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San Diego Miata Club News September 2002


									                                  September 2002                                        Volume 7 Number 9
UPCOMING EVENTS                                                                       President’s message
                                  Say What?
   September 8 - Sunday           “Electric communication will never be a substitute for the face of someone who
   Autocross at the “Q”
                                  with their soul encourages another person to be brave and true.” Charles Dickens

                                                    e are all aware of the fact that we live in a communication and
  September 14 - Saturday                           information age. What’s that you say? You’re not aware of that?
  SOCALM: Best of the Bunch III                     What planet have you been living on for the last 20 years?
  All Miata Amateur Car Show
                                                    I know, I know—I am probably the worst offender when it
                                  comes to accepting change. Someone once said “The only person who likes
   September 26 - Thursday        change is a wet baby.” I can’t remember back that far so I’m taking that statement
   Monthly Meeting
                                  for granted. There are lots of ways we communicate with one another in the SAN
                                  DIEGO MIATA CLUB: E-mail, newsletter, face to face, cell phones, telephone,
                                  Tell-a-Geri—oops! Better not publish that one!
   October 12 - 13                   There is one other method by which we communicate with one another and
   Coronado Classic Speed
                                  that is by CB radio, or more technically referred to as Citizens Band radio. You
                                  know—it’s those “thingies” in the car with wires running everywhere that always
                                  get in the way and “screech” when you least expect it. Some of the above forms of
   October 19 - Saturday
                                  communication may seem “impersonal” but they do play an important and use-
   Edelbrock Tour                 ful role in our everyday lives, whether professional, personal, or social. We use CB
                                  radios for many reasons, though sometimes it may seem like we use them for rea-
                                  sons other than the ones for which they were intended. We use CB’s to obtain
                                  traffic information, to relay traffic information, to report an emergency, to obtain
    November 10 - Sunday
    20 Questions Rally            weather information, or to do what we in SDMC enjoy doing the most—to ban-
    SDAM Car Club Council         ter back and forth or to tease, joke, or jest at each other mostly about the colors of
                                  our cars. What’s up with that? Did you ever wonder what it would be like if
                                  Miatas came in only one color? This would be the most boring club in the uni-
   November 8 - 10
   3rd Bi-Annual Hearst           verse. Now, if they all came in yellow—Hmmmm. Just kidding!
   Castle/San Simeon Run             I personally enjoy having a CB in the Miata. I could not imagine going on a
                                  fun run or a long road trip without it. Quite honestly, it passes the time, and it’s
                                  stimulating and a lot of fun when the “banter” gets going. My most memorable
  December 1– 2                   times have been driving to Texas, Utah, and San Luis Obispo with club mem-
  Thunderhill Track Day and       bers. The time seemed to go by faster with more of an opportunity to enjoy the
    Women’s Track School
                                  company and scenery.
                                     I have often been accused of being “too quiet” on the CB. That will change
   Sunday - December 15           when I can figure a method to install two handsets in the cockpit instead of hav-
   SDMC Holiday Party             ing to arm wrestle Geri for the one we have. All kidding aside, I get just as much
                                  joy from listening to conversations as I do being part of them. I can remember
                                                                                                       (Continued on page 2)

President’s Message (Continued from page 1)      Mission statement                        Board of Directors
times when we were be driving along
                                                                                                        Executive Board
and something was said by a fellow
member that would cause me to bust
out in side splitting, gut wrenching
                                               T     he purpose of the club is to
                                                     promote the enjoyment of,
                                               and enthusiasm for, one of the
                                                                                                      SAL CAUSARANO
                                                                                                     (760) 787-0624
laughter. If you have a CB in your             world’s most exciting sports cars —                    Vice President
car—you’ve been there and done that!           the Mazda Miata.                                      STEVE KENNISON
   There is one more important rea-               Owning and driving a Miata is                       (858) 271-8498
son we use CB’s, and that is for our                                            
                                               one of life’s great pleasures, and                        Secretary
run leaders to keep track of run mem-          adding the company and camarade-                      VERONICA DIDIER
bers, and for run members to keep              rie of like-minded enthusiasts only                   (619) 421-8024
track of one another. There have been          enhances the experience. Won’t you 
occasions when members have taken a            join the fun as we enjoy the beauty                      Treasurer
wrong turn and have become lost. Ac-                                                                    JIM BROKAW
                                               of San Diego County from the seat                      (619) 421-2110
tually, I like to think of them as not         of a very special little roadster? 
being lost, but rather “locationally            Let's have fun driving our Miatas!                  Administrative Board
challenged.”                                                                                           Membership
                                                                                              DAVE MARTIN & GALE CHAN
   This is NOT a call for you to run                 Newsletter Team                        (619) 582-2448 or (858) 492-9227
out and buy a CB. Some of us enjoy                                              
not listening to the “banter” but             ANTHONY “NEVADABOB” WILDE - Editor                   Events Coordinator
                                                              STEVE WAID
rather listening to the radio or favorite
                                              VOODOO BOB KRUEGER                                     (760) 432-0727
music from a CD or tape. This is a                    
good thing! Remember what I said              DIANE LONG                                     Club E-mail Postmaster/Webmaster
about “What if Miatas came in only                                  ROBERT “JTBOB” HOLLAND
one color?”—BORING!                                                                                 (858) 549-4011
                                              TOM SPRAGUE
   If you have a CB and you are hav-
                                                                                                     Club Regalia
ing as much fun with it as I am, here               Copies by SEAN O’CONNOR             PAULA KENNISON & ROSALIND SCOTT
are some “common rules of the road”                  SIGN UP (858) 486-6771                    (858) 271-8498 or (760) 789-3872
and friendly reminders regarding CB                                                 
                                                10-100 toilet                                             Newsletter
                                                       “I’m going 10-100”                   ANTHONY “NEVADABOB” WILDE
1. Don’t “STEP” on each others                                                                        (858) 693-8095
     communication. Don’t start your          You learn something everyday. I’ll  
     conversation until the present           have to remember that last one (10-         To send e-mail to all members of the board:
     conversation has ended.                                                        
                                              100). I’ve always been saying “I have
2. Try not to monopolize the air-             to pee” whenever nature called.         Notices
     waves.                                      If you choose not to communicate     The SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB is a non-profit Cali-
                                                                                      fornia corporation. The SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB
3. Refrain from using profanity on            by CB, NOT TO WORRY! If your            NEWS is the monthly newsletter of the SAN DIEGO
     the CB.                                  voice can handle it, yelling is some-   MIATA CLUB. Use of articles or stories by other
                                                                                      Miata clubs is hereby granted, provided proper credit
The following are CB codes most               times used as an acceptable form of     is given. Submissions to the newsletter are welcomed
commonly used:                                communication on fun runs, although     and encouraged. Where possible, please e-mail your
                                              you may encounter some strange          submissions to the newsletter editor. Submissions
Code Meaning                                                                          can also be mailed to the club’s post office box.
                                              looks from passers-by. A more accept-
 10-1 receiving poorly                                                                Submission deadline is the 15th of each month.
                                              able method would be to find one of
 10-4 received-YES                                                                    Editor reserves the right to edit all submissions.
                                              us with a CB and keep that person in
 10-7 out of service                                                                  The SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB has established a
                                              sight as much as possible.              dedicated World Wide Web Home Page at:
       (leaving the air)
                                                 In any case, CB or not, the focus   
 10-8 in service ( back on the air)
                                              here is to have fun and take care of    Dedicated 24-hour voice message line: (619) 582-2448
 10-9 please repeat
                                              one another out there.                        SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB
 10-10 transmission completed,
       standing by                            This is Your Pal SAL going 10-7.                   P.O. Box 23081
 10-20 location                                                                                San Diego CA 92193
       “what’s your 10-20?”

