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July 2011 by wuyunqing


									the drifter
                                                                               July 2011

  the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -
                                                                            On the Cover

                                                               Some of the cars at the Zone 7
                                                               Concours on June 12th at Niello
                                                               Porsche, Rocklin.

                                                               Photo by Jeff Kinder

                                                               Come Join the fun and make new Friends!
                                                                 Join the fun...Attend the next Autocross!

                                                                    Got Track?
                                                               TrackMasters Racing is a leader in
                                                               High Performance Driver Education
                                                               events in Nor thern California
                                                               and invites SVR-PC A drivers
                                                               to par ticipate in these events.

                                                              July 1/2 - Infineon/Sears Point
                                                                 August 12 - Thunderhill
                                                                  Sept. 10/11 - Infineon
                                                                 October 7 - Thunderhill
                                                                  October 14 - Infineon
                                                                    Nov. 19 - Infineon
                                                                Dec. 16/17 - Laguna Seca

                                                              Come out and stretch your car ’s legs on
                                                              some of the finest tracks in the country!

                                                              Fun, safe, and definitely . . .
                                                                 No speeding tickets!

the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -
 2011 Board of Directors
Frederick Rauch
                                                                                                    Visit us on the web at
Vice President
Rik Larson                                                          Volume 49, No. 7                                                                                 July 2011
916.481.6084                                                 Upcoming Events                                                            Columns and Departments
Secretary                                                           03 - SVR Rib Cookoff                                                          03 - Stirring the Pot
Kevin Dougherty                                                     08 - SVR Picnic, David Girard Vineyards                                       05 - Competition Corner
916.956.9204                                               09 - SVR Carrera de Sierra rally                                              06 - SVR Board Minutes
Treasurer                                                           11 - 3rd Annual Car Cruise                                                    10 - Calendar of Events
Mike Willis                                                         11 - SVR First Saturday Breakfast                                             12 - SVR Membership Report
916.363.8313                                               12 - Zone 7 Concours Golden Gate                                              13 - SVR Goodie Store
                                                                    14 - Deaver Vineyard Dinner & Tour                                            20 - drifter Classifieds
Social Director
Cookie Anderson                                                     16 - SVR Autocross Events                                                     21 - Index of Advertisers
916.988.6534                                                        18 - SVR Charity Auction
                                                                    19 - Mendocino Tour
Membership Director
Mike Willis
                                                                                Features and Reviews
Competition & Safety Director                                       02 - New Member Tour
Bob Peake
916.365.1819                                                        04 - Hood Shocks                                             15 - Navigating the Sea of AX Cones
Webmaster                                                           19 - in Review, Zone 7 AX at Infineon
John Murphy
Past President                                                                                           Information and Committee Directory
Cookie Anderson
916.988.6534                                                          Autocross Chair                                             Bob Peake                                    916.365.1819                    Rally Chair
Drifter Editor                                                                                                                           
Kyle Gong                                                             Drivers Education Chair
916.686.9410                                                          Frederick D. Rauch      916.989.0580                                         Technical Chair                                                                                                         Lisa Thomas                                   916.220.5641
                                                                      Charity Chair
                                                                      Ruth Stark                                   916.987.4882                    New Member Group
                                                                                                                      Lee Deter            916.391.9956
                                                                      Concours Chair
                                                                      Kent Brandon                                 916.663.1702                    Advertising Manager
                                                                                                                     Mike Willis             916.363.8313
                                                                      Dummkopf Chair
                                                                      Vacant                                                                       Evemt Liaison to Niello Porsche
Zone 7 Representative                                                                                                                              Kim Nelson              530.676.3560
Golden Gate Region                                                                                                                       
Sharon Neidel                                                         Goodie Store
650.508.1308                                                          Cookie Anderson                              916.988.6534                                      
Sacramento Valley Region, Porsche Club of America (SVR), publishes the Drifter monthly for its members. Written contributions and photos are welcome and should be e-mailed to the editor. The deadline for mate-
rial is one month prior to the month of publication. SVR members should notify the membership director promptly of an address change to insure uninterrupted delivery. All material in this newsletter is protected by
copyright. However, newsletter editors of others regions chartered by the Porsche Club of America may reprint any article provided that credit is given to the author and Sacramento Valley Region and that The Drifter
is cited as the source.

