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									              Ashridge MBA and EMBA Programmes
                   Overview of Application Process

Thank you for your interest in the Ashridge MBA. This application form is designed to give you
the opportunity to present your case for admission to the programme in the best possible way.
Class sizes are small at Ashridge, and therefore we are interested not only in your academic
and/or professional background, but also in you as a person and what you might be able to
contribute in an environment that emphasises interaction and peer-to-peer learning.

Admissions Criteria

Admission to the Ashridge MBA is subject to your academic ability and track record of
achievement in the workplace. We also look for evidence of the following:

      Realistic and clear career goals and how an MBA fits with these.
      Your understanding of the distinctive features of the Ashridge MBA and its implication
       for you.
      Your ability to contribute in an environment that emphasises small group sizes and peer
       group learning.
      Your potentially distinctive contribution to the learning process and environment.

Academic ability

A first degree is desirable. Candidates with significant professional experience however will
also be considered.

Work experience

You should have at least five years’ work experience, although the average on both the Full-
time and Executive MBA is 12 years.

These guidelines outline the ‘usual’ minimum entry requirements. However, these should be
seen as a guide only; each case will be considered on its own merit.

The Application Process

Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

Applicants for the Full-time MBA are expected to take the GMAT and are responsible for
arranging their own tests. Ashridge usually asks applicants for the Executive MBA to take the
Ashridge admissions test as an alternative to GMAT. However, the Programme Director may
ask for GMAT in certain circumstances.


Once Ashridge has reviewed your completed application, and if the admissions team decide to
take your application further, you will be invited for an interview either in person or by video
call (Skype). The interview will be conducted by the Programme Director.

English language ability

If English is not your first language, you must provide evidence of strong English language
skills via either the TOEFL IBT (score of 100+), IELTS (minimum score of 7) or the Pearson
Test of English Academic (minimum score 60). Your spoken language skills will be assessed
during your admissions interview and in some cases, (e.g. evidence of working in English on a
daily basis) you will not be required to take one of the language tests cited above.


You are required to enclose any educational transcripts and degree certificates.


We ask that you provide two references, using the Ashridge reference form. They are an
important part of the admission process and help us to understand how other people view you
and the contribution you have made in an organisational, professional or personal context. We
require one professional reference. The second can also be a professional reference, but this is
not mandatory. You may choose to use a mentor, coach, peer or someone you work closely
with in a voluntary capacity for example.

Application fee

There is no application fee.

International applicants (Full-time programme)

International applicants (i.e. non-UK residents) should be aware that the process of securing a
visa for the United Kingdom can take up to two months to complete. As part of the visa
application process, you are required by the UK government to demonstrate that you have
sufficient funds to cover your living costs and educational expenses during your time at
Ashridge. For details of the specific requirements, you are encouraged to review the guidelines
on the UKBA website at an early stage in the admissions process:

The amounts listed below are estimates of the costs that you are likely to incur during your
studies (please note that these are estimated costs, which are reviewed annually and will vary
from person to person):

Programme fee:        £32,350
Living costs:         £10,000
Books:                £500
Total:                £42,850

To demonstrate your means of financing the MBA, we ask that you complete section 9, page 6.

Financial aid

There are a small number of bursaries available (usually £6,000 GBP) to applicants who have
been awarded admission. You must complete an essay in application for an award and
bursaries are offered on a competitive basis. Bursaries are usually awarded in the following

      Women in leadership
      Participants working in the not-for-profit sector
      Participants from emerging markets
      Armed forces leavers

Offers of admission are made on a rolling basis. There is no official deadline, although given
our commitment to small classes, we encourage people to apply early to avoid disappointment.

Acceptance Form and Deposit

Once a candidate has received a confirmed offer of admission, an acceptance form is required
to secure their place, together with a non-refundable £1000 deposit. Fee deposits are
deductible from the total fee amount payable.


Candidates should apply for admission in the year they plan to enrol. If your personal or
professional circumstances change, you can apply to defer your offer of a place by submitting
your request in writing to the Programme Director concerned.

Application checklist
To submit this application in full, you will require the following:

   Two photos (one attached, one loose)
   Copies of educational certificates and professional memberships
   Two sealed references
   Copy of GMAT score (Full-time MBA Programme only)

Please return the completed application form to:

MBA Admissions
Hertfordshire HP4 1NS
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1442 841483
Fax: +44 (0)1442 841144

What happens next?

You will be contacted within one month of receipt of your application. If we wish to take your
application further, you will be invited for an interview either face-to-face or by telephone to
explore your candidacy further.

All applications will be treated in the strictest confidence.

               Ashridge MBA and EMBA Programmes
                                Application Form

Please write your name in the box below printing your preferred first name in capitals (NOTE:
press the tab key to scroll through form fields, once you have completed each section):

      Application for full-time MBA programme starting             30 January 2012

      Application for part-time EMBA programme starting            18 September 2011

    1. Personal Information

Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Dr, other):

Family name:

Preferred first name:

Date of birth (day/month/year):

    Male        Female

Nationality:                       Marital status:

Next of kin (name,
relationship and telephone
contact details):

Languages other than English (Please indicate language and level of fluency, i.e.
basic, conversational, fluent)

    2. Contact Information

Home address:

Telephone:                                Fax:

Mobile:                                   Email:

Company name:


Telephone:                                       Fax:

Mobile:                                          Email:

   3. Correspondence

Which address would you like to use for correspondence?

