitors, Residents and Business People visit our Office
every day...FREE Exposure.

 It all adds up to GREAT EXPOSURE for you and your business.
4 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
       Perks of                                                    PRIDE
NEW Membership Listing
 All new Members are listed in the Chamber
e-newsletter, Falls Focus. This includes your
business name, contact name, address, phone
number and description of your business                 TRADITION
services and products.
FREE Business Card Ad
 Receive a FREE business card ad in one
issue of e-newsletter, Falls Focus. This is free
advertising for you and your business!
($30 Value)
 Featured in e-newsletter, Falls Focus. This will
include information about you and business
accomplishments of which you are proud.
LISTING in the Chamber’s
Membership Directory.
This is the annual guide to “Who’s Who” of
our business leaders.
                                                      Cuyahoga Falls
FREE COPY of the
Chamber’s Membership Directory.                        City Schools
 Receive a copy of the annual guide to
“Who’s Who” of our business leaders.
($100 Value)
first Lunch Meeting you attend!                     DEDICATED TO SERVING THE
 You will be presented with a Membership              BUSINESS COMMUNITY
Plaque and will have an opportunity to give a
30 second commercial about your business!
(Value Priceless)
Member Brochure Rack
 Display your company’s brochures and               431 STOW STREET • 330-926-3800
business cards in the Chamber Office Lobby.
Visitors, business people and residents stop                 WWW.CFALLS.ORG
by our office every day!
                                                     Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 5
                                      Cuyahoga Falls
                                   Chamber of Commerce
                                            Promotion of your Business
Visitors, Relocation Packets and Information Requests:
• The Chamber promotes its Members to Residents, the Business Community and Tourists.
• We only refer to Chamber Members.
Annual Membership Directory:
• Gain recognition and exposure by being listed in this annual directory.
• It’s the who’s-who of the Cuyahoga Falls area Business Leaders.
• Free with your membership a $100 Value.
Community EXPO:
• Display your company’s products and services at this annual Community EXPO.
• Over 2,000 attendees and 70 exhibitors at the last Community EXPO in the Natatorium
Community Room.
Health EXPO:
• Display your company’s products and services at this one-day Health and Wellness Expo
at the Natatorium Community Room.
Referral Services:
 • Every year we receive thousands of calls from residents, potential customers and visitors looking
for products and services in the Cuyahoga Falls area.
 • We direct customers to your door by referring to Chamber members only.
• Chamber membership adds credibility and quality as well as visibility to your business.

6 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
                                                                         2009 Business Person &
                                                                2009 Citizen of the Year Award Recipients
                                                                                                    2009 Business Person of the Year -
                                                                                                  Mr. Bob Earley, Rockin’ on the River
                                                                                                        2009 Citizen of the Year -
                                                                                                     Mr. Jeff Iula, Cuyahoga Falls Resident
                                                                 2009 Scholarship Winners
                                             Grace Dworakowski - Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy
                                                  Samantha Leonino - Woodridge High School
                                                Megan McDonough - Cuyahoga Falls High School
                                              Ingrid McGuckin - Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy
                                                    Ethan Taylor - Cuyahoga Falls High School

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Dr. Kelly A. Gallagher
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        FREE Initial Chiropractic
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 in my life.”                                         that I found her and her chiropractic care.”

 - Sue Tomko, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 53 yrs.              - Tina Nay, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 49 yrs.

                                   600 Portage Trail
                               Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221                                                        424 PORTAGE TRAIL
                                    (330) 928-3065
                                                                                                              CUYAHOGA FALLS, OHIO
                                                                                                                         (Across From National City Bank)
CALL TODAY TO SCHEDULE YOUR FREE EXAM                                                                        Bill Skidmore~Owner                  Established 1993
             (330) 928-3065
                                                                                                                Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 7
                                       Membership Application
  Business Name: _________________________________
  Telephone: ________________Fax:__________________
                                                                                   MEMBERSHIP INVESTMENT
  Address: _______________________________________
  City: _______________________ Zip: ______________                        # of                           NEW                             RENEWAL
                                                                           Employees                    Member Rate                      Member Rate
  E-mail address: __________________________________
  Website: _______________________________________                          1-4                              $255                                $230
                                                                            5-9                              $300                                $270
  PRINCIPAL OFFICERS/CONTACTS                                               10-19                            $370                                $345
                                                                            20-29                            $455                                $420
                                                                            30-39                            $490                                $450
  Name_____________________Title__________________                          40-49                            $525                                $500
                                                                            50 +                             $575                                $550
  MEMBERSHIP TYPE:____________________________                             Home-based/                       $145
           See next panel for descriptions of types                        start up business
                                                                           We accept American Express/MasterCard/Visa and Check/Cash for dues investment
   No. of Employees: __________ Year Started __________                    payments.
  _______ Main Office _______ Branch Office (check one)                    When you pay with a *Credit Card we will keep your number on file and automati-
                                                                           cally renew your membership for you as a convenience.
                                                                           Any Membership that is 90 plus days past due will pay the *New Member Rate to
                                                                           be reinstated as a member.
  NATURE OF YOUR BUSINESS:                                                 Current Member Rate includes renewal discount.

  Please give a 30 word or less description of your                                            TYPE OF MEMBERSHIP
                                                                           Business—any business may join the Chamber based on the Member-
   business. Include services, types of products                           ship Investment Schedule; this is based on your employee count. Your
  _________________________________________________                        listing in the Membership Directory will be listed both alphabetically
                                                                           and by business category.
  _________________________________________________                        Second Business— any paid Chamber Member with a Second Busi-
                                                                           ness may have an additional listing for that business for $95. Your
  _________________________________________________                        Second Business will be listed alphabetically and by business category.
  _________________________________________________                        Associate—any individual working for a paid Chamber Member,
                                                                           Retired or working for a Member Non-Profit Organization or Stu-
  _________________________________________________                        dent Organization may join the Chamber for $95. You will be listed
                                                                           under your own name and your company name in the Membership
  _________________________________________________                        Directory.
  _________________________________________________                        Non-Profit Organizations—any Non-Profit Organization may join the
                                                                           Chamber as a group for $125. Your listing in the Membership Direc-
  _________________________________________________                        tory will be listed both alphabetically and by business category.
                                                                           Individual—any Individual may join the Chamber for $255. You will
                                                                           be listed in the Membership Directory under your own name in the
                                                                           “Individuals” category. No business name will be included.
  CATEGORY: (How are you listed in the Yellow Pages?)                      NEW Home Based Business or Start Up Business $145. Must be a
  _________________________________________________                        locally owned (no chains or franchise businesses) business less than
                                                                           1 year - and have no more than 2 employees. Requirement of this
                                                                           type of membership is a commitment to serve on a Chamber Plan-
  CODE OF ETHICS                                                           ning Committee during your first year of membership. This type of
                                                                           membership is valid one time only, and at the anniversary date for
  I agree, that as a condition of membership in the Cuyahoga Falls         membership renewal you/your business will automatically go to the
  Chamber of Commerce, I will conduct my business in a manner              next level of membership dues.
                                                                           For voting and election purposes, individuals, organizations, and business that join the
  that is ethical, fair and honest in all my dealings with my customers,   Chamber of Commerce are entitled to one vote per membership.
  vendors, associates, employees and fellow Chamber businesses.            Membership dues are paid annually on your anniversary date.
                                                                           Membership dues may be used for tax purposes as a business expense.
                                                                           Once membership dues are paid we cannot provide a refund.
  What are your expectations of the Chamber of Commerce?
                                                                             NOTICE - COMMUNICATIONS CONSENT
  _________________________________________________                         By providing your address, telephone numbers, fax numbers and email address, you give
                                                                            the Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce permission to communicate to you by these
  _________________________________________________                         means with information concerning events and Chamber-related activities.Your informa-
  _________________________________________________                        tion will also appear in our Membership Directory, Chamber Newsletter and on our Web
                                                                                  site. Other Members and the general public have access to this information.
  _________________________________________________                        Please check the areas you are giving us permission to communicate with you:
                                                                           ___ Address      ___ Telephone # ___ Fax # ___ E-mail
  REFERRED BY: ____________________________________                        Please check those you are giving us permission to publish with your
                                                                           information: ___ Address       ___ Telephone # ___ Fax # ___ E-mail
                                                                           ___ Web site     ____ Membership Directory          ___ Newsletter
  SIGNATURE of Company Representative:                                     Signature ___________________________________ Date __________
  __________________________________________________                       Print name _________________________________________________

8 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
   Cuyahoga Falls
Chamber of Commerce
   Member-only Benefits

             Group Health Insurance Plans
    United Healthcare/Employers Resource Council (ERC)
          Workers Compensation Group Plan
           CareWorks Consultants, Inc. (CCI)
            Phone Plan/Long Distance/Data
                 First Communications
                Credit Card Processing
            Electronic Merchant Systems (EMS)

                                  Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 9
                                      Cuyahoga Falls
                                   Chamber of Commerce
                                                   2009 Board of Directors

                                       Executive Board
         President                                       1st Vice President
         Jake Ricker                                     Dawn Kotch
         National City Bank Now a part of PNC            Riverfront Massage & Healing Arts
        421 Portage Trail                                2152 Front Street
        Cuyahoga Falls OH 44221                          Cuyahoga Falls OH 44221
         330-922-0848                                    330-926-1411

        2nd Vice President                               Treasurer
        Tim Bullock                                      Tim Stephan
        Union National Mortgage                          Stephan Financial Solutions
        3075 Smith Road #101                             4466 Darrow Road #13
        Fairlawn OH 44333                                Stow OH 44224
        330-668-9600                                     330-475-0491

                                       Carol Morgan
                                       North Akron Savings Bank
                                       1871 State Road
                                       Cuyahoga Falls OH 44223

                         Chamber of Commerce Staff
                                     Laura A. Petrella, CEO
                                     Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce
                                     151 Portage Trail Suite 1
                                     Cuyahoga Falls OH 44221

10 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
   Cuyahoga Falls
Chamber of Commerce
                 Board Members

                                 Board Members
David Fox                        Dr. Kelly Gallagher                       Bob Gruber
Traditions at Bath Road          Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center   Nikken, Inc.
300 East Bath Road               600 Portage Trail                         1111 West Portage Trail
Cuyahoga Falls OH 44223          Cuyahoga Falls OH 44221                   Akron OH 44313
330-929-6272                     330-928-3065                              330-928-2583
                  Bob Norman                         Pete Pruszynski
                  Farmer’s Insurance /               Ahola Payroll
                  The Norman-Lukanc Agency           6820 West Snowville Road
                  198 West Portage Trail Ext.        Brecksville OH 44141
                  Cuyahoga Falls OH 44223            440-717-7620
     Mary Stephan                                     Kip Tobin
     Valley Savings Bank                              Express Employment Professionals
     140 Portage Trail                                750 Graham Road
     Cuyahoga Falls OH 44221                          Cuyahoga Falls OH 44223
     330-923-0454                                     330-940-2990

     Dr. Jeff Graham                                  Dr. Ed Holland
     Woodridge Local Schools                          Cuyahoga Falls City Schools
     4411 Quick Road                                  431 Stow Avenue
     Peninsula OH 44264                               Cuyahoga Falls OH 44221
     330-928-9074                                     330-926-3800

     Past President
     Louise Sturmi                                    Sue Truby
     MTO Clean                                        City of Cuyahoga Falls
     2034 Schiller Ave Suite D                        2310 2nd Street
     Cuyahoga Falls OH 44223                          Cuyahoga Falls OH 44221
      330-971-7777                                    330-971-8000
                                                        Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 11
                                      Cuyahoga Falls
                                   Chamber of Commerce

                City History                             Chamber History
      The City of Cuyahoga Falls was founded        The Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce
     in 1812 by William Wetmore to develop           began in the fall of 1926 by a group of
        land owned by Judge Joshua Stow of           businessmen and property owners. At
    Middletown, Connecticut. It was originally        the Annual Meeting of the Falls Civic
       named Manchester and later changed,             Association, a committee of 15 was
      at the request of the Ohio Postmaster        appointed for the purpose of organizing a
   General, to its present name, Cuyahoga Falls.   Chamber of Commerce. The first meeting
       Today the City of Cuyahoga Falls has        was held at the City Hall on November 24,
            a population of 50,000 and is          1926, followed by a membership campaign
                27.8 square miles.                               in January 1927.

