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Chain Of Lakes
Running Trails      Sculpture Garden

                 Walker Art Center
                              Douglas Ave

                                       This area brings you south of downtown
                                       and provides options for extending your
                                       run by simply continuing on to the next
                                       lake. It will take you along Nicollet Mall,
                                       past Walker Art Center, and through
                                       Kenwood, a residential neighborhood,
                                       until you reach the lakes. Each lake has
                                       designated running trails.

                                            Left out front door.
                                            Right onto Nicollet Mall.
                                            Right onto brick path (after 13th,
                                                 before Hyatt); follow to Loring Park.
                                            Cross Loring Park to pedestrian bridge.
                                            Follow Hennepin Ave past Sculpture
                                                Garden and Walker Art Center.
                                            Right on Douglas Ave.
                                            Left on Logan.
                                            Distance ~ 1.5 miles.
                                            Lake Of The Isles ~ 2.59
                                            Lake Calhoun ~ 3.09
                                            Lake Harriet ~ 2.79

                     These directions are for informational purposes only and we offer no guarantee of their
                     completeness or accuracy. Construction projects, traffic, or other events may cause actual
                     conditions to differ from results. Jogging courses offered have proven to be a favorite
                     of past guests, we assume no responsibility for injury or damage while utilizing the course.

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