SAAC NW Newsletter Jan. 2003 by wuyunqing


									                                                                             This Month
                                                                             April 2003
                                                                     - Shelby American Collection
                                                                           - Events Calendar
                                                                       -Dave Lennartz’s CSX2192
                                                                           Next Meeting:
                                                                              April 20th
                                                                       Regular Monthly Meeting
                                                                    6:00pm @ Denny’s (Wilsonville)
                         Ownership not essential, Enthusiasm is!!

                               Dave Lennartz’s CSX2192

Inside the Shelby
spy photos!
Events calendar:
SAT. May 10, 2003
John Bradshaw’s
Portland Tranny
Sat. June 22, 2003
SAACNW Autocross
Rochester, WA               Vintage Race Prepped Cobra
   For information about
        SAAC NW                                                                                              “You can do WHAT?”                                              Discounts
or it’s activities, call or email                                                 Ed                         Keith Canutt - Restoration of your early Mustang. Rusty
                                                                                                                                                                             Note: Businesses require phoning
                                                                                                                                                                             ahead and proof of membership in
           any officer:                                                                it                    floor repair or replacement. Suspension upgrades and            SAAC NW to get a discount. Take
            President                                                                       or               rebuilding. Total restoration, modification and upgrades        your club membership card with you
           Dan Jones                                             Picture                         ’s          including 5 speed conversions. “Horse shoe Rustorations”        when visiting these vendors.
         503 659-6214
        Vice President                                                          Brent   Op                   (503) 598-8675
         Dave Lennartz                                                                                                                                                       Tom Jones Motorcars
                                                                                                             Edward Neiger - Professional certified welder. Mig, Tig &       Contact: Tom Jones, 2820 W. High-
         360 546-1115
                                                                                Soo Hoo                      Stick. Aluminum, Stainless and mild steel. No job too small.    land Ave., Redmond, OR 97756. (541)
                                                                                Email:       (503) 481-9164 Lives in Gresham.                                548-0633. Email:
        Paul Blanchard
         503 657-9273                                                                                        Bob Parker - An expert at Photography & has volunteered to 10% dis-
                                                                                                                                                                             count on custom & mustang parts.
            Treasurer                                                                                        take excellent photos of your car. You cover the cost of film
           Bob Parker                   From the Driver’s Seat                                               and processing. Contact him at the next meeting.                Hillyer’s Mid-City Ford
         503 698-9492
      Newsletter Editor                                                                                      Cary Gressinger - Owner of C&G Automotive Inc.. Has             Contact: Dennis or Craig, 3000
         Brent Soo Hoo                  Hi everyone,                                                         been building quality Cobra Replicas, servicing and restoring   Newberg Hwy W, Woodburn, OR
         503 323-5826                                                                                        original Cobras for the past 10 years. C&G has just started     97XXX. (503) 981-4747. 10% discount
                                                                                                                                                                             on parts only.                                                                                      to produce their own replicas and chassis utilizing 5.0
          Webmaster                     I hopped my first ride in a real Cobra when my buddy Dave            Mustang components.
           John Kelley                  Lennartz invited me up to shoot this month’s feature car. All I                                                                      Schnell Automotive & Supply
                                                                                                             (503) 678-1115                                                  Contact: Tim Schnell. 1506 NE
