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									Tinnitus Masking

There are many tinnitus remedies that could help you obtain relief from
the steady ringing in your ears. Tinnitus masking is one such therapy and
as the title implies the sound of the tinnitus in your ears is covered
over with something else. It may sound silly to propose that yet more
noise can result in relief to perpetual buzzing in your ears. However, it
does work.

Dr. Jack Vernon carried out extensive research into tinnitus in the early
1970s. At the time, he was approached by another doctor, Dr. Charles
Uncie, for help. Dr. Uncie had suffered from a serious case of tinnitus
for many years and was at all times very conscious of the noise in his
ears. He actually became a sort of a Guinea pig for Jack Vernon. Dr.
Vernon carried out hearing tests on Dr. Uncie, the thought being to try
to match the frequency of the noise in his ears with that of an
externally created sound and progressively increase the level of this
sound until the tinnitus was covered or masked.

It was at some point after discovering the frequency of the noise in Dr.
Uncie's ears was within the 10, 000Hz range they decided to stop for
lunch. On their way to have lunch they went past a water fountain where
Dr. Uncie stopped. He was reluctant to continue as for the first time in
years he was unable to listen to the ringing in his ears. The noise of
the cascading, flowing water had effectively masked the sound in his

It was from that episode that Dr. Vernon had the idea of making a device
that will mask the sound of tinnitus and also be sufficiently small to be
worn. Nowadays, of course, there is a numerous type of devices
available, some specifically tailored for the precise problem and others
like ipods and walkmans where you can actually play repurchased white
noise in addition to using them to merely listen to music or other

Tinnitus masking doesn't succeed for everybody. Nevertheless, you can
carry out an easy check at home to find out whether it is likely to be
useful for you. All you need to do is stand next to a tap or even just in
the shower. Make certain the water is running fast and if the sound it
makes, reduces or drowns out the noise in your ears afterward it may well
be worth your while purchasing a masking device or recording you can play
from your iPod or mp3 player.

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