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COPPA /branches/grid-deserial/documents/certification_and_accreditation

Application Organization Personnel
               All                                      Activity
               trunk                                    Revisions
                                                         Users
      T                                                Reports
       r                                                 Source
       e                                              

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       o 1.0.x/
       o 3.2.x-code/
       o 3.3.x-code/                                     Show all details
       o 3.4.x-code/
       o 3.5.x-code/
       o 3.6.0-code/
       o 3.6.1.x-code/
       o 3.6.x-code/
                                                   ns LaterRevisionsLatestRevisio
       o ESD-219/
       o ESD-219b/
                                                   Constraints Constraints:
       o ESD-219c/
       o ESD-233/
       o PO-1110/
       o PO-1115/
       o PO-1199/                                  Log Comment:
       o PO-1264/
       o PO-1290/                                  Constraints: files
       o PO-1363/                                  File Extension:
       o PO-1494-pa-grid/
       o PO-1495/
                                                   File Name:
       o PO-1500/
       o PO-1501/
       o PO-1501-CGMM-code/                        Constraints: dates
       o PO-1605/                                  Start Date:
       o PO-1627-code/                                           Start Date:
       o PO-1629-code/                             End Date:
       o PO-1925_OrganizationMerging/
       o PO-1972/                                                End Date:
       o PO-1992-code/
       o PO-2005/                                           Apply
       o PO-2023/                                     
       o PO-2188-PAAudit/
                                                   1 revision
       o PO-2212/
       o PO-2489-
                                                   ns LaterRevisionsLatestRevisio
       o PO-2537_FamilySearch/
       o PO-2575/
       o PO-2582/
       o PO-2629/
       o PO-2731-PAAudit/
       o PO-2749/
o   PO-2756/
o   PO-2874_OrgRollUp/
o   PO-2895/
o   PO-2922/
o   PO-3042/
o   PO-3042.old/
o   PO-3050_ViewerOrgRollUp/
o   PO-3061_SwitchToCBIITNexus/
o   PO-3061_SwitchToCBIITNexus_2/
o   PO-3071/
o   PO-3073/
o   PO-3218-code/
o   PO-3247/
o   PO-3408/
o   PO-3429/
o   PO-3484_RefactorPOCreateUpdate/
o   PO-3518/
o   PO-3522/
o   PO-3536/
o   PO-3583/
o   PO-3588/
o   PO-3591/
o   PO-3760/
o   PO-3761_AccrualPatientCount/
o   PO-3761_AccrualPatientCount2/
o   PO-3795/
o   PO-3796/
o   PO-3811/
o   PO-3816/
o   PO-3841_RemoveViewerReports/
o   PO-3853_InvalidStateException/
o   PO-3896_FixPACi/
o   PO-3927/
o   PO-3936_CTEP11g/
o   PO-3951/
o   PO-396/
o   PO-3981_CTEP11g/
o   PO-4002/
o   PO-4105_UpdatePOtoCbiitNexus/
o   PO-4130_SearchByZipcodeRadius/
o   PO-4155_SearchByZipcodeRadius/
o   PO-4205/
o   PO-4235_DynamicAdHocReportUI/
o   PO-4264_MergeCBIITNexusToTrunk/
o   PO-4288/
o   PO-4288-PDQ/
o   PO-4313/