         503 880-1967                   can say is WOW! Definitely not a car built for creature comforts                                                                                        Russ Schulte - This gentleman is a master sheet metal man.      Lombard, Portland, OR 97211. (503)
           MHRC Rep                     or ride quality, the real Cobra is a purpose-built performance       For aluminum work, sheet metal etc. Call Russ.                  285-3567 or (503) 285-2951. Discount
                                        machine. This one is particularly nasty in vintage race trim.                                                                        varies on all services and parts. Also
              ?????                                                                                          (541) 451-3655
              ?????                                                                                                                                                          full machine shop.
              ?????                                                                                          James Boscole - Structural fiberglassing. You know, let’s
      Asst. MHRC Rep.                   Apologies to Keith Canutt, who I promised to get his Wine Tour       take out the shake. Don’t call me for gel coat issues. Also     C&G Automotive, Inc.
        Paul Blanchard                  Cruise in this month’s newsletter. Sometimes getting this publi-     graphic design projects and website design.                     Contact: Cary Gressinger. 22015
         503 657-9273                                                                                        (503) 625-7650                                                  Airport Rd., Aurora, OR 97002. (503)
                                        cation done is like pulling teeth. This month was one of those.                                                                      678-1115. 15% discount on parts and
    SAAC National Rep.
                                        Between getting my Stainless steel header project finished and       Mark Folden - Classic Auto & Appraisal. Serving all your        service.
          Fred Gehring
         503 657-5595                   trying to get parts for my ‘68 Mustang, I just ran out of time.      appraisal needs including market, loan, insurance, replace-
        Track Steward                                                                                        ment, and diminished value reports. All appraisal reports are   R&S Classic Mustang Supply
      Mark Pendergrass                                                                                       done in strict compliance with the Uniform Standards of         Contact: Ray Mason. 250 Queen SE,
         503 662-4395                   Headed to Kool April Nites with the SAACNW boys. It should           Professional Appraisal Practice and American Society of         Albany, OR 97XXX. (541) 926-5383.
                                        be a good time, but we hear that rain might be in our future.                                                                        10% discount on parts and service.
    Asst. Track Steward                                                                                      Appraisers.
        Brent Passmore                                                                                       (360) 807-8324
         360-636-7885                                                                                                                                                        Engine Parts Distributing, Inc.
                                        Still looking for people to step up as the feature cars. You don’t   Jeff Sanders - Manual Transmission specialist. Borg-            Contact: Pete Agalzoff. 6635 N.
SAAC Northwest Express is a             really want to see the hated Mercury Capri RS5.0 in here do you?     Warner T5 expert, some “Ford” units available outright.         Baltimore, Portland, OR 97203. (800)
monthly newsletter of Shelby                                                                                 Rebuilding or Updates available. Intimately familiar with       289-3373 or (503) 289-3373. 20%
                                                                                                                                                                             discount on engine kits and jobber
 American Automobile Cub                                                                                     Toploaders, T10’s, Muncie’s ack!! Will do some automatics
 Northwest, a regional club             Next month’s Tech Article will be a biggie, as I am finally done     as well. (503) 625-2708 or (503) 936-1538
   formed in 1978 for the               with the Stainless Steel Tri-Y header project.                                                                                       Rose City Mustang LTD.
  purpose of preserving &                                                                                    Dennis Turk - ‘65-’67 Mustang 4-piston disc brake caliper       Contact: Bill Kubeck
 enjoying Shelby and other                                                                                   rebuilds. I use custom CNC manufactured 316SS pistons,          521 NE 74th Ave., Portland, OR 97213.
 Ford/Mercury Performance               Get out there and cruise those Fords,                                new boots & seals, new bleeder valves and new stainless         (503) 243-1938. 10% discount on all
                                                                                                                                                                             parts new & used excluding special
           cars.                                                                                             steel cross-over lines. Will also rebuild ‘64 1/2 - ‘66 disc

