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    The Oracle Applications Users Group
                                                          Banner Advertising
 3525 Piedmont Road, Building Five, Suite 300
           Atlanta, GA 30305 USA
       P 404.240.0897 F 404.240.0998
   Thank you for placing an order for advertising with OAUG. OAUG’s acceptance of your order is subject to
    your agreement with the OAUG advertising terms and conditions. You acknowledge this agreement by
    completing this form and returning it to us. All phone reservations must be confirmed by faxing this form
                to the number below. All agreements must have an authorized client signature.




Phone:                                                                 Fax:



Are you an OAUG member?                     Yes             No

Ad duration (for ad placement )       3 months        6 months         12 months Beginning date:

Ad Size:                  Full Banner

Materials:                e-mail            disk            capture from URL


Notes or Special Instructions:

Bill to (check one):                        Advertiser             Agency (please provide agency address)

Agency address:

Client Signature:                                                                     Date:

                                              Send space reservations and materials to:
                                            Cindy Force, OAUG Communications Manager
                                                   Oracle Applications Users Group
                                  3525 Piedmont Road, Building Five, Suite 300   Atlanta, GA 30305
                                       P 404.240.0897     F 404.240.0998
     The Oracle Applications Users Group
  3525 Piedmont Road, Building Five, Suite 300
                                                                     Terms &
            Atlanta, GA 30305 USA
        P 404.240.0897 F 404.240.0998                               Conditions
RATE POLICY:                                                    the advertiser. Upon such cancellation, charges for all
Rate protection for advertisers that sign full-year contracts   advertising published and all other charges payable to
is valid only through that contract year. Failure to            OAUG shall become immediately due and payable by
insert the contracted number of ads during a one-year           the advertiser.
period results in short-rating on the rate card under
which advertising was booked. OAUG reserves the right           • If OAUG is unable to arrange for publication of any
to change rates upon notice.                                    advertisement in the type or style requested, it may:
                                                                (i) arrange for publication of such other
PAYMENT:                                                        advertisement in such other type or style as in its
First-time advertisers must submit pre-payment with the         opinion most nearly corresponds thereto, and the
first insertion order to establish credit. OAUG will invoice    advertisement may be inserted without submission
advertiser for subsequent insertions pursuant to the current    of proof unless proof before insertion is requested on
rate schedule. Advertiser shall pay all invoices net            the face of the order; (ii) ask for new media; or (iii)
fifteen (15) days from date of invoice.                         take such action as in its sole discretion it shall deem
Requested changes or corrections to advertising material        • Failure by OAUG to insert advertising in any particular
must be presented in writing and received by OAUG               issue or issues invalidates the order for insertion in
within 24 hours of the materials deadline date. Any             the missed issue but shall not constitute a breach of
changes or corrections are made at OAUG’s sole discretion.      agreement.
Advertiser agrees to pay for any costs incurred as a
result of such changes or corrections.                          • OAUG may reject or omit any advertisement when
                                                                the space allocated to advertising in a particular
MISCELLANEOUS:                                                  issue for which such advertising is ordered has all
• The subject matter, form, size, wording, illustration,        been taken. OAUG may also limit the amount of
and typography of the advertising shall be subject to           space an advertiser may use in any issue.
the approval of OAUG. OAUG shall have the right to
reject or omit any advertisement which OAUG, in its             • The advertiser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless
sole discretion, considers unsuitable for any reason or         OAUG, its directors, officers, employees, agents, and
contrary to the policies of OAUG (including, but not            members for all losses, costs, damages and
limited to, recruiting advertising and advertising from         expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees,
firms whose financial or manufacturing application              arising from any claim for infringement of the rights
products directly compete with Oracle Applications).            of third parties based upon publication of the
                                                                advertising in question.
• Unless you make written objection within 10 days of
the rendering of any bill for advertising published             • Any amount due OAUG for advertising if not paid
for OAUG, such bill shall be conclusive as to the               within 30 days of the date of the bill in question
correctness of the items therein set forth and shall            shall accrue interest from such date of one and one half
constitute an account stated.                                   percent per month or the legal limit, whichever
                                                                shall be less.
• If an OAUG member has an outstanding receivable
over 60 days past due (such as an advertising                   • No terms and conditions for any advertising other
invoice), OAUG reserves the right to cancel any and             than those stated herein shall be binding on OAUG,
all space that member has reserved in any OAUG                  except with its explicit written consent.
Conference Exhibit Hall. OAUG also reserves the right
to apply any payments made to OAUG for cancelled                • OAUG shall have no responsibility or liability for any
Exhibit Hall space to the outstanding receivable. The           materials sent it by any advertiser nor for any errors
member also runs the risk of OAUG membership                    in any advertising form, size, wording, illustration,
revocation.                                                     typography, or any other matter relating to any
                                                                advertiser, including the advertiser index.
• OAUG reserves the right to cancel any advertising at
any time upon default by the advertiser in the
payment of bills or in the event of any other
substantial breach of these terms and conditions by Web Banner