o   PO-4374_SearchByInterventionsUI/
o   PO-4374_SearchByInterventionsUI_2/
o   PO-893/
o   PO-917/
o   PO1859/
o   PO1882/
o   PODS-SS/
o   adhocperf/
o   aevansel-PO-1486/
o   aevansel-PO-1486-2/
o   aevansel-PO-1486-po-grid/
o   bda-15-upgrade-code/
o   bda-upgrade/
o   bda-upgrade-1.x-code/
o   checkstyle5-code/
o   cludet-PO-1328-code/
o   coppa-commons-1.2.x-code/
o   ctep-import-work/
o   deliverables-29XS218-ST03/
o   esd-232/
o   gannk/
o   gaxzero/
o   grid-deserial/
         code/
         deliverables/
         documents/
                analysis_and_design/
                business_modeling/
                certification_and_accre
                        Application
                        COPPA (prod)
                        COPPA (test)
                        COPPA
                        COPPA
                       COPPA_ACCO
                 config_change_manage
                 deployment/
                 environment/
                 implementation/
                 project_management/
                 requirements/
                 test/
         tools/
o   grid-security-code/
o   hugh/
o   iso-datatypes-1.2.x/
o   jndi-changes/
o   kk-gforge-26630/
o   kk-work-branch-code/
o   max-save/
o   moweis-PO-2263/
o   moweis-PO-2263-2/
o   mshestopalov-PO-1241/
o   mvisee/
o   pa-2.2.x/
o   pa-2.2rc3-code.1/
o   pa-3.1.x/
o   pa-3.1.x-code/
o   pa-3.1.x-track1/
o   pa-3.1.x-track2/
o   pa-3.2.x-code/
o   pa-3.2.x-code-hugh-kalp/
o   pa-3.3.1.x-code/
o   pa-3.4.x-code/
o   pa-bda-upgrade-1.x-code/
o   pa-grid-rename-service/
o   pa-grid-trial-reg/
o   pdq-xml-gen-bean/
o   po-1.2.x/
o   po-1307-maven3-code/
o   po-1420/
o   po-1537-code/
       o    po-1781/
       o    po-1799-tooltips-poc/
       o    po-1908/
       o    po-1936-max-code/
       o    po-2.1.x-code/
       o    po-2448-prototype-summ4/
       o    po-2448-prototype-summ4-2/
       o    po-2448-summ4-report/
       o    po-2489-code/
       o    po-2586-code/
       o    po-3.0.x-code/
       o    po-3.1.x-code/
       o    po-3110-code/
       o    po-3409/
       o    po-3552/
       o    po-3930/
       o    po-595/
       o    po-anatomic-site-code/
       o    po-grid-1329/
       o    release_2/
       o    search-pullup/
       o    slustbader-PO-1098/
       o    slustbader-PO-901/
       o    slustbader-pa-grid-code/
       o    slustbader-po-917/
       o    smatyas-accrual/
       o    smatyas-outcomes-grid/
       o    smatyas-po-534/
       o    smiller-po-483-work/
       o    summ4-viewer-save/
       o    tparnell/
       o    vrushali-26510_Partial_Save-code/
       o    vrushali-Partial_Save_Prop_Trial-
   pa-3.1-test/
       o accrual/
       o build-pa/
       o build-po/
       o coppa-commons/
       o iso-datatypes/
       o pa/
       o pa-grid/
       o pa-grid-legacy/
       o po/
       o po-grid/
       o po-grid-legacy/
       o    reg-web/
       o    tests/
       o    viewer/
   tags/
       o    ESD-219/
       o    PO-2895/
       o    PO-2920/
       o    PODS-SS-FeatureComplete/
       o    PODS-SS-MOD1/
       o    coppa-commons-1.2.4/
       o    coppa-commons-1.2.5/
       o    coppa-commons-1.2.6/
       o    coppa-commons-1.3.0/
       o    coppa-commons-1.3.1/
       o    coppa-commons-1.3.2/