   Work              Home

   4. GMAT

If you have already taken the GMAT what scores did you receive?

Total                       Verbal                        Quantitative

   5. TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Academic (English Language tests)

If you have already taken TOEFL, IELTS or PTE Academic, when did you take the test
and what scores did you receive?

   6. Residence at Ashridge (Two-year EMBA applicants only)

Do you intend to reside at Ashridge during the Programme Modules?

               Yes                   No

If yes, please indicate:         First Module only        Entire programme

   7. Finance

Please indicate how you intend to finance your studies at Ashridge (in GBP). The
total amount must cover the programme fees and living/accommodation costs as

Source of support                       Amount (GBP)         Notes (please indicate whether this
                                                             funding is in place or yet to be

Personal savings                        £

Parents or relatives                    £

Loans                                   £

Company sponsorship                     £

External bursaries/scholarships         £

Ashridge bursary                        £

Other (please explain)                  £

Total                                   £

    8. Education

Please list in reverse date order (most recent first) all institutions attended and
qualifications obtained

 Institution           Location                                  Major field of study   Title of qualification
                                            Dates attended

Please list professional qualifications:

Have you previously attended an Ashridge programme?

               Yes                No

If 'yes' please provide details:

Programme title:

Dates attended:

Please list any other management development programmes you have attended,
their providers, the duration and year completed

   9. Employment history

Total number of years’ full-time professional experience:

Number of years’ management experience:

Number of years’ international business experience:

Business experience outside home country – please list countries and period of

time spent in each country:

Name of present employer:


Main business activity:                  Industry Sector:

Turnover £                               Number of employees in organisation:

Number of people reporting directly to you:

Your present position:

From (month/year)                        To (month/year)

Starting annual salary £                 Current annual salary £

Please give a brief description of your present position and responsibilities:

   10.       Career progression

Please list all your previous positions in reverse date order (most recent first),
providing a brief description of the functions and responsibilities (continue on a
separate sheet if necessary).

Company:                                 Industry sector:

Location:                                Town:                   Country:

From (month/year)                        To (month/year)

Starting annual salary £                 Final annual salary £

Description of position and responsibilities:

Company:                                 Industry sector:

Location:                                Town:                   Country:


From (month/year)                        To (month/year)

Starting annual salary £                 Final annual salary £

Description of position and responsibilities:

Company:                                 Industry sector:

Location:                                Town:                   Country:


From (month/year)                        To (month/year)

Starting annual salary £                 Final annual salary £

Description of position and responsibilities:

   11.       About you

Please briefly explain your career goals and how they relate to your development

Outline why you have chosen to apply for the Ashridge MBA/EMBA.

Drawing on your work and life experiences, what do you think you will be able to
contribute to the Ashridge MBA?

Looking back on your career so far, what have been your significant successes and
failures? What have you learnt from these?

What do you feel are your major strengths and weaknesses? Please provide

Please outline your initial thoughts on the type of consultancy project you would like
to undertake and why?

If you have already identified a potential project sponsor, please give details:

Please list your leisure interests and any community activities:

Are you applying to any other MBA programmes? If so, please state which
institutions you are considering:

Where did you hear about the Ashridge MBA?

    12.           Effective leadership

Which leader do you most admire and why? In your view, what characteristics and
skills are required for effective leadership? Please respond in no more than 500
words. Please use a separate sheet if necessary.

    13.           Declaration

Important notice on the use of personal data

Ashridge uses and processes personal data about you (whether provided by you or obtained from third parties)
("Personal Data") in the general operation of the organisation and for other related purposes.
Ashridge is committed to responsible data processing in accordance with data protection law. This notice explains the
data processing undertaken by the School. All such data processing will be in accordance with your rights under the
Data Protection Act 1998. Personal Data may be processed by the organisation for the following purposes
(“Purposes”): including participant and alumni administration and the provision of education services; accounting
purposes; participant and alumni record-keeping; information and database administration; your health and safety
and any other reasonable purpose relating to our relationship with you both as a participant and as an alumnus. In
addition, Ashridge may make photographic, audio and video recordings for academic and/or promotional purposes.
In relation to the Purposes, Personal Data may be transferred or disclosed to a third party (for example in alumni
publications or in connection with the provision of CVs or references). Such third parties may be located worldwide. It
is therefore possible that Personal Data may be processed in countries whose data protection laws do not afford as
much protection as those in the UK and the European Union.

If you require any further information about this please contact Joy Petticrew (Lead Registry Officer) or call + 44 (0) 1442 841133

(To be read and signed by the applicant). I hereby certify that the information given
by me in this form is correct and that I will inform Ashridge immediately of any
changes to the information contained herein. I agree to be bound by the notice on
use of personal data above. Furthermore, I acknowledge that if I have provided
false information I may be withdrawn from the programme.

Signature of applicant:                                Date:

Please remember to submit two confidential references along with your application form, using
the Ashridge reference form. If you do not have a copy of this form, please request via


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