                                            Upcoming Events for the month of September
Autocross                                  Miata2002 or phone (703) 278-8005.        Events Don’t Just Happen!
Dates: Sunday, September 8
Time: 9 a.m.
Place: Qualcomm Stadium
                                           Planned Impromptu Run
                                           Date: Saturday, September 21
                                           Meeting Time: 11 a.m.
                                                                                     Y      ou have probably noticed that
                                                                                            the SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB is
                                                                                     an active bunch of enthusiasts. In the
  Mission Valley, west lot.                                                          past year we have cruised Grand, vis-
                                           Meeting Place: Westfield’s Shopping
  SDAD championship.                                                                 ited the Getty Museum, driven the
                                              Town-North County (formerly
SOCALM: Best of the                           North County Fair), under the big      Streets of Willow race track, been in
Bunch III                                     sign on the west side of the mall.     parades, autocrossed, picnicked, had
All Miata Amateur Car Show                 Coordinators: SDMC members                tech days, and more.
A Charity event to benefit the Second      Where shall we go? That question will     Question: How does all this happen?
Harvest Food Bank.                         be answered as we gather for another      Answer: People like YOU make it
Date: September 14                         Planned Impromptu Run. We will               happen.
Time: Registration starts at 9 a.m.        meet at the appointed time and place,     The easiest way to explain how an
Place: Beach Mazda, 16800 Beach            come to a consensus (hopefully), and      event occurs is to say that someone
   Blvd. Huntington Beach                  take off for the twisties. No plans, no   says to himself, “I am going to get in
Trophies/Plaques/Certificates for the      structure, no idea where we will end      my Miata and go (insert what you en-
winners. Mazda’s concept Miatas on         up! Oh, since this is an impromptu        joy here), and I am going to invite my
display. Huge raffle. Miata vendor         run, there is no mileage credit either.   Miata friends to join me.” The next
booths—displays. Spec-Miata corral                                                   step is to call STEVE WAID, our events
                                           Monthly Meeting
to show off what’s racing. For entry                                                 coordinator, and ask him to assist you
                                           Date: Thursday, September 26
information go to:                                                                   in getting the invitation out. Steve is
                                           Time: 6 p.m. email
                                           Place: Boll Weevil                        available at (760) 432-0727 or or call toll-free
                                             9330 Clairemont Mesa Blvd.    
(877) 211-6146. Entry forms are                                                         If you want to earn the always de-
                                             (at Ruffin Road), San Diego
available from STEVE WAID,                                                           sirable SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB
                                             (858) 571-6225 .
                                           This event is the single best way to      magnetics in your car color, then the
2002 National                              meet your fellow club members, ask        only requirement is that the event be a
Miata Event                                questions, share stories, etc.            driving event. A caravan to an event
When: September 19-22                        Don’t miss the fun!                     does not qualify…such as the trip to
Where: Hilton, Washington Dulles                                                     the Getty Museum. However, if an
                                           Another Planned                           indirect “run” to an event is put to-
   Airport City, Herndon, VA
                                           Impromptu Run                             gether, then the magnetics are earned.
Take the scenic routes to the Nation’s
                                           Date: Sunday, September 29                A recent example would be DUSTIN
Capital for the 2002 National Miata
                                           Meeting Time: 11 a.m.                     LEWIS’ run to the Santee Drive-in last
Event hosted by Mazda Sports car
                                           Meeting Place: Target shopping cen-       August. Dustin earned his magnetics
Club of Washington D.C. and spon-
                                              ter at the corner of Jamacha Road      that day, and we all got to watch mov-
sored by the MIATA OWNERS CLUB.
                                              and Highway 94 in Rancho San           ies too.
Come and spend quality time getting
                                              Diego. Meet in the parking lot near       Ask the club to join you the next
closer to your Miata and the road. Just
                                              the Carl’s Jr.                         time you plan to do something fun.
a few of the activities planned: car
                                           Coordinators: SDMC members                You’ll enjoy yourself even more when
show, autocross, drag strip races, de-
                                           Where shall we go? That question will     you have fellow Miataphiles along for
fensive driving school, race track tour
                                           be answered as we gather for another      the ride!
(touring laps), funcanna, road rallies
                                           Planned Impromptu Run. We will
& scavenger hunt, dynamometer test-
                                           meet at the appointed time and place,
ing and much, much, more! MOC
                                           come to a consensus (hopefully), and
members get $25 off the registration
                                           take off for the twisties. No plans, no
fees! For further details and additional
                                           structure, no idea where we will end
information regarding the 2002 Na-
                                           up! Oh, since this is an impromptu
tional Miata Event check out the
                                           run, there is no mileage credit either.
event web site at