12 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
   Cuyahoga Falls
Chamber of Commerce
                  Membership Directory
A & C Welding Inc                   ADT Security Services             Akron Institute                  American Mortgage Service
Timothy Gorbach                     Bob Rist                          of Herzing University            Russ Iona
80 Cuyahoga Falls Industrial Pkwy   5590 Lauby Rd NW                  Dave LaRue                       70 West Ave
Peninsula, OH 44264                 North Canton, OH 44720            1600 S Arlington St Ste 100      Tallmadge, OH 44278
330-762-4777                        800-531-9327                      Akron, OH 44306                  330-633-6678
Fax: 330-762-8562                   Fax: 330-494-3684                 330-724-1600                     Fax: 330-633-6715
timg@acweld.com                     www.adt.com                       Fax: 330-724-9688
www.acweld.com                                                        dlarue@akroninstitute.com        russ.iona@amscoloans.com
                                    Advanced Chiropractic
                                    & Wellness Center                 www.akroninstitute.com
A Caspersen Company Inc                                                                                Americhem Inc
                                    Dr Kelly Gallagher                                                 Richard Juve Jr
Eric Caspersen                      600 Portage Trl                   Akron Summit
3473 Wyoga Lake Rd                                                    Community Action Inc             2000 Americhem Way
                                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221            330-928-3065                      Malcolm Costa                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
330-928-3127                        Fax: 330-928-2799                 55 E Mill St                     330-929-4213
Fax: 330-928-7446                   docgallagher@hotmail.com          Akron, OH 44308                  Fax: 330-929-4144
www.acaspersenco.com                                                  330-376-7730                     www.americhem.com
                                    AG PrintPromo Solutions           Fax: 330-996-4040
A Place for Mom                                                       mcosta@aksumcom.org
                                    Anup Gupta                                                         AMP Ohio/
Elizabeth Applegate                                                   www.ascainc.org
1291 Oakland Ave                    540 Graham Rd                                                      American Municipal Power
                                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221                                           Denise Willis
Akron, OH 44310                                                       Akron-Canton
866-477-0843                                                          Regional Foodbank                2600 Airport Dr
                                    Fax: 330-315-9603
Fax: 866-373-1811                                                     JoAnn Schlue                     Columbus, OH 43219
elizabeth.                          service@theaggroup.com
                                    www.theaggroup.com                350 Opportunity Pkwy             614-337-6222
applegate@aplaceformom.com                                            Akron, OH 44307                  Fax: 614-337-6220
                                    Ahola Payroll Services            330-777-2308                     dwillis@amp-ohio.org
A Tri County Lock                   Pete Pruszynski                   Fax: 330-965-5337                www.amp-ohio.org
Jay Cheyfitz                         6820 W Snowville Rd               joann@akroncantonfoodbank.org
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223            Brecksville, OH 44141             www.akroncantonfoodbank.org
330-928-6222                                                                                           Ansco Machine Co.
                                                                                                       Michael Sterling
                                    Fax: 866-727-2850                 Alphagraphics
AAA Akron Auto Club                 ppruszynski@ahola.com             Will Smith                       60 Cuyahoga Falls Industrial Pkwy
Frances Corsaro                     www.ahola.com                     1903 Brittain Rd                 Peninsula, OH 44264
1945 23rd St                                                          Akron, OH 44310                  330-929-8181
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223            Akron Aeros                                                        Fax: 330-929-7474
330-923-4826                        Ken Fogel                                                          info@ansco-machine.com
                                                                      Fax: 330-630-9523
Fax:330-923-2511                    300 S Main St
                                                                      wsmith@alphagraphics.com         www.ansco-machine.com
cfalls@aaaakron.com                 Akron, OH 44308
www.aaa.com                         330-253-5151
                                    Fax: 330-253-3300                                                  APARCO Security Systems
                                                                      Altercare of Cuyahoga Falls      Larry Parker
Accountemps - Robert Half           kfogel@akronaeros.com
                                                                      Ed Husbands                      435 Applegrove St NW
International                       www.akronaeros.com
                                                                      2728 Bailey Rd
Katherine Smith                     Akron Beacon Journal                                               North Canton, OH 44720
                                                                      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
1 GOJO Plz                          Mary Lou Woodcock                                                  330-494-2669
Akron, OH 44311                     44 E Exchange St                                                   Fax: 330-494-3069
                                                                      Fax: 330-929-4803
330-253-8367                        Akron, OH 44308                                                    larry@aparcosecurity.com
Fax:330-253-8827                    330-996-3291                                                       www.aparcosecurity.com
katherine.smith@accountemps.com     Fax: 330-996-3071
www.accountemps.com                 mwoodcock@thebeacon journal.com   American Cancer Society          Archer Agency Inc
Acu-Serve Corp.                     www.ohio.com                       of NE Ohio                      Jack Archer
Angie Barone                        Akron Content Marketing           Ashley Smas                      908 Portage Trail W
2020 Front St. Ste 205              Jim Farnsworth                    525 N Broad St                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221            1617 Preston Ave                  Canfield, OH 44406                330-929-4474
330-923-5258                        Akron, OH 44305                   888-227-6446
                                                                                                       Fax: 330-929-4448
Fax: 800-242-2185                   330-285-0273                      Fax: 877-227-2838
                                                                      ashley.smas@cancer.org           jack@archeragency.com
angieb@acuservecorp.com             content333@gmail.com                                               www.archeragency.com
www.acuservecorp.com                www.akroncontentmarketing.com     www.cancer.org

                                                                             Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 13
                                            Cuyahoga Falls
                                         Chamber of Commerce
                                                             Membership Directory
Asset Professional Accounting   Beckwith Heating & Cooling Inc   Boy Scouts of America            Camp Bow Wow
Services                        Bruce Beckwith                   Great Trail Council              Mike Paquette
Robert Eisenbrei CPA MBA        418 E Cuyahoga Falls Ave         Amy Heller                       1403 Main Street
2684 Timberline Trl             Akron, OH 44310                  1601 S Main St                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223        330-923-1333                     Akron, OH 44301                  330-923-WOOF
330-807-0464                    Fax: 330-923-0353                330-773-0415                     Cardinal Asphalt Co.
roberteisenbrei@att.net         bruce@beckwithheatcool.com       Fax: 330-773-4084                Jim Richardson
www.asset-professional-         www.beckwithheatcool.com         aheller@bsamail.org              1380 Orlen Ave
accounting-services.com                                          www.gtcbsa.org                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
                                Ben H Ruhlin Co                                                   330-928-7325
Associated Materials Inc
                                Benjamin Ruhlin                  Bridgestone Invitational World   Fax: 330-928-4105
John Haumesser
                                3499 State Rd Ste C              Golf Championships
3773 State Rd
                                Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223         Don Padgett III                  Cardinal Retirement Village
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
                                330-928-8472                     440 E Warner Rd                  Sandy Rieth
                                Fax: 330-929-9933                Akron, OH 44319                  171 Graham Rd
Fax: 330-922-2296
                                                                 330-644-2299                     Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
AtNet Plus Inc                  Best Buy Stores                  Fax: 330-644-7187                330-928-7888
Steve Gomberg                   Rob Beres                        dpadgett@pgatourhq.com           Fax: 330-928-6794
1000 Campus Dr Ste 700          445 Howe Ave                                                      srieth@cardinalvillage.cc
Stow, OH 44224                  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221                                          www.cardinalretirementvillage.cc
330-945-5685                    330-928-5410                     Brimlow Benefits Agency Inc       Carr Law Office LLC
Fax: 330-945-5684               Fax: 330-319-1002                                                 Adam E Carr
                                                                 Larry Brimlow
info@atnetplus.com              robert.beres@bestbuy.com                                          5824 Akron-Cleveland Rd Ste A
                                                                 PO Box 1711
www.atnetplus.com               www.bestbuy.com                                                   Hudson, OH 44236
                                                                 Stow, OH 44224
AVON                                                             330-777-0542                     330-655-1662
Patricia Rasmussen              Beverage Merchant                Fax: 330-777-0542                Fax: 330-208-2233
1067 Lincoln Ave                Elaine Salyer                    brimlowbenefits@hotmail.com       aecarr@carrlawohio.com
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        2110 State Rd                                                     www.carrlawohio.com
330-928-2038                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223         Brisk Consulting
                                330-928-3242                                                      Carrara Companies
Fax: 330-928-2627                                                Dante Sabatucci                  Justin Sucato
wdwmama@aol.com.                                                 PO Box 22                        3500 State Rd
www.youravon.com/prasmuss       Biggbroker Referral Inc          Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44222
                                Trey Luce                                                         Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
                                                                 330-940-3910                     888-502-5326
Balint & Associates             Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221         Fax: 866-444-2656                Fax: 330-315-1461
Ray Balint                      330-548-2817
2101 Front St Ste 106                                            www.briskconsulting.com          jsucato@carraracompanies.com
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221                                                                          www.carraracompanies.com
330-928-9864                                                     Broadman Baptist Church
                                BJ’s Wholesale Club              Chris McCombs                    Casellas Orthodontics
Fax: 330-923-1633               Melinda Rice                                                      Dr Jorge Casellas
balintr@aol.com                                                  350 E Bath Rd
                                1677 Home Ave                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223         1251 Main St
Barbara J Rogachefsky Co LPA    Akron, OH 44310                                                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Barbara Rogachefsky             330-926-6000                                                      330-928-1881
                                                                 Fax: 330-923-6127
12 E Exchange St 5th Flr        Fax: 330-926-6014                                                 Fax: 330-928-1913
Akron, OH 44308                 mrice@bjs.com                                                     jorge.casellas@aaomembers.org
330-294-1032                    www.bjs.com                                                       www.casellasortho.com
Fax: 330-294-1032
                                                                 Callatis Spa                     Cathedral Buffet
brogachefsky@yahoo.com          Blossom Music Center
                                                                 Maria Suciu                      & Banquet Center
www.bjr-law.com                 Steve Finkel
                                                                 2695 North Haven Blvd Ste 2      Sonya Neale
                                1145 W Steels Corners
Bath Manor Skilled Nursing &                                     Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223         2690 State Rd
                                Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223                                          Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
Rehabilitation                                                   330-208-2445
Michael Demagall/Jennifer Stanley                                                                 330-922-0467
                                                                 Fax: 330-252-0883
2330 Smith Road                 Fax: 330-916-6074                                                 Fax: 330-922-0321
                                steve.finkel@livenation.com       callatisspa@neo.rr.com
Akron, OH 44333                                                  www.callatisspa.com              info@cathedralbuffet.com
330-836-1006                    www.blossommusic.com                                              www.cathedralbuffet.com
14 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
   Cuyahoga Falls
Chamber of Commerce
                    Membership Directory
Cedar Hill Communications LLC           Chick-fil-A                         Clifford-Shoemaker Funeral Home    Compass Solutions
John Alexander                          Erich Weiss                        Marty Shoemaker                    Marty Lyman
2882 Cedar Hill Rd                      420 Howe Ave                       1930 Front St                      2020 Front St Ste 104-12
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223                Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221           Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221           Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
330-928-2559                            330-920-4544                       330-928-2147                       330-923-6050
Fax: 330-928-7785                       Fax: 330-920-4585                  Fax: 330-922-1957                  Fax: 866-856-4324
info@cedarhillcommunications.com        02197@chick-fil-a.com               mshoemaker@cliffordshoemaker.com   mlyman@compass.com
www.cedarhillcommunications.com         www.chick-fil-a.com/chapelhill      www.cliffordshoemaker.com
                                                                                                              CareWorks Consultants Inc CCI
Central Graphics                        Children’s Blossom Center          Comdoc Inc                         Mike Dove
David Soulsby                           Preschool & Daycare                Rick Bowling                       5500 Glendon Ct Ste 300
1658 State Rd                           Teri Moser-Byrley                  3458 Massillon Rd                  Columbus, OH 43016
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223                393 Treeside Dr                    Uniontown, OH 44685                614-764-7600
330-928-7080                            Stow, OH 44224                     330-899-8000                       Fax: 614-764-7629
Fax: 330-928-9501                       330-396-0515                       Fax: 330-899-8224                  info@cciworkers.com
dave@centralgraphicsgroup.com           cbcpreschool@aol.com               rbowling@comdocinc.com             www.cci3pa.com
www.centralgraphicsgroup.com                                               www.comdocinc.com                  Connie’s Collections
                                        Clarion Inn &
Champion Staffing                        Conference Center - Hudson         Comfort Keepers                    Connie Owen
Kristen Burkley                         Sigrid Bennett                     Amy Zimmerman                      3255 State Rd
8936 Darrow Rd Ste C                    240 E Hines Hill Rd                727 Graham Rd Ste C                Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
Twinsburg, OH 44087                     Hudson, OH 44236                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221           330-920-3788
330-405-5627                            330-653-9191                       330-922-4721                       Conrad Botzum Farmstead
Fax: 330-405-5657                       Fax: 330-656-0048                  330-922-4723                       George Winkelmann
k.burkley@championjobs.com              sbennett@hi-hudson.com             akron@comfortkeepers.com           330-328-3516
www.championjobs.com                    www.choicehotels.com/hotel/oh517   www.comfortkeepers.com             Fax: 330-253-4973
Chapel Hill Christian School            Clear Channel - Outdoor            Commonwealth Properties Inc        ghwink@yahoo.com
Greg McAbee                             Megan Waite                        John Chlebina                      www.botzum.org
1090 Howe Rd                            One Cascade Plz Ste 1400           PO Box 429                         Consolidated Benefits Agency
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221                Akron, OH 44308                    Bath, OH 44210                     Kevin Kovach
330-929-1901                            330-762-8848                       330-666-7773                       3081 Gilchrist Rd Ste 110
Fax: 330-929-1737                       Fax: 330-762-8688                  Fax: 330-666-8081                  Akron, OH 44305
gmcabee@chapelhillchristianschool.org   meganwaite@clearchannel.com        info@cwproperties.com              330-733-3123
www.chapelhillchristianschool.com       www.clearchanneloutdoor.com        www.cwproperties.com               Fax: 330-733-3214

