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INSIDE THIS ISSUE:                                                     H A P P Y H O L I D AY S
 Chairman’s Column
 LI Metro Chapter Meet
 Del-Val Chapter Meet        Chairman’s Column                 our chapter is doing. Our An-     ties. It’s new blood that al-
                                                               nual Holiday Brunch has 48        ways invigorates an organiza-
                             By Mark Rudnick
 CNJ Winery Road Tour                                          people attending, which I         tion. Please make a commit-
                               First, I want to wish all of    believe is the most ever. We      ment to participate in as
 Pa. Covered Bridge Tour     our members, their families       just conducted a very suc-        many Chapter events as pos-
                             and loved ones the very best      cessful Chapter Judge’s Re-       sible in 2009. We really need
 CNJ Judge’s Retreat         for the coming year. May the      treat in November. October        and appreciate your support.
                             coming year mark good             marked our Chapter Road           Remember, “Great Friends
                             health, well being and pros-      Tour to the Renault Winery        and Great Cars” is what the
 Meet the Members
                             perity for all.                   and September marked our          NCRS is all about.
                                                               very successful and enjoyable
                               I would like to thank Ed        Chapter Judging Meet. In July
                                                               we received our Chapter Top         Once again, I’d like to re-
                             Styczynski, Howard Welsh,                                           mind the membership that we
                             Jack Brown and Bruce Crook-       Flight recognition at the NCRS
                                                               National Convention in St.        welcome anyone who is will-
Mark Rudnick, Chairman       ham for stepping forward                                            ing to share his/her restora-
                             once again to serve with me       Louis, Missouri. This is in ad-
                                                               dition to the numerous            tion experience or technical
Ed Styczynski,ViceChairman   on the Executive Board of the                                       knowledge with the members
                             Central New Jersey Chapter        awards received individually
                                                               by our members for their in-      by leading a tech session or
Jack Brown, Treasurer        NCRS for 2009. Likewise, my                                         writing a technical article for
                             sincere appreciation to Bob       volvement in the NCRS and
                                                               the quality of their Corvettes.   our Chapter Newsletter. The
Howard Welch, Secretary      Zimmerman for his editorship                                        sharing of knowledge is what
                             of our Chapter Newsletter,        Not bad for a chapter of ap-
                                                               proximately 65 members. The       the NCRS is all about and
Bruce Crookham, Judging      Gary Tresch for handling the                                        anything relating to Corvettes
                             Chapter apparel and Evie and      best part is that everyone
                                                               involved in these activities      which is of interest to you,
Chairman                     John Mulhern III, for their                                         would be of interest to the
                             willingness to coordinate our     really enjoyed themselves.
                                                               When we get together, the         membership. We are more
Bob Zimmerman, Newsletter    chapter judging events and                                          than willing to assist any
                             generously share their time       camaraderie is what makes
                                                               the events so special. I am       member who would like help
Editor                       and talents on behalf of our                                        in preparing their Corvette for
                             chapter.                          especially pleased to see so
                                                               many of our newer members         a judging event or a Perform-
                                                               becoming actively involved in     ance Verification test. Just
                              I’m very pleased with how        our chapter events and activi-    ask and I’m sure you’ll receive

                                          MEET THE MEMBERS PROFILE
Hightstown Elks Club
110 Hickory Tavern Road
                             By: Jack Brown                    for him. It was in 1967 when      boro maroon ‘67 coupe with a
Hightstown, N.J.                                               a friend took delivery of a       four speed and a 350 h.p.
                                                               brand new Lyndale blue 435        327. Howard had reached an
                               Our featured chapter per-
3rd Monday of the month at                                     h.p. coupe. Howard considers      agreement with the seller to
                             sonality for this quarter’s
                                                               that to be the point at which     pay for the car and pick it up
8:00 p.m.                    “Meet the Members” is How-
                                                               he became “hooked”. How-          after a trip to the beach.
                             ard Welsh. Howard well re-
                                                               ever, it wasn’t until 1974 that   When Howard arrived at the
                             members his first Corvette
                                                               he was able to acquire his           (continued on page 2)
                             experience which started it all
                                                               first Corvette. It was a Marl-
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                      CHAIRMAN’S COLUMN
(continued from Page 1)
the assistance needed. Any questions you may have regarding
vendors or reliable Corvette repair shops can be answered
through the experience of our membership at our meetings.
Another wonderful resource available to you is the Technical
Discussion Board on the NCRS web site. Just post a question or
a request for information and in a matter of moments, the infor-
mation will be forthcoming. When you are a member of the NCRS
and the Central New Jersey Chapter, you are no longer a Cor-
vette owner out there on your own. When a problem with your
Corvette arises, you are a member of an organization dedicated
to helping fellow members resolve problems efficiently through
the sharing of knowledge and experience.