future events                             one day and $30 for the weekend.                3rd Bi-Annual Hearst
                                          Children under 12 are free with a paid          Castle/San Simeon Run
                                          adult admission.                                Dates: November 8 – 10
                                             Join SDMC at the races and at the            Meeting Time 9 a.m.
                                          eating events associated with them!               Drivers Meeting 9:30 a.m.
                                          Look for details in October’s newslet-          Meeting Place: Madonna Inn Parking
                                          ter for Saturday’s Early Bird Breakfast,          Lot, San Luis Obispo, CA
Coronado Classic Speed                    Saturday’s After-the-Races Dinner,              Contacts: BARI RUSSELL,
Festival                                  and Sunday’s regional breakfasts and    
Dates: October 12-13                      caravans to the races.                             (949) 588-1531 or (714) 856-9890
Place: Naval Air Station, North Is-                                                          BILL HYDE,
    land, Coronado, CA                                                                       (714) 525-5831 or (714) 225-1319
The Coronado Classic Speed Festival,                                                      Mark your calendars, because you
presented by Chrysler-Jeep-Dodge,                                                         don’t want to miss this Miata adven-
is a celebration of motor racing his-                                                     ture that tours one of the world’s most
tory, historic automobiles, and the                                                       famous mansions, set in California’s
people who made them. The spectator       Edelbrock Tour                                  most beautiful region! Even more ex-
racing event is patterned after the       Date: Saturday, October 19                      citing, we get to ZOOM ZOOM on
world-famous Monterey Historics and       Place: Edelbrock factory and mu-                some of the best Miata roads in the
many of the same classic autos that          seum in Torrance, California.                country! Bill has assured me there will
race at Monterey participate in the       Contact: ROBIN & MIKE                           be ample potty stops this year!
event in San Diego.                          FAIRCLOTH,                Room Booking:
    This is an opportunity to watch       The Edelbrocks have been making                    SOCALM Miata Club Group Res-
over 200 historic autos with racing       performance parts since the 1950’s.                ervations: (800) 544-4866 (Sean)
heritage compete. You can also wan-       The name is synonymous with “going              Motels: Nov. 8 - Motel 6 San Luis
der through the paddock and talk to       fast.” It is likely that we will be able to        Obispo South, Property 1373, Res-
the drivers and mechanics as they pre-    see Vic and Camee Edelbrock racing                 ervation Number 131713
pare their cars for competition. There    at the Coronado Speed Festival the                 Nov. 9 – Motel 6 San Simeon,
will be a Concours d’Elegance, static     weekend before.                                    Property 1212, Reservation Num-
military display, and vendors.               The Edelbrock tours are from 10                 ber 131002
    We will, once again, have a spot      a.m. to approximately 1 p.m. starting           I have blocked 20 rooms at both
reserved for us in the Car Club Corral.   with Camee Edelbrock or Vic Edel-               properties—all queen beds and all
    The Corral is for Miatas only.        brock talking about the history of the          non-smoking. You need to request
    Please email STEF GOULD or call       company. Then the guides split the              smoking rooms and ask them to be
(619) 297-4272 to reserve your space      tour into groups and you drive to their         added to our group. In San Luis we
in the SDMC’s Car Club Corral. Stef       manufacturing plant; then come back             have ten 1-bed rooms and ten 2-beds.
will need you to provide her with a       to see the shock building, exhaust              The rates are quoted to how many
self-addressed, stamped, business en-     building, and their distribution center,        people in the room, not beds! The
velope so that she can mail a Corral      all in Torrance. The tours are a lot of         rooms in San Luis Obispo, including
Pass to you. You may give the enve-       walking; then back to the museum for            tax, are $50.59 for a single and $57.19
lope to her at the September Monthly      lunch and a goodie bag.                         for a double. At San Simeon we also
Meeting or mail it to her.                   There also is an Edelbrock Sports-           have 20 rooms—all double queens.
    Every person with a Car Club Cor-     wear room where they sell clothing.             The rates are: $61.03 for a single and
ral Pass must have a ticket in their         This is a rare opportunity, and we           $71.93 for a double. AARP members
hand to enter the Corral. Tickets to      will be limited to 120 people. SO-              bring your cards for 10% off. When
the event can be purchased by calling     CALM has been invited to participate            you call for reservations please ask for
the Holiday Bowl at (619)283-5808,        as well...after all, it is in their backyard.   Sean, but anyone in Group Reserva-
TicketMaster at (619)220-TIXS, or            Please make reservations with                tions can help you. You must tell them
log on to or www.     Robin Faircloth. Even though there              the reservation is under SOCALM, One day tickets are     appears to be plenty of time, you               and give the property number, and
$15 and a weekend pass is $20. Ticket     don’t want to be left out. Make plans           the reservation number. Please contact
prices increase at the gate to $20 for    and reservations today.                         Bari Russell when you have made

your reservations or if you have any       state 5, about an hour north of Sacra-            UPCOMING regional
problems.                                  mento.                                           and national events
20 Questions Rally                         San Diego Miata Club
                                                                                           Miata Performance Driving
SDAM Car Club Council                      Holiday Party
Date: Sunday, November 10                  Date: Sunday, December 15
                                                                                           Dates: March 28-30, 2003
Meeting Time: 11 a.m.                      Location: San Vicente Inn (San Diego
                                                                                           Where: Thunderhill Sports Park
Meeting Place: San Diego Automo-             Country Estates), 24157 San
                                                                                           Cost: $350
  tive Museum parking lot                    Vicente Road, Ramona, CA 92065
                                                                                           Contact: Ken Freeze, (925) 370-8262
Cost: $10 per car                          Hosts: MIKE & ROBIN FAIRCLOTH,
                                                                                           This course teaches Miata owners the
Prizes: Trophies for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd       (760) 789-5171 or
                                                                                           basics of high speed driving, equip-
                                           Dinner will be served buffet style.             ment, human limitations, proper
Thunderhill Track                                                                          steering techniques, and lots of other
Day and Women’s                                                                            skills necessary for safe performance
Track School                                                                               driving.
Dates: December 1-2                        Time to Clean Out                                   The weekend is packed with activities
Place: Thunderhill, Willows, CA*           The Garage!                                     beginning on Friday with a dinner, fol-
Contact: Aaron Tachibana,                                                                  lowed by classroom style lectures and
This will be the first time that Aaron
                                           I   f you’ve been saving
                                               the oil drained out of
                                           your Miata (or OTM),
                                                                                           training from SCCA instructors. Saturday
                                                                                           morning the action turns to the track
has organized a Women’s Track                                                              with some more instruction, both in and
                                           now is a good time to recycle
School as a part of a Track Day. One                                                       out of the Miata. Most of Saturday and
                                           it. The City of San Diego has the follow-
                                                                                           Sunday will be spent on the track with
of the usual designated sessions will be   ing recycling events coming up:
                                                                                           some time in between sessions to talk to
for women participants only, so guys       Saturday, October 19                            fellow Miata owners and see some on the
bring a friend! Special guest instructor     Montgomery High School                        latest Miata accessories. Plans for Satur-
for the Women Only Group will be             3250 Palm Avenue at Hawaii Avenue             day night this year call for a BBQ at the
Peggy well as the usual cast       San Diego 92154                               track if construction of a new building at
of great instructors, including Rick       Saturday, November 23                           the track is completed in time. This din-
Weldon.                                        School of Creative & Performing Arts        ner gives students and instructors the op-
   This is a two day event, so there                                                       portunity to talk over the day’s activities.
                                             2425 Dusk Drive (Between Alta
will be plenty of time to get                                                                  The class is limited to 80 students with
                                             View Dr. & Parkside Ave.)                     45 instructors, making for a 2-to-1-
instruction and lots of track time.          San Diego 92139
Cost of the event is $390 for the two                                                      instructor ratio, a ratio higher than driv-
days. We will be running the full 3.2      Saturday, December 7                            ing schools costing thousands of dollars.
                                             Qualcomm Stadium                                  There’s nothing quite like having a
mile course with maximum track time                                                        Sport Car Club of America instructor
during the two days! Included in the         9449 Friars Road
                                             Parking Lot - Section J                       right next to you as you drive lap after lap
registration fee is a catered BBQ by                                                       on a race course, helping you to learn just
MO’s BBQ—they are awesome.                   San Diego 92108
                                                                                           what you and your Miata are really capa-
We’ll also be raffling off (2) sets of     Collection events are from 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.      ble of.
Toyo Tires and a host of really cool          They will accept a maximum of 10                 You can register via the Internet by
stuff, like a performance brake kit        gallons of used oil (Please transport in a      going to the Miata Performance Driving
from MPCA, Toyo shirts, bags and           sealable container), antifreeze, oil filters,   School Web site at
hats, Royal Purple oil, a helmet and       and automotive batteries.                       thunderhill/school.htm. Fill out the online
more!                                         These events, sponsored by the City of       form, or download the PDF file and print
   If you’d like to participate, please    San Diego, are open ONLY to residents           it out and send it in with your check. If
                                           of the city. For more information, call         you don’t have Internet access, send a self
send Aaron an e-mail and he’ll                                                             addressed, stamped envelope to: Ken
                                           (619) 235-2105. If you are not in the city
return your confirmation; or sign-up                                                       Freeze, Miata School, 1521 Ridgewood
                                           of San Diego, please contact your city’s
and pay online at This      environmental affairs department or the         Dr., Martinez, CA., 94553 and a com-
track event is space limited—first         county agency for similar events in your        plete packet will be sent to you. But
come first served. Absolute deadline is    area. Most auto parts stores and repair         hurry – the past two years the class was
September 15.                              shops will also accept used oil for recy-       full by the first of December.
* Thunderhill is located just off Inter-   cling.

