IIB Revisions by panniuniu


									IIB Revisions

Change ports for new FPGA
Can we replace wirewounds with through holes?                        W21 2R4 JI          RS01A2R400FE12
Bigger holes for PC104 connectors
Bigger holes for FPGA programming port
Move FPGA Programming port in so it doesn't hang off board
Spec the inductors
Change DC/DC converters in bill of materials               6-SIP!!   Use calex?
Put in extra holes for shrouded FTS connectors.
Signal Condition Sense Pin H1.27 to H2.11 - Use circuit from Nestor after checking with McBride/Curtis
Change PCB shape to match solidworks drawing (there are no cutouts for chassis lid in the current shape)
                    What we need to make Rev 1 work

                    Mount either surface mount replacement or through holes to replace wirewounds
                    Determine if we need inductors
                    Order new DC/DC converters
                    Find FPGA programming port with smaller connectors, or harness
                    Find PC104 with smaller connectors or harness

es to replace wirewounds

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