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									                Online Advertising Rate and Reservation Form                                    URL:
Sponsorships Sponsorship of the JACMP is included in your Corporate Membership with the ACMP. The Sponsor list
entries will be linked to the URLs provided by the Corporate Members.

Year 2004 Banner Advertising Rates 1-Year Contract $1,000.00 per year. Banners will be rotated in a window above
and/or below the JACMP website. No more than five banner ads will be rotated in any position. Click through rates will
be tracked and reported.

Advertising Schedule and Deadlines Orders and files must be received at least five business days before the
beginning of the month requested. Banner advertising is available on an annual basis (beginning in October for the
following year) with orders and files due five business days before the beginning of the year requested.

Advertising Instructions                                Michael D. Mills, Ph.D., MSPH, Editor-in-Chief
                                                           Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics
Send checks via direct mail and files via direct mail or email to:
                                                        Department of Radiation Oncology, Suite 338
                                                                                 Brown Cancer Center
                                                                             529 South Jackson Street
                                                                                  Louisville, KY 40202
                                                                                 (502) 852-7722 voice
                                                                                 (502) 852-7725 fax
Make Checks Payable to the American College of Medical Physics         email:

                                           BILLING INFORMATION
~Advertiser                                           ~Agency (if different from Advertiser)
~Company                                              ~Company
~Address                                              ~Address
~Address                                              ~Address
~City, State, Zip                                     ~City, State, Zip
~Phone                                                ~Phone
~Fax                                                  ~Fax
~Contact                                              ~Contact
~Email                                                ~Email
~Date Ordered                                         ~Date Ordered
Cost: $1,000.00 per year | Years:              one     two    |      Total Cost: $ _________________________
Contract:      Start 01/01/04        Until 12/31/04        File Size: Full Banner Ads: 468w x 60h Pixels.
File formats: Static ads must be submitted as: GIF, JPG, PNG format. Ads can also be created using Shockwave, or
Java Applets.

File Name:______________________________                             URL Link:_____________________________
Comments: ______________________________________________________________________

Representative________________________________________                                  Thank you!
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