 Web page address/emails:             2
                                        Brent Soo Hoo, Editor.                                               brake proportioning valves with stainless steel sleeves.
                                                                                                             Call Dennis or Mark (503) 681-3093
                                                                                                                                                                             order items.
                                                                                                    March Meeting Minutes
                                                                                                     Minutes of the SAAC NW meeting 16 March 2003

                                                                                                     Presidents Report
                                                                                                     President Dan Jones brought the meeting to order at 6:15 P.M. Dan asked the club
                                                                                                     secretary to read the meeting minutes of the 16 February 2003 meeting.

                                                                                                     Secretary’s Report
                                                                                                     Paul Blanchard read the minutes of the 16 February 2003 meeting. Paul asked if
                                                                                                     there were any additions changes or corrections to the minutes as read. There
                                                                                                     weren’t any, the minutes stand as written.

                                                                                                     Presidents Report (Continued)
                                                                                                     Dan Jones called on our club member John Bradshaw to talk about the upcoming
                                                                                                     Cruise-in to Johns’ place of business, the Portland Transmission Warehouse on S.E.
                                                                                                     11th and Clay St. in Portland, Oregon. The Cruise-in will be held on Saturday, May
                                                                                                     10th 2003. John brought in some flyers for all members to take with them, said that
                                                                                                     there is nothing different this year, Dr. Jazz and the Interns will be providing the
What the Flashboard Pro did for Dan                                                                  entertainment, Hot Dogs by Lew’s for refreshments sponsored by Baxter Auto Parts.
Patching...looks great! Get one done!                                                                John said that he will have his father in-law’s car on display this year, it is a Ford Bug
                                                                                                     speedster. It was entered in the Pebble Beach concourse 15 years ago where it took
                      Shelby American Collection, Boulder, CO. - Cont. from pg. 13
                                                                                                     first in class and 2nd in show.
                      by Brian Bogden
Museum for a while next to its original skin.                                                        Dan Jones said that it is a great show you will see a little bit of everything with over
                                                                                                     400 cars participating.
I can't get it all down on what we saw, you need to go your self next time your out in Colorado!!
                                                                                                     Vice Presidents Report
                                                                                                     Dave Lennartz said that the calendar of events as printed in the newsletter is still in
                                                                                                     draft form, if anyone had any questions or changes to get with him later for discus-

                                                                                                     Treasurer’s Report
                                                                                                     Bob Parker said that a member had written and asked where he could purchase a
                                                                                                     jacket patch, Bob referred him to Mark Pendergrass. Bob said that if anyone is inter-
                                                                                                     ested in obtaining a current member roster to contact him and he will e-mail you a
                                                                                                     copy for personal use only. Bob said that we have approximately 52 members who
                                                                                                     have paid their dues at present, there is still some un-resolved issues with Pay Pal,
                                                                                                     once they are resolved we will have more paid up members.
                                                                                                     Bob Parker gave the treasurer’s report, after current bills are paid we still have a

