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									The Golden Gate Austin Healey Club Inc.                                        Sunnyvale CA

                                               Golden Gate
VOLUME 9, NUMBER 6-7                                                              JUNE/JULY 2007

 In this issue:
                           OpenRoads British Car Show
 OpenRoads2007. 1
 Rally…………….1              at Tahoe June 8-10 2007
 Editor’s Page…...2

 HEALEY EVENT               Lucas-Marelli Rally                  Registration form is on
 SCHEDULE….....4           By
 Thunderhill Re-           Don Reichel
                                                                 page 10 of this issue and
 port……….……..6             Los Gatos                             on the club web site
 PC Dream Ma-
 chines…………...8            WHEN: June 23
                           WHERE: Santa Cruz Mountains           Golden Gate Austin Healey Club
 OpenRoads Regis-          START: Osos Café Los Gatos
 tration form …..10                                              will host the annual OpenRoads
                           After many years of owning both       Weekend for owners and enthu-
 President                 British cars and Italian cars         siasts of Healeys and all other
 David Nock
                           (Austin Healey for 35+ years and
                                                                 British cars at the Horizon Ca-
 Healeydoc@sbcglobal,net   Alfa Romeos for 10+ years), I
                           decided to do some research           sino and Resort at Stateline NV
 VP Editor/Membership
 John Trifari              into the background of both of        (Lake Tahoe South Shore) from
                           the companies who supplied the        Friday June 8 to Sunday June
                           electrical components for our
 VP/Counsel and            cars.                                 10, 2007. Make your reserva-
 Lee Bardellini                                                  tions now!
 510-582-6246                       Many British car owners
                           know Lucas as the “Heart of
 VP/Events                 Darkness”, due to their legen-                The meet will be open to
 Tracy Drummond
 408-776-0133              dary electrical parts. But few Alfa   all British cars. It will kick off     owners know that Lucas parts          with on Friday June 8, 2007
                           made their way into a number of
 VP Treasurer
 Loren Cross               Italian cars some of them being       with check-in and evening recep-
                                         Continued on Page 7                 Continued on Page 9

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                             June/July 2007                   Page 1
Editor’s Page and Club News                ADVERTISING RATES
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the bad news: estimates place the               Valley Editor   Cyndy Nesheim
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additional $6000 per year. The good             Production:     George Henke
news, that comes to something like
$2.00 per AHCA member. This issue is       Golden Gate Healey Happenings is the official publication of the
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certain to come up at the annual AHCA      fit of its members. Material which appears in Golden Gate Healey
                                           Happenings represents the opinion(s) of the author(s) and does
Delegates’ Meeting in November, and if     not express the position(s) of the Golden Gate Austin Healey Club
                                           Inc. unless specifically noted. We do our best to insure accuracy,
      Continued on next page               but cannot be held responsible for omissions or errors.

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                 June/July 2007                                     Page 2
Editor’s Page—continued

anyyone has some
thoughts on the mat-
ter, please let me
(your AHCA Dele-
gate) know.

       Also to come
on the agenda of the
Delegates’ Meeting is
a raise in AHCA
dues. Right now they
are $40 per year and
that gets you the
club magazine
(Healey Marque), and
the club national
                                             Out in the Nevada High Desert off Route 50 there
membership directory, plus national in-
                                             is a tree that ‘s something of a local sight. People
dispensable support from the national        take their old sneakers, ties them together and
club. A raise in membership dues (not        throw them up over the branches. Those aren’t
necessarily a refection of whether or        clumps of leaves on this tree—they’re several
                                             hundred pairs of used sneakers. Steve Cloyes
not the magazine should be bagged in         posed his BN4 by the tree during his trip to North
plastic) came up at last year’s Delegates’   Carolina for the 2005 Conclave.
meet and was defeated. I expect, how-
ever, that it will come up again. I per-     GED (along with English) and the open-
sonally am against a membership in-          ing day of classes and the opening re-
crease. However, I would appreciate          ception at Conclave are both scheduled
hearing form all of you on this issue        for the same day despite my repeated
also. Please send your comments to me        attempts to get my school to push their
at Thanks.             start date back a month or two. Some
                                             people are just plain inconsiderate.
      Looks like I won’t be able to take     Rendezvous in WA still looks like a “go”,
the big drive back to Conclave in Ver-       but a drive to Richland WA just won’t
mont this year. I’ve started teaching        be quite the same as driving across the