Advertising on OAUG’s Web site,, will put a company’s name in front of thousands of applications and
technology buyers. The OAUG’s Web site attracts an average of 2,000,000 hits a month. The OAUG’s home page
enjoys over 225,000 page views each month; several other pages attract over 1,000 monthly page views. General
OAUG information, conference information and the Online Vendor Directory are available to all Internet users. OAUG
members may also access the Members-Only section for information on enhancements, conference papers,
membership databases and other valuable features. The OAUG accepts a limited number of banner advertisements.

Mechanical Requirements
Banner ads must be 120 pixels wide by 275 pixels high, and may be submitted in GIF (animated or single-pane),
PNG or JPEG formats. At this time we cannot display Flash movies. Ad images must be less than 25 kilobytes
(25,600 bytes) to minimize total page download weight for our users. Beginning January 2007, ad images over
25 KB in file size will not be placed into rotation, and the advertiser will be asked to provide a file under
25 KB. Animated GIF images are accepted, but high-contrast, rapidly flashing images designed to be overly
distracting are prohibited. The OAUG reserves the right to refuse to display any banner image deemed too distract-
ing. Transparency is permitted, but please be aware that the OAUG cannot guarantee the background color over
which the image will be displayed, and colors may change as the OAUG Web site is updated. Advertisers are advised
to avoid banner images with transparency where possible. Banner ad materials can be submitted via e-mail to Cindy
Force, communications manager, at

                                      Deadlines and Rotation
 Ad Size:
                                      Vertical banner ads appear in randomized rotation in the rightmost column of
 Full banner - approximately
                                      most pages on the OAUG Web site. When submitting banner ad materials,
 1.667” x 3.819” (120 x 275 px)
                                      please specify the destination URL for users clicking on the ad, and specify the
                                      alternate text (shown when there is a problem loading the image or in place of
 Materials Close:                     the image in non-graphical browsers) for the image (75-character limit).
 All banner ads must be received      Banners can be e-mailed or captured from an existing URL. Exposures and
 by the 15th of the month for         click-through rates will be provided quarterly. All space reservations must be
 placement in the following month.    confirmed in writing. Any cancellations must also be confirmed in writing.

Advertising Rates
                                                                   2008 Rates:
Listed rates are per quarter.                                                                          Member
There are no discounts for ad agencies.                            Full banner - 12 month   (standard) $6,270
                                                                   Full banner - 12 month   (animated) $9,350

                                                                   Full banner - 6 month   (standard)    $3,135
                                                                   Full banner - 6 month   (animated)    $4,675

                                                                   Full banner - 3 month   (standard)    $1,570
                                                                   Full banner - 3 month   (animated)    $2,340

                         Questions regarding web banner advertising?
                   Contact Cindy Force, OAUG communications manager,
                     at 404.240.0897 or via e-mail at

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