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					                 Chapman University School of Law Student Bar Association
                        Official Minutes: July 16, 2005 at 2:00 p.m.
                                 Room 378, Kennedy Hall

Members Present: Jennifer Bender (Jen B.), Jennifer Boukidis (Jen), Cris De La Cruz, Jeff
Greenman, Adam Luetto, Stephanie Mullen, Tom Pokladowski, Heather Reitz, Constance Trinh,
Jennifer Weissburg (Jen W.), Rhonda Wilson

Members Absent: Bryan Clavecilla, Vinod Doddamani, Daniel Josephson, Shirley Kong, Alex
Kugelman, Flint Stebbins

I. Call to Order: Jennifer Boukidis called the meeting to order at 2:11 pm.

II. Reading and Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve minutes as it is passes unanimously.

III. Officer Reports

   A. President – Jennifer Boukidis had nothing new to report.

   B. Vice President – Jeff Greenman had nothing new to report.

   C. Secretary – Shirley Kong was not present.

   D. D. Treasurer – Adam Luetto distributed the proposed budget.

   E. Parliamentarian – Jennifer Weissburg
      i) Jen W. suggested waiting until the 1L’s arrive prior to discussing parliamentarian

IV. Committee Chair Reports

   A. Student Affairs – Daniel Josephson was not present.

   B. Academic Affairs – Jennifer Bender had nothing new to report.

   C. Event Affairs – Constance Trinh
      i) Constance discussed the upcoming Back to School Night set for Dave & Busters.

   D. ABA-LSD – Tom Pokladowski
      i) Tom informed the Board that he will be going to Chicago.

   E. Webmaster – Vinod Doddamani was not present.
      i) Jen W. reported that per Jen’s request, Vinod will work with Jen W.

V. New Business
A. Orientation
   i) Big Sibling Program: Administration has not finalized the list. The Board proposed
      ways to encourage current students to participate. The Board decided that they will
      meet with interested students to inform them of their duties. Dan will send out an e-
      mail on Monday regarding the program. Vicki Dummitt will pay for the Big Sibling

   ii) Student Panel: The Student Panel will be during Orientation on August 17th from
       3:15 to 4:15. The Board decided to have five or six panelists participate.

   iii) Friends and Family Panel: The Friends and Family Panel will be on the third day of
        Orientation. Stephanie will send out a school wide e-mail regarding the event.

   iv) Lockers: Rhonda informed the Board that an insert for the lockers has already been

   v) SBA Table at last day BBQ: There was no new information on the SBA Table at last
      day BBQ.

   vi) Leadership Retreat: Tom informed the Committee that Sodexho catered the lunch at
       last year’s leadership retreat and explained the reimbursement procedure.

B. 2005-2006 Budget
   i) Adam reported that the estimate for student fees and lockers was based on a $5
        increase. Adam also reported half the budget goes towards each club receiving $500
        and suggests having the clubs submit proposals and applications for funding rather
        than automatically granting them $500. Adam also reported that the operating bill
        has been decreased because it only funded business cards. Adam also reported that
        $10,000 is required to be in the Reserves.
   ii) The Board unanimously agreed to curb spending and discussed measures to curb
        spending. The Board decided to appoint Adam to obtain rosters from each club and
        have each club submit funding requests/applications within two weeks. Adam
        reported that curbing $1,000 should be adequate.
   iii) Adam also reported that $1,000 is allocated for the law review symposium and will
        be taken out of the amount allocated for school wide events.

C. Back to School Night
   i) Constance reported that they are within the budget of $2,500.
   ii) Constance reported that they anticipate two hundred people. It will be the same
       format as the previous year (the $300 area rental fee will be waived). There will be a
       raffle ticket sale for items from donated sources. Rhonda brought up the issue of
       having to pay Dave and Busters and suggested paying them more upfront and getting
       money back after the event. Rhonda moves to allocate another $4,295.79 to the event
       and Jeff seconds. Constance will submit a check request.

   D. SBA Office/Club Lockers: Jeff Weikel removed some lockers and will put club lockers
      on the second floor. If they are not removed, then the stuff will revert to being in the
      SBA office.

   E. Constitution
      i) The Board decided to include the absence policy in the Bylaws. Per the Constitution,
         the Parliamentarian also removed the conflicting language indicating the number of
         representatives per class from the Constitution. For the last 4L class, the Board will
         still have 4L JD/MBA representatives.

VI. Announcements
    A. Leadership Retreat:
       i) The Leadership Retreat will be on August 16, 2005, per Vicki Dummitt’s request.
           Jen will meet with Jeff Weikel to get blueprint and figure out how to furnish.
       ii) A former SBA member will be the guest speaker.

   B. Rhonda informed the Board that the full roundtable for ABA will be at Loyola Law
      School on October 14-15, 2004 and will be open to all students.

VII.   Executive Session

   A. Entered at 3:23 pm
   B. Ended at 3:29 pm

VIII. Adjournment:
   A. Motion to adjourn the meeting passes unanimously.
   B. Meeting is adjourned at 3:30 pm.


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