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                   June/July 2007                        Page 3
Golden Gate 2007                                July 16-20 2007—Rendezvous 2007: Shilo
Event Schedule                                  Inn, Richland WA. Event hosted by the
                                                Cascade Austin Healey Club. Go to
The following events have been scheduled for
2007. If you wish to have an event listed,      html.
contact Tracy Drummond at 408-776-0133
or at Events are on      July 22—Central Coast British Car Club An-
Sundays unless specified.                       nual Show at the Channel Islands Harbor,
                                                Oxnard CA. $25.00 For additional informa-
                                                tion contact Don Greene 805-652-0330 or
June 8 (Friday) to June 10
                                      , C. Darryl Struth, 805-
(Sunday) —OpenRoads 2007 weekend                644-6211, or Gary Rice 805-644-3290 or
at Tahoe. Registration now open. For  
registration form go to the club web
site at              July 31-August 8--Hot August Nights:
                                                Classic car show held in Reno NV. Go to
Registration form also on page 10.
                                       for more info. If
                                                you plan to be at the event or if you’re
Saturday, June 23--Lucas/Morelli tour of
                                                anywhere in the Tahoe area this week,
the Peninsula back roads with local Alfa and
                                                make your hotel reservations NOW.
Morgan clubs. Contact Don Reichel at
                                                August 11-19—Race week at Laguna Seca.
                                                For all information on Race Week at Laguna
June 24, Palo Alto Concours--Contact Tracy
                                                Seca and associated events, Contact Tracy
Drummond at 408-776-0133 or at
                                                Drummond at 408-776-0133 or at for more information.

June 24-29 2007—Conclave Burlington VT.
                                                       August 11-12--Day at the Races
Event hosted by the New England Region of
                                                              Watch the Pre-Historics.
the Austin Healey Club of America. Go to
                                                       August 14—Special Healey Display. for registration info, event
                                                       August 15-16—Concours in Carmel.
schedule and details concerning the meet.
                                                       August 17-19—Monterey Historics.

Saturday, July 7:    Route 1 Tour—Tour
                                                August 17 (Friday)—Pacific Grove Concours
starts in Half Moon Bay. Contact Roger
                                                and Rally. Car show and tour of 17-Mile
Swales at
                                                Drive. $65 drive only; $80 drive and din-
                                                ner. For more info call 831-373-6585.
Wednesday July 11 to Monday July 15--
Pre-tour of California, Oregon and Washing-
                                                August 25-26—Passes Tour. Drive across
ton prior to Rendezvous 2007 in Richland
                                                the Sierras in your Healey. Contact Dave
WA. Registration fee for tour goes to char-
                                                Nock at 209-924-1562 or at
ity. Join in the whole tour or just drive a
segment. Details to come in club newsletter.

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                    June/July 2007                   Page 4
August 26—Annual Ice Cream Social. Con-      Saturday November 3—Santa Cruz Moun-
tact Len Hartnett at 707-448-3027 or at      tains tour. Details to come.

September 9—
Palo Alto car
Show. Tour the
day before.
Details to come.

Saturday Sep-
tember 22—
Ironstone Con-
cours. Beautiful
show in great
setting. Details
to come. Con-
tact Dave Nock
at 209-924-
1562 or at

Saturday Sep-
tember 29—
Mystery Poker
Tour. Contact
Dave Nock at
or at healey-

Saturday Octo-
ber 13—Tour Castle Air Force Base and Mu-    December 2—Annual Holiday party and Club
seum. Contact Dave Nock at 209-924-1562      meeting. Details to come.
or at
                                             For Healey Events Nationwide, go
October 21—Autumn Classic, San Juan Bauti-
                                             to the the Austin Healey Club of
sta. Always a large Healey turnout. Don’t
miss it. Saturday tour and dinner.
                                             America at
Info: Bill Meade at   AHCA/ahcaevnt.htm.

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                 June/July 2007                 Page 5
Thunderhill Report                                one common thread throughout. The G4 and
                                                  its derivatives have been with us now for
                                                  over forty years.” (See http://www.
Loren Parks
Chico CA
                                                           Unlike my previous visits to Thun-
The Thunderhill Park Raceway near Willows,        derhill, this time an Austin Healey was
CA was host to the “Rolling Thunder”
weekend sponsored by the Classic
Sports Racing Group (CSRG) on
May 18 - 21. As I approached the
Raceway at noon on Sunday I no-
ticed numerous cars being trailered
out before the afternoon races, which
is typical of this three-day event. Ve-
hicle attrition and the need to get
home Sunday evening take their toll.
Participation in the seven afternoon
races averaged about 60% of the
cars listed so, if you have a choice,
Saturday is better for viewing.

