Society: The Basics by S2eyq9k


									                                 Society: The Basics
                                     Unit 1 Lesson 1
                                  Lesson Objectives
•   Explain what sociology is.
•   List the benefits of using the sociological perspective.
•   Explain the historical context for the birth of sociology.
• The systematic study of human society
                                      Peter Berger
• Individuals as creatures of society.
• May not possess complete “free will”

        Benefits of the Sociological Perspective (Imagination)
• Helps us see the opportunities and constraints in our lives
• Helps us live in a diverse world
• Helps us to critically assess the truth of “common sense”
• Empowers us to be active participants in society
                               The Birth of Sociology
• Industrial Revolution (rural to urban)
• Political change (classical liberals)
• French Revolution

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