Cupola is a Dubai based multinational company involved in several business including, oil gas
exploration, plastic cards, retail markets and food franchising. Cupola holds the master franchise
rights to operate KFC in Pakistan.

Our Vision:

Cupola creates value through change, challenging existing paradigms and by applying vision,
innovation and skilled execution. We seek opportunities for investment where others do not look
and we examine these opportunities with open-mindedness, thoroughness and hard-headed

Our Mission:

Our mission is to harness and reap the potential of the rapidly developing markets of the Arabian
Peninsula and South Asia. We apply a regional focus to allow us to reap the potential of rapidly
expanding markets in the Arabian Peninsula and South Asia. In the mature capital markets of
Europe and the United States, we are well regarded as innovative and creative niche investors.
We believe in the minimization of risk: through the depth of our senior management and the
quality of our professional staff; through exhaustive and through an emphasis on pre-feasibility.
What everyone in Cupola shares is an almost obsessive drive for quality, an active consciousness
of the team approach and a commitment to our collective success. We strive continually to
improve the tangible and intangible returns for all our stakeholders.

The principal Of Cupola:

Credibility: Being regarded by our stakeholders as being a reliable source of knowledge.

Character: Conducting ourselves with honesty, integrity, and spirit.

Communication: Facilitating free flow of information about our activities. Always voicing our
opinion and sharing our concerns.

Creditworthiness: Total honesty in our business dealing, as financially responsible partners,
advisors and employers.

Commitment: Always seeking to be true to our word, but doing what we do with energy and
Capacity: Constantly seeking to reinforce and build our capabilities to the point of always
exceeding the exceptions of others, but always doing so as part of a team.

Coherence: Being clear to the point of transparency at all times.

Conscientiousness: Striving for excellent- we believe that there is no shortcut to hard work.

Charisma: Seeking to stand from the rest and employing people who do.

Conceptual: Thinking with clarity, imagination and communicating this clearly.

Caring: Doing what we do with a deep commitment to quality and bearing in mind the opinions
of others.

Community: Believing that we have a deeper role to play than just being business people and
returning some of the rewards that we reap.

Our Activities:

The Cupola group is an Asian Development capital and Operating Group. The group has offices
in United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Switzerland and Pakistan. The Group’s head office is
in Dubai. Cupola’s activities are conducted through four clearly defined business groups.

Capital Group
Industrial Group
Consumer Group
Information Group

The Activities of the company are regionally focused, but various projects and strategic
investments are undertaken in Europe and North America to take advantage of capital
accessibility and niche growth opportunity.

Cupola Pakistan is the Cupola Group’s Operational focus in Pakistan. A leading name in the
Food & Retail sector, Cupola Pakistan has been at the forefront of development in this sector
for over a decade. Its flagship brand KFC has amassed itself as the dominant concept in the
Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) business in the country. In addition a host of concepts have
been successfully developed and are being managed by the company. These are:

      Indulge – Casual Dining

      Casa – Gourmet Bakery
   My Super Store / My Store – Supermarket & Convenience Stores

   Lal Qila – Franchise stores outside Karachi

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