18                                                                                                   good treasury to help us fund important club functions for the year.
March Meeting Minutes -cont. from pg.3                                                    Hello Brent,                                             Letters to the Editor...Yes, we get letters!
                                                                                          I wasn't sure if this is club news worthy, but I thought I would let you know that I am getting married. I
  National SAAC Rep                                                                       have been in the club for at least 4 maybe 5 years. I have been going to most of the open track events
  Fred Gehring wasn’t present at tonight’s meeting. Dan Jones asked Paul Blanchard        with the white/titanium 88 Mustang GT #88, I am currently going to retire the 88 and have purchased a
  to read an e-mail that he had received from Fred. Fred said that he won’t be “hitting   yellow 94GT that I am getting ready to mod for the track.
  a home run” at the up coming March 16th pow-wow. Sorry, I’d like to be there but this   I am getting married to Susie Marie Klein on April 26, 2003 in Bend. We are going to Hawaii for 15 days
  long distance estate shut down process is taking more time that we thought. We          afterwards. If you would like more details, be free to email me.   Congratulations Craig & Susie. Craig may
  hope to be back in town by the Portland Swap Meet. Can’t even guarantee that. So,       You have been doing a great job with the newsletters.
                                                                                                                                                               do a tech article on his late model suspen-
                                                                                                                                                               sion upgrades after his honeymoon in
  for the record, there’s been no correspondence from SAAC National since the sign                                                                             Hawaii. - Brent/Editor
  up campaign letter wanting us to buy their insurance. I think the Bogdan’s and          Thank you,
                                                                                          Craig Denson (Bend, OR)
  Jones’s would have the freshest information at this time having attended SAAC
  does Vegas. Hold up the fort while we take care of family business. Hope to be back     Dear SAACNW Newsletter Editor,
  in the car club groove by May, we think.                                                I'm relatively new to the internet, and can't seem to get any information on who to contact at National
  Dan Jones mentioned that if anyone was interested in going to the SAAC National         SAAC (or CT SAAC) who might know how to reach Rick Kopec. (Your chapter's website was the first to
  Convention in Nashville Tennessee in the month of May, they still have rooms avail-     provide ways to communicate with club members thru e-mail!)
                                                                                          Rick provided me with some materials 15 years ago. I just ran across them in a box I was cleaning out of
  able.                                                                                   my garage, and I'd like to return them if possible.                       I responded with Rick Kopec’s email
                                                                                          Would you please point me in the right direction if you can? Thanks. address and the URL for the SAAC
  Newsletter Editor                                                                       Pete Mills                                                                National site. - Brent/Editor
  Brent Soo Hoo asked if everyone had received their newsletter, if not contact him
  for inclusion in his mailing list. Brent wanted to thank Ray and Ann Clack for the
  information about their car that was in this month’s newsletter, Brent thanked Brian
  Bogdan for his article on SAAC does Vegas. Brent also sold another ad for our
  newsletter to Tim Schnell. Brent said that Dick Donahue has agreed to have some-
  thing put in the newsletter about his Cougar Eliminator.
                                                                                          Your local Accel/DFI EMIC. Promoting the new
  MHRC Report                                                                             GEN 7 series engine management system from
  Paul Blanchard went to the MHRC meeting on 11 March 2003 gave the report as             Accel/DFI. Get local parts and service/installa-
  alternate rep.                                                                          tion and tuning. Call for your quote today.
  Roll call was taken 14 clubs were present. Big Don Van Dinter gave the Portland
  Roadster Show report said that we had just over 14,000 people in attendance. We         Also a stocking distributer of Red Line Synthetic
                                                                                          Oils. Proven to reduce engine wear and outlast             PERFORMANCE ENGINE BUILDING
  have received a lot of positive feed back from participants and spectators alike. Don                                                              BALANCING SERVICE
  will have a Roadster Show wrap-up meeting at a later date.                              fossil oils. You have a high performance car,
                                                                                          run high performance oil in it. Also available             MAGNETO SERVICE
  Dave Beach of SABA (Scale Auto Builders of America) said that we had over 350                                                                      MACHINE WORK
  model cars in competition. Mr. Andy Lilienthal will be doing a feature article in the   Synthetic ATF and WaterWetter (TM).
  national magazine, Scale Auto Magazine that should be due on the newsstand in                                                                      1506 N.E. Lombard
  August.                                                                                                                                            Portland, OR 97211
  The MHRC Draggin letter editor said that she would like to have articles and pic-                                                                  (503) 285-3567
  tures to put in the Draggin from member clubs.                                                                                                     (503) 285-2951
  Jack Wynowski our webmaster said that he needs pictures to put on the web site,                                                                    (503) 285-3483 FAX
  now that the Portland Roadster Show is over more photos will become available.   4                                                                             17
                                                                                          March Meeting Minutes -cont. from pg.4
Classifieds - none this month, so I’ll showcase some                                      MHRC President Tony Chamberlain presented Bob & Marlene Miller a plaque for 40
interesting new products...                                                               years of service. A plaque was presented to big Don Van Dinter for his service as
                                                                                          Roadster Show Manager for 2003. A plaque was also presented to Hugh Wedekind for
                                   Tired of rusty fittings? Try these!                    all of his years of faithful service to the Multnomah Hot Rod Council.
                                                          Nominations were taken for new officers of the council, the election will be held in May,
                                                                                          the new officers will assume their duties on the first of June.
                                                                                          Brent Soo Hoo wanted to make a point once again that we need an MHRC rep for the
                                                                                          Shelby American Club, Ray Clack attended the last Council meeting, hasn’t decided if
                                                                                          he wants to be the rep.

