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									      ILLEGAL DRUGS
            -Drug Abuse-
The intentional improper use or unsafe
             use of a drug.

 Drugs that are used for recreational
    purposes are drug of abuse.

Many drugs of Abuse are Illegal Drugs
• Illegal drugs are dangerous for the following reasons
    – They can have dangerous and permanent effects on the brain or body
    – You can become addicted to almost all illegal drugs
    – Illegal drugs are main factors in suicides, motor vehicle crashes, and
    – Illegal drugs that use needles there is the risk of catching infectious
      diseases such a HEP B, and HIV
    – Illegal drug abuse can lead to overdoses.
        • Overdose – is the taking of too much of a drug that causes sickness, loss of
            consciousness, permanent health damage, or even death
    – Illegal drugs can lead a person to make irresponsible decisions
        •   Risky sexual behavior
        •   Sexually transmitted diseases
        •   Car accidents
        •   Other unsafe situations
Why oh Why Illegal Drugs?

• Desire to experiment
• Desire to escape from depression or
• Enjoyment of risk-taking behaviors
• Belief that drugs solve personal, social, or
  medical problems
• Peer pressure
• Glamorization of drug use by media
Teens and Drugs
• Teens face challenges during adolescence
• These challenges can make adolescence a very stressful
  time and can put teens at greater risk for abusing illegal
• Common teen reasons for trying illegal drugs
   – Peer pressure from a surrounding group of people
   – Teens lack refusal skills to say “NO”
   – Teens see drugs as a way to escape from depression,
     frustration, anger, stress. Real problem is that the problem will
     still exist and now they have a drug use problem as well
   – Teens try drugs out of curiosity
   – Teens try drugs because they are natural risk takers

• Unfortunately teens have a higher risk of
 addiction than adults do!
  – Brain still developing
  – Drug use or abuse reverses the effects of the
    function of the brain
  – Altering brain development with drug use can
    result in a lifetime of struggle to overcome
Types Of Illegal Drugs

• There are many types of illegal drugs but
 they all have 3 things in common:

  – They affect the function of the brain
  – They are dangerous to your health
  – They can result in drug dependence and
Illegal Drug Unit Presentation

• Handout The Directions Sheet
  – Groups need to be made
  – Drugs need to be assigned or chosen
  – Requirements of the project need to be
  – Grading rubric needs to be discussed so that
    all parts of the project are complete!
  – Left over time, groups can discuss their topic

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