member profile
                                                                                                           hilaration, Paula drives a Miata. For
                                                                                                           relaxation and meditation, she walks
                                                                                                           on the beach and enjoys the sunset.
                                                                                                           Which is a truly neat double-header.
                                                                                                           —TOM SPRAGUE

                                                                                                           To be included in our ongoing series
                                                                                                           of Member Profiles, write a short
                                                                                                           (200-400 word) summary and e-
                                                                                                           mail it to:

                                                                                   PHOTO: STEVE KENNISON
                                                                                                           You can also mail it to the Club P.O.
                                                                                                           Box. Please include a photo. We want
                                                                                                           to be able see your face. — Your
                                                                                                           photo will be returned.
— PAULA MUDARRI                            2002. It was in the lot just smiling at
                                           her and inviting her over, so she added

      t sometimes is quite interesting
                                           that to her stable. That is the car you
      how those of us in SDMC get
                                           see with a happy Paula at most
      pushed towards buying a Miata.
                                           SDMC events. The Red `95 is cov-
      For PAULA MUDARRI, it was
                                           eted by other members of her family.
pushing her MGB to try to get it
started. And she was wearing high
heels at the time! Her co-workers, EL-
                                               Paula bought her first convertible in
                                           November of 1987—a 1988 Ford
                                           Mustang GT. Her son called it her “I
                                                                                                           I   f you have recently been to the
                                                                                                               SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB web site
                                                                                                           (, you proba-
                                           need a man car.” When she did get                               bly have noticed a new banner adver-
KRUEGER, figured it was time to help
                                           married, the new husband made her                               tising SERIOUS AUTO. This new
her understand what it might be like
                                           get rid of the car. He was “mechanic                            program is called the Serious Auto
to own a car she would not have to
                                           handy” and Paula ended up buying                                Affiliate Program. When a club mem-
push and could enjoy driving instead
                                           the MGB `75 Anniversary Edition.                                ber (or whoever) clicks through that
of pushing.
                                           And of course the MGB, being what                               link and buys something, SDMC gets
   So, it turned out she was going to
                                           it is, gave the mechanic plenty of items                        a 3% commission on the purchase.
have a car payment to replace the
                                           to work on. But after they separated, it                        The Board felt this is a win-win situa-
MGB and her daughter said, “if you
                                           was too much for Paula to maintain.                             tion for the club in that it costs us ab-
have to make a payment, you might as
                                           Thus came the Miata.                                            solutely nothing and we may be able
well drive the car you want.” She
                                               Paula says she would also love to                           to gain some revenue from the trans-
bought a `95 red Miata the next day.
                                           own/drive a 1955 Thunderbird, but                               actions. The Serious Auto Affiliate
   Paula soon joined Elliot and Voo-
                                           figures the Miata provides much the                             program is successfully being used by
doo and the others in the SAN DIEGO
                                           same kind of driving without worry-                             many other Miata clubs around the
MIATA CLUB, and her first run was
                                           ing about repairs for a car nearly a half                       country. So, if you are planning to
Puke-O-Rama. “Then I was hooked,”
                                           century old. Not that Paula is averse to                        purchase something from SERIOUS,
says Paula. “At first, the thought of me
                                           taking chances. Earlier in her career,                          please click through the SDMC web
joining a car club was really laughable,
                                           she decided she needed a real change                            site link.
as I didn’t think it was my kind of
                                           and got on an airplane with her baby
thing. But I soon found out what a
                                           and $40 and started a new life in a city
great group this is, and have enjoyed
                                           far away from where she had lived.
every minute of it since. I totally love
                                               For relaxation beyond the Miata,
                                           Paula enjoys football and needlework.
   After becoming hooked on Miatas,
                                           (Watching the former; doing the latter
she became hooked on a Crystal Blue
                                           in Crewel and Cross Stitch.) For ex-

                                                                       membership information
New Members!                    Online Resources                            Membership Statistics
WELCOME to our newest members
(since last newsletter):        T     his is a friendly re-
                                      minder about the
                                SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB
                                                                            A    s of August 25, 2002, there are
                                                                                 384 memberships (153 single,
                                                                            231 dual) for a total of 615 members.
BLANE BROWN                     e-mail list. Below are the mail ad-         Memberships by Miata Color:
  Escondido                     dresses for mail services:
  2001 Crystal Blue                                                            92 Red
                                Post message:                                  56
                                                                               45 Black
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                                run leaders for these most-popular
                                                                              have a Miata at this time.

  1995 M (Merlot)
                                club events. Having a CB is not re-
LAURIE & JIM PATTON             quired to participate in club runs, but
  Coronado                      it’s almost mandatory if you are a run
  2001 Silver                   leader or driving the sweep car (the        Badges?
                                last one).
Renewing Members
(since last newsletter):            Three CBs have been donated to
                                the club. So, if lack of a CB radio has
                                                                            H      ave you been wondering where
                                                                                   to get those nifty engraved plas-
                                                                            tic name badges that have been turn-
TED & SUE KESLER                kept you from stepping forward to           ing up on members at the latest
DAVID & DAWN MILNE              lead a run, you can arrange with Steve      events? They are available for mere
JOHN M. O'HARA                  to borrow a CB to lead or sweep your        $6.50 each, including shipping to
GERONIMO G. OMABTANG            first run. That’s one less excuse for not   your home, from VICKY KRUEGER.
AL & DORIS PIERCE               planning a run…which, by the way, is           You will need to give her cash up
PAUL & ROBIN PRZYBYSZ           how you get a set of those really cool      front, as the badges need to paid for in
GARY & ROSALIND SCOTT           club magnetics with your very own           advance. Lots of colors are available to
GENE & PINKIE STANLEY           car color.                                  match your Miata.
NORM & DOLORES STEVENS              Contact STEVE WAID, events coor-           See Vicky at a monthly meeting or
KAREN & TRA WOOD                dinator at    e-mail her at

Sahauro Miata Club comes to play                    July 19 - 21                    from the group to give aid. After try-
                                                     Weekend with the               ing to figure out the problem, they
I  n April, Ben Cleaves contacted EL-
   LIOT SHEV wanting to coordinate a
                                                    Sahuaro Miata Club