                                                                                          SAAC NW Webmaster
                                                                                          John Kelly wasn’t present at tonight’s meeting will have a report for us next month.
March Meeting Minutes -cont. from pg.5
 come for a breakfast buffet and to watch the Indy 500.                                   Track Steward’s Report
 Gary Kelly had some brochures for the Flash back cruise that is being held on the        Mark Pendergrass wasn’t present at tonight’s meeting; Dan asked Brent Passmore if
 grass at a park in Bend, in Central Oregon.                                              he had anything to add. Brent said that they were working on the Track Packs, we still
 Dave Lennartz read a flyer for a cruise-in to Albany Oregon during the week and over     have some time to go before our next track day.
 the weekend of the 13th through the 16th of August. They plan on having over 180
 awards. Our member Richard Copsey went to it last year, said that it was a great         Old Business
 show.                                                                                    Our President Dan Jones told us last month that he would find out a few things about a
                                                                                          couple of cruises.
 New Business                                                                             One was a cruise-in to Tillamook on Friday the 16th of May. They start with a get to-
 Dan wanted to ask the Clacks if they won an award for their car as shown in our          gether at the Elks at 6:00 P.M. with about an hour cruise-in downtown. On Saturday
 newsletter. We were very appreciative of the color, a very pretty car indeed.            they have a buffet breakfast, they are trying to get 100 clubs to participate this year.
 Dan introduced Mr. Rick Stoker, the new owner of a 1967 GT-500. The car came from        Ray Clack mentioned that the Mustang club he belongs to was considering going to the
 Eastern Oregon. It’s a nice car hope to see it on club tours and other club functions.   Tillamook Cruise-In as a club.
                                                                                          Dan mentioned the Concourse at Forest Grove, said that he called the event chairman,
 In Closing                                                                               was referred to their web page. Since this is the 100th anniversary of Ford they are
 At tonight’s meeting a good selection of raffle items were brought in, for all who won   going to have special recognition for the Ford Marque. If SAAC NW members wish to
 prizes at tonight’s meeting please bring in a raffle prize for next month.               put their car on display or enter their car in judging, download their application and fill it
                                                                                          out and mail it in along with pictures of your car.
 Dave Lennartz, A.K.A. “Mr. Goodwrench” brought in some more examples of die cast         Dan asked about the celebration of our 25th anniversary as a club this year.
 models that he has added to his collection, all different scales and many different      Brent Soo Hoo mentioned that Mark Pendergrass knew of a Ford dealer that was
 manufacturers.                                                                           interested in sponsoring a party for us at their dealership. More details from Mark will
 Some very nice examples indeed! Thank you Dave for sharing them with us.                 be forthcoming.
                                                                                          Brian Bogdan said that he and Lisa will be holding the annual couch Potato Party
 Meeting adjourned.                                                                       at their home over the Memorial Day week-end this year, all members are welcome to
 Respectfully submitted: Paul R. Blanchard, Secretary
                                                                                 16                                                5
Event Announcement: SAACNW Baskin-
Robbins Ice Cream Cruise

Coming Sun. June 29, 2003. (could change)
In planning/permission stages now.
Rick Sattler working with building mgmt.
Volunteers wanted to help put on cruise-in.
Need help deciding scope of the event;
SAACNW only or OPEN cruise-in.
Prizes? Trophies? Ice Cream?
To discuss, call Brent at (503) 323-5826.

     6006 NE Holladay
     Portland, OR 97213
     (503) 284-8484        $400 - 4340 Forged Crankshafts in
    Special Sale!
                           either 3.100” or 3.470” stroke
                                $477 - 4340 Forged H-Beam
                                Rods 5.400” (set of 8)
Acclaimed Ford Specialists. Your source for Pro-built racing and street engines, Mustang
& Ford restoration parts, Carb rebuilding, Distributor rebuilding, Transmission rebuilding,
Rear End rebuilding, Parts installation and Service work, and Custom fabrication/Welding/
Machine work. Mild to Wild, Aldridge Motorsports has the proven experience and attention
to detail. Call or come in today for your parts/project needs. (503) 284-8484             6   15
CSX2192 Cont. from pg. 12
                                                                                                                                   SAACNW 2003 Events Calendar
                                                                                                                                   SAAC NW Event Calendar for 2003 (A starting point, more events to be added as we go - editor)

                                                                                                                                   Date(s)      Event                                                               Participation Level—
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Club          Individual

                                                                                                                                   4/3—6        Portland Swap Meet                                                  x
                                                                                                                                   4/11—        Kool April Nites (Redding CA) Cruise                                                    x
                                                                                                                                   4/12—        Kool April Nites (Redding CA) Show                                                      x
                                                                                                                                   4/12—13      ThunderHill (Willows CA) NorCal O/T wkend                                               x

