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Sub:   Details regarding the formation of Screening Committee

       Prior to 1980, all the schemes - commercial, residential and misc. projects were
placed before the Housing Committee under the Chairmanship of the Hon'ble L.G. This
Committee had the statutory powers to approve the plans for execution, delegated by the
       Subsequently, the Authority delegated these powers of approving and modifying
the plans and schemes to the Vice-Chairman vide resolution No.161 dt: 21.10.78. Later
during the year 1980, when Sh. V.S. Ailawadi took over as Vice-Chairman DDA, he
formulated the Screening Committee in order to execute the construction activity through
the quick process of approval of     plans through the Screening Committee.        This
committee is to help the Vice-Chairman to approve the plans and schemes.
       The Vice-Chairman, DDA was the Chairman of this Committee with the
Technical Heads from the Planning & Architecture Department as its regular members
which were as follows:-

1.     Vice-Chairman
2.     E.M.
3.     F.M.
4.     Commissioner (Lands)
5.     Commissioner (Planning)
6.     Chief Engineer
7.     Chief Architect
8.     Director (CP)
9.     Director (PPW)
10.    Director (DC&B)

       Subsequently, the representative of DESU & MCD have been added w.e.f.
       Apart from these the concerned officers in the Planning, Architecture, Lands,
Engineering and Housing Departments were also requested to attend the meeting from
time to time, as and when their advise was required. At that time, Commissioner (Plg.)
was the Secretary and Convener of this Committee.     Later on, the Chief Architect was
made the Convenor and Secretary of this Committee.                          -2-
               The main function of the Committee is to examine all the proposals
pertaining to the Housing, Commercial and other projects for approval from the technical
point of view. Planning proposals from planning deptt. (projects are also required to be
approved from the SC) and also proposals of Rohini, Dwarka, Narela and all Landscape
proposals are also being processed by this Committee.         Since the experts from various
fields who are associated with the planning & construction are members of this
committee as such it is considered that once the plans are approved from this Committee,
they are considered suitable for execution at site.
       The Screening Committee is organised by Chief Architect with the help of
Architect (Co-ordn.).      The agenda are prepared by the department concerned and
distributed in advance by the Architect (Co-ordn.).         All the layout plans, designs &
details, residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, landscape, horticulture &
engineering etc. prepared as per the land use are discussed in the Committee.            The
Minutes are drawn up and sent to the VC for approval through E.M.. The current
procedure for authentication of the Projects was approved in the 234h Screening
Committee meeting enclosed as Annexure "A".           This is a vital and important Committee
which meets about once a month on a fixed day depending on the agenda items to be
discussed. Occasionally depending upon the urgency and accumulation of cases , it is
held at shorter intervals also. So far, over the years 247 Screening Committee meetings
have been held.

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