Guidelines to signup for Banner Access by panniuniu


									       Guidelines to signup for Banner Access (Primary Investigator)

1. Sign on to Onestop and verify that you have an SCT Banner box on your tools

2. Click on the Banner Finance Security Form link. Then click on the Banner
   Security Form option on the left-hand side.
3. At minimum you should select, General Ledger: SSB Inq & Budget Transfers
   and Research Accounting: RA Primary Investigator in the Financial System

5. Select your units 6 digit organization code in the Organization and Roll-Up
   Selection section. Or select a roll-up organization code if you should have access
   to multiple organizations within your college or department. See example: 5922
   gives you access to funds assigned to any organization that starts with 5922.
   Choose 592201 if you only need History or 592203 if you need just Maritime.
   Holding down control will let you select multiple options.

6. Hit Submit and wait for the module coordinators to approve your access.

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