            Associates, Inc.
             real estate development

                           Tom Taray

Fax: 330-244-9093                                  P.O. Box 2879
Cell: 330-606-0588                       North Canton, OH 44720
ttaray@taracoassociates.com             www.taracoassociates.com

                                                                                  Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 15
                                              Cuyahoga Falls
                                           Chamber of Commerce
                                                               Membership Directory
Cornerstone Community School      Cuyahoga Falls -                     Cuyahoga Falls - PUCA               Design Construction Services
Nancy Pierce                      Community Development                Rebecca McCleary                    Bob Unruh
4510 Stow Rd                      Susan L Truby                        2310 2nd St                         4305 Mount Pleasant St
Stow, OH 44224                    2310 2nd St                          Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221            NW Ste 201
330-686-8900                      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221             330-971-8201                        North Canton, OH 44720
Fax: 330-686-8224                                                                                          330-445-2929
                                  330-971-8135                         Fax: 330-971-8129
npierce@corner-stone-school.org                                                                            Fax: 330-445-2930
www.corner-stone-school.org       Fax: 330-971-8168                    rlmccleary@cityofcf.com             bunruh@designconstruction.net
                                  development@cityofcf.com             www.cityofcf.com                    www.designconstruction.net
Costanzo & Company CPAs           www.cityofcf.com
Gary Costanzo                                                                                              Dick’s Gun Room
4466 Darrow Rd Ste 8                                                   Cuyahoga Falls Shipping Center
                                  Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department       John Potok                          Rita Seelinger
Stow, OH 44224                                                                                             3010 State Rd
330-688-5454                      Paul D Moledor                       486 Graham Rd
                                  1924 Front St                                                            Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
Fax: 330-688-5737                                                      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221            330-929-1181
                                  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221             330-926-1553
Country Inn & Suites                                                                                       Fax: 330-929-9799
                                  330-971-8400                         Fax: 330-926-1559                   info@dicksgunroom.com
Monica Corbin                     Fax: 330-971-8409
1420 Main St                                                           johnpotok@sbcglobal.net             www.dicksgunroom.com
                                  moledorp@cityofcf.com                www.cfshippingcenter.com
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
                                  www.cityofcf.com                                                         Dietz Falls Florist
330-926-1233                                                                                               Linda Boardman
Fax: 330-926-1218                                                      Cuyahoga Valley Art Center
                                  Cuyahoga Falls Library                                                   1024 Portage Trl
www.countryinns.com                                                    Linda Nye                           Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
                                  Kevin Rosswurm                       2131 Front St
Crooked River Fitness dba                                                                                  330-923-9747
                                  2015 3rd St                          Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221            linda@dietzflorist.com
Curves of Cuyahoga Falls
Diana Meloy                       Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221             330-928-8092                        www.dietzfallsflorist.com
1251 Main St                      330-928-2117                         cvartcenter@sbcglobal.net
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221          Fax: 330-928-2535                                                        Dollar Bank
330-922-4025                      krosswurm@cuyahogafallslibrary.org                                       Todd Marshall
Fax: 330-922-4025                 www.cuyahogafallslibrary.org                                             3483 Hudson Dr
dilyn4u@yahoo.com                                                      Cuyahoga Valley                     Stow, OH 44224
www.curvescuyfalls.com                                                 Christian Academy                   330-920-8200
                                  Cuyahoga Falls License Bureau
                                                                       Mike Bova                           toddmarshall3@hotmail.com
Cutler Real Estate                Robert Teodosio                                                          www.dollarbank.com
                                                                       4687 Wyoga Lake Rd
Andy Camp                         650 Graham Rd
                                                                       Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224
3653 Darrow Rd                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221                                                 Dr. Marilyn Machusick, DDS Inc
Stow, OH 44224                    330-929-6469                                                             Dr. Marilyn Machusick
330-689-5042                                                           Fax: 330-929-0156
                                  Fax: 330-929-2005                                                        45 Metric Drive
Fax: 330-688-8701                                                      cvca@cvcaroyals.org                 Tallmadge, OH 44278
www.tbellhomes.com                                                     www.cvcaroyals.org                  330-633-4595
Cuyahoga Falls Councilperson      Cuyahoga Falls Mayor
                                                                       Danbury of Cuyahoga Falls           Eagle Elastomer Inc
Carol Klinger                     Don L Robart                                                             Regan McHale
1715 17th St                      2310 2nd St                          Pam Kinsman
                                                                                                           PO Box 939
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223          Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221             1695 Queens Gate Cir
                                                                                                           Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
330-929-8429                      330-971-8200                         Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221            330-923-7070
klingerca@cityofcf.com            Fax: 330-971-5696                    330-928-6757                        Fax: 330-923-4005
www.cityofcf.com                  mayor@cityofcf.com                   Fax: 330-928-6934                   rmchale@eagleelastomer.com
Cuyahoga Falls City               www.cityofcf.com                     www.thedanbury.com                  www.eagleelastomer.com
Schools District
Dr Edwin Holland                  Cuyahoga Falls Oktoberfest           Decker Fasteners Limited            Easton Telecom Services LLC
431 Stow Ave PO Box 396                                                John Hagy                           Jim Butler
                                  Committee                                                                3046 Brecksville Rd Summit 11
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44222          Bob Cochran                          90 Cuyahoga Falls Industrial Pkwy
330-926-3800                                                                                               Unit A
                                  2449 25th St                         Peninsula, OH 44264                 Richfield, OH 44286
Fax: 330-920-1074
cf_holland@cfalls.org             Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223             330-926-2070                        330-659-6700
www.cfalls.summit.k12.oh.us       Fax: 330-923-4924                    Fax: 330-926-2076                   www.eastontel.com

16 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
   Cuyahoga Falls
Chamber of Commerce
                 Membership Directory
Eat’n Park                      Energy Junction LLC             Falls Village Retirement      FirstMerit Bank -
Scott Festa                     Cynthia Bailey                  Community                     Falls Center Branch
200 Howe Ave                    111 Portage Trl                 Michael Francus               Lisa Bouchard
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        330 E Broadway St             2305 2nd St
330-923-4111                    330-923-4167                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
www.eatnpark.com                                                330-945-9797                  330-920-6190
                                Fax: 330-923-4171
                                                                Fax: 330-929-7500             Fax: 330-920-1269
Eden’s Healthy Environments                                                                   www.firstmerit.com
                                www.theenergyjunction.com       Family Treasures
John Eden
                                                                Bill Skidmore                 FirstMerit Bank -
2322 Riverfront Pkwy            Evant                           424 Portage Trl
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221                                                                      State Road Office
                                Sherry Gedeon                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221      Jill Stevenson
330-926-9512                                                    330-940-3331
                                2251 Front St Ste 200                                         2878 State Rd
jeden@maximumsuccess.com                                        Fax: 330-940-2711
                                Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221                                      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
                                330-920-1517                    Fiducial General Business     330-920-6150
Electronic Merchant Systems     Fax: 330-920-1016               Services                      Fax: 330-922-5960
Adrien Coluccio                                                 Michael C Davis CPA           jill.stevenson@firstmerit.com
5005 Rockside Rd Ste PH 100     Executive Temporaries Inc       4831 Darrow Rd Ste 101        www.firstmerit.com
Cleveland, OH 44131             Jackie Klag                     Stow, OH 44224
216-287-0081                    822 Portage Trl Ste 2           330-376-1099                  FixMyCreditSoftware.com
                                Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        Fax: 330-650-1386             Rob Huffman
Fax: 330-467-7681
                                330-928-9330                    davisoh6@ohiocpa.net          Cuyahoga Falls, OH
                                Fax: 330-928-9499                                             330-701-8654
Emerald Performance Materials                                   Fifth Third Bank              rob@fixmycreditsoftware.com
Candace Wagner                  jackie@exectempinc.com          Chris Minor                   www.fixmycreditsoftware.com
2020 Front St Ste 100           www.exectempinc.com             2335 2nd St
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221                                        Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221      Front Automotive Parts Co.
330-916-6702                    Express Employment              330-926-5080                  Jerry Widmer
Fax: 330-777-5672               Professionals                   Fax: 330-929-8891             1824 Front St
www.emeraldmaterials.com        Kip Tobin                       chris.minor@53.com            Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
                                750 Graham Rd                   www.53.com                    330-929-3013
Emeritus at Stow                Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Beth Gamache                                                    Fine Productions
                                330-940-2990                    Lowery Lockard                Fun Services
5511 Fishcreek Rd               Fax: 330-940-2980                                             Jeff Kline
Stow, OH 44224                                                  2926 State Rd Ste 206
                                kip.tobin@expresspros.com       Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223      3432 State Rd Unit D
330-342-0934                    www.expresspros.com                                           Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
Fax: 330-342-0937                                                                             330-923-3866
stow-crd@emeritus.com                                           www.fineproductions.biz        Fax: 330-923-9570
                                Falls Heating & Cooling, Inc.
www.emeritus.com                                                                              jkline@funservicesoh.com
                                Larry Burris
                                                                First Communications          www.funservicesoh.com
                                461 Munroe Falls Ave
Empirian Property Management/                                   Marc Armbruster
Meadowood Apartments            Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        3340 W Market St              Gardens of Western Reserve
Frances Fee                     330-929-8777                    Akron, OH 44333               Jennifer Malynn
3202 Prange Dr                  Fax: 330-929-2171               330-835-2459                  45 Chart Rd
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223        fallshtg@aol.com                Fax: 888-261-4329             Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
330-928-6440                    www.fallsheating.com            marmbruster@firstcomm.com      330-928-4500
Fax: 330-928-1714                                               www.firstcomm.com              Fax: 330-928-4900
epm6724@epmapartments.com       Cuyahoga Falls News-Press/                                    marketing@gardensofwesternreserve.
                                                                FirstMerit Bank -
www.epmapartments.com           Record Publishing               Bailey Road Office
                                Phil Keren                      Linda Griffith
Emtess Technologies LLC         1619 Commerce Dr                1871 Bailey Rd                Geneva Chervenic Realty
Tim Knapp                       Stow, OH 44224                  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221      Dave Chervenic
623 Roosevelt Ave               330-688-0088                    330-920-6170                  3589 Darrow Rd
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        Fax: 330-688-1588               Fax: 330-922-3097             Stow, OH 44224
330-926-9987                    pkeren@recordpub.com            linda.griffith@firstmerit.com   330-686-1644
emtesstechnologies@gmail.com    www.fallsnewspress.com          www.firstmerit.com             Fax: 330-686-1363

