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 OF TENNESSEE                                     MPH Memos
                                                                                 F A L L   2 0 1 1 ,   I S S U E   2


Oct 20-21—
40th Anniversary
Celebration of MPH

Oct 28—
MPH Comprehensive

Oct 29—Nov 2—
Meeting of American
Public Health
Washington DC

Nov 18—Public
Health Grand Rounds
at Knox County
Health Department,

Nov 24-25—

Nov 29—Classes End

Nov 29—Signed
Admission to
Candidacy form due
for Spring 2012                    MPH Program at UT: 40 Years of Demonstrated Excellence
                          Four decades ago in 1971, the professional MPH degree at the University of Tennessee was ap-
Nov 30—Study Day          proved by the state of Tennessee to replace the existing MS degree in Public Health Education. The
                          MS degree achieved accreditation by the American Public Health Association in 1969, which was a
Dec 1—Field Practice      national first for a public health program located outside the more traditional Schools of Public
Orientation 5:15-
                          Health (SPH). During this extended period of time, accreditation has been continuous and 1200
                          graduate students have earned the MPH degree at UT. In the early 1980s, the Council on Education
Dec 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, & 8—   for Public Health (CEPH) became responsible for accreditation standards and reviews. The Council
Exam Period               has extended national accreditation to UT six times following preparation of program self-studies
                          and on-campus reviews by site visit teams, with the current term in effect until December 31, 2015.
Dec 8—Graduate
                          An award of national accreditation constitutes public evidence that a program meets the accepted
                          educational standards developed for the field of public health. No other MPH program outside a
Jan 11—Spring 2012        SPH has a history of continuous accreditation for 40 years. This distinction is a tribute to all the
Classes Begin             faculty, students, field preceptors, staff, alumni and friends who have devoted time, focused atten-
                          tion, vision and funding to ensure that the MPH program meets the high quality standards of CEPH.

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     Timeline of Events
Thursday, October 20, 2011                                      8:30-8:45 - Opening Remarks, Dr. Joe DiPietro, President,
4:30-5:00 UC Shiloh Room - Registration                                 University of Tennessee

5:05-5:15 UC Shiloh Room - Dr. Robert Rider,                    8:45-10:15 - Featured Speaker - Ms. Carol Woltring,
        Opening Remarks                                                 Executive Director, Center for Health Leadership
                                                                        and Practice
5:15-6:30 UC Shiloh Room - Featured Speaker,
        Dr. Carmen Neveraz, VP for External Relations and       10:15-10:30 - Break
        Preventive Medicine Advisor at the Public Health        10:30-12:00 - Featured Speaker, Dr. Ed Baker, Research
        Institute of California                                         Professor, NCIPH, Gillings School of Global
6:30-7:30 UC Ballroom - Reception                                       Public Health, UNC-Chapel Hill
                                                                12:00-1:00 - Luncheon
Friday, October 21, 2011                                        12:15-1:00 - Closing Speaker, Dr. Michael Blackwell,
All Events at Banquet Room, Calhoun’s on the River                      President and CEO of Blackwell Consulting,
                                                                        LLC and Former Dean of the UT College of
7:30-8:00 - Registration
                                                                        Veterinary Medicine
8:00-8:30 - Continental Breakfast

The committee for the Department of Public Health's 40th       The second panel will showcase public health practice at the
Anniversary of the Accredited MPH Degree at the                local, state, and national levels with keynote speaker Edward
University of Tennessee has been ardently planning a           Baker, MD, MPH, MS, Research Professor, Health Policy and
celebration worthy of this accomplishment. The event will      Management, NCIPH, Gillings School of Global Public
take place over two days, with a Thursday evening              Health, UNC-Chapel Hill. Panelists with proven experience
presentation and reception, followed by a Friday               will be alumni Kathy Brown, PhD, MPH, CHES, RN, Adjunct
morning breakfast, two panel discussions, and luncheon.        Professor, University of Tennessee, and Director of
                                                               Community Services, Knox County Health Department, TN;
We are pleased to announce that the past president of the      Michael Hatcher, DrPH, MPH, CHES, Chief, Environmental
American Public Health Association and current Vice            Medicine and Education Services Branch, Division of
President for External Relations and Preventive Medicine       Toxicology and Environmental Medicine, Agency for Toxic
Advisor at the Public Health Institute of California, Carmen   Substances and Disease Registry; and Rachel Radcliffe,
Nevarez, MD, MPH, will deliver the opening presentation on DVM, MPH, CDC Career Epidemiology Field Officer, West
Thursday, October 20th at 5 pm in the University Center.       Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. The
                                                               session moderator (and alum) is Stephanie Welch, MS-MPH,
The Friday, October 21st celebration begins at 8 am. The key- Director of Community Development and Planning, Knox
note speaker is Ms. Carol Woltring, MPH, Executive             County Health Department, TN.
Director, Center for Health Leadership and Practice, Public
Health Institute and Director, California/Hawaii Public Health Following the thought provoking keynote remarks, and two
Leadership Institute. Leadership in public health is the       engaging and interactive panel discussions, the final speaker
topic to be featured with exemplary panelists among our        of the anniversary celebration is Michael Blackwell, DVM,
alumni: Tim Young, MPH, CMPE, MT, Chief Executive              MPH. Fitting with the association of all panelists as University
Officer for Summit Medical Group in Knoxville, TN; Steve       of Tennessee MPH graduates, Dr. Blackwell is the former
Dorman, PhD, MPH, Dean of the College of Health and            Dean of the UT College of Veterinary Medicine and is
Human Performance of the University of Florida; and            currently President and CEO of Blackwell Consulting, LLC.
Anne Washburn, MPH, Associate Director, Office of Patient
and Community Education at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer
Center at Vanderbilt University. The panel will be moderated
by alum Carlos Yunsan, MS-MPH, GA for the Center for
Health Policy and Services Research, and current law student
at the University of Tennessee.
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              The UT-Knox County Academic Health Department Links Public Health
                             Practitioners, Faculty, and Students