         The F1 race included 11 cars
dating from 1968 – 1979. Except for
McClaren, most of the cars bear names which       John Shirley of Sonoma brought the only
have faded into historyùMarch, Wolf, Tyrell,      Haley to the race—a 100 LeMans set up for
Shadow, Ensign, McRae, Brabham, Lola, and         racing.
Gurney Eagle. A 1976 March ran away with
the race. The speed and noise were sufficient    racedùa 100-4 Le Mans owned and driven
to get oneøs automotive adrenalin going for the  by John Shirley of Sonoma. He acquired the
afternoon, not to mention two spinouts on the    car in 2005. This car is set up strictly for
first lap.                                       racing, and has been on the West Coast cir-
                                                 cuit for some years now. John didnøt know
        Among the highlights of the seven races about the Golden Gate Austin Healey Club,
was the Group 2 race for production cars in      but he does now.
which a 1967 Alfa GTV beat three 1960-era
Corvettes. Afterward the driver told me that              All in all it was a pleasant afternoon
the Corvettes had plenty of power but struggled at Thunderhill. The weather was superb, the
on curves. The only total accident of the after- competition was spirited, and the ambience
noon occurred during this race when a 1964       was mellow. The only announcements over
Ginetta G4R lost a wheel and spun to a stop on the PA system were calls for the next race
the edge of the track. Since I had never heard group to assemble on the pad, plus an occa-
of a Ginetta, I looked it up on the internet. It sional safety announcement. If you want to
was immediately obvious that the Ginetta is      know who won each class you must keep
British because the description includes the     track of the cars yourself or go to the office
word “whilst.” It goes like this: “Whilst the    and inquire.
Ginetta name has adorned a great variety of               See the CSRG racing schedule at
cars of different shapes and sizes, there is

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                       June/July 2007                     Page 6
Lucas-Marelli Rally—continued                       arrangements.

the Alfa Romeos of the 1950s.                       During our drive we will be stopping for lunch
                                                    on the coast and the cost will be approxi-
        Now as for the wonderful Marelli igni-      mately $15.00 per person.
tion systems that appeared also in the 1950s
and continued on into the 1980s. I personally       Contact information for the event is the follow-
believe after close inspection that some of         ing; Don Reichel at home at 408-354-2222 or
the parts were surreptitiously copied by            at
Marelli from Lucas. Furthermore, for us poor
souls who are un-
aware of these facts,
we do not know who
to blame when we
do have electrical
problems with our

         Well, I am
here to tell you ac-
cording to legend,
there was a conspir-
acy between the two
as they loved to play
dirty jokes on one
another when they
were roommates at
the University and this behavior continued on
into their professional lives. So in recognition
of this dirty trick, I have decided to put on the
Lucas-Marelli Rally. To commemorate this             Advertiser Web Sites
event I have invited the Golden Gate Austin
Healey Club, the Morgan Club and the Alfa            British Car Specialists
Romeo Club to a day of Burning Up the back 
roads of the Santa Cruz Mountains.
                                                     British Wire Wheel
        Those of you attending might want to
bring the following; Nomex driving suit, fire
extinguisher, tow rope, extra points, rotor and      Collins Classics
cap, regulator, a six pack of beer (for me),
and a good sense of humor.
                                                     O’Connor Classics
       Due to logistics, we are only accepting
15 cars from each club. Also we would like to
have only spiders and coupes no newer than           Shadetree Motors
1975 from the Alfa Club. Please register as
soon as possible so we can take care of our

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                           June/July 2007                     Page 7
                                                           Morton and their white ’64 BJ7, and farther
       Pacific Coast Dream                                 back in the mass of parked cars was Roger
            Machines                                       Conte and his ’64 MkIII. While departing the
                                                           airport, I spotted another Healey in the exit
By                                                         line. This was a car that I remember from
Len Hartnett                                               years ago. It is a 100 that has been modified
Vacaville                                                  to look like a Cobra and carries the license
.                                                          plate “uncobra”.
Plans to cross the Bay Bridge to get to
Half Moon Bay and the Pacific Coast
Dream Machines event were thwarted by
the tanker truck fire that closed the
McArthur Maze. With the San Mateo or
Golden Gate Bridges the other options,
the Golden Gate Bridge was chosen so
that if I were late, I would see the other
Healeys heading north to the airport and
be able to join them. However, with
minimal traffic on the road at 4:00 AM,
I arrived at Cameron’s Pub south of Half                 One of the highlights of the show was a B-17 , Re-
Moon Bay at 6:25 AM, and departed for the                stored World War II bomber was making a tour of the
Half Moon Bay airport at 7:10 AM. The gates              Bay Area along with a B-24 and a B-25.

                                                                    As usual, the show was excellent
                                                                    with all manner of vehicles including
                                                                    bicycles, motorcycles, hot rods, cus-
                                                                    toms, race cars and trucks, airplanes,
                                                                    solar powered and other ‘green’ ve-
                                                                    hicles, steam powered engines, etc.,
                                                                    etc. Virtually anything that had
                                                                    wings or wheels was represented.

