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This is an example of classifieds advertising forms. This document is useful for conducting classifieds advertising forms.

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									Classified Advertising                                                                                      Tower Times Classified
                                                                                                            Advertising provides an

                                                                                                            avenue to companies
Please complete this form to submit a classified ad.                                                        who are looking for a
                                                                                                            way to sell equipment
Advertiser:                                                        q Please invoice ADVERTISER              or advertise tower
Company Name __________________________________________________________                                     space. Classifieds are
                                                                                                            located in the back of
Contact Name ___________________________________________________________                                    Tower Times. You may
Email ___________________________________________________________________                                   choose to include your
Address_________________________________________________________________                                    company’s logo in
                                                                                                            black and white or full
City, State, Zip ___________________________________________________________                                color and also frame

Telephone ________________________________ Fax ___________________________                                  your text for increased
Advertising Agency: (If applicable)                               q Please invoice AD AGENCY
                                                                                                            All logos should be
Agency Name ____________________________________________________________                                    emailed in a TIFF or
Contact Name ___________________________________________________________                                    EPS format to:
Email ___________________________________________________________________                         
Address_________________________________________________________________                                    A proof of your ad
                                                                                                            will be provided prior
City, State, Zip ___________________________________________________________
                                                                                                            to printing for your
Telephone ________________________________ Fax ___________________________                                  approval.

Classified Ad Rates:                                                          Categories:

                                                                                                                                      Closing Dates
                                      Member Non-Member                       q	Business Opportunity        Employment
                                                                              q	Tower Space                 Ads Will Not Be
  First 15 Words                        $40.00             $80.00             q	Equipment Distributors      Accepted
  Each Additional Word                    $1.00              $2.00            q	Equipment Repair
                                                                              q	Equipment Accessories       Extras:
  Black & White Logo/Photo              $10.00             $20.00
                                                                              q	Equipment Wanted            q	B & W Logo
  Full Color Logo/Photo                 $20.00             $40.00             q	Equipment For Sale          q	Full Color Logo
  Outline Box                           $10.00             $20.00             q	Products & Services         q	Outline Box
                                                                              q	Publications
                                                                                                            We authorize
Text: ________________________________________________________________                                      our classified
 _______________________________________________________                                                    ad to run in

 _______________________________________________________                                                    the following
Insertion Order #: ________________________________________________                                         2008 issues:
Purchase Order #: ________________________________________________                                          q	January
When an Insertion Order # and/or Purchase Order # are supplied by the advertiser, they will appear on the
ad invoice. These numbers are not required.
                                                                                                            q	February
                                                                                                            q	March
Confirming Signature: ___________________________________________                                           q	April
Date:_________________________________________________________________                                      q	May
This classified advertising form will serve as a contract between the Advertiser and Tower Times and is     q	June
required to place an a classified ad.                                                                       q	July
                                                                                                            q	August
 q	Member
                                                                                                            q	September
                                                                                                            q	October
 q	Non-Member                                                                                               q	November

 Rate:                                                National Association of Tower Erectors                q	December
                                                    8	Second	Street	SE	•	Watertown,	SD	57201-3624
                                                  Contact: Deb Moldenhauer, Production Coordinator          q	Please run ad each
                                                           Direct Tel/Fax: 605-886-5450                        month until further
                                                            Email:                            notice.

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