                                                                        Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 17
                                             Cuyahoga Falls
                                          Chamber of Commerce
                                                             Membership Directory
  Giant Eagle                     Harwood Rubber Products Inc     HomeBuyer Experts            Jim & Sons Transmission Service
  Mark Grey                       Rick Harwood                    Chris Whitehead              Jim Currier
  75 Graham Rd                    1365 Orlen Ave                  3618 W Market St Ste 103     2786 Front St
  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        Fairlawn, OH 44333           Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
  330-928-6669                    330-923-3256                    330-328-3170                 330-923-8604
  Fax: 330-928-6606               Fax: 330-923-1171               Fax: 888-696-6398
  www.gianteagle.com                                              cwhitehead@hbexperts.com     JMI Realty Group Inc
                                  Hawkins, Pamela A               www.hbexperts.com            Jim Iona
  GOJO Industries, Inc.                                                                        70 West Ave
  Dennis Hoye                     Attorney at law
                                  2101 Front St Ste 205           Hometown Stump Grinding      Tallmadge, OH 44278
  PO Box 991                                                      Chet Hoyt
                                  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221                                     330-630-2311
  Akron, OH 44309                                                 Cuyahoga Falls, OH
  330-255-6000                    330-922-0243                                                 Fax: 330-630-9831
                                                                  330-612-3628                 jmirealty@hotmail.com
  hoyed@gojo.com                  Fax: 330-923-6103
  www.gojo.com                    pamhawkinsesq@live.com          Honeybaked Ham               JMJ Endorsements
                                                                  Peter McHugh                 Jesse Harlan
  Goodwill Industries of Akron    Heather Knoll Nursing           2000 Brittain Rd #217
  Beth Galambos                   & Rehabilitation                                             Akron, OH
                                                                  Akron, OH 44310              330-631-7166
  570 E Waterloo Rd               Amy Sanfilippo                   330-630-1400
  Akron, OH 44319                 1134 North Ave                                               harlan.aflac@gmail.com
                                                                  Fax: 330-630-1847
  330-786-2567                                                                                 www.jharlan1.qhealthbeauty.com
                                  Tallmadge, OH 44278
  Fax: 330-786-2513
                                  330-688-8600                    Huntington Bank
  bgalambos@goodwillakron.org                                                                  Joseph D’Avello, DDS
  www.goodwillakron.org           Fax: 330-688-8607               Mona Wise
                                                                                               Laurie Kozielski
                                  amy_sanfilippo@sprengerent.com   2503 State Rd
                                                                                               1821 Portage Trl
  Great Lakes Publishing Co.      www.sprengerretirement.com      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
                                                                  330-929-6000                 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
  Brian Fortney                                                                                330-923-3501
  1422 Euclid Ave Ste 730         Heritage Home Health Care       Fax: 330-929-6002
  Cleveland, OH 44115             Raymond Cancelliere             ramona.wise@huntington.com
                                                                                               JP Electric LLC
  216-771-2833                    2020 Front St Ste 105                                        Colleen Smith Parsons
  Fax: 216-781-6318               Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        Hy-Hopes for Hunger
                                                                  Monica Cowan                 2808 Norwood St
  fortney@clevelandmagazine.com   330-923-5859
                                                                  2926 State Rd #204           Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
  www.clevelandmagazine.com       Fax: 330-923-5851
                                                                  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223     330-730-4470
                                  manraylucky7@aol.com                                         jpelectric@jpelectric.info
  Guys Pizza Co.                                                  330-431-6297
  Michael Radke                                                   Fax: 330-922-0339            www.jpelectric.info
                                  HeyButler.com                   info@hy-hopes.org
  1909 E Bailey Rd
  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        Darren Rose                     www.hy-hopes.org             Karin’s on The Riverfront
  330-928-2222                    30275 Bainbridge Rd #A4                                      Karin Eisenhardt
  Halo Salon & Spa                Solon, OH 44139                 Integrity Staffing Services   2235 Front St
  Laura Panaia                    440-528-0203                    Branch Manager               Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
  143 Portage Trl                 Fax: 440-528-0209               2132 Case Pkwy N Unit J      216-952-1976
  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        darren@heybutler.com            Twinsburg, OH 44087          Fax: 330-528-3010
  330-923-8540                    www.heybutler.com               330-963-3700                 kaecakes@mac.com
  halosalonandspa@yahoo.com                                       Fax: 330-963-3776            www.cakesbykarin.com
                                  Home Helpers Senior Care        www.integritystaff.com
  Hampton Inn Stow                Richard Pivovar                                              Katherine’s Collection
  Angel Dottavio                  1300 Weathervane Ln Ste 219     Jay - Em Aerospace           Katherine Kleski
  4331 Lakepointe Corporate Dr    Akron, OH 44313                 Greg Norman                  370 Falls Commerce Pkwy
  Stow, OH 44224                                                  75 Marc Ave                  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224
  330-945-4160                                                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223     330-572-2780
                                  Fax: 330 865-5740
  Fax: 330-945-4170                                               330-923-0333
                                  homehelpers@neohio.twcbc.com                                 Fax: 330-572-2781
  mlally@omnihospitality.com                                      Fax: 330-923-4932
                                  www.homehelpers.com                                          kcgift@kcgift.com

18 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
   Cuyahoga Falls
Chamber of Commerce
                  Membership Directory
Kelly Insurance Agency Inc     Leipply & Armstrong                 Lyon Capital Strategies         McCutcheon Insurance Agency
Tonya Woodlee                  Gerald R. Leipply                   Cheryl Lyon                     Jenny Pillen
654 Portage Trl PO Box 381     2101 Front St Ste 101               PO Box 1511                     3140 Bailey Rd
Cuyahoga Falls, OH, 44222      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221            Akron, OH 44309                 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
330-929-3056                   330-923-2122                        330-869-4872                    330-929-2546
Fax: 330-928-3519              Fax: 330-923-8167                   Fax: 330-869-4872               Fax: 330-929-6706
tonyawoodlee@kellyagency.com   leipply_armstrong@sbcglobal.net     clyon17@neo.rr.com
                                                                                                   Metro Regional Transit Authority
KeyBank                        Levinson Family Chiropractic        Maistros & Loepp Ltd            Robert Pfaff
Robin May                      Dr Pam Levinson                     Georgia Maistros                416 Kenmore Blvd
1908 State Rd                  646 Portage Trl                     3580 Darrow Rd                  Akron, OH 44301
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223       Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221            Stow, OH 44224                  330-762-7267
330-929-3162                   330-928-3420                        330-688-1806                    Fax: 330-762-0854
Fax: 330-929-3690              Fax: 330-928-1110                   Fax: 330-688-1103               www.akronmetro.org
robin_t_may@keybank.com        Liberty Mutual Insurance            gmaistros@bizlawfix.com
                                                                                                   Metropolis Popcorn
Kid’s Kloset Uniforms Inc      Wanda Hackathorn
                                                                   Margida & Associates Inc        Sean Bammer
Betty Thompson                 209 Portage Trail Ext W
                                                                   John T Margida                  2164 Front St
907B Portage Trl               Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
                                                                   3926 Clock Pointe Trl Ste 102   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221       330-922-7824
                                                                   Stow, OH 44224                  330-928-6446
330-929-1810                   Fax: 330-923-4810
                                                                   330-926-0023                    Fax: 330-928-6446
Fax: 330-929-1820              wanda.
                                                                   Fax: 330-926-0178               sbammer@kent.edu
kdskloset@aol.com              hackathorn@libertymutual.com
                                                                   jmargida@margida_assoc.com      www.metropolispopcorn.com
                               Liberty Tax Service
Klein’s Orthopedic/Medical     Ryan Allen                          Mary Kay Cosmetics - Pat King   MMP/MarkerMan Productions
Equipment                      891 Graham Rd Unit B                Pat King                        Robert Wright
Barry Klein                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221            1636 Rexdale Dr                 3980 Corby St NW
2015 State Rd                  330-923-1040                        Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        Uniontown, OH 44685
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223       Fax: 330-923-5829                   330-923-9021                    330-352-6230
330-929-2188                   ryan.allen@libertytax.com           Fax: 330-920-1495               robert@markerman.com
Fax: 330-928-6147              www.libertytax.com                  pkingmkqueen@aol.com
                                                                   www.marykay.com/pking1          Mona Vie
Kohrs Law Offices LLC           Lighthouse Promotions                                               Richard Skoff
Brendon Kohrs                  Gregory Hullinger                   Mason Law Office                 3431 Orchestra St
2101 Front St Ste 205          149 Portage Trl                     Cynthia Mason                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221       Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221            879 Home Ave                    330-622-2009
330-730-4298                   330-475-0350                        Akron, OH 44310                 Fax: 330-922-4879
Fax: 330-923-6103              gregory@LHPromo.com                 330-434-4399                    mv.rskoff@yahoo.com
kohrslaw@yahoo.com             www.lhpromo.com                     Fax: 330-434-4299               www.mymonavie.com/
www.kohrslaw.com                                                   cindymason@neo.rr.com           breakthrough
                               Logistic Concepts Inc
                               Ronald A Klamert
Laurel Lake Retirement                                             Mayer & Associates Inc          Motormate Auto Center
                               2341 Oakwood Dr
Community                                                          Fred Mayer                      Larry Walters
                               Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Patricia Davis                                                     1862 Akron-Peninsula Rd         3385 Wyoga Lake Rd
200 Laurel Lake Dr                                                 Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44313        Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
                               Fax: 330-945-4547
Hudson, OH 44236                                                   330-929-7118                    330-928-2916
330-650-2100                                                       Fax: 330-929-7118               Fax: 330-928-1563
Fax: 330-655-1738                                                                                  motormate@sbcglobal.net
patricia_davis@hmis.org        Lomax Soful & Foster Inc            MC Hair Consultants
www.laurellake.org             Michael Soful                       Marcy Cogdeill-Cona             MTO Clean
                               1741 Akron-Peninsula Rd             833 Portage Trl                 Louise Sturmi
Leaded Glass II                Akron, OH 44313                     Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        2034 Schiller Ave Ste D
Joe & Carole Spohn             330-928-6400                        330-929-2210                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
1755 State Rd                  Fax: 330-928-5861                   Fax: 330-945-7170               330-971-7777
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223       mike@akron-cpa.com                  mchair@mchair.com               Fax: 330-926-9760
330-929-4514                   www.akron-cpa.com                   www.mchair.com                  lsturmi@mtoclean.com
                                                                           Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 19
                                             Cuyahoga Falls
                                          Chamber of Commerce
                                                             Membership Directory
My Office Products                 Norman-Lukanc Agency            Ohio Valley Head and Neck         Pet Guards
Bill Barber                       Bob Norman                      Surgery                           Joe Elton
807 S Broadway                    198 W Portage Trl Ext           Dr Phillip Khalil                 950 Hardy Rd
Akron, OH 44311                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223        1860 State Rd Ste A               Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
                                                                  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223          330-849-0635
330-535-3163                      330-928-6542                    330-923-0399                      www.petguards.com
Fax: 330-762-9144                 Fax: 330-928-6543               Fax: 330-923-6677
bill.barber@myofficeproducts.com   nlia@att.net                                                      Peter A Vass CPA Inc
www.myofficeproducts.com           www.farmersagent.com/mlukanc    Ohio.net                          Pete Vass
                                                                  Alex Desberg                      822 Portage Trl Ste 1A
National City Bank - Now a part   North Akron Savings Bank        37 E Marion St                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH, 44221
of PNC- State Road Office          Steve Hailer                    Doylestown, OH 44230              330-945-9100
                                                                  888-881-0805                      Fax: 330-945-9083
Brian Beebe                       158 E Cuyahoga Falls Ave
                                                                  Fax: 330-658-0123                 pav@neo.rr.com
2150 State Rd                     Akron, OH 44310                 adesberg@ohio.net                 www.vasscpa.com
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223          330-434-9137                    www.ohio.net
330-922-0513                      Fax: 330-434-4726                                                 Pilot Plastics
Fax: 330-922-0825                 info.request@banknasb.com       Outback Steakhouse                Ted Jendrisak
brian.beebe@nationalcity.com      www.northakronsavingsbank.com   Jason McKee                       200 Industrial Dr
www.nationalcity.com                                              738 Howe Ave                      Peninsula, OH 44264
                                  North Akron Savings Bank -      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221          330-920-1718
                                                                  330-928-9550                      Fax: 330-920-9672
National City Bank - Now a part   State Road Office                Fax: 330-928-9552
of PNC- Portage Trail Office       Carol R Morgan                  www.outbacksteakhouse.com         Pinnacle Chiropractic Health &
Jake Ricker                       1871 State Rd                                                     Wellness
421 Portage Trl                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223        PAK Computers                     Dr Craig Banks
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221          330-252-4521                    Patty Karam                       613 Howe Ave
330-922-0831                      Fax: 330-434-4726               891A Graham Rd                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Fax: 330-922-0825                 carol.morgan@banknasb.com       Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221          330-928-2273
                                                                  330-920-1136                      Fax: 330-922-4088
jason.ricker@nationalcity.com     www.northakronsavingsbank.com
                                                                  Fax: 330-920-1125                 pinnaclechiro@sbcglobal.net
www.nationalcity.com                                              pattyk@pakcomputers.com           www.pinnaclechiro.com
                                  NUF Inc                         www.pakcomp.com
Neoshred                          Cal King                                                          Portage Trail Village
Giovanni Donatelli                1636 Rexdale Dr                 Panera Bread                      Jo Stanovcak
621 E Tallmadge Ave               Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221        Pam Stallings                     45 Cathedral Ln
Akron, OH 44310                   330-923-9021                    689 Howe Ave                      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
330-253-8260                      onenuf@aol.com                  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221          330-929-4227
                                                                  330-928-0112                      Fax: 330-928-3690
info@neoshred.com                                                 Fax: 330-928-0120                 www.ncr.org
www.neoshred.com                  Ohio Foot & Ankle Center        www.panerabread.com
                                  Dr Aaron Chokan                                                   PrimePay
Next Step Flooring                2127 State Rd                   Paramount Payroll                 Wesley Perry
David Mallardi                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223        Sam Leemaster                     4807 Rockside Rd
Stow, OH 44224                                                    174 E Steels Corners Rd           Independence, OH 44131
                                                                  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224          330-869-9310
330-805-3283                      Fax: 330-899-1101               866-550-4729                      Fax: 216-642-9317
Fax: 330-922-0198                 drchokan@ohiofac.com            Fax: 866-736-2119                 wperry@primepay.com
dmallardi1@aol.com                www.ohiofac.com                 sam@americapco.com                www.primepay.com
www.nextstepflooring.com                                           www.paramountpayroll.com
                                  Ohio Jewelry Appraisal                                            ProServe Health Informatics
                                                                  Paul Davis Restoration of Akron
Nikken Inc                        Kiran Khaitan GG CSM NAJA                                         Don Lewis
                                                                  Ann Pogue                         4502 Boyce Pkwy
Bob Gruber                        203 Cheltenham Ln               2735 2nd St
1111 W Portage Trl                Munroe Falls, OH 44262                                            Stow, OH 44224
                                                                  Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221          234-542-6095
Akron, OH 44313                   330-630-1103                    330-920-1936
                                                                                                    Fax: 330-208-2225
330-928-2583                      Fax: 330-294-0867               Fax: 330-920-1941
bob2508@sbcglobal.net             kiran@gemologists.org           jpogue@pdr-usa.net
                                                                  www.pdrestoration.com             www.proservehealth.com