 With sincere appreciation for the opportunity of serving the
Central New Jersey Chapter,

Mark Rudnick
______________________________________________________                                         HOWARD WELCH

                       MEET THE MEMBERS                              1988 White/Red convertible, automatic
(CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1)                                              1976 Silver/Red, T-Top, 350/350, automatic
seller’s home, the seller told him that he had taken the car out
for “one last spin” before signing the title over to Howard during     Probably Howard’s most successfully campaigned car in the NCRS
which time he blew the motor! Howard, nonetheless was in love        is 1967 Silver Pearl coupe. The car is mostly original, highly docu-
with the car and bought it anyway, less the motor and $1,900         mented and Howard has had the pleasure of being able to locate
cheaper. Howard acquired a replacement motor for the car             and interview all of its previous owners. Howard and his son did a
Which turned out to have a bad timing chain which ultimately         complete body off restoration and the car achieved Top Flight status
resulted in his completely overhauling the engine. This was not      at the Chapter, Regional and National levels. In 2008 he was
the auspicious start of first time Corvette ownership that the       awarded the Duntov Mark of Excellence at the National Convention
General had intended.                                                In St.Louis. You may also have seen this car at various chapter tech-
                                                                     nical sessions where it is often used as a training tool by Howard
                                                                     when instructing.
   Howard, however, was persevering and even though he parted
with the car several years later when finances were tight and his
first son was on the way he extracted a promise from his wife          Howard joined the NCRS in the late 1990’s and is also a member
Karen. When finances improved, he would buy another Corvette.        of the NCCC as well as the very active Beach Bums Corvette Club.
Sure enough, as time marched on his finances improved and            His Corvette plans for the future include continued mid-year flight
Howard purchased his second Corvette in 1978. It was a Lyn-          judging at the Regional and National levels and possibly some more
dale blue/Teal 350 h.p. 327 coupe with four speed. It was a very     restoration work with his son. Howard has attained NCRS Master
original car. Howard enjoyed the ‘67 until 1981 when it was          Judge recognition, serves as the very able and professional Secretary
stolen. The car was recovered several years later by the NJ State    for the Central Jersey Chapter NCRS and is the Chapter’s Team
Police when they broke up a chop-shop operation. The car had         Leader for 1963-1967 classes.
mostly been parted out and little was recoverable. Howard had
already received a settlement from his insurance company so            Howard retired about a year ago from a very successful career at
the ’67 would only be a memory.                                      General Electric. Currently he enjoys working for Rob English doing
                                                                     Corvette restorations at Restoration Connection in southern New
  Things looked up for Howard’s Corvette experiences after the       Jersey. Howard and his wife Karen of 41 years live in Barnegat Light,
second car. He went on to own eight more Corvettes over the          NJ. They attend most Regionals and the Nationals together every
years. They are as follows;                                          year. They have two sons and four grandchildren. Funny, Karen does-
                                                                     n’t show the years, but Howard….well….
1975 White.Red, T-Top, 350/350 automatic
1967 Marina Blue/Bright Blue coupe 327/350 4 speed. (This
car had a body off restoration and went on to achieve NCRS Top         One of Howard’s greatest pleasures is being part of the great group
Flight awards and both the Chapter and Regional levels)              of people who make up the NCRS, an organization he feels does an
                                                                     excellent job of representing the cars for what they are and what
1987 Bright Red/Red convertible, automatic                           they represent; a Top Flight organization.
1967 Silver Pearl/Black coupe, 327/350, 4 speed T.I. 4:11 rear       __________________________________________________________
1996 Silver/Black, Collector’s Ed. Convertible LT-4 automatic
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                  Photo Credits: Dan Young
By: Howard Welch