       o    coppa-commons-1.3.3/
       o    coppa-commons-1.3.4/
       o    coppa-commons-1.3.5/
       o    coppa-commons-1.3.6/
       o    coppa-commons-1.3.7/
       o    coppa-commons-1.3.8/
       o    iso-datatypes-1.2.5/
       o    iso-datatypes-1.2.6/
       o    pa-2.2rc4-code/
       o    pa-3.0.0m2-code/
       o    pa-3.0.0m3-code/
       o    pa-3.0.0m4-code/
       o    pa-3.0.0m4.1-code/
       o    pa-3.0.0m4.2-code/
       o    pa-3.0.0m5-code/
       o    pa-3.0.0m6-code/
       o    pa-3.0.0m7-code/
       o    pa-3.0.0rc1/
       o    pa-3.0.0rc2/
       o    pa-3.0.0rc3/
       o    pa-3.0.0rc4/
       o    pa-3.0.0temp/
       o    pa-3.1.0-code/
       o    pa-3.1.0-test7501/
       o    pa-3.1.0m1-code/
       o    pa-3.1.0m2-code/
       o    pa-3.1.0m3-code/
       o    pa-3.1.0rc1-code/
       o    pa-3.1.0rc2-code/
       o    pa-3.1.0rc3-code/
       o    pa-3.1.0rc4-code/
o   pa-3.1.0rc5-code/
o   pa-3.1.0rc6-code/
o   pa-3.1.0rc6.1-code/
o   pa-3.1.0rc7-code/
o   pa-3.1.0rc8-code/
o   pa-3.1.0rc9-code/
o   pa-3.1.1/
o   pa-3.1.1-patch1-code/
o   pa-3.1.1-patch2-code/
o   pa-3.1.1-patch3-code/
o   pa-3.1.1-patch3-tmp-code/
o   pa-3.1.2-code/
o   pa-3.1.2rc1-code/
o   pa-3.1.2rc2-code/
o   pa-3.1.2rc3-code/
o   pa-3.2.0-code/
o   pa-3.2.0m1-code/
o   pa-3.2.0m10-code/
o   pa-3.2.0m11-code/
o   pa-3.2.0m2-code/
o   pa-3.2.0m3-code/
o   pa-3.2.0m9-code/
o   pa-3.2.0rc1-code/
o   pa-3.2.0rc1.5-code/
o   pa-3.2.0rc2-code/
o   pa-3.2.0rc3-code/
o   pa-3.2.0rc4-code/
o   pa-3.2.0rc5-code/
o   pa-3.2.0rc6-code/
o   pa-3.2.0rc7-code/
o   pa-3.2.0rc8-code/
o   pa-3.2.0rc9-code/
o   pa-3.2.x-code-8570/
o   pa-3.2.x-code-8577/
o   pa-3.2.x-code-8579/
o   pa-3.2.x-code-8588/
o   pa-3.2.x-code-8591/
o   pa-3.2.x-code-8592/
o   pa-3.2.x-code-8655/
o   pa-3.2.x-code-test/
o   pa-3.2.x-code-test2/
o   pa-3.2.x-code-test3/
o   pa-3.2.x-code-test4/
o   pa-3.3.0-code/
o   pa-3.3.0RC1-code/
o   pa-3.3.0m1-code/
o   pa-3.3.0m2-code/
o   pa-3.3.0m3-code/
o   pa-3.3.0m4-code/
o   pa-3.3.0m5-code/
o   pa-3.3.0m5.1-code/
o   pa-3.3.0m5.2-code/
o   pa-3.3.0m6-code/
o   pa-3.3.0m7-code/
o   pa-3.3.0rc1-code/
o   pa-3.3.0rc10-code/
o   pa-3.3.0rc11-code/
o   pa-3.3.0rc2-code/
o   pa-3.3.0rc3-code/
o   pa-3.3.0rc4-code/
o   pa-3.3.0rc5-code/
o   pa-3.3.0rc6-code/
o   pa-3.3.0rc7-code/
o   pa-3.3.0rc8-code/
o   pa-3.3.0rc9-code/
o   pa-3.3.1-code/
o   pa-3.3.1m4-code/
o   pa-3.3.1rc1-code/
o   pa-3.3.1rc2-code/
o   pa-3.3.1rc3-code/
o   pa-3.3.1rc4-code/
o   pa-3.3.1rc5-code/
o   pa-3.3.1rc6-code/
o   pa-3.3.1rc7-code/
o   pa-3.4.0-code/
o   pa-3.4.0m1-code/
o   pa-3.4.0m2-code/
o   pa-3.4.0m3-code/
o   pa-3.4.0m5-code/
o   pa-3.4.0m7-code/
o   pa-3.4.0m8-code/
o   pa-3.4.0rc1-code/
o   pa-3.4.0rc2-code/
o   pa-3.4.0rc3-code/
o   pa-3.4.0rc4-code/
o   pa-3.4.0rc5-code/
o   pa-3.4M6-code/
o   pa-3.5.0-code/
o   pa-3.5.0m1-code/
o   pa-3.5.0m2-code/
o   pa-3.5.0m3-2-code/
o   pa-3.5.0m3-code/
o   pa-3.5.0m4-code/
o   pa-3.5.0rc1-code/
o   pa-3.5.0rc2-code/
o   pa-3.5.0rc3-code/
o   pa-3.5.0rc4-code/
o   pa-3.5.0rc5-code/
o   pa-3.6.0-code/
o   pa-3.6.0m1-code/
o   pa-3.6.0m2-code/
o   pa-3.6.0m3-code/
o   pa-3.6.0rc1-code/
o   pa-3.6.0rc2-code/
o   pa-3.6.0rc3-code/