                                          That proved to be a theory only.
                                                                                    ultimately helped get the car to LARRY
                                                                                    DENNESTEDT’S Automotive Repair.
                                                                                    The Bosters and Jim were able to get
from Arizona. Ben, the outgoing           However, at the end of the day the
                                                                                    everyone back to Bob’s by the Bay in
president of Sahauro, and his wife        miscues and pratfalls were becoming
                                                                                    time to eat. Larry ultimately was able
Faith had been to SURF'N'SAFARI in        legendary, and each telling became
                                                                                    to make the car better than it was
1999, and had also come with other        louder and more embellished.
                                                                                    when it began the trip. What a club!
club members to go whale watching            Dennis and Veronica (blazing yel-
                                                                                       Sunday finalized the experience for
in 2000 with a group of SDMC              low mica) led group 1 out of the park-
                                                                                    the Sahauro drivers. Brunch followed
mammal gazers. When I first talked to     ing lot with GEOFF FAHRING and XA-
                                                                                    by a crisp run on Highland Valley
Ben, I asked if they wanted to sight-     VIER CASTILLO (sunburst yellow)
                                                                                    Road, through the dreaded Ramona,
see or drive. He said that they had       sweeping. The run started out
                                                                                    across Sunrise Highway, and out old
done their sight-seeing before and this   through Couser Canyon and Rice
                                                                                    Highway 80 to Desert Tower. Our
time they wanted to drive some of         Canyon on the way to Temecula. A
                                                                                    goodbyes said, the Sahauro folks were
“those San Diego roads.” What re-         quick reversal south on Pala Road
                                                                                    wishing that there were roads like ours
sulted reminded me of how many            brought the groups back to Highway
                                                                                    in their neighborhood. We just take
great things we have in San Diego that    76 and then off to Mt. Palomar. Mesa
                                                                                    them for granted. We have been
we all take for granted, and what a       Grande and Wynola Roads brought
                                                                                    threatened with a payback. We have
great bunch of people make up our         us into Julian for lunch and shade.
                                                                                    an open invitation to go to Arizona
membership.                               Several SDMC members met us in
                                                                                    and play. We will set it up in the fu-
   On Friday, June 19th, the main         Julian as we queued-up at Julian High
                                                                                    ture...just don’t expect it to be during
group from Arizona arrived at the Best    School to start the second half of the
                                                                                    the summer.
Western in Escondido. This would be       run. As group 2, led by STEVE and
their “home” for the weekend. The         LAURIE WAID (blazing yellow mica),        — STEVE WAID
first order of business was to meet at    swept through Boulder Creek Road
Tom’s #23 for some burgers and good       on the way to Engineer Road, four
`merican food before Cruisin´ Grand.      cars made a turn onto a dirt road and                  Regalia
With 21 cars from Arizona and an-         disappeared before sweep car DENNIS
other 15 or so from SDMC, we made         and MARYANNE GARON (vivid yel-
quite a show as we cruised Grand. Af-     low) could catch them. As everyone        Got Zoom?
ter cruising and walking Grand we all     waited for the group to figure out that   zoom ---------------------------- T-Shirts
adjourned to Dairy Queen near their       they were off course, most were appre-        Zoom ------------------ Sweatshirts
hotel for the debriefing. There were a    ciative of the big oak tree that we                  ZOOM ----Pins & Decals!
number of Sahauro folks who, by           parked under. Eventually the lost were    ZOOM, ZOOM, ZOOM...Get
then, had put their tops up and were      found. There was an argument as to        your SDMC Regalia directly from the
commenting on “how cold it was.”          who was lost and who was found, but       Regalia Gals (ROZ & PAULA) at the
They were not complaining, having         that will never be resolved. As the two   upcoming monthly meeting.
left temperatures of 106 degrees. Sev-    groups finished the 200-mile day, arri-      Zoom on down and pick up a few
eral commented on how much fun            val at Bob’s by the Bay was anticipated   great club items to show off your en-
they had and that they had nothing        for a number of reasons. Foremost         thusiasm for the incredible Mazda
like Cruisin´ Grand in Arizona.           was the food, but the cool bayside        Miata, and the SAN DIEGO MIATA
   Saturday morning started with          breeze was just what everyone wanted      CLUB.
breakfast at Tom’s #23 before we          after being in the sun all day.              Got special sizes, items you want?
started showing them the roads of San        As I mentioned earlier, we some-       Call or e-mail ROZ or PAULA and let
Diego. DENNIS and VERONICA                times take for granted what we gain       them know and they will personally
DIDIER, earning their yellow SDMC         by being members of the SAN DIEGO         hand deliver the items to you at the
magnetics, put together a glorious day    MIATA CLUB. Sahauro members got a         meeting.
of driving and eating. Splitting the      sampling when one of their cars broke
                                                                                    ROZ SCOTT & PAULA KENNISON
cars into two groups provided the         down. JERRY and JANICE BOSTER,
                                                                                    (760) 789-3872 or (858) 271-8498 or
means of keeping everyone together.       supported by JIM BROKAW, broke off

M       ARK    and CATHY BOOTH’S
        2002 Twilight Run was an-
other “smashing” success (just ask the
                                                         July 27 - Saturday
                                                          8th Annual Twilight Run
                                                                                    for dessert it was discovered that our
                                                                                    bat did not survive the trip. R.I.P.
                                                                                       The Twilight Run is one of the best
wildlife in Jamul-more on that later).                                              runs of the year and Mark and Cathy
Participation was about 55 cars, and                                                do a great job of making it a success.
as the sun’s fading powers were not                                                 Thank you Cathy and Mark for your
going to be a factor, many red Garage                                               hard work and another great Twilight
Queens were in attendance.                                                          Run.
   We all met at the Boll Weevil in                                                    On a side note, this run really em-
Rancho San Diego and after dinner                                                   phasized how much more interesting
we hit the hills. After winding through                                             a run is with a CB radio. Without
Harbison Canyon and Alpine we                                                       one, you really miss out on a lot of
ended up at the Mount Laguna                                                        camaraderie and fun.
Lodge. This was our only rest stop                                                  See you on the next run.
and with close to 100 people, the
                                                                                    — BRUCE LEWIS
“two-holer” bathroom was maxed-
out. Club members showed their
kindness when they let an OTM               The bat. R.I.P.
driver take cuts to the front of the line
and then proceeded to thoroughly
embarrass him with a standing ova-
tion when he stepped out of the
   The trip down the mountain was
beautiful with perfect weather and a
gorgeous sunset, which Mark
promptly took credit for! As we drove
into Jamul, Mark and Cathy reported
that they possibly “hit a snake” then 5
minutes later, a near miss with a rab-
bit and finally, a fly-by with a bat.
Next Mark reported that something
was hanging from his antenna, was it
a piece of black plastic or “the bat”?
Cathy’s piercing scream over the CB
confirmed that it was, in deed, the
bat. Its radar didn’t pick up Mark’s
antenna moving at 65 miles per hour
and it seemed to be very attached to
our leader’s car. This launched a wave
of “bat jokes” over the CBs. “Hey
Mark, how’s the Batmobile running?”
“Are you going back to the Bat Cave?”
“Are you taking him “Bat to the Fu-
                                                                                                                             PHOTOS: TOM WOOD

ture?” “Is that bat a Louisville Slug-
ger?” Do you get the drift? Mark was
going to hit the brakes to dislodge the
hitchhiker but Cathy’s premonition of
him flying into the cockpit put an end
to that idea. Anyway when Batman
and Robin, followed by the Bat Pack,
pulled back in to Rancho San Diego