                                                                            Weather was overcast all day,
                                                                   cool in the morning but pleasant in
Line-up in the haze:     Cars of all descriptions tool             the afternoon. With the McArthur
down the Half Moon Bay Airport runway in the morning       Maze incident, the trip home took about an
haze. Cool coastal weather also mandated jackets.          hour longer than going down possibly due to
                                                           added traffic that was detouring around the
                                                           blocked highway.
had opened at 6:00 AM so we found ourselves
well down the rows of vehicles that had al-                        At least I had the opportunity to get
ready entered.                                             the Healey on the road. That is usually the
       Subsequently, I found Jim and Ida                   point anyway, isn’t it?

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                                June/July 2007                        Page 8
OpenRoads 2007—Continued                    Horizon at a special rate of $97 per
                                            night (single or double); $107 (triple
tion. On Saturday, June 9, there will be    occupancy) and $117 (four). Taxes
a day of tours and autocrossing and tours   are not included.
followed by an awards event in the even-
ing.                                              Registrants must have a regis-
                                            tration number issued by the Golden
       On Sunday morning, June 10 there     Gate Austin Healey Club to obtain this
will be a morning car show and awards       special hotel rate.
ceremony followed by departure early
that afternoon.                                    Further information and Regis-
                                            tration forms for OpenRoads 2007
       A registration fee of $50 will       can be found on the club web site
cover one car and two adults. Additional, or you
adults are $20 each; additional cars $20.   can use the registration form on page
There is no charge for children under 15.   10 of this issue of Golden Gate
Double rooms will be available at the       Healey Happenings.

Golden Gate Healey Happenings                June/July 2007                Page 9
OpenRoads 2007 -- June 8-10, 2007
Street Address ________________________________________________________
Telephone _______________E-mail ________________________________________
Children attending _______________ __________________ ___________________
                      (name/age)      (name /age)             (name/age)

Local Club ________________________ National Club _________________________

Attendees must be registered. Fee covers one car and up to two adults, hospitality functions, registration packet,
tours and car show. There will be additional charges for other events as specified below. Children under 15 are
admitted free of charge. Accommodations. Accommodations at the Horizon Casino/Resort for Tahoe 2007 can be
obtained only through the Horizon and only after a registration number has been issued. All charges and taxes
relating to accommodations and other Horizon services are the sole responsibility of the attendee. A registration
number will be provided upon receipt of this form. All payments are in US dollars. Payment is by check only.

Make check payable to OpenRoads 2007 and send payment along with this form to

John Trifari
1160B La Rochelle Terrace
Sunnyvale CA 94089                           Registration:          ____/@$50 ______________

I would like to participate in               Additional Cars        ____/@$20 ______________
___ Car Show                   ___ Touring
___ Autocross
                                             Additional adults      ____/@$20 ______________
Vehicles to Register
Austin Healey ___ Model ____________
Year __________
                                             Awards dinner          ____/@$48______________
Jaguar ________   Model ____________
Year __________                              Autocross per car      ____/@$30______________
MG ___________ Model _____________
Year __________                              TOTAL                                ______________
Triumph _______ Model _____________
Year __________
                                             Make check payable to OpenRoads 2007 and send to John
Other _________ Model ______________
                                             Trifari. 1160B La Rochelle Terrace, Sunnyvale CA 94089
Year __________

Release and Waiver
(signature required)
By signature below I/we release the Golden Gate Austin Healey Club, the Austin Healey Club of America and any
and all other participating organizations, their officers and members, and any and all event sponsors from any and
all liability for any loss, damage or other claim resulting from any injury to any person(s) or property resulting
from my/our participation in OpenRoads 2007, including travel to and from this event. The car(s) I have regis-
tered for this event are covered by liability insurance.

__________________________ ______________________________ _____________
   Signature                Print name                     Date
Wanted rear end for Healey BT7, cur-
rent one eating wheel bearings.
Contact Tom Vargo at
                                       BN2 for sale: Contact Terry O’Connor
510-849-1824 or at tvar-
                                       at 559-431-8866 or 559-351-6411

                                       MKII Sprite for sale. Partially re-
                                       stored/stored for last two years. Car
BN1 Overdrive Throttle Switch. Taken
                                       is in Lincoln CA $7500. Contact Mi-
off my BN1. $30.
                                       chael Levine at 916-434-9058 or at
Contact John Trifari at

Golden Gate Healey Happenings            June/July 2007             Page 11
Golden Gate Healey Happenings     FIRST CLASS
1160B La Rochelle Terrace
Sunnyvale CA 94089

                                JUNE/JULY 2007

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