  On October 12th, members of the Central New Jersey Chapter
participated in a Road Rally to the Renault Winery in Egg Harbor
New Jersey. There were two legs of the rally, one originating at the
Liberty Day Camp in Burlington and the other at the Forked River
rest area on the Garden State Parkway. One neat aspect of the
event was the participation of at least one Corvette from every
generation of manufacture.

  Our host for the event was Nick Doroschenko. Thanks Nick for
a job well done. The weather was spectacular for the event and
offered the participants a glimpse of the onset of the fall foliage
where colors change from green to brilliant shades of red and
orange along the way. Besides a great ride in our Corvettes, we
were treated to a tour of the Renault Winery, a hearty brunch and
an ample opportunity to sample some of the fine wines!!

  If you missed this rally, you missed a great time. Members in
attendance included host Nick Doroschenko, Joe Chip, Dan
Young, Frank Gisondi, Dan Mosakowski and Howard Welch.
Thanks to all and their families and friends for attending.
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               Long Island—Metro Chapter Meet
By: Bob Zimmerman

  One of the benefits of membership in the CNJ Chapter is regular
participation in our surrounding chapter events. Likewise, members
of our surrounding chapters always make it a point to help us out at
our chapter meets. The Metro Long Island Chapter met on Septem-
ber 28th in Jericho, NY to host their fall chapter meet. The meet was
held at Champion Motors, a local Bentley Dealer with a strong inven-
tory of high dollar performance sports cars in addition to luxury se-
dans that boast MSRP’s measured by the fraction of a million dol-
lars. Modestly appointed Bentleys sticker out at about a quarter of a
million bucks. In addition to all the foreign muscle (mostly Italian) a
well stocked used car inventory included a fair amount of restored
classics, muscle cars and mid—fifties Chevys.

  A good number of us from CNJ were there to assist Metro LI with
judging. The turnout was impressive and the owners of Champion
obliged by providing their main showroom for the meet and provid-
ing lunch and breakfast for the judges.
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By: Bob Zimmerman

  Once again, CNJ members rose to the occasion to assist a
neighboring chapter with judging. The Run for the Ribbons event
was held October 5th at Bryner Chevrolet in Jenkintown, Pa.
Unlike most chapter meets, Del-Val’s annual meet draws atten-
dance that rivals that of most regional events. Hats off to Frank
Stech and the Raisners for assembling one of the best annual
chapter events on the east coast.
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               CORVETTE WINTER STORAGE TIPS                            store it in a dry place with a trickle charger attached. Newer Corvettes
By: Mark Rudnick                                                       with computers need the battery to be in place to maintain the pro-
                                                                       gramming; so, a battery tender will keep the battery properly charged
                                                                       during the storage period.
  Now that winter is upon us here in New Jersey, most of us are
putting our Corvettes into hibernation until late spring when the
weather is more inviting for Corvette enjoyment. The following are       Lastly, cover your car. Use a good breathable car cover that will repel
a few tips which should ensure that your Corvette will awaken in       dirt and moisture and protect the finish against minor mishaps in the
the spring in the same good shape as when it was put to rest.          garage. Don’t use a plastic sheet or tarp. They don’t breathe and will
                                                                       cause moisture to collect under them.

