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									Title: The Host
Author: Stephenie Meyer
Pub. Date: 2008
Pages: 619 p.
Genre: Sci-Fi
Geog. Setting: Desert in Arizona (in a system of hidden caves)
Time period: Current day or a few years in the future

Plot Summary: Aliens have taken over the earth and, like parasites, have taken over the human
race. Alien “souls” implant themselves into human bodies and take over the body until the
former inhabitant is pushed so far back into the recesses of existence that they cease to exist.
This new earth is a utopia where there is no violence, no money, no illness, and everyone is
happy and perfect in their new existence. There are resistors, however, and Melanie is one of
them. In her effort to find more family members she believes are still human, Melanie is
captured and a soul is inserted into her body. This new person, now called Wanderer, is an
experienced soul who has inhabited many different forms on many different planets. Melanie
will not be taken over easily, though. Wanderer finds that the more she coexists with Melanie,
the more she shies away from her new society. She only eventually wants one thing: to find
Melanie’s younger brother Jaime and the love of Melanie’s life Jared, a fellow resistor she was
with before she was captured. This leads Wanderer to a remote spot in the Arizona desert, where
she discovers a band of rebels and more importantly Jaime and Jared. Renamed, Wanda, the
soul fears for her life from the band of human resistors who hate her at first. However, they
allow her to live so that they can learn from her. Wanda in a constant state of fear, struggles with
her identity, her loyalty to her alien race versus her strong emotional love for Jaime and Jared,
and eventually her strong emotional ties to the band of human resistors.

Subject Headings: Science Fiction, Aliens, Alien invasion, Romance, Survival, Parasites,
Desert, Desert Survival

Appeal: slowly unveiled characters, deliberate description, internal dialogue, engrossing,
unhurried leisurely paced, detailed, dramatic, intriguing, introspective, well-developed, interior,
psychological storyline, character-centered, strong secondary characters, resolved ending,

Three Words That Describe This Book: aliens, psychological, character-centered

Similar Authors Fiction: Michael Crichton’s Andromeda Strain (Arizona setting, a deadly virus
outbreak is linked to alien life forms), Scott Sigler’s Infected (Humans are infected by aliens that
cause them to become homicidal maniacs, and a CIA agent must find out how to stop it), M.T.
Anderson’s Feed (Humans endure a kind of mind control via a media feed, intense introspective
character who has to deal with the loss of the feed, a relationship in extreme circumstances)

Similar Authors Nonfiction: Jim Marrs’ Alien Agenda: investigating the extraterrestrial
presence among us, Mark Johnson’s The Ultimate Desert Handbook: a manual for desert hikers,
campers, and travelers, Travis S. Traylor, Bob Boan, R.C. Anding, and T. Conley Powell’s An
Introduction to Planetary Defense: a study of modern warfare applied to extra-terrestrial

Name: Colleen Seisser

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