                                                                                                                                   5/10—        Portland Tranny Show (7am-noon)                                                         x
                                                                                                                                   5/17—        Tillamook Mustangs cruise (Tillamook)                               ?                   (x)
                                                                                                                                   5/18—        Bomber Cruise (all Fords?)                                                              x
                                                                                                                                   5/23—24      CORSA (Prineville) and Silver Auctions (Redmond)                                        x
                                                                                                                                   5/24—25      Pacific NW Mustangs show (Tri-Cities)                                                   x

                                                                                                                                   6/7—         All-Ford Swapmeet & Show (Hillsboro)                                x
                                                                                                                                   6/12—14      Shelby Mid-America Meet (Tulsa OK)                                                      x
CSX 2192 race/show history since 1986
5/86 - Car in primer but with driveline complete, Laguna Seca Vintage weekend.                                                     6/22—        SAAC NW Autocross (SouthSound Speedway)           CONFIRMED!        x
6/86 - Entered Palo Alto Concourse, 1st Place in Retired Race Cars.                                                                6/29—        Baskin-Robbins IceCream Cruise (Rick Sattler’s Store)               x
7/86 - Vintage raced at Westwood, Canada. DNF - broken starter.
7/86 - Vintage raced at Portland, OR. DNF - broken toploader 4 speed.                                                              7/4—6        SOVREN Races—Pacific Racway (SIR)                                                       x
10/86 - Open track with Shelby Club, Laguna Seca, CA - No problems.                                                                7/11—13      SOVREN Races—PIR; SAAC NW corral                                    x
5/87 - Sears Point,CA. DNF - lost oil pressure.                                                                                    7/17—        Mustang RoundUp; Ride&Drive at P/R (SIR)                                                x
6/87 - Engine pulled, car sat covered and untouched awaiting all new motor and clutch assembly.                                    7/18—        Mustang RoundUp; PonyTrails NW cruise                                                   x
6/88 - Entered Palo Alto Concourse, 1st Place in Retired Race Cars.                                                                7/19—        Mustang RoundUp; Concours show—BCC                                                      x
7/88 - Open Track Sears Point, CA                                                                                                  7/20—        Mustang RoundUp; Popular Vote Show—BCC                                                  x
7/88 - Entered Lafayette Concourse, 1st Place in Retired Race Cars.                                                                7/20—        Forest Grove Concours Show (featuring Ford)                         x
7/88 - Entered Dublin Concourse, 1st Place in Retired Race Cars.                                                                   7/25—        SAAC NW O/T (#1) at PIR                                             x
8/88 - Entered Monterey Vintage Race Car Auction, Not Sold, One award given for best restored-best appearing. CSX 2192 won         7/31—8/3     FlashBack Cruise—Bend                                                                   x
their Monroe Award.
8/88 - Entered Sacramento Concourse, 1st Place Retired Race Cars.                                                                  8/6—10       Hot August Nites—Reno NV                                                                x
9/88 - Entered Fresno Concourse, 2nd Place in Cobra class against 9 other Cobras.                                                  8/16—        All-Ford day at Woodburn (plus Dearborn show)                       ?                   (x)
                                                             10/88 - Entered Modesto Concourse, 1st Place in Retired Race Cars.    ?8/23—24?    Cobra Run—Skamania Lodge (Cobra display Sat pm?)                                        x
                                                             6/89 - Entered Monterey Concourse, 1st Place in Retired Race Cars.    8/30—        All-British Field Meet—(PIR)                                                            x
                                                             7/89 - Entered Lafayette Concourse, 1st Place in Retired Race Cars.                Cruise Lews—Milwaukie OR                                                                x
                                                             8/89 - Entered Dublin Concourse, 1st Place in Foreign Sports $3350                 SOVREN—PIR?                                                                             x
                                                             and over.
                                                             9/89 - Entered Sacramento Concourse, 1st Place in Retired Race        ?9/13—?      SAAC NW 25th Anniv. Party…?                                         x
                                                             Cars. Also Honorary Judges Award aka “Most Exciting” car.             9/14—        SAAC NW O/T (#2) at PIR                                             x
                                                             10/89 - Entered Modesto Concourse, 1st Place Retired Race Cars.       9/19—21      Cruise Coos—Coos Bay                                                                    x
                                                             6/90 Entered Palo Alto Concourse, 2nd Place Retired Race Cars.        9/27—        MaryHill HillClimb; car show & race car display                                         x
                                                             8/90 - Entered Dublin Concourse, 1st Place Retired Race Cars.         9/28—        MaryHill HillClimb; timed hillclimb runs                                                x
                                                             10/90 - Entered Modesto Concourse, 1st Place Retired Race Cars.
                                                             Voted Best of Show by Judges.                                         10/5—        Pacific NW Mustangs show—Patterson                                                      x
                                                                                                                                   ?10/11—?     Spruce Goose road trip—McMinnville?                                 ?
                                                                                                                                   10/10—11     Car Show—Pendleton—Wild Horse Casino                                                    x