  First, the Corvette should be thoroughly washed with special
attention paid to the wheel wells, engine bay and undercarriage          A Corvette properly stored for the winter is one that can return to the
where dirt has likely accumulated. Dirt retains moisture which         road in the spring with little effort.
results in corrosion. This is a good time to remove any tar, tree
sap and bugs that can damage the paint if left on the finish for       ___________________________________________________________
extended periods of time. After being washed, a good coat of wax
or other sealant is recommended to protect the finish.
                                                                                                  CORVETTE TRIVIA
  Next a good cleaning of the interior is in order. Vacuum the car-    By: Jack Brown
pet, seats and rear storage area. Remove any carpet or uphol-
stery stains and thoroughly wash or clean the floor mats. Vinyl        1.The dual parallel hood blisters that appear on the ‘56-’62 model
surfaces should be cleaned and treated with a protectant .
                                                                          year cars were inspired by what other car?
Leather surfaces should be cleaned with an approved leather
cleaner (should contain a glycerine base) and followed with a          2. What was unique about the windshield of a ZR-1 that differentiated
preservative such as Lexol. The weatherstripping around the                It from windshields of standard production cars?
doors and windows should be coated with a good rubber pre-             3. What were the six exterior colors that were available for the 1989
servative (silicone) to keep them from drying out, cracking and
eventually falling apart. You should attempt to minimize the mois-        Corvette Challenge Series cars?
ture in the interior by placing several dissicant packets inside the   4. What was the only year during the Sting Ray period in which the
vehicle.                                                                  “Sting Ray” badge appeared on the hood?
                                                                       5. What was the first year the hatchback was introduced?
   Gasoline turns bad in a few months time; so, fill the tank with     6. In the mid-seventies, GM abandoned its rotary engine experimenta-
fresh gas and add the correct amount of “Sta-Bil” fuel stabilizer to
keep the gas fresh and inhibit its breakdown. The radiator should         tion for the Corvette. What was the name of this silver gull-winged
be checked to make sure the anti-freeze coolant is good to –30            car?
or –35 degrees Farenheit. Ignoring the anti-freeze-coolant reliabil-   7. Among the C1 generation cars, what was the only year in which the
ity could result in the coolant freezing and cracking the engine
                                                                          design included ribbed aluminum rocker panel moldings?
block, something no Corvette owner wants to experience. Before
putting the car to rest for the winter, the oil and filter should be   8. Side pipes and the side vent windows disappeared on Corvettes
changed, even if it’s ahead of the maintenance schedule. Used oil         starting in what year?
contains acids and contaminants that can damage the engine, so         9. In 1978, what was the RPO alphanumeric code for the Silver Anni-
the cleaner the oil the better. All chassis components with grease
fittings should be greased.                                               versary Corvette?
                                                                       10. What was the basic reason why tire manufacturers developed the
  Rodents and other pests, especially moths, can cause major              unidirectional tire and when were these tires first offered on
damage to a car during storage. Your Corvette has many openings           Corvettes and by whom?
that can allow these pests to enter and take up residence inside
your car. One of the most common methods mice use to enter
your car is to scamper up one of the front wheels to the engine                            (Answers on Page 14)
compartment and then enter through the heater or ventilation            _________________________________________________________
system or other openings in the firewall. Make sure all firewall
grommets and floor plugs are in place. Close all doors and win-
dows tightly and seal the exhaust tips by placing a ball of steel
wool in the end of the tailpipe. Mufflers and tailpipes are known
to provide a comfortable winter home for a mouse. It is suggested
to place mothballs on the ground around the car to keep mice
away. Another means of protection is an electronic device called
Pest-A-Way that guards the vehicle against pests by producing a
safe, high intensity , sweeping ultrasonic sound that repels crit-

 If your Corvette is an older classic, disconnect the battery and
Page 11                                                              CNJ NCRS Newsletter December 2008

