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									Common Antibiotics that are Generally
        Prescribe for Acne

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       Common Antibiotics that are
       Generally Prescribe for Acne
       Thanks for visiting my site about acne treatment
that works. I hope you find lots of helpful information on
this page titled, "Common Antibiotics that are Generally
Prescribe for Acne," to help you make an informed
decision about acne treatments.
       There are different antibiotics for acne treatments
that actually work, even though for a long time people
thought that they did not work. In reality, antibiotics
easily treat moderate to severe acne conditions. These
can be either oral or topical. Just ensure that you do not
purchase prescription drugs over the counter, especially
in the black market where they thrive.

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• Without proper care, acne can be very devastating. You
  should get antibiotics for acne treatment as early as
  possible for the treatment to be effective. There are
  many types of natural and home remedies that can be
  used, but these only work on mild acne attacks.
  Antibiotics for acne treatment deal with all kinds of
• The way the antibiotics for acne treatment deals with
  this problem is simple. The antibiotics for acne
  treatment attacks and destroys the bacteria in the
  follicles. They also reduce the irritating chemicals that
  are produced by white blood cells in the acne. This
  double-pronged approach works since both causes are
  dealt with.

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        Specific Antibiotics for Acne
        There are different antibiotics for acne treatment
available in the market. Tetracycline is an example. This is one
of the most common antibiotics for acne treatment. It is
particularly effective on pustules and papules. Expectant
mothers, breastfeeding ones and kids under the age of nine
should not use tetracycline as one of the antibiotics for acne.
        Another popular antibiotic for acne is Benzoyl
peroxide. This is the active ingredients in most soaps, gels or
creams being peddled on the market as acne treatment
options. This drug directly targets the bacteria causing the
acne. Dryness and irritation of the skin are some of the side
effects of this drug. Moisturizers can easily deal with this.

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       There are also semi-synthetic antibiotics for
acne. This drug works by reducing inflammations
and destroying the bacteria that causes acne.
Clindamycin, as it is called, is available both as an
oral antibiotic for acne and in topical form. Side
effects include skin dryness, intestinal infection
infections and skin irritation.
       Minocycline and doxycycline are also
examples of antibiotics for acne. The former has
been in use for a very long time. The side effects
may include nausea and skin or tooth
discolorations. The latter is an antibiotic that acts
against inflammations. Its major side effect is
increased sensitivity to sunlight and serious nausea.
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       Finally,    there     is  the     anti-inflammatory
erythromycin that is slowly overtaking tetracycline as the
favorite antibiotic for acne. It is very good since along
with the bacteria, the lesions on your skin will also be
dealt with. One major advantage it has over tetracycline
is that it can be used with expectant mothers. It has the
side effects of skin irritation and dryness the other
antibiotics for acne all have.
       Antibiotic for acne should be used in caution, just
like any other antibiotics. There is a vey grave danger of
developing resistance to these drugs if it is used routinely.
In addition, these are not the only measures you should
be taking. While using antibiotic for acne, the general skin
care routines should not be discarded.
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    Thanks again for reading this page titled
    "Common Antibiotics that are Generally
  Prescribe for Acne." I hope you've found this
information to be helpful. I wish you clearer skin
              and better health! :-)

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