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Audrey Simmons


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									                                                                        Audrey Simmons
                                                       Differentiation Corps Community

High Prep Strategy: Science Choice Agenda

Goal: Students will be able to show their understanding of Science objectives in a
variety of ways, allowing them the opportunity to be creative.

    At the end of each Science Unit (beginning with the Matter Unit), students will be
      given a choice list of 5-7 activities that will demonstrate their understanding of
      the material. Teacher will create a sample product for each task.
    Each student will choose 3 activities that they feel they can successfully complete.
      After making their choice, teacher and student will conference to ascertain that
      student fully understands the directions for each task. Teacher must sign off on
      student’s agenda before they begin work.
    Teacher will provide materials, ample class time and direction for students to
      work on Science tasks. Students can work on tasks at home if they do not finish
      within the time allotted during the school day.
    At the end of Unit, student work will be assessed and celebrated as a class.
      Teacher will provide detailed feedback on how improvements can be made for
      future agendas. Students will complete a survey to give teacher ideas on how to
      improve the assessment strategy.

    Students will be in charge of their own learning, aiding the class in becoming self-
     directed learners.
    Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of Science objectives
     through hands-on tasks that utilize higher order thinking skills.
    Students will develop time management skills while planning their agendas.
    Teacher will be provided with more accurate assessment information on the
     knowledge gained by students.

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