By: Bob Zimmerman

  Many CNJ Chapter members took advantage of the Del-Val
invitation to participate in their fall road tour. The event show-
cased the covered bridge. Surprisingly there are some thirteen
such bridges throughout Bucks County still in regular use. The
weather cooperated with sunshine and temps that hit 60 de-
grees. The best part of the bridge tour were the secondary
roads with lots of twists and turns that are perfectly suited for
the Corvette not to mention the vibrant fall foliage. Thanks to
Kevin Goodman for a great ride and a thoroughly enjoyable day.
The tour ended in Perkasie at the Country Restaurant where
participants enjoyed a varied menu with prices familiar to the
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                    CNJ JUDGE’S RETREAT
By: Bob Zimmerman
  The Central New Jersey Chapter conducted a chapter level
Judge’s Retreat over two Sundays in November. The first day
involved “classroom” participation via NCRS Training DVD’s and
the second session involved actual judging techniques used in
Flight Judging and Operations Judging. The course material was
presented by Master Level judges. A part of the judging session
on day two involved recognition of various reproduction parts
associated with mid-year Corvettes. Breakfast and lunch were
provided by the chapter. The event was conducted at the home
of Bruce and Kimberly Crookham in Wycomb, Pa. Bruce is the
Central Jersey Chapter Judging Chairman. There were approxi-
mately fifteen chapter members in attendance.
Page 14                                                                                    CNJ NCRS Newsletter December 2008

                                                                 8. 1968
                                                                 9. B2Z
                                                                 10. Production of unidirectional tires was undertaken when tire
                                                                     engineers discovered that rolling tires under a load has a
                                                                     different pressure footprint on one side of the contact surface
                                                                     than on the other. This resulted in the design of an asymmet-
                                                                     rical tread pattern. Goodyear first offered these tires to the
                                                                     Corvette for the 1992 model year.

                                                                                     NATIONAL CORVETTE MUSEUM
                                                                 By: Mark Rudnick

                                                                   The National Corvette Museum is more than a repository of Cor-
                                                                 vette history. In addition to its fantastic displays of significant Cor-
                                                                 vettes, engines and memorabilia, the NCM is a dynamic institution
                                                                 offering a vast array of programs and activities of interest to the Cor-
                                                                 vette community. This coming year, 2009, will be another event
                                                                 packed year at the National Corvette Museum.
                   Corvette Trivia Answers                         The first event of the year will be the Museum sponsored annual
                                                                 cruise, March 1st-7th. This year’s cruise will be to the Mexican Rivi-
1. Mercedes 300SL Gull Wing
                                                                 era, leaving from Los Angeles and spending seven nights aboard the
2. It was made of specially manufactured “solar” glass that      Mariner of the Seas cruise ship. This event offers the opportunity of
     was designed to reduce the amount of heat entering the      experiencing the vibrant culture, world class beaches, lush green rain
     passenger compartment on sunny days. The product work-      forests and vividly painted architecture that lies just south of the U.S.
                                                                 border. Whether your idea of adventure is exploring a colonial city or
     ed as designed but many owners began to experience          discovering the joys of a siesta on a white sand beach, a Mexican
     acute de-lamination problems especially in later produc-    cruise vacation, with special Corvette activities is a perfect get away.
     tion years.
3. White, Bright Red, Black, Med. Blue Metallic, Yellow and        April 23-25 are the dates for the C5/C6 bash. This is the 12th an-
     Charcoal.                                                   nual C5/C6 gathering with scenic road tours, technical seminars,
                                                                 drag racing and motorcross events planned. The second event of the
4. 1966                                                          year at the Museum is the C4/ZR1 gathering on May 14th –16th,
5. 1982, but was only available on the Collector Edition         2009. The event continues to expand and includes all of the 4th gen-
6. Aerovette, The rotary engine was replaced with a 400 cu.in.   eration Corvettes. The theme for 2009 is Mules and Milestones and
                                                                 there will be displays of significant models including the prototype
    conventional V8 and is now part of the GM Heritage Collec-
                                                                 Grand Sport and the pre-cursor to the Callaway twin turbo. The week-
     tion.                                                       end will consist of road tours, specialty seminars with many 4th gen-
7. 1962                                                          eration Corvettes including Grand Sports, ZR1’s and Callaways on
Page 15                                                                                         CNJ NCRS Newsletter December 2008