                                                                                                                   Public Health
An Academic                                                                                                        Seminar. This fall’s
Health                                                                                                             presenter, Jennifer
Department                                                                                                         Johnson, Director of
(AHD) is the                                                                                                       Quality
public health                                                                                                      Improvement and
equivalent of a                                                                                                    Accreditation, will
teaching hospital                                                                                                  describe KCHD’s
for medicine. The                                                                                                  plans to be among
tradition of grand                                                  the first health departments to apply for national accreditation,
rounds in teaching hospitals allows medical faculty, students,
                                                                    which is one example of the health department’s commitment to
and practitioners to regularly discuss medical cases in             continuous quality improvement, a key to building a strong AHD.
multi-disciplinary seminars. In September, the AHD held its first
Public Health Grand Rounds (PHGR) at the Knox County                While a number of AHDs exist across the nation, the UT-Knox
Health Department (KCHD), where UT professor, Dr. Paul              County AHD carries the distinction of being one of the few AHDs
Terry, led over 20 public health practitioners, academicians, and   to share a jointly funded Coordinator position. The Coordinator,
students to increase understanding of epidemiological research      Julie Hansen, serves as a connector for activities to bridge practice
involving fruit and vegetable intake to reduce risk of certain      and academia, including a strong focus on improving student
types of cancer. Panel reactions from Dr. Kathy Brown, KCHD         experiences in public health practice. As such, the Council on
Director of Health Promotion and Prevention, and Dr. Al             Linkages’ AHD Learning Community has requested the UT-Knox
Iannacone, KCHD Epidemiologist, provided insight and                County AHD’s initiative be presented at the American Public
linkages to the practice setting. The PHGR will be held every       Health Association’s (APHA) annual conference in Washington,
2-3 months at KCHD with the next scheduled for November 18.         DC this November. Dr. Charles Hamilton, Director of the UT
                                                                    MPH program, will provide a descriptive overview on behalf of
In addition to holding activities at KCHD, the AHD is bringing      the AHD.
public health practice to campus by inviting a KCHD
practitioner to present every fall and spring at the UT Graduate

             Student Spotlight                                                                REMINDERS...
 James Andrews is a second-year MPH student in the HPA con-             To stay in contact with the Department, alumni and current
 centration. He attended UT Knoxville for his undergraduate              students can find the “Update Contact Information” form on
 education and received a bachelor of science in biomedical              the program website (
 engineering. James is a graduate assistant in the Department of
                                                                        If you are interested in a spring 2012 field placement and did
 Public Health and works with Dr. Paul Terry. Last semester he
 and Dr. Terry delivered a presentation to the Knoxville                 not meet with Julie Hansen this fall, please request an
 Epidemiology Forum about the risk of a woman developing                 appointment soon.
 breast cancer after having an abortion. James recently                 The next Public Health Graduate Student Association
 completed his field placement at Erlanger Health System in
                                                                         meeting will be held on November 3.
 Chattanooga, TN in conjunction with the Tennessee Hospital
 Association.                                                           Forward news items for the next edition of MPH Memos to
 James has plans                                                         Charles Roush, editor at
 of climbing the
                                                                        Detailed MPH program information and forms are available
 career ladder
 and becoming a                                                          on Graduate Forum, Blackboard Learning System.
 hospital CEO
 one day.
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UT is partnered with Knox County Health Department in       UT Public Health Students in Kenya.
order to bring better health services to the residents of
Knox County.

UT Public Health Students working with the USDA to          UT Public Health Students promoting Health at the
measure Feral Hogs.                                         International Fair on April 15, 2011.

UT Public Health Student in Iraq, 2011.                     UT Public Health’s AHD Coordinator, Julie Hansen,
                                                            promoting drinking water at the HOLA Festival in Knox-
                                                            ville, TN.

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