 20 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
   Cuyahoga Falls
Chamber of Commerce
                  Membership Directory
Provider Services -                 Redeemer Christian School        Robert’s Remodeling &         Ron Marhofer Automall
The Merriman                        Travis Grulke                    Construction Co Inc           Ronald L Marhofer
Richard Horning                     2141 5th St                      Robert M Cogdeill             1260 Main St
209 Merriman Rd                     Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221         211 Prospect Ave
                                    330-923-1280                                                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Akron, OH 44303                                                      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
330-762-9341                        Fax: 330-923-4517                                              330-923-5800
Fax: 330-762-0450                   tgrulke@redeemerlutheran.us      330-923-1940                  330-923-3095
rhorning@the-merriman.net           www.redeemerlutheran.us          Fax: 330-923-1946
www.the-merriman.net                                                 office@robertsremodel.com      Russo’s
                                    Right Brain Design Group         www.robertsremodel.com        Amy Russo
Provider Services - Canal Pointe    Matt Weiss
                                    1774 23rd St                                                   4895 State Rd
Sharon Parsons                                                       Rocco’s Pizza Shop            Peninsula, OH 44264
145 Olive St                        Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
                                    330-703-8246                     Rocco Caponi                  330-923-2665
Akron, OH 44310                                                      1053 Portage Trl
330-762-0901                        mweiss@neo.rr.com                                              Fax: 330-923-7155
                                    www.rightbrain-designgroup.com   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221      russoskitchen@aol.com
www.canal-pointe.net                                                 330-928-3344
                                    Rita’s “Ice Custard Happiness”   rocco@roccos-pizza.com
                                    Steve Linek                                                    SafeMed Alert/SafeNet Security/
Provider Services - Hickory Ridge                                    www.roccos-pizza.com          SafePet
                                    2328 State Rd
Laura Rizzo                         Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223                                       Julie A Anderson
721 Hickory St                      330-916-9000                     Rockin’ on the River          2150 Front St Ste B
Akron, OH 44303                     info@myritas.com                 Bob Earley
330-762-6486                                                                                       Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
                                    www.myritas.com                  496 Eldridge Rd
Fax: 330-762-1230                                                                                  330-923-0141
                                                                     Aurora, OH 44202
lrizzo@hickory-care.net             Riverfront Irish Festival                                      Fax: 330-928-9750
                                    Dan MacDonald                                                  safenetjulie@msn.com
Provider Services -                 753 N Main St                                                  www.safemedalert.com
The Hudson Elms                     Akron, OH 44310                  www.rockinontheriver.com
Jenny Whitman LSW                   330 434-1916                                                   Salon E
563 W Streetsboro Rd                djmacdonald38@gmail.com          Ron Budzowski Insurance
Hudson, OH 44236                    www.riverfrontirishfest.com      Ron Budzowski                 Beth Murphy
330-650-0436                                                         619 Portage Trl               1714 Portage Trl
Fax: 330-650-6096                   Riverfront Massage &             Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
jwhitman@hudson-elms.net            Healing Arts                     330-929-6006                  330-920-4511
                                    Dawn Kotch                                                     Fax: 330-920-9773
                                    2152 Front St                    Fax: 330-929-4583
Prudential                                                           budzowr@nationwide.com        bethmurphy30@yahoo.com
Nate Furniss                        Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
3515 Massillon Rd Ste 200           330-926-1411
Uniontown, OH 44685                 330-926-1423
330-896-7200                        riverfrontwellness@yahoo.com         Residential        Commercial        Government
Fax: 330-896-5511
nathan.furniss@prudential.com       Riverfront YMCA
                                                                          APARCO Security Systems
                                    Jill Kolesar                                   “WHEN EVERYTHING MATTERS”®
Prudential -                        544 Broad Blvd
Karam & Simon Realty                Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Paul Simon                          330-923-5223
205 W Portage Trail Ext             Fax: 330-923-1413                                               435 Applegrove St. N.W.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223            jillk@akronymca.org
330-929-0707                                                                                        North Canton, Ohio 44720
Fax: 330-929-0980                   riverfront/
karsimrealty@aol.com                                                     Security, Fire, Card Access & Digital CCTV Systems
www.karamsimonrealty.com            Robert J Events & Catering
                                    Bob Pacanovsky                                              Phone: 330-494-2669
R C Norman Construction Co          95 Hanna Pkwy Unit A
                                    Akron, OH 44319                                             Fax: 330-494-3069
Robert Petrone
2708 Front St                       330-724-2211                         Larry T. Parker        WATS: 800-350-2870
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221            Fax: 330-724-4302                       President           www.aparcosecurity.com
330-929-2260                        bob@robertjevents.com                                       Email: larry@aparcosecurity.com
Fax: 330-929-8147                   www.robertjevents.com
                                                                           Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 21
                                             Cuyahoga Falls
                                          Chamber of Commerce
                                                             Membership Directory
Sam’s Club                       Shure Studios                      Starbucks - Graham Road          Summa Care
Bonnie Woods                     Edward A Shure                     Robin George                     Sarah Steidl
1189 Bucholzer Blvd              707 Chestnut Blvd                  1006 Graham Rd                   PO Box 3620
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221         Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221           Stow, OH 44224                   Akron, OH 44313
330 929-3789                     330-920-8598                       330-922-0326                     330-996-8410
                                 Fax: 330-920-8598                                                   Fax: 330-996-8415
Fax: 330-929-4051                                                   www.starbucks.com                www.summacare.com
Schmitt Family Food Mart/16                                         Starbucks - Howe Avenue          Summa Cuyahoga Falls Hospital
Kids Deli                        Silver Lake Country Club           Lorrie Sinkhorn                  Kathleen Rice
Robert Schmitt                   Stewart Cavcey                     371 Howe Ave                     1900 23rd St
2014 2nd St                      1325 Graham Rd                     Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221         Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221         Silver Lake, OH 44224              330-923-6209                     330-971-7000
330-928-6810                     330-688-6066                                                        Fax: 330-971-7277
                                 Fax: 330-688-2479                  State Rep. Michael D Moran       riceka@summa-health.org
Fax: 330-928-6810                                                                                    www.summahealth.org
                                                                    93 E Case Dr
Select Staffing                   Sirak Financial Companies          Hudson, OH 44236
                                 Tom Breckenridge                                                    Summit Acupuncture
Victor Ing                                                          330-656-3206                     Kirsten Ericson MS
                                 4700 Dressler Rd NW                mdmoran@yahoo.com                3237 State Rd
3875 State Rd                    Canton, OH 44718
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223                                            www.mikemoran.org                Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
                                 330-805-0240                                                        330-929-4334
330-405-2929                     Fax: 330-493-5939
Fax: 330-405-5070                                                   Staybridge Suites Stow           Fax: 330-929-4353
                                 thomas_breckenridge@glic.com                                        summitap@earthlink.net
victor.ing@selectstaffing.com     www.sirakfinancial.com              Megan Lally
                                                                    4351 Steels Pointe Dr            www.summitacupuncture.com
                                 Slice of Life Cuyahoga Falls dba   Stow, OH 44224                   Summit Christian School
Sentry Stor-All                  Donatos Pizza                      330-945-4180                     Melissa Parker
Michael Cobb                     Michael Murphy                     Fax: 330-945-4181                2800 13th St
2995 Newpark Dr                  1710 State Rd                      mlally@omnihospitality.com       Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
Barberton, OH 44203              Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223           www.staybridge.com/stowoh        330-762-3382
                                 330-923-5900                                                        summitchristian@neo.rr.com
330-745-4848                     Fax: 330-319-7387                  Stephan Financial Solutions      www.bestschool.us
                                 mmurphy2@aol.com                   Timothy Stephan
SGS Tool Company                 www.donatos.com                                                     Summit County Board of MRDD
Thomas Haag                                                         4466 Darrow Rd #13               Cindy Cagno
55 S Main St                     Smilek’s Car Care                  Stow, OH 44224                   636 W Exchange St
Munroe Falls, OH 44262           Brett Smilek                       330-475-0491                     Akron, OH 44302
330-688-6667                     3934 State Rd                      Fax: 330-475-0493                330-634-8191
Fax: 800-447-4017                Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223           timothy.stephan@prudential.com   Fax: 330-634-8137
                                 330-929-6020                                                        ccagno@summitmrdd.org
                                 Fax: 330-929-6020                  Stow Municipal Court
                                 smilekscarcare@yahoo.com           Judge Lisa Coates                Summit County Clerk of Courts
Sheraton Suites                                                                                      Dan Horrigan
Robert Trammell                                                     4400 Courthouse Blvd             205 S High St
                                 Smyth’s Awards & Gifts             Stow, OH 44224
1989 Front St                    Daryl Smyth                                                         Akron, OH 44308
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221                                            330-564-4162                     330-643-2210
                                 877 N Main St                      Fax: 330-564-4193
330-929-3000                                                                                         Fax: 330-643-2213
                                 Akron, OH 44310                    coates@stowmunicourt.com         dhorrigan@summitoh.net
Fax: 330-920-7524                330-253-2660
                                                                    www.stowmunicourt.com            www.cpclerk.co.summit.oh.us
www.sheratonakron.com            Fax: 330-475-1390
                                                                    Struktol Company                 Sunrise Assisted Living
Sherritt & Associates Inc CPAs   Star Therapy & Sales Corp                                           Bethany Hall
                                 Pete Pruszynski                    Brian Howard
Jeffrey R Sherritt                                                                                   1500 State Rd
                                 8245 Peck Rd                       201 E Steels Corners Rd          Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
139 Portage Trl Ste 201
                                 Ravenna, OH 44266                  Stow, OH 44224                   330-929-8500
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
                                 330-607-4102                       330-928-5188                     Fax: 330-929-2090
330-928-1636                     Fax: 330-296-8025                  Fax: 330-928-8726                cuyahogafalls.
Fax: 330-928-2054                dpruszynski@aol.com                customerservice@struktol.com     dcr@sunriseseniorliving.com
www.sherrittandassociates.com    www.startherapyandsales.com        www.struktol.com                 www.sunriseseniorliving.com
22 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
   Cuyahoga Falls
Chamber of Commerce
                  Membership Directory
Superior Staffing                    The Growth Coach                  Toshiba Business Solutions     Unique Plumbing & Drain Inc
Todd Caruthers                      Joe Mayer                         Bob Weinhardt                  Greg Rorrer
120 E Mill St Ste 420               7330 Royal Portrush Dr            2525 S Main St                 PO Box 4709
Akron, OH 44308                     Solon, OH 44139                   Akron, OH 44319
                                    216-408-6324                                                     Akron, OH 44310
330-253-8080                                                          330-644-8000
Fax: 330-253-5374                   Fax: 440-248-9071                 Fax: 330-645-3710              330-928-1272
tcaruthers@superiorstaffing.com      jmayer@mayerbusinessgroup.com     toshibabob@gocopypro.com       Fax: 330-928-1273
www.superiorstaffing.com             www.mayerbusinessgroup.com        www.officesolutionsgroup.com    uniquedrain@sbcglobal.net

