School Food Survey by S2eyq9k


									                                School Food Survey

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   1. Does the school kitchen prepare all of the food?
   2. List all the places where students can get food on campus.

If there is a salad bar:
   3. Is the salad bar everyday?
   4. How much does it cost?

   5. What is available on the salad bar?

   6. Is it popular with the students (how many students eat salad/day)?

   7. Does the school offer any culturally appropriate food? Or any specialty foods?

Hours of Availability
   1. What time is breakfast served?               When do buses arrive?
   2. What is the length of breakfast?
   3. Is breakfast served before school begins, or after the bell?

   4. When is lunch served?
   5. How long is the lunch period?
   6. If the meals were at different times would that make it easier for some to eat?

If not a Provision II School
   1. What percentages of families fill out the school meal forms?
   2. What percentage of students could receive the free/reduced priced meals if they
      filled out the forms?

   3.   How many students eat breakfast?
   4.   How many students eat lunch?
   5.   How many staff members eat the school breakfast?
   6.   How many staff members eat the school lunch?

   7. Does there seem to be segregation happening between the students that receive
      free meals and those who do not?

   8. Can you identify any barriers to enrolling in the school meal program?

   9. Do you have any suggestions to improving the utilization of the meal program?
If there is a la carte food:
   8. What kind of food is being sold? Ask for menu(s).

   9. What are the different payment options available?

   10. What hours are a la carte available?

   11. Where do the proceeds go from a la Carte sales?

Vending Machines
   1. How many vending machines are accessible to students and when are they
      turned on/off?

   2. Where do the proceeds go from the vending machine sales?

   3. Are there any special restrictions on the vending machines?

   4. What kinds of beverages are being sold in the vending machines?

   5. Will the soda machines go with the implementation of SB 677 in July, banning
      soda from elementary and middle schools?

   6. What kind of food is being sold in the vending machines?

   7. Are there any healthy snacks like granola bars, crackers or trail mix/nuts?

Competitive Foods
   1. Is there a separate snack bar where students can purchase food?
   2. Who runs it, where do the proceeds go, and what hours is it open?

   3. If yes, what kind of food is offered at the snack bar? How does it differ from the
      food available in the free/reduced priced meals? (menus)

   4. Are there brand name foods (e.g. Taco Bell, Pizza Hut) sold in the school?

   1. Are there regulations on what foods students can bring from home?

   2. Is there an after school snack program?
   3. Is there a school garden?
   4. Is your school aware of the field trip opportunities to visit Farmers’ markets?

        Where are students eating?

        What are they eating and drinking?

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