                                                                           Annual Holiday Brunch & Toys for Tots Charitable Donation
  The Forum Cruise-in event, May 21st—23rd, 2009 , provides           By: Bob Zimmerman
the online group members of the Corvette forum a chance to
meet, greet and enjoy three days of technical, social and culi-
nary events. The event offers participants an array of activities       It’s that time of year again! Members of the CNJ Chapter gathered
including seminars, road tours, autocross, drag racing, an own-       at KC’s Steakhouse in Lawrenceville to exchange toasts, good tidings
ers night out and the event banquet with a live auction. The          and enjoy the holiday ambiance with one another. It was also the
cruise-in cuts across all Corvette generations and inter-             gathering point for our annual Toys for Tots donation. Members each
ests….there is something for everyone to enjoy.                       brought a new, un-wrapped toy to the brunch. CNJ Secretary and
                                                                      Member Profile honoree, Howard Welch saw to it that the toys were
                                                                      brought to the U.S. Marine Corps for distribution on Christmas. It is a
  For those interested in learning how to safely and legally push     real blessing to give to those less fortunate than ourselves.
the envelope in their Corvette, the Museum offers High Perform-
ance Driving Events. June 29th-30th are the dates for next years
event at Virginia International Raceway in Danville, Virginia. July
30th-31st are the dates for the High Performance Driving Event
to be held at Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, California.

  Celebrating fifteen years of growth and changes, the fifteenth
anniversary of the National Corvette Museum September 3rd-
5th, 2009, will be celebrated with the arrival of the National
Corvette Caravans with participants from around the globe. As
with past Labor Days this celebration will remain a “members
only” event. Everyone registering for the Anniversary Celebration
will be either an existing member or become one as part of the
registration process as the Celebration continues as a member-
driven event, which unites friends, family and enthusiasts for a
look back on the Museum’s history and future! Those registered
can enjoy three days of displays , the grand re-opening of the
Museum with the newly completed expansion, road tours, spe-
cial video presentations, raffles, the annual open membership
meeting and more during this event in honor of your help and
support! The event will also include the Lifetime/VIP dinner, 10
                                                                                  Some Of The Gifts Donated By Our Members
year/15 year recognition, Ambassador Breakfast, and the
“Corvette Hall of Fame” induction ceremony and banquet where
we will induct new members into the prestigious and elite group
of recipients who have made a significant contribution to Cor-
vette history.

  September 10th-12th is the Z06 Fest. The Z06 Fest is geared
towards ultra-performance fans. Enjoy everything you want and
need at an event focusing on speed and performance! Co-hosted
by Z06VETTE.com, this event brings enthusiasts together for a
fun-packed three days with activities including road and lunch
tours, seminars to give the latest Corvette performance updates,
drag racing, autocross, “People’s Choice” car show, and the Z06
banquet, awards presentation and benefit auction.

 November 5th-7th is the VETS ’N VETTES event. This event
honors Those Who Fought For Our Freedom, America’s veterans,
POW’s and MIA’s.

  For further information on any of these events go to the Na-
tional Corvette Museum website at: www.corvettemuseum.com                             Annual Chairman’s Award Recipients

  If you have not had the opportunity to visit the museum, please     CNJ Chairman Mark Rudnick presented the Chairman’s Award to two
put it on your agenda for 2009; you’ll be glad you did. Supporting    well-deserving members; John and Evie Mulhern. Congratulations to
the National Corvette Museum by becoming a member is an-              both, for a continuing job well done on behalf of the Chapter!
other worthwhile resolution to make for the new year.
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          Holiday Brunch Photos
Page 17   CNJ NCRS Newsletter December 2008
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                                                            MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL
   It’s that time of year again! If you haven’t renewed your membership for 2009, please go our website at www.centralnewjerseyncrs.org
                                                  and download the renewal form pictured below

                                          MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL 2009




Dues for Membership in the Central New Jersey Chapter NCRS are $30. per year. All Chapter members must be a member in good standing
with the National Organization of NCRS and agree to abide by the Constitution & Bylaws of the Central New Jersey Chapter NCRS, Inc. For
Membership in the National NCRS click on: www.ncrs.org

                                   Dues can be paid at the January meeting or mailed to:
                                           Central New Jersey Chapter, NCRS
                                                     C/O Jack Brown
                                                        Tudor Rose
                                                    28 Hathaway Lane
                                               Essex Fells, NJ 07021-1410
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