SV International                    The Ink Well                      Totally Cooked Catering        United Way of Summit County
Vasanthi Srinivasan                 Usha Bansal                       Dante D’Avello
                                    1538 Home Ave                                                    Jill Patterson
1336 Timbertop Dr                                                     2730 Front St
                                    Akron, OH 44310                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221       90 N Prospect St
Tallmadge, OH 44278
330-630-9342                        330-633-9355                      330-923-9964                   Akron, OH 44309
srini_vasanthi@yahoo.com            Fax: 330-633-2593                 Fax: 330-923-7755              330-762-7601
www.vsrinivasan.qhealthbeauty.com   bansal@akroninkwell.com                                          Fax: 330-762-0317
                                    www.ika.com/144                   Town Planner                   msell@uwsummit.org
Swift Tool Inc                                                        Brad Lubinger                  www.uwsummit.org
                                    The Plaza at Chapel Hill          21119 Halworth
Doug Genova                         Connie Russ
1420 Ritchie St                                                       Beachwood, OH 44122
                                    30050 Chagrin Blvd Ste 360        216-283-4671                   Valley Savings Bank - Graham Road
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221            Cleveland, OH 44124
330-945-6973                                                          townplanner@sbcglobal.net      Aaron Barnhart
                                    216-464-5550                      www.townplanner.com            505 Graham Rd
Fax: 330-945-6977                   Fax: 216-464-7219
                                    cschroeder@visconsi.com                                          Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Tallmadge Self Storage                                                Traditions at Bath Road        330-928-8550
Ron Nussbaum                                                          David Fox
                                    The Ruby Group                    300 E Bath Rd                  Fax: 330-928-1888
1267 Southeast Ave                  Mike Jones                                                       abarnhart@valleysavingsbank.com
Tallmadge, OH 44278                                                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
                                    2251 Front St Ste 206             330-929-6272                   www.valleysavingsbank.com
330-630-3300                        Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221          Fax: 330-945-3404
Taraco Associates Inc                                                 dfox@ncr.org                   Valley Savings Bank - Main Office
                                    Fax: 330-929-9440
                                    training@therubygroup.com         www.traditionshealthcare.org   Ann Hunter-Durr
Tom Taray
5590 Lauby Rd Ste 10                www.therubygroup.com              Two Men and a Truck            140 Portage Trl
P.O. Box 2879                                                         Vicky Slama                    Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
North Canton, OH 44720              Thies Publishing                  1511 E Market St               330-923-0454
330-244-8900                        Tim Thies                         Akron, OH 44305
                                    831 Hayes Ave                                                    Fax: 330-923-4611
Fax: 330-244-9093                                                     330-794-6683
tom.taray@att.net                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221                                         www.valleysavingsbank.com
                                                                      Fax: 330-794-6684
                                    440-570-8758                      akronoh@twomenandatruck.com
The Brewer-Garrett Co.              tim@thiespublishing.com           www.twomenandatruck.com        Valpak of Cleveland
1525 Corporate Woods Pkwy           www.thiespublishing.com                                          Marketing Director
Ste 300                                                               UBS Financial Services         881 E 222nd St
Uniontown, OH 44685                 Third Federal Savings             Paul Douglas
                                    Mary Wheatley                                                    Euclid, OH 44123
Matt Regimbal                                                         43 Village Way Ste 201         216-333-5558
330-896-7910                        490 Howe Ave                      Hudson, OH 44236
Fax: 330-896-7920                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221          330-655-8319                   Fax: 216-731-5162
                                    330-945-6500                                                     www.valpak.com
mregimbal@brewer-garrett.com                                          Fax: 330-655-8301
                                    Fax: 330-940-4060
www.brewer-garrett.com              mary.wheatley@thirdfederal.com    paul.douglas@ubs.com
                                                                      www.ubs.com/team/tpg           Visting Angels
The Fedeli Group                    TimeWarner Cable Business Class                                  Jodi Wood RN BSN
John Friend                                                           Union National Mortgage
                                    Nichole Major-Patti               Tim Bullock                    72 West Ave
5005 Rockside Rd Ste 500            530 S Main St Ste 1751                                           Tallmadge, OH 44278
Independence, OH 44131                                                3075 Smith Rd #101
                                    Akron, OH 44311                   Fairlawn, OH 44333             330-733-1532
216-643-2750                        330-338-7467
Fax: 216-328-8080                                                     330-668-9600                   Fax: 330-475-1373
                                    Fax: 866-617-9639                 Fax: 330-668-3008
jfriend@thefedeligroup.com          nichole.major@twcable.com                                        akron@visitingangels.com
www.thefedeligroup.com                                                tbullock@unmco.com             www.ohiovisitingangels.com
                                    www.twcbc.com/neohio              www.unmco.com
                                                                              Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 23
                                                  Cuyahoga Falls
                                               Chamber of Commerce
                                                                  Membership Directory
Visualizations Photography Inc        Wichert Insurance Services Inc       World of Dances                    Young’s Screenprinting
Aaron Patterson                       Thomas Wichert                       Julie Buckeye                      Paula Levitsky
1908 Portage Trl                      1013 Portage Trl                     1775 3rd St                        1245 Munroe Falls Dr
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223                                                   Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221           Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
                                      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223             330-701-7986
330-923-3686                                                                                                  330-922-5777
Fax: 330-923-2137                                                          Fax: 330-622-4475                  Fax: 330-922-5777
                                      Fax: 330-929-7762                    jewel19673@yahoo.com               sales@youngprinting.com
                                                                           www.worldofdances.com              www.youngsprinting.com
                                      Wigs on Wheels                       Wyoga Lake Commons
W L Tucker Supply Co.                 Dee Curry                            Diana Baylor                       Zahand Martial Arts
Scot Vaughan                          2035 Sand Run Knolls Dr              4260 Americana Dr                  Larry Zahand
2800 2nd St                                                                Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224           1576 Akron Peninsula Rd
                                      Akron, OH 44313                      330-940-2215
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221                                                                                      Akron, OH 44313
330-928-2155                          330-865-0716                         wyogalake@niederstmanagement.com   330-926-2001
Fax: 330-928-3688                     deecurry@aol.com                     www.niederstmanagement.com         masterzahand@speakeast.net
                                                                           Yorkshire Woods Apartments         www.zmakarate.com
Walsh Jesuit High School              Wild Birds Unlimited                 Ben Boyd
Father Michael J Marco                Chris Stranahan                      1305 Buckingham Gate Blvd
4550 Wyoga Lake Rd                    597 Howe Ave                         Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224              Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221             330-928-4949
330-929-4205                          330-922-4990
Fax: 330-929-9749                     Fax: 330-922-4990
Waterloo Transmissions Inc
Jim Millard                           Wing Warehouse
3934 State Rd Ste B                   Darrell Guariniello
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223              4165 Wyoga Lake Rd
330-926-0050                          Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44224
Fax: 330-773-5811
                                      Fax: 330-929-7102
Wayne Agency
Tom Buttermore                        Woodridge Local School District
2044 2nd St                           Dr Jeff Graham
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221              4411 Quick Rd
330-928-1104                          Peninsula, OH 44264
WCCV Flooring Design Center
Michael Mavrakis                      Fax: 330-928-1542
3479 State Rd                         jgraham@woodridge.summit.k12.oh.us
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223              www.woodridger.k12.oh.us
Fax: 330-688-5812                     WorkPlace Staffing
mmaurakis@wccv.com                    Paige K Lyon
www.wccv.com                          650 Graham Rd Ste 106
                                      Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
Weaver SecurShred                     330 926-1880
Jack Skinner
                                      Fax: 330 926-9511
2337 Romig Road, Suite 2
Akron, OH 44320                       paigel@workplacestaff.com
330-745-2400                          www.workplacestaff.com

24 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
   Cuyahoga Falls
Chamber of Commerce
                              Resource Guide
ACCOUNTANTS AND CPAs                                    ASSISTED LIVING / NURSING HOMES
Asset Professional Accounting Services                  Altercare of Cuyahoga Falls
   Robert Eisenbrei                      330-807-0464      Ed Husbands                           330-929-4231
Costanzo & Company CPAs                                 Bath Manor Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation
   Gary Costanzo                         330-688-5454      Mike Demagall /
Fiducial General Business Services
                                                           Jennifer Stanley                      330-836-1006
   Michael C Davis CPA                   330-376-1099
Liberty Tax Service                                     Cardinal Retirement Village
   Ryan Allen                            330-923-1040      Sandy Rieth                           330-928-7888
Lomax Soful & Foster Inc                                Emeritus at Stow
   Michael Soful                         330-928-6400      Beth Gamache                          330-342-0934
Margida & Associates Inc                                Falls Village Retirement Community
   John T Margida                        330-926-0023      Michael Francus                       330-945-9797
Peter Vass & Company                                    Gardens of Western Reserve
   Pete Vass                             330-945-9100      Jennifer Malynn                       330-928-4500
Sherritt & Associates Inc CPAs                          Heather Knoll Nursing & Rehabilitation
   Jeffrey R Sherritt                    330-928-1636
                                                           Amy Sanfilippo                         330-688-8600
AD SPECIALTIES                                          Laurel Lake Retirement Community
AG PrintPromo Solutions                                    Patricia Davis                        330-650-2100
   Anup Gupta                            330-315-9600   Provider Services - Canal Pointe
Lighthouse Promotions                                      Sharon Parsons                        330-762-0901
   Gregory Mullinger                     330-475-0350   Provider Services - Hickory Ridge
Young’s Screenprinting                                     Laura Rizzo                           330-762-6486
   Paula Levitsky                        330-922-5777   Provider Services - The Hudson Elms
ADVERTISING                                                Jenny Whitman LSW                     330-650-0436
Akron Content Marketing                                 Provider Services - The Merriman
   Jim Farnsworth                        330-285-0273      Richard Horning                       330-762-9341
Clear Channel - Outdoor                                 Sunrise Assisted Living
   Megan Waite                           330-762-8848      Bethany Hall                          330-929-8500
HeyButler.com                                           Traditions at Bath Road
   Darren Rose                           440-528-0203       David Fox                            330-929-6272
Mayer & Associates Inc
   Fred Mayer                            330-929-7118   ATTORNEYS
Town Planner
   Brad Lubinger                         216-283-4671   Barbara J Rogachefsky Co LPA
Valpak of Cleveland                      216-333-5558      Barbara Rogachefsky                 330-294-1032
                                                        Carr Law Office LLC
APARTMENTS                                                 Adam E Carr                         330-655-1662
Danbury of Cuyahoga Falls                               Hawkins, Pamela A
  Pam Kinsman                       330-928-6757           Pamela Hawkins                      330-922-0243
Empirian Property Management/ Meadowood Apartments      Kohrs Law Offices LLC
  Frances Fee                       330-928-6440
Portage Trail Village                                      Brendon Kohrs                       330-730-4298
  Jo Stanovcak                      330-929-4227        Leipply & Armstrong
Wyoga Lake Commons                                         Gerald R. Leipply                   330-923-2122
  Diana Baylor                      330-940-2215        Maistros & Loepp Ltd
Yorkshire Woods Apartments                                 Georgia Maistros                    330-688-1806
  Ben Boyd                          330-928-4949        Mason Law Office
                                                           Cynthia Mason                       330-434-4399
Cuyahoga Valley Art Center
  Linda Nye                              330-928-8092   AUDIO VISUAL
                                                        Cedar Hill Communications LLC
ASPHALT                                                   John Alexander                       330-928-2559
Cardinal Asphalt Company
  Jim Richardson                         330-928-7325