Spec Miata Racing
Spec Miata Rules                           strictor plate in filler neck may be re-   the diameter of 2.25" is grand-
                                           moved.                                     fathered.
As a primer to “what is a Spec                                                           Eibach Sway Bar Kit. 1. 1600cc:
Miata,” the following rules, or specifi-   Ignition System
                                           Any spark plug may be used.                Front Bar 24mm adjustable /Rear Bar
cations (spec) are those used by the                                                  15mm adjustable (Part# 0000-04-
                                           Any spark plug wire may be used.
San Diego Region of the Sports Car                                                    5302-EB) 2. 1800cc: Front Bar
                                           Timing is free.
Club of America (SCCA). Other                                                         27mm non-adjustable/ Rear Bar
                                           Master cutoff switch is permitted and
sanctioning organizations have simi-                                                  15mm adjustable (Part# 0000-04-
lar rules, or specs, for this class.                                                  5303-EB).
                                           Exhaust System
— EDITOR                                                                                 Cambers (maximum) a-front: no
                                           Single pipe exhaust after the OEM
                                                                                      more than 2 degrees negative. b-rear:
                                           down pipe.
S   pec Miata vehicles are showroom
    stock, as defined by the SCCA
GCR, with the exception of the fol-
                                           Maximum diameter 2.25". Muffler
                                           diameters are free.
                                                                                      no more than 2.5 degrees negative.
                                                                                      Ride Height Free
                                           Must exit behind rear sub-frame.           Steering
lowing restrictions or specifically al-
                                           Must meet SCCA sound require-              Manual or power steering may be
lowed modifications.
                                           ments.                                     used. Power steering rack may be con-
   Unless specifically mentioned or                                                   verted to manual.
approved in these rules, no additional     Clutch
                                                                                      Steering lock may be removed.
modifications may be made. These           Clutch disk and pressure plate are free,
rules are not intended as guidelines or    providing they mount on the stock          Rims and Tires
suggestions and they will be vigorously    flywheel.                                     Rims: 15x7 in matched sets of four.
enforced.                                  Differential                               Minimum rim weight is 13 lbs. Each
    Please Note: Spec Miata is a re-       1600cc—Viscous limited slip or                Tires: Toyo RA1 205.50.15
gional only class in the SCCA. Rules       Mazda comp LSD. Part # QN10-64-            Brake System
and verbiage may differ slightly region    A00 (previously T0Y1-27-200 &              Brake pads are free.
to region.                                 0000-02-5501)                              Steel braided lines may be used.
Make of Car                                Stock gear ratios.                         Backing plates may be removed.
1990 - 93 Miata 1600cc @ 2255 lbs.         1800cc—OEM Torsen limited slip.            Emergency brake handle and/or cables
   (with driver)                           Stock gear ratios.                         may be removed.
1994 - 97 Miata 1800cc @ 2380 lbs.                                                    Exterior
   (with driver)                                                                      No air dams, wings or spoilers are al-
                                           Mazda Motorsports Spec Miata pack-
Ballast will be mounted on passenger                                                  lowed other than "R" package chin
                                           age DOHC), (Part# K-SPEC-M5-
floor per GCR. ‘94-'95 1800cc cars                                                    spoiler.
                                           SUS8 - 1994-97 1.8 DOHC)
must use a 47mm throttle restrictor.                                                     Fenders and wheel openings shall
                                           Includes: a-Bilstein Shocks 1. Front
`96-`97 1800cc cars must use a                                                        remain unmodified except rolling or
                                           (Part# 0000-04-5225-BL Qty 2 ea.),
45mm throttle restrictor.                                                             flattening of inner fender lip for tire
                                           2. Rear (Part# 0000-04-5226-BL Qty
Engine                                     2 ea.) b-Eibach ERS 2.5" I.D. Race         clearance.
Stock only, per SCCA GCR.                  Springs 1. Front 700 lbs./                    Hood and inner fender plastic trim
                                           6" (Part#0000-04-9700-06 Qty 2             optional.
Cooling System
                                           ea.), 2. Rear 325 lbs./ 7" (Part#0000-        Mirrors may be replaced and cars
Any aftermarket metal-type radiator
                                           04-9325-07 Qty 2 ea.) c-Coil-Over          can be painted in non-factory colors.
may be used as long as it mounts to
                                           Kit. (Part# 0000-04-5402AW *)                 Body molding, antenna, mirrors
stock location.
                                           * This kit provides all necessary com-     and emblems may be removed.
Thermostats are free.
                                           ponents to locate spring in upper             Windshield clips and rear window
Intake System                                                                         straps per the GCR Section 17.33 are
                                           perch and includes modified bump
1600cc may use a cone-type air filter.                                                permitted and recommended.
1800cc must use a stock air box.                                                         Hood clips are permitted. Stock
                                              Welding a 2.5" spring locator on
Filter is free.                                                                       hood latches may be disabled or re-
                                           the upper mount and modifying the
Fuel System                                stock length original bump rubbers to      moved.
Unleaded fuel filler trap door and re-

                                                                                                                  Spec Miata Racing on SPEED

                                                                                                                  S   eptember 9, 7 p.m. PST SPEED
                                                                                                                      Channel will be airing the Maz-
                                                                                                                  daspeed Cup race that was held at La-
                                                                                                                  guna Seca on June 9. It’s listed as “Pro
                                                                                                                  Spec Miata Racing.” If you haven’t