                                                                                                                                   12/13—       SAAC NW Year-End (& Christmas?) Banquet                             x

                                                                                                                    14                                                                                                                         7
Shelby American Collection, Boulder, CO.                                                             originally raced by legends of motorsport such as Mario Andretti, Bob Bondurant, Dan Gur-
by Brian Bogden                                                                                      ney, Phil Hill, Dave McDonald, and Ken Miles.
                                                                                                     At Daytona, the SAC transporter brought two Cobras and a pair of GT40s. One of the GT40s,
Like I wrote last month, we would
                                                                                                     an ex-Comstock Racing car (pictured), suffered a minor engine fire on Saturday only to return
visit the Shelby Museum in
                                                                                                     to the track on Sunday. The most impressive drive of the weekend was by Bill Murray behind
Bolder, CO. We could not take
                                                                                                     the wheel of the ex-Miles 427 Cobra, most likely the Collection's most significant Cobra.
pictures inside but, it would not
                                                                                                     Qualifying on the pole for Sunday's Group 3 Race, Murray received a stop-an-go penalty for
do justice of what waited for us
                                                                                                     jumping the start of the 10-lap race. Back on the track Murray demonstrated his best Ken
inside! What started out as
                                                                                                     Miles impression by driving through a squadron of Porsches to finish second!
friends, Shelby lovers, car guys,
etc. turned into a very cool place                                                                   Bringing museum cars to a racetrack for display is good for the sport. Trundling these cars
to visit. Just like McKays and                                                                       around in parade laps is better. But to race these cars in anger is the best possible tribute to the
Armstrong's (more like Armstrong - because they drive the cars) the Shelby American Collec-          original drivers and their no-nonsense boss, Carroll Shelby."
tion is a must see!
                                                                                                     I thought that was a real good compliment to these guys! You can find them at
It all started to come to be after a phone call from the man himself. As Bill Murray told us, they
were hanging around one day when Shelby called and he asked why don't they put the cars they
                                                                                                     Each winter early December they have a open house and it sounds like a great time to visit.
had collected, all the other very historical items they had and put them into a Museum. Then
                                                                                                     They make a new poster for each year. Bill Murray gave us some to take back to the club to
Shelby offered them more stuff that he had and told them to come get it! They did and now we
                                                                                                     give out at the meetings and we already have some lucky winners at the meetings! Did I
have shrine, a Museum for the history of the Championship race cars from Shelby American
                                                                                                     mention that Allen Grants Cobra body shell is hanging on the wall! The Cobra had been at the