                                                               Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 25
                                                  Cuyahoga Falls
                                               Chamber of Commerce
                                                    Resource Guide
AUTO DEALERS                                        CHIROPRACTORS con’t
Ron Marhofer Automall                               Levinson Family Chiropractic
  Ronald L Marhofer           330-923-5800             Dr Pam Levinson             330-928-3420
                                                    Pinnacle Chiropractic Health & Wellness
AUTO PARTS                                             Dr Craig Banks              330-928-2273
Front Automotive Parts Company
   Jerry Widmer              330-929-3013           CHURCHES
                                                    Broadman Baptist Church
AUTO REPAIR                                           Chris McCombs              330-923-6127
Jim & Sons Transmission Service
                                                    CLEANING SERVICES
   Jim Currier                  330-923-8604
                                                    MTO Clean
Motormate Auto Center
                                                      Louise Sturmi              330-971-7777
   Larry Walters                330-928-2916
Smilek’s Car Care
                                                    CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS
   Brett Smilek                 330-929-6020        Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank
Waterloo Transmissions Inc                             JoAnn Schlue                330-777-2308
   Jim Millard                  330-926-0050        American Cancer Society of NE Ohio
                                                       Ashley Smas                 888-227-6446
BEAUTY SALON                                        Boy Scouts of America Great Trail Council
Halo Salon & Spa                                       Amy Heller                  330-773-0415
  Laura Panaia                330-923-8540          Conrad Botzum Farmstead
MC Hair Consultants                                    George Winkelmann           330-328-3516
  Marcy Cogdeill-Cona         330-929-2210          Cuyahoga Falls Oktoberfest Committee
Salon E                                                Bob Cochran                 330-923-4924
  Beth Murphy                 330-920-4511          Riverfront Irish Festival
                                                       Dan MacDonald               330 434-1916
Design Construction Services LLC                    COMPUTER SERVICES
  Bob Unruh                    330-445-2929         AtNet Plus Inc
W L Tucker Supply Company                             Steve Gomberg              330-945-5685
  Scot Vaughan                 330-928-2155         PAK Computers
                                                      Patty Karam                330-920-1136
The Growth Coach                                    CONTRACTORS
  Joe Mayer                   216-408-6324          Ben H Ruhlin Company
The Ruby Group                                         Benjamin Ruhlin            330-928-8472
  Mike Jones                  330-929-9449          JP Electric LLC
BUSINESS CONSULTING                                    Colleen Smith Parsons      330-730-4470
Biggbroker Referral Service                         Robert’s Remodeling & Construction Co Inc
                                                       Robert M Cogdeill          330-923-1940
   Trey Luce                  330-548-2817
                                                    R C Norman Construction Co Inc
Emtess Technologies LLC
                                                       Robert Petrone             330-929-2260
   Tim Knapp                  330-926-9987

BUSINESS FORMS                                      COSMETICS
Balint & Associates                                 AVON
                                                      Patricia Rasmussen         330-928-2038
  Ray Balint                  330-928-9864
                                                    Mary Kay Cosmetics
CATERERS                                              Pat King                   330-923-9021
Robert J Events & Catering
   Bob Pacanovsky             330-724-2211          COUNTRY CLUB
Totally Cooked Catering                             Silver Lake Country Club
   Dante D’Avello             330-923-9964             Stewart Cavcey            330-688-6066

CHIROPRACTORS                                       CREDIT SOFTWARE
Advanced Chiropractic & Wellness Center             FixMyCreditSoftware.com
  Dr Kelly Gallagher          330-928-3065             Rob Huffman               330-701-8654

26 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
   Cuyahoga Falls
Chamber of Commerce
                             Resource Guide
Callatis Spa                                        Dollar Bank
   Maria Suciu                330-208-2445                                                   330-920-8200
Riverfront Massage & Healing Arts                   Fifth Third Bank
   Dawn Kotch                 330-926-1411             Chris Minor                           330-926-5080
                                                    FirstMerit Bank - Bailey Road Office
DENTISTS                                               Linda Griffith                         330-920-6170
Casellas Orthodontics                               FirstMerit Bank - Falls Center Branch
   Dr Jorge Casellas           330-928-1881            Lisa Bouchard                         330-920-6190
Joseph D’Avello, DDS                                FirstMerit Bank - State Road Office
   Laurie Kozielski            330-923-3501            Jill Stevenson                        330-920-6150
                                                    Huntington Bank
DOG DAY CARE                                           Mona Wise                             330-929-6000
Camp Bow Wow                                        KeyBank
  Mike Paquette                330-923-WOOF            Robin May                             330-929-3162
                                                    Lyon Capital Strategies
                                                       Cheryl Lyon                           330-869-4872
                                                    National City Bank - Portage Trail Office
Accountemps - Robert Half International                Jake Ricker                           330-922-0831
   Katherine Smith            330-253-8367          National City Bank - State Road Office
Champion Staffing                                       Brian Beebe                           330-922-0513
   Kristen Burkley            330-405-5627          North Akron Savings Bank
Executive Temporaries Inc                              Steve Hailer                          330-434-9137
    Jackie Klag               330-928-9330          North Akron Savings Bank - State Road Office
Express Employment Professionals                       Carol R Morgan                        330-252-4521
   Kip Tobin                  330-940-2990          Prudential
Integrity Staffing Services    330-963-3700             Nate Furniss                          330-896-7200
Select Staffing                                      Sirak Financial Companies
   Victor Ing                 330-405-2929             Tom Breckenridge                      330-805-0240
Superior Staffing                                    Stephan Financial Solutions
   Todd Caruthers             330-253-8080             Timothy Stephan                       330-475-0491
WorkPlace Staffing                                   Third Federal Savings
   Paige K Lyon               330 926-1880             Mary Wheatley                         330-945-6500
                                                    UBS Financial Services
ENERGY - RENEWABLE                                     Paul Douglas                          330-655-8319
Energy Junction LLC                                 Valley Savings Bank - Graham Road
  Cynthia Bailey               330-923-4167             Aaron Barnhart                       330-928-8550
                                                    Valley Savings Bank - Main Office
ENTERTAINMENT / SPORTS                                 Ann Hunter-Durr                       330-923-0454
Akron Aeros
   Ken Fogel                    330-253-5151        FITNESS CENTERS
Blossom Music Center                                Crooked River Fitness dba Curves of Cuyahoga Falls
   Steve Finkel                 330-920-8040           Diana Meloy                           330-922-4025
Bridgestone Invitational World Golf Championships   Riverfront YMCA
   Don Padgett III              330-644-2299           Jill Kolesar                          330-923-5223
Fine Productions
    Lowery Lockard              330-603-1201        FLOORING
Fun Services                                        Next Step Flooring
                                                      David Mallardi                       330-805-3283
    Jeff Kline                  330-923-3866
                                                    WCCV Flooring Design Center
                                                      Michael Mavrakis                     330-688-0114
   Cal King                     330-923-9021
Rockin’ on the River                                FLORIST
   Bob Earley                   330-730-7591        Dietz Falls Florist
Shure Studios                                         Linda Boardman                       330-923-9747
 Edward A Shure                 330-920-8598

