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									                                          ALGEBRA 1AB SYLLABUS
                                   CLASS REQUIREMENTS AND EXPECTATIONS

                                                                   Basic Objectives
Algebra 1 is considered a high school level course. This is a course that is required for a student to be
accepted into college and is very important in establishing the student’s math foundation. The goals of this
class are to develop proficiency with mathematical skills, to expand understanding of mathematical concepts,
to improve logical thinking, and to promote success. We will be using Algebra: Structure and Method this
year as your textbook. You will be expected to have the correct book in class, unless told differently.

                                                        Classroom Rules and Policies
Expected Materials to have everyday:                                               Expectations for Classroom Behavior
Three ring binder with paper (Spiral Binders are not                               Rules
recommended)                                                                       Follow Directions
Agenda for keeping track of homework                                               No conversations during lectures.
Pencils with erasers                                                               No yelling or swearing
Calculator(expected but not required)                                              Rewards
Attendance                                                                         Class rewards (no homework and others)
Regular attendance is important since new material                                 Positive comments in the agendas and phone calls to
will be taught every day.                                                          parents
If you are absent you are responsible for making up
all homework missed.                                                              Consequences
Homework is listed on the sideboard and should be                                 1. First offense:      Warning
made up by the following Friday.                                                  2. Second offense: Stay 1 minute after bell
Failure to make up homework will affect both letter                               3. Third offense:      Stay 1 minutes after the bell
and work habits grade.                                                            and Parent is contacted after school
Being late to class will affect both Cooperation and                              4. Fourth offense:     Send to Dean
Work Habit grades.

                                                                     Contacting Me
If you need to get in touch with me, you can call the Main Office at 818-920-2050 and I will return your call.
You can also write me a note in the agenda and I will either call you or give you a written answer. One of the
ways that worked well for some parents was to e-mail me. I am very good about answering e-mail and
parents and students find that this very convenient. My e-mail address is

                                                                         Web Site
I also have a web site at which I have a place for students to get the upcoming homework if they are absent. I
will also post grades every 5 weeks and will have example of projects that we are doing. You can also get
copies of class rules and the class project there. The site is You can also e-mail me
from that site
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 Student’s Name______________________________________________________
 Please sign and return this portion of this letter.
 I have read and understand the above and agree to follow the instructions.

______________________________________ _______ ____________________________________ ________
Student's Signature                    Date    Parent's Signature                   Date
                                       Grading and Marking Policies
 Letter Grade                                             Work Habits
 Quizzes                                                  Your Work Habits grade is based upon your
 There will be a quiz every Friday.                       Homework percentage:
 These quizzes will be worth 20% of your grade.           85% and greater is an E
 There will be no make up on quizzes. (See below)         70% to 84% is an S
 Homework                                                 69% and less is Unsatisfactory.
 There will be homework at least four times a week.       Cooperation
 These will be worth 20% of your grade.                   Your cooperation grade will be based upon
 Failure to turn in homework will result in a "U" in      classroom behavior and your ability to follow
 Work Habits and can lower your letter grade.             directions.
 Homework is to be turned in daily. If you are absent
 you are responsible for making up all homework           Grading Policy
 missed.                                                  To show mastery of the subject, students that receive
 Homework is listed on the sideboard and should be        a D or lower really need to retake Algebra 1. My
 made up by the following Friday.                         grading is set on the following scale:
 Late Homework will not be accepted more than one
 week after the due date.                                 A ........................................................ 100-90%
 There will be unit tests and a final for each semester   B ....................................................... 89.9-82%
 These will be worth 40% of your grade.                   C ....................................................... 81.9-74%
 Tests will be made up.
                                                          D ....................................................... 73.9-50%
 There will be class assignments and special projects     F ......................................................... 49.9-0%
 throughout the year.                                     Agenda
 These will be worth 20% of your grade.                   I would advise all students to use the agenda for
 Marking Policy                                           writing down their assignments. I write the
 Every 5 weeks I will throw out one homework              homework for the week on the sideboard. You may
 grade or one quiz grade. If you missed a quiz, or did    copy it down as soon as you walk in so that if you
 not turn in a homework assignment, it will not be        are absent you can already have the homework.
 counted. This is why I will not accept late              To help students keep track of how they are doing in
 homework or allow you to make up a quiz. This            class I will post the grades on a weekly basis. This
 will reward the students that come every day and         will be done with an ID that I give you and not by
 turn in all their work because I will still throw out    name. You may want to write down your grade and
 their lowest grade.                                      show it to your parents every Monday. (Parents-You
                                                          can ask for it every Monday.)
Algebra 1AB is a High School level class. Failure to achieve the required standards at the midterm or final
report cards can result in transfer out of this class to a an Algebra Readiness class..

                Mr. Worland’s Algebra 1AB Syllabus 2008

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