                                                                                                                        Shelby American Collection, Boulder, CO. Cont. from pg. 9
                                                                                                                        by Brian Bogden
                                                                                              8                                                                                                   13
                                                                                                      Shelby American Collection, Boulder, CO - Cont. from pg. 8
1964 Shelby Cobra CSX2192
by Brent Soo Hoo/Dave Lennartz                                                            12           from 1962 to 1970. I did not take any notes but, they have most of all the factory race cars that
                                                                                                       won! You will need a couple of hours or more to see and read all that is there. Bill Murray
                                                                                                       visited with us and told some good stories. You will find AC Ace, early Cobras, Daytona
                                                                                                       Coupes, GT 40 the Shelby team raced to victory, GT 350's like 5R002 a sister car to Dave
                                                                                                       Lennartz's 003! All these cars belong to three men and others that loan there cars to the Mu-
                                                                                                       seum. It is just plane exciting car stuff. You will need to stop in some day for a visit.
                                                                                                      In Vintage Motorsport magazine they had a short bit about the Shelby American Collection. It is
                                                                                                      in issue 2003/2 page 80. Here is what they had to say: Pick of the Liter 2002 Daytona Conti-
Our Vice President Dave Lennartz, a noteable “snake trader” heard about a vintage race                nental Historic Races
prepped original 289 Cobra that was for sale in Seattle, WA. The asking price cost Dave about         "HATS OFF TO ANY MUSEUM THAT EXHIBITS ITS COLLECTION IN PUBLIC. All too
6 cars from his multi-make collection, but isn’t it worth it to own a real one? This car was
                                                                                                      often the real icons of motorsport history are entombed in museums, static displays, voices
originally purchased in 1964 by a doctor in Oakland, CA in full competition trim for his wife to
drive on the street. Car was re-sold 6 months later! Originally, the car came with bright             muted. Given the historic and monetary value of these cars, it's a rare treat to once again see and
bluepaint/black interior. Had "class A" accessory pkg--chrome rocker covers, WSW tires, &             hear them in the proper context. After all, that was one of the primary reasons vintage racing
luggage rack. The car went next to John Wilkins (Custom Kitchens) who was also from Oak-              was founded in the first place.
land, CA. He raced it "with some regularity" from 1965-1967 in “B Production” at tracks such          The Shelby American Collection of Boulder, Colorado, was established in 1996 as a tribute to
as Cotati, Vacaville, Camp Stoneman, Laguna Seca, and Candlestick Park. Durning this time,
                                                                                                      Carroll Shelby's race cars and their accomplishments. Each year a truckload of these cars are
the car sustained heavy damage to the right side (aka the “shunt”) at Southern California’s
Santa Barbara track. While John Wilkins owned the car it was maintained by Stephan
                                                                                                      taken out of the museum and raced at selected vintage events. These cars are the genuine items,
Griswold mechanically and Vann’s Auto Body cosmetically, both shops from Berkeley, CA.
Autocrossed in Northern California by original owner,(Wilkins?) , using 48IDA Webers and 5-
spoke American wheels. Original owner also joined "Cobra Owners Benevolent Recreational
Association" (C.O.B.R.A.). In 1968, the car was sold to an unknown San Franciscan who’s
only claim to fame was to have the Webers and manifold stolen while in a San Francisco show.
In 1970, the car was traded ti S& C Ford. In 1972, the car was sold to Pat Roebling who put 28
miles on the car in his 5 years of ownership. Pat was building a new motor and placed it in a
San Francisco body shop for restoration.
In 1977, ten years after the "shunt" at Santa Barbara (1967?), the car was purchased by
Stewart Hall. Body in very poor shape, frame was still badly bent from the Santa Barbara
crash. Stewart Hall had helped to maintain this car 10-12 years before. Various parts still had
overspray of the original blue with white stripes. Rebuilt with large flares, an oil cooler scoop,
a chrome (Dave: It’s painted white now, what happened???) roll bar, a windscreen (Dave: OK,
I know this one--removed by prior owner & replaced with windshield), large brake and clutch
reservoirs, an Aviad pan, Belanger headers (BSH: The weird equal length headers on it
now???), and repainted Guardsman Blue with white stripes (and rondels).
In Nov. 1990, the car was sold to Craig Smith of Seattle, WA. Now it is sitting in Dave
Lennartz’s Toy Box. It is our pleasure to present it to you as our first real centerfold car in the
SAAC NW Newsletter. Dave also tells me the car is FOR SALE for the right $$$.

CSX2192- 1964 Shelby Cobra

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