o   pa-3.6.0rc4-code/
o   pa-3.6.0rc5-code/
o   pa-3.6.0rc6-code/
o   pa-3.6.1m1-code/
o   pa-3.6.1m2-code/
o   pa-3.6.1rc1-code/
o   pa-3.6.1rc2-code/
o   pa-3.6.1rc3-code/
o   pa-3.6.1rc4-code/
o   pa-3.6.1rc5-code/
o   pa-3.6.1rc6-code/
o   pa-3.6.1rc7-code/
o   pa-3.6.1rc8-code/
o   pa-3.7.0m1-code/
o   pa-3.7.0m2-code/
o   pa-3.7.0m3-code/
o   pa-3.7.0m4-code/
o   pa-3.7.0rc1-code/
o   pa-3.7.0rc2-code/
o   pa-po-3.2.0m9-code/
o   po-3.0.0-code/
o   po-3.0.0m2-code/
o   po-3.0.0m3-code/
o   po-3.0.0rc1-code/
o   po-3.0.0rc2-code/
o   po-3.0.0rc3-code/
o   po-3.0.0rc4-code/
o   po-3.0.0rc5-code/
o   po-3.0.0rc6-code/
o   po-3.0.0rc7-code/
o   po-3.1.0-code/
o   po-3.1.0m1-code/
o   po-3.1.0m2-code/
o   po-3.1.0rc1-code/
o   po-3.1.0rc2-code/
o   po-3.1.0rc3-code/
o   po-3.1.0rc4-code/
o   po-3.2.0-code/
o   po-3.2.0m1-code/
o   po-3.2.0m10-code/
o   po-3.2.0m11-code/
o   po-3.2.0m3-code/
o   po-3.2.0m4-code/
o   po-3.2.0m5-code/
o   po-3.2.0m6-code/
o   po-3.2.0m7-code/
o   po-3.2.0m8-code/
o   po-3.2.0m9-code/
o   po-3.2.0rc1-code/
o   po-3.2.0rc2-code/
o   po-3.2.0rc6-code/
o   po-3.3.0-code/
o   po-3.3.0m1-code/
o   po-3.3.0m2-code/
o   po-3.3.0m3-code/
o   po-3.3.0m4-code/
o   po-3.3.0m5-code/
o   po-3.3.0m6-code/
o   po-3.3.0m7-code/
o   po-3.3.0rc1-code/
o   po-3.3.0rc2-code/
o   po-3.3.0rc3-code/
o   po-3.3.0rc4-code/
o   po-3.3.0rc5-code/
o   po-3.3.0rc6-code/
o   po-3.3.0rc9-code/
o   po-3.3.1-code/
o   po-3.3.1m4-code/
o   po-3.3.1rc1-code/
o   po-3.3.1rc2-code/
o   po-3.3.1rc7-code/
o   po-3.4.0-code/
o   po-3.4.0m1-code/
o   po-3.4.0m2-code/
o   po-3.4.0m3-code/
o   po-3.4.0m5-code/
o   po-3.4.0m6-code/
o   po-3.4.0m7-code/
o   po-3.4.0m8-code/
                 o   po-3.4.0rc1-code/
                 o   po-3.4.0rc2-code/
                 o   po-3.4.0rc3-code/
                 o   po-3.4.0rc4-code/
                 o   po-3.4.0rc5-code/
                 o   po-3.5.0-code/
                 o   po-3.5.0m1-code/
                 o   po-3.5.0m2-code/
                 o   po-3.5.0m3-2-code/
                 o   po-3.5.0m3-code/
                 o   po-3.5.0m4-code/
                 o   po-3.5.0rc1-code/
                 o   po-3.5.0rc2-code/
                 o   po-3.5.0rc3-code/
                 o   po-3.5.1-code/
                 o   po-3.6.0-code/
                 o   po-3.6.0m1-code/
                 o   po-3.6.0m2-code/
                 o   po-3.6.0m3-code/
                 o   po-3.6.0rc1-code/
                 o   po-3.6.0rc2-code/
                 o   po-3.6.0rc3-code/
                 o   po-3.6.1-code/
                 o   po-3.6.1m1-code/
                 o   po-3.6.1m2-code/
                 o   po-3.6.1rc1-code/
                 o   po-3.6.1rc2-code/
                 o   po-3.6.1rc4-code/
                 o   po-3.7.0m1-code/
                 o   po-3.7.0m2-code/
                 o   po-3.7.0m3-code/
                 o   po-3.7.0m4-code/
                 o   po-3.7.0rc1-code/
                 o   po-3.7.0rc2-code/
                 o   smatyas-pa-3.1.2-test1/
                 o   smatyas-pa-3.1.2-test2/
                 o   smatyas-pa-3.1.2-test3/
             trunk/
             vrushali-26510_Partial_Save-code/

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