                                                                                   PHOTO: JIM & CHARLENE BROKAW
                                                                                                                  heard this was an historical event in
                                                                                                                  that the race field was the largest ever
                                                                                                                  for that venue. 70 Spec Miatas com-
                                                                                                                  — KEVIN HAYWOOD
                                                                                                                  Watch for SDMC member DAVID
Interior                                    moval or substitution of driver com-                                  LEVY in the Mariner blue Miata num-
The driver’s seat may be replaced with      partment panels is prohibited.                                        ber 4 in this race. David chronicled
any seat suitable for competition, in-         Any removable covers used to cover                                 his thoughts about this race in last
cluding a racing-type bucket seat. If       spare tires, tools, bins, etc. may be re-                             month’s (August 2002) issue of the
the driver’s seat is replaced, factory      moved along with attaching hardware                                   SAN DIEGO MIATA CLUB NEWS.
seat tracks may be modified, rein-          and brackets. Carpets, mats and their                                 — EDITOR
forced or removed to facilitate replace-    insulating or attaching materials may
ment mountings provided they per-           be removed from the floor and re-
form no other function. All driver          cesses of the cargo/spare tire area.
seats shall be installed per SCCA              Ducting may be added to provide
GCR for Showroom Stock.                     fresh air to the driver/passenger com-
   Gauges and instruments may be            partment. This ducting will be located
added, replaced or removed. They            in the driver/passenger vent window
may be installed in the original instru-    area by means of a transparent/
ment(s) location using a mounting           alternate vent window material and
plate(s) or any other location using a      duct with no modifications to the
secure method of attachment.                bodywork. Door glass area must re-                                       AUTOCROSS AT THE “Q”
   Other than modifications made to         main free of all material except re-                                           The following autocross events
mount instruments and to provide for        quired safety equipment.                                                       are tentatively scheduled to take
roll cage installation, the remainder of       Passenger seat, mounting hardware                                           place in the parking lot of Qual-
the dash "board" or panel shall remain      and restraints may be removed.                                                 comm Stadium:
intact.                                     Safety                                                                Sunday, September 8………….championship
   Any steering wheel and attachments          Welded or bolt-in cage with up to a                                Sunday, October 20…...………championship
may be used except wood rimmed                                                                                    Saturday, November 2……………….practice
                                            maximum of 8 mounting points per
type steering wheels.                                                                                             Sunday, November 10.….……..championship
                                            Improved Touring Specifications of                                    Saturday, November 30………..championship
   Any shift knob may be used.              the GCR.                                                              Saturday, December 7..….……...novice school
   A/C system may be removed (but              Door bars on drivers side allowed                                  To confirm autocross information, call:
not heater core or blower).                 to outer skin of door (NASCAR-                                        San Diego SCCA Hotlines (619) 441-1333
   Carpets, center consoles, cargo bins,    style). If NASCAR-style door bars are                                                         (800) 360-4454
driver’s seat belt, floor mat, radio sys-   used, door panel, door glass and me-
tem, headliners, dome lights, grab                                                                                Web page    
                                            chanical hardware may be removed.
handles and their insulating and at-           Hard top may be used, and if used                                  Come participate or watch SAN
taching materials maybe removed.            must be bolted in place. Aftermarket                                  DIEGO MIATA CLUB members race at
Other than to provide for the installa-     hard tops are allowed provided they                                   the autocross (timed event). To par-
tion of required safety equipment or        do not change the aerodynamics of                                     ticipate you need to register for a Solo2
other authorized modifications, no          the car and meet the original OEM                                     card and number ($15) and have a
other driver/passenger compartment          specifications, including weight.                                     DOT approved helmet. Loaner hel-
alterations or gutting is permitted. Re-                                                                          mets are available at the autocross.

Miles of Miatas Big Success                                                        August 10 - Saturday
                                                                                    6th Annual Miles of Miatas         I   t was sort of like a scavenger hunt
                                                                                                                           on wheels. Look for a friendly
T     he weather man predicted tem-
      peratures in the high 90’s to tri-
ple digits, but that did not keep SAN
                                                                                   for MDA                             nearby Miata, and zoom either in
                                                                                                                       front or behind. Such was the fun-
DIEGO MIATA CLUB and SOCALM                                                                                            filled day known as the sixth annual
members from participating in                                                                                          Miles of Miatas for MDA.
SDMC’s annual charity run for                                                                                              Because much of the early run was
MDA.                                                                                                                   on city streets with the usual traffic
   Rick Hackley from the Boll Weevil                                                                                   lights and OTMs, members had an
restaurant hosted the registration and                                                                                 added opportunity to demonstrate the
provided continental breakfast to                                                                                      versatility of their little steeds. When
members. SUE HINKLE, BARB                                                                                              roads were two and three lanes wide, it
TEMPLETON, and MDA staff mem-
                                                                        MDA provided a tasty cake as a small token     looked liked the lineup for the Fourth
                                                                        for the hard work and dedication that SDMC
bers were on hand to collect sponsor                                    has shown each year in fundraising.
                                                                                                                       of July parade rather than the usual
sheets, sell raffle tickets, and distribute                                                                            long string of cars in the country.
                                                                        daisers; 1st place-DAVID AND LORI              Sometimes it resembled the “Dodge-
t-shirts—event magnetics were do-
                                                                        BRYAN, $1,500— 2nd Place-Tom                   em” cars at the carnival, only this time
nated by the CAUSARANOS and Hin-
                                                                        and Carolyn Lorenzo, SOCALM,                   we really meant “Dodge-em.”
kles and goody bags from the vendors.
                                                                        $1,163—3rd Place-RICH AND                          Because of the flexibility and inno-
   A parade of 37 Miatas and one
                                                                        JANICE WESSEL $500.                            vation this type of driving offered, on
Mini Cooper displaying its new mag-
                                                                           It was a great day for everyone,            some occasions there were several cars
netics headed out of the parking lot
                                                                        with good food, great roads, and lots          in front of the “lead car” and a few
under the cover of coastal fog and
                                                                        of terrific prizes. Best of all it was great   following the “sweep.” But everyone
balmy tropical breezes, but we knew it
                                                                        day for MDA and Jerry’s Kids. We               knew their place and soon got back
wouldn’t be long until the tempera-
                                                                        raised approximately $7,000 and the            into order.
ture would rise to record highs. At the
                                                                        dollars are still coming in. The event             In addition to the always standard
half-way stop in Escondido the tem-
                                                                        was a tremendous success due to the            “wait to make a turn until you can see
perature was close to 100. OBI WAID
                                                                        generosity and big hearts of those who         the car behind you,” the CBs played a
quickly parked and took to the shade
                                                                        participated, and we extend our heart-         big role because of the terrain covered.
while others gathered at the Baskin
                                                                        felt thanks to each and every one.             Cars in the middle sometimes needed
Robbins for cool treats. The second
                                                                           We would like to acknowledge the            to relay messages from the back to the
half of the run was hot, hot, hot and
                                                                        following vendors and members who              front, due to the distances involved.
TOM THOMPSON reported that the
                                                                        supported the event with donated                   One driver wanted to make sure
temperature was 103. 49 miles later
                                                                        items. Mazda, Brainstorm, M & M                those behind were catching up, and
the Miles of Miatas caravan pulled
                                                                        Marketing,          Quality         Images     made a U-turn in mid-street only to
into Bel-Marie, where a yummy BBQ
                                                                        (Knobmeister), Flyin Miata, Hard               see the parade of cars quickly coming
was prepared and waiting for our arri-
                                                                        Dog, Meguiar’s, Moss Motors, Coast             in the other direction. Another U-turn
val. Bel-Marie opened their garden
                                                                        Car Covers, Eagle One, BBS, Geri’s             brought things back to order.
room for the group to take refuge
                                                                        Bazaar, Sportmart, Baja Fresh, Mil-                There were also several roads under
from the heat and hold the Miles of
                                                                        ton’s, Hot Rod Power Club, Glaser-             construction and surfaces wiped out,
Miatas raffle.
                                                                        Bailey, Boll Weevil, Bel Marie Win-            which provided more challenges for
   Sue Hinkle announced and pre-
                                                                        ery, Twin Oaks Golf Course, Gold               car and driver. On one twisty/curvy, a
sented awards to the top three fun-
                                                                        Mountain Inn, TOM and MARNA                    Cobra driver headed in the other di-
                                                                        WOOD, Barbara Templeton, Jack and              rection obviously was green with
                                                                        Sue Hinkle.                                    envy—or was it yellow.
                                                                        — SUE HINKLE                                       There were plenty of twisties as well
                                                                                                                       as roaming the surface streets, so all in
                                          PHOTOS: MIKE & ELINOR SHACK

