Special Education Student Profile & IEP Information by 0A65RW0U


									                     WRCS ~ Office of Special Education ~ Student Profile & Accommodations and Modifications List
    The indicated accommodations and/or modifications are needed for this student based on his/her IEP report to help him/her participate in the general education
     curriculum/environment. The Special Education Case-Manager will collaborate with all general education teachers regarding the identified items on this list.

Student Name:                                                                       Date of this report:                       IEP date:

IEP Case-manager:                                                     ext.#               IEP Eligibility _____________________ Student #______________

Student Strengths:

Students Needs:

                             Reading Level:                      Math Level:                         Written Language:

Communication Issues:                                  Behavioral Issues:                                       Other Relevant Issues:

         Self-Management & Pacing                                         Environment                                              Assignments

                           Testing Adaptations                                                             Presentation of Subject Matter

Attached are copies of IEP goals for this student. Special Education case-manager will meet with all general education teachers to review goals and this sheet.
                           (This is to be copied for all general education teachers who are responsible for the student’s education)
                                                                                                                                                  studentprofile – iep 12-07

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