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          Back Acne Treatment Tips
        Back acne treatment can be such a daunting task. Back
acne forms just below the shoulders and can be caused by a
number of things. Most notably, back acne like other forms of
acne is caused when the sebaceous glands overproduce
sebum. When this happens the sebum blocks the pores on the
skin and the hair follicles. This condition allows bacteria to
thrive at that point causing acne.
        There has been some debate about what really causes
and aggravates acne, whatever form it takes, and some of
these studies say that greasy foods and too much sweat
production may not factor in acne formation, but rather in
aggravating it. Acne takes several forms depending on how it
comes about and what happens thereafter. It can be a
blackhead, whitehead, cyst, pimple or even pustule.
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        The severity of back acne usually varies from
one individual to another. While your own acne
may be mild and sporadic, someone else may have
very severe and persistent acne, and it can get very
uncomfortable dealing with this situation. This
therefore brings to light the importance of having a
skin specialist, or a dermatologist to take a look at
your back acne and provide guidance on how to rid
of it. It is never a good idea to try dealing with the
acne on your own because you might just
exacerbate the condition and make it worse.
Getting a professional to look at it is the best way to
ensure that you get the correct prescription.

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    How to Get Back Acne Treatment
        Treatment for this kind of acne can take several forms
that can be as simple as scrubs and antibacterial soaps, or as
complicated as medication and surgery. All this can be
determined by a dermatologist and specified to treat every
individual separately. One mistake that most individuals make
is using products that have been prescribed for their friends.
Everyone is different because we do not have the same skin
types, or similar levels of sebum production.
        Mild back acne treatment is much easier to deal with
and your dermatologist is likely to prescribe over the counter
remedies. Most times, this kind can be cleared out with anti
bacterial soap and benzoyl peroxide gel or cream application.
Sometimes the dermatologist will advise that you need to use
the benzoyl peroxide with an alpha hydroxy treatment to
enhance its capacity to clear out the acne.
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       Severe back acne treatment
usually takes longer and is more involving.
Your dermatologist will take a look at your
back and tell you what you need to use to
clear out the acne. Sometimes you might
need to use antibiotics, or strong topical
applications of Retin-A. Other drugs like
Accutane work wonderfully, but should
not be used if you are pregnant or plan to
conceive. Accutane is known to cause
birth defects. For some people cosmetic
surgery becomes necessary especially if
scarring has occurred. Back acne
treatment is available and you do not
have to be shy about seeking assistance.

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