                                                                                                                       all it was a truly enjoyable and unusual
                                                                                                                       driving experience.
                                                                                                                       – TOM SPRAGUE

W        ell, it was sort of a car club
         movie...they did have a fine
row of shiny Ferraris in one scene,
                                                    August 24 - Saturday
                                                     Debbye Does Santee
plus a really tricked out James Bond
type GTO. Lots of car pursuits and            DUSTIN LEWIS, the tour leader, got
car crashes, including a shiny Corvette    to exchange his old magnetics for new
(red in color) that went off a high        ones to match the color of his new car.
bridge in the opening sequence. And        But we all know that VIKKI is the
oodles of motorcycles spinning high        wind beneath his wings.
in the air, as well as snowmobiles         — TOM SPRAGUE
making noise and slush in wide pat-
terns. Plus a spectacular avalanche
chasing a snow-boarder.
   The movie, of course, was secon-
dary to the SDMC party, which
started with food at the Chicken Pie
Diner in Poway, where they have car
club gatherings every Wednesday
night from 6 to 8 p.m. throughout
the summer. Then it was off for a
curvy, scenic 44.7-mile tour of places
like Bernardo Trails, Highland Valley,
Bandy Canyon, Wildcat Canyon and
   When the 30 cars arrived at the
Santee Drive-in, they lined up for
party-time, and folks brought out the
munchies. Just to make sure there was
ample, the host Lewis clan passed out
bags with an assortment of goodies.
The very clear sky also provided an
opportunity for stargazing, before the
star(?)gazing began on the screen.
Other movie watchers spent time
looking at our cars as well, and several
came by to ask questions.
   The movie plot was about an ex-
treme sport super stud recruited by a
US spy agency to go up against some
bad guys with even worse accents. He
was supposed to get some cars from
them for a cool million dollars and
thereby learn their sinister plans.
There were 98 (count-em, 98) stunt
doubles, and about 2,734 explosions.
No animals were hurt in the filming
of the movie, but there was no caveat
about humans. The movie only lasted
                                                                                          PHOTOS: ED LANGMAID

an hour and 44 minutes. It just
seemed longer. The hardy among us
stayed for the second feature (Signs)
which started about 11 p.m.

Aftermarket goodies
Do You Change Your Own                     tween the intake manifold and the
                                           block (2 from the top, 1 from under-
Oil?                                       neath) that had to be removed to get

T      his was the question I asked of
       the group gathered at a recent
monthly meeting at the Boll Weevil. I
                                           at the filter. All done while lying on
                                           my back under the car (wish I had a
                                           lift). Then of course all of that had to
must admit I was quite surprised by        be put back. There are some folks I
how few of you actually do change          know who reach their filter by turning
your own oil. I guess I should not         the wheels all the way and reaching in
have been surprised, on the Miata          through the wheel well. While this
changing oil is a major undertaking. It    method may save some time, it pro-          mount that fits just inside the engine
can easily take well over an hour.         duces more scratches on your arms           compartment behind the headlight on
   I have for years changed my own         and drips oil all over the crossmember.     the passenger side, and mounts open-
oil. I didn’t do it to save money. I did   I kept looking at the large open space      ing-down. The oil lines running to the
        it because I wanted to be cer-     just inside the engine compartment          remote are the shortest of any kit on
           tain the job was done cor-      right behind the headlight on the pas-      the market, and there is no noise
            rectly. We’ve all heard the    senger side. I thought wouldn’t it be       transmitted to the cockpit. The kit is
            horror stories about some-     great to have the filter right              also supplied with high-temperature
one leaving the plug loose and having      there? Looking at my wife’s SLK again       rated hoses, and a wrap-around hose
all the oil running out while the un-      (as I do often - when changing her oil)     protector to make certain there is no
suspecting driver proceeded merrily        I thought wouldn’t it be nice if the        abrasion from sharp objects.
down the road.                             Miata had a filter like the SLK - right        One of our members (who installed
   A couple of years ago we bought         there on top of the engine in the           one of the prototypes), reports his first
my wife a used (sorry, “pre-owned”)        front?                                      oil change at just over 21 minutes –
Mercedes SLK. It was one of their              I knew that there were aftermarket      over an hour saved! And not a drop
special "Star-Marked" cars (supposed       kits to relocate the filter. I checked      of oil was spilled.
to have been thoroughly gone-over to       them out but felt they just didn’t suit
be certain it was in excellent condi-                                                  Now you CAN change your own oil
                                           my needs. I also had heard that engine      
tion). It wasn’t until probably two        noise could be transmitted to the           Some of our more enlightened mem-
weeks later that I thought to actually     cockpit via the firewall-mounted kits       bers have figured it out. With this kit
check it over myself and discovered        that seemed the standard fare. I was        they CAN change their oil. No disas-
that it was OVERFILLED with oil—           confident I could design a better relo-     sembly required!
by about 2 quarts! Changing oil never      cation kit specifically for M2s - Time         I expect the next time I ask the
seemed to me to be a particularly diffi-   to just do it myself.                       question at a meeting (how many
cult job. Maybe a little messy at times,       I spent much of the next six            change their own oil?) there will be a
but always worth the effort, if only for   months working on a design. I wanted        lot more hands in the air. However,
the peace of mind of knowing it was        the filter in that specific location, but   to answer your next question, and it is
done right.                                did not want to drill a lot of holes in     the most frequently asked question...
   I got my second Miata in Septem-        my brand-new car. The result is a           No, it will not work on an M1.
ber of 2000. A shiny Red 2001 LS                                                       — TOM THOMPSON
with a 6-speed (and supposedly more                                                    
horsepower—but that’s another                                                          For more information go to:
story). After struggling through sev-                                          
eral oil changes, the best I found I
could do was about 1 hour and 20
minutes just to change the oil!
   There were the eleven 10 mm bolts
holding the bottom pan under the
engine, and the three 14 mm bolts
holding the cast aluminum brace be-

F   or those of you who missed it, we
    had a very interesting day at Bart
Grandes’ Godspeed Dyno Works in
                                                                Saturday - August 3
                                                                Dyno Tuning at Team
Oceanside. Eight Miatas were sub-
jected to the ultimate truth serum,
with some very startling results. For
the normally aspirated Miatas, TOM
THOMPSON beat me by ½ horse-
power—104.6 vs. 104.1. I have Rac-
ing Beat’s newest header, BRIAN
GOODWIN’S stainless steel muffler,
a BRE intake with an oversized KN
air filter, and the super expensive
Denso irridium sparkplugs. Tom just
runs Brainstorm’s dual exhaust. Inter-
esting, eh? Draw your own conclu-
sions. The three supercharged cars
were at their very best less than 20%
more powerful than normally aspi-
rated cars. In fact, even though I did-
n’t have the most powerful car, I beat
everyone in the quarter mile tests, run-
ning about one second faster the
Tom’s. The secret was my 6000 rpm
launch! And yes, I duplicated that feat
for the non-believers.

                                                                                                                                                       PHOTOS: RAINER MUELLER
   Thanks to Bart Grande and all the
folks who showed up and made this a
memorable experience.

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