                                                            Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 27
                                                 Cuyahoga Falls
                                              Chamber of Commerce
                                                   Resource Guide
FUNERAL HOME                                       HOME HEALTH CARE
Clifford-Shoemaker Funeral Home Inc                Comfort Keepers
   Marty Shoemaker            330-928-2147            Amy Zimmerman                 330-922-4721
                                                   Home Helpers Senior Care
GOVERNMENT                                            Richard Pivovar               330-865-5730
Cuyahoga Falls - Community Development             Heritage Home Health Care
   Susan L Truby              330-971-8135            Raymond Cancelliere           330-923-5859
Cuyahoga Falls - Council                           Visting Angels
   Carol Klinger              330-929-8429            Jodi Wood RN BSN              330-733-1532
Cuyahoga Falls - Fire Dept.
                                                   HOME IMPROVEMENT
   Paul D Moledor             330-971-8400
                                                   A Caspersen Company Inc
Cuyahoga Falls - Mayor                                Eric Caspersen             330-928-3127
   Don L Robart               330-971-8200
Cuyahoga Falls - PUCA                              HOTELS
   Rebecca McCleary           330-971-8201         Clarion Inn & Conference Center - Hudson
State Representative                                  Sigrid Bennett             330-653-9191
   Michael D Moran            330-656-3206         Country Inn & Suites
Stow Municipal Court                                  Monica Corbin              330-926-1233
    Judge Lisa Coates         330-564-4162         Hampton Inn Stow
Summit County Clerk of Courts                         Angel Dottavio             330-945-4160
   Daniel M. Horrigan         330-643-2210         Sheraton Suites
                                                      Robert Trammell            330-929-3000
GROCERY STORES                                     Staybridge Suites Stow
Beverage Merchant                                     Megan Lally                330-945-4180
  Elaine Salyer               330-928-3242         HYDROPONICS
Giant Eagle                                        Hy-Hopes for Hunger
  Mark Grey                   330-928-6669            Monica Cowan                  330-431-6297
Schmitt Family Food Mart/16 Kids Deli              IMPORTER/WHOLESALER
  Robert Schmitt              330-928-6810         Katherine’s Collection
                                                      Katherine Kleski              330-572-2780
GUNS                                               INSURANCE
Dick’s Gun Room                                    Archer Agency Inc
  Rita Seelinger              330-929-1181            Jack Archer                   330-929-4474
                                                   Brimlow Benefits Agency Inc
HEALTH AND WELLNESS                                   Larry Brimlow                 330-777-0542
Eden’s Healthy Environments                        Consolidated Benefits Agency
  John Eden                   330-926-9512            Kevin Kovach                  330-733-3123
JMJ Endorsements                                   The Fedeli Group
  Jesse Harlan                330-631-7166            John Friend                   216-643-2750
MMP/MarkerMan Productions                          Kelly Insurance Agency Inc
   Robert Wright              330-352-6230            Tonya Woodlee                 330-929-3056
Mona Vie                                           Liberty Mutual Insurance
  Richard Skoff               330-622-2009            Wanda Hackathorn              330-922-7824
Nikken Inc                                         McCutcheon Insurance Agency
  Bob Gruber                  330-928-2583            Jenny Pillen                  330-929-2546
SV International                                   Norman-Lukanc Agency
  Vasanthi Srinivasan         330-630-9342            Bob Norman                    330-928-6542
World of Dances                                    ProServe Health Informatics
   Julie Buckeye              330-701-7986            Don Lewis                     234-542-6095
                                                   Ron Budzowski Insurance
HEATING AND COOLING                                   Ron Budzowski                 330-929-6006
Falls Heating & Cooling, Inc.                      Summa Care
   Larry Burris                330-929-8777           Sarah Steidl                  330-996-8410
Beckwith Heating & Cooling Inc                     Wayne Agency
   Bruce Beckwith              330-923-1333           Tom Buttermore                330-928-1104
The Brewer-Garrett Co.                             Wichert Insurance Services Inc
   Matt Regimbal               330-896-7910           Thomas Wichert                330-929-8686
28 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
   Cuyahoga Falls
Chamber of Commerce
                           Resource Guide
JEWELRY                                       MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS
Family Treasures                              Dr. Marilyn Machusick, DDS, INC
  Bill Skidmore                330-940-3331     Dr. Marilyn Machusick                330-633-4795
Ohio Jewelry Appraisal Service                Ohio Foot & Ankle Center
  Kiran Khaitan                330-630-1103     Dr Aaron Chokan                      330-899-0988
                                              Ohio Valley Head and Neck Surgery
LICENSE BUREAU                                    Dr Phillip Khalil                  330-923-0399
Cuyahoga Falls License Bureau                 Summa Cuyahoga Falls Hospital
  Robert Teodosio             330-929-6469      Kathleen Rice                        330-971-7000
                                              Summit Acupuncture
LOCKSMITH                                       Kirsten Ericson MS                   330-929-4334
A Tri County Lock                             MEDICAL SUPPLIES
   Jay Cheyfitz               330-928-6222     Klein’s Orthopedic/Medical Equipment
                                                 Barry Klein                         330-929-2188
A & C Welding Inc                             MERCHANT SERVICES
   Timothy Gorbach            330-762-4777    Electronic Merchant Systems
Americhem Inc                                    Adrien Coluccio                     216-287-0081
   Richard Juve Jr            330-929-4213
Ansco Machine Company                         MORTGAGE SERVICES
   Michael Sterling           330-929-8181    American Mortgage Service
Associated Materials Inc                        Russ Iona                            330-633-6678
   John Haumesser             330-929-1811    Union National Mortgage
Decker Fasteners Limited                        Tim Bullock                          330-668-9600
   John Hagy                  330-926-2070    MOVERS
Eagle Elastomer Inc                           Two Men and a Truck
    Regan McHale              330-923-7070      Vicky Slama                          330-794-6683
Emerald Performance Materials
   Candace Wagner             330-916-6702
                                              Akron Beacon Journal
GOJO Industries, Inc.
                                                 Mary Lou Woodcock                   330-996-3291
   Dennis Hoye                330-255-6000
                                              Falls News-Press/Record Publishing
Harwood Rubber Products Inc                       Phil Keren                         330-688-0088
   Rick Harwood               330-923-3256
Jay - Em Aerospace                            OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY
    Greg Norman               330-923-0333    Star Therapy & Sales Corp
Pilot Plastics                                   Pete Pruszynski                     330-607-4102
   Ted Jendrisak              330-920-1718
SGS Tool Company                              OFFICE COPIERS
   Thomas Haag                330-688-6667    Comdoc Inc
Struktol Company                                Rick Bowling                         330-899-8000
   Brian Howard               330-928-5188    Toshiba Business Solutions
Swift Tool Inc                                  Bob Weinhardt                        330-644-8000
   Doug Genova                330-945-6973    OFFICE SUPPLIES
                                              My Office Products
MARKETING                                      Bill Barber                           330-535-3163
Right Brain Design Group
   Matt Weiss                330-703-8246     PAYROLL SERVICES
Thies Publishing                              Ahola Payroll Services
   Tim Thies                 440-570-8758        Pete Pruszynski                     800-727-2849
                                              Paramount Payroll
MARTIAL ARTS                                     Sam Leemaster                       866-550-4729
Zahand Martial Arts                           PrimePay
  Larry Zahand               330-926-2001        Wesley Perry                        330-869-9310

MEDICAL BILLING                               PHOTOGRAPHY
Acu-Serve Corporation                         Visualizations Photography Inc
   Angie Barone              330-923-5258        Aaron Patterson               330-923-3686
                                                        Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 29
                                                 Cuyahoga Falls
                                              Chamber of Commerce
                                                   Resource Guide
 PLAQUES AND TROPHIES                              RESTAURANTS con’t
Smyth’s Awards & Gifts                             Rita’s “Ice Custard Happiness”
  Daryl Smyth               330-253-2660              Steve Linek                   330-916-9000
PLUMBING                                           Rocco’s Pizza Shop
                                                      Rocco Caponi                  330-928-3344
Unique Plumbing & Drain Inc                        Russo’s
  Greg Rorrer               330-928-1272              Amy Russo                     330-923-2665
PRINTERS                                           Slice of Life Cuyahoga Falls dba Donatos Pizza
Alphagraphics                                          Michael Murphy               330-923-5900
   Will Smith                 330-630-3433         Starbucks - Graham Road
The Ink Well                                          Robin George                  330-922-0326
   Usha Bansal                330-633-9355         Starbucks - Howe Avenue
                                                      Lorrie Sinkhorn               330-923-6209
PUBLISHING                                         Wing Warehouse
Great Lakes Publishing Co.                            Darrell Guariniello           330-929-7100
   Brian Fortney              216-771-2833
                                                   RESTORATION SERVICES
REAL ESTATE                                        Carrara Companies
Commonwealth Properties Inc                           Justin Sucato                888-502-5326
   John Chlebina              330-666-7773         Paul Davis Restoration of Akron
Cutler Real Estate                                    Ann Pogue                    330-920-1936
   Andy Camp                  330-689-5042
Geneva Chervenic Realty                            RETAIL
   Dave Chervenic             330-686-1644         Best Buy Stores
HomeBuyer Experts                                     Rob Beres                    330-928-5410
    Chris Whitehead           330-328-3170         BJ’s Wholesale Club
JMI Realty Group Inc                                  Melinda Rice                 330-926-6000
   Jim Iona                   330-630-2311         Connie’s Collections
N & V Properties Ltd                                  Connie Owen                  330-920-3788
   Ed Davidian                330-922-5855         Kid’s Kloset Uniforms Inc
Prudential - Karam & Simon Realty                     Betty Thompson               330-929-1810
                                                   Leaded Glass II
    Paul Simon                330-929-0707
                                                      Joe & Carole Spohn           330-929-4514
Taraco Associates Inc                              The Plaza at Chapel Hill
   Tom Taray                  330-244-8900            Connie Russ                  216-464-5550
RECYCLING/SHREDDING                                Sam’s Club
Neoshred                                              Bonnie Woods                 330 929-3789
   Giovanni Donatelli         330-253-8260         Wild Birds Unlimited
Weaver SecurShred                                     Chris Stranahan              330-922-4990
   Jack Skinner               330-745-2400         SCHOOLS AND LIBRARIES
RESTAURANTS                                        Children’s Blossom Center Preschool & Daycare
Cathedral Buffet & Banquet Center                      Teri Moser-Byrley           330-396-0515
   Sonya Neale                330-922-0467         Cornerstone Community School
Chick-fil-A                                            Nancy Pierce                 330-686-8900
   Erich Weiss                330-920-4544         Cuyahoga Falls Library
Eat’n Park                                            Kevin Rosswurm               330-928-2117
   Scott Festa                 330-923-4111        Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy
Guys Pizza Company                                     Mike Bova                   330-929-0575
   Michael Radke              330-928-2222         Redeemer Christian School
Honeybaked Ham                                         Travis Grulke               330-923-1280
   Peter McHugh               330-630-1400         Summit Christian School
Karin’s on The Riverfront                               Melissa Parker             330-762-3382
   Karin Eisenhardt           216-952-1976         Walsh Jesuit High School
Metropolis Popcorn                                      Father Michael J Marco 330-929-4205
   Sean Bammer                330-928-6446         Woodridge Local School District
Outback Steakhouse                                      Dr Jeff Graham             330-928-9074
   Jason McKee                330-928-9550
                                                   SECURITY SYSTEMS
Panera Bread
                                                   ADT Security Services
   Pam Stallings              330-928-0112
                                                      Bob Rist                    800-531-9327
30 Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010
   Cuyahoga Falls
Chamber of Commerce
                                          Resource Guide
SECURITY SYSTEMS con’t                                                                                  TELECOMMUNICATIONS con’t
APARCO Security Systems                                                                                 Easton Telecom Services LLC
   Larry Parker                330-494-2669                                                                 Jim Butler                      330-659-6700
SafeMed Alert/SafeNet Security/SafePet                                                                  First Communications
   Julie A Anderson            330-923-0141                                                                  Marc Armbruster                330-835-2459
SELF-STORAGE                                                                                                Alex Desberg                    888-881-0805
Sentry Stor-All                                                                                         TimeWarner Cable Business Class
    Michael Cobb               330-745-4848                                                                 Nichole Major-Patti             330-338-7467
Tallmadge Self Storage
    Ron Nussbaum               330-630-3300                                                             TRANSPORTATION
SENIOR CARE REFERRALS                                                                                   Logistic Concepts Inc
A Place for Mom                                                                                             Ronald A Klamert                330-945-4545
    Elizabeth Applegate        866-477-0843                                                             Metro Regional Transit Authority
SHIPPING                                                                                                    Robert Pfaff                    330-762-7267
Cuyahoga Falls Shipping Center
                                                                                                        TRAVEL AGENCY
    John Potok                 330-926-1553
                                                                                                        AAA Akron Auto Club
SIGNS                                                                                                      Frances Corsaro                  330-923-4826
Central Graphics
    David Soulsby              330-928-7080                                                             TREE AND SOIL SERVICES
                                                                                                        Hometown Stump Grinding
SOCIAL SERVICES                                                                                           Chet Hoyt                         330-612-3628
Akron Summit Community Action Inc
    Malcolm Costa              330-376-7730                                                             UTILITIES
Evant                                                                                                   AMP Ohio/American Municipal Power
    Sherry Gedeon              330-920-1517                                                               Denise Willis                     614-337-6222
Goodwill Industries of Akron                                                                            VETERINARY
    Beth Galambos              330-786-2567                                                             Pet Guards
Summit County Board of MRDD                                                                                 Joe Elton                       330-849-0635
    Cindy Cagno                330-634-8191
United Way of Summit County                                                                             WIGS
    Jill Patterson             330-762-7601                                                             Wigs on Wheels
TELECOMMUNICATIONS                                                                                       Dee Curry                          330-865-0716
Brisk Consulting
    Dante Sabatucci            330-940-3910                                                             WORKERS COMP
Compass Solutions                                                                                       CareWorks Consultants Inc/CCI
    Marty Lyman                330-923-6050                                                                Mike Dove                        614-764-7600

       Your Home Can Make You
        Healthier and Wealthier.
                 Sound far-fetched? It’s possible!
        And you can make it happen – without renovating,
                   remodeling, or relocating
    Find out how you can live in a Nikken Wellness Home
         and what it can do for you. Just contact your
          Nikken Independent Wellness Consultant
  Nikken makes no guarantee of performance. Actual results may vary depending on a number of factors.


                               Sue & Bob Gruber 330-920-1590
                               Donna & Ron Shea 330-928-2583
                                      Independent Wellness Consultant

                                                                                                                Cuyahoga Falls Chamber of Commerce, 2009-2010 31
  P laza at
C hapel              H ill
 Serving the Community
  For Nearly 20 Years!
ALLTEL                        MARC’S
AVENUE                        MISTER BULKY’S
DOTS                          PLATO’S CLOSET
GIANT EAGLE                   RADIO SHACK
JENNY CRAIG                   TJ MAXX
KEYBANK                       TOYS R US

       Plus: Applebee’s, Burger King, Chick-Fil-A,
       China King Buffet, Eat ‘N Park, McDonald’s,
The Olive Garden, Taco Bell/Pizza Hut Express & Wendy’s

 The Community Shopping Center
  with Something for Everyone...
  and so Close and Convenient!

      - Just off Route 8 at
     Howe Ave. & Main St. -

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