                             the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -                                                                                             Page 1
                          MEMBER ANNOUNCEMENT

     H OT
            A New Member Tour is scheduled for Saturday, August 6th.
                            We will leave from the First Saturday Breakfast Location.
                      This will be a tour to the Stephen Childs garage outside of Placerville.
                     We will then continue on to a local winery in the foothills for the finish.

            All new members who have joined the region in the past 12 months are welcome to join us.

         Contact Dan Rowland at 916.988.1642 or email to to reserve your spot.

Page 2           the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -
St i r r i n g t h e Po t w i t h t h e S o u p Sp o o n
by Rik Larson, Vice President                                                •	   Ruth Stark has got her Charity Auction publicity out all over
                                                                                  the place. If you need to have a donated item picked up prior to
•	   Had a great dinner at the Cattlemen’s with about 30 other SVR                the event, she will be glad to make arrangements to store it till
     members. Matt and Flora Deter had a room that was large enough               September 11th.
     for the social interaction before dinner as well as the dinner tables
     (arranged in the shape of a U). I noticed only one new member         •	     The 2011 Zone 7 Concours Series is moving right along. The
     (Noah Bentley) present among all of the seasoned SVR members.                event held down at PartsHeaven in Emeryville drew only 10 cars.
     Celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary were Herb and                     It rained everywhere that Sunday except in Emeryville. The SVR
     Jan Hoover. Collin Fat was the first to ‘google’ the fact that the           event was held a week later and it was sunny and had temperatures
     ‘diamond’ is the 60th wedding anniversary stone. Turns out that              in the 80’s. There were 23 cars entered in the competition with
     it is also the wedding anniversary stone for the 10th and 75th               another 45 cars on display. There were a half dozen 914’s present
     anniversary.                                                                 and were the featured model this year. Richard and Anne Walker
                                                                                  fixed lunch for folks and utilized the new Niello BBQ.
•	   CRAB 35 photos taken by Jeff Kinder are now up on the SVR
     web site ( I also noticed that John Murphy has         •	   Planning for the SVR Christmas Party (Holiday Party if you want
     now posted photos (hundreds) from events that go back to at least            to be PC) is underway. December 10th has been selected as the
     2008.                                                                        date. Now all we need is someone to chair it and determine a
•	   You should be receiving this issue of the DRIFTER around June
     21st. This happens to be the longest day of the year, at least in the   •	   Hotel rates in the Monterey area for the Rennsport Reunion IV
     Northern hemisphere. In the Southern hemisphere, it occurs on                in October are still very reasonable. I have seen some rate spiking
     December 22, 2011.                                                           but still a lot of room available in the $80 a night or less range.

•	   Be sure and check out the New Member Group event (Saturday,             •	   And for those of you that have read this far, a special offer from
     August 6th) that will include a stop at the home of Stephen and              Niello Porsche. It expires June 30, 2011. You can get a 25%
     Vicki Childs. Be sure and checkout the swimming pool slide.                  discount on all gift shop items, 20% off on all parts, and 10% off
                                                                                  on all labor. All you need is a valid PCA membership card. Drop
                                                                                  in and see them today.

                                                     Upcoming Event! Quick Info
            Event: 3rd Annual SVR Rib Cook Off - When: Saturday - June 25 - 5:00PM Location: Orangevale

                Third Annual SVR-PCA Rib Cook-Off
                                  Saturday, June 25th, 2011
                         6320 Hickory Avenue, Orangevale 95662

               Premier chefs from our club will be showing off their talents in this
                    hotly-contested showdown and you will be the judge!

                              Social Hour 5:00 P.M. Rib Eating at 6:00 P.M.
                               Cost $15.00 per person, Children 6-12 $5.00

             Bring a Dish to Share, A-H Cold Dish, I-O Hot Dish, P-Z Dessert, water
                          and soda will be provided by the club, BYOB

                                   Prizes will be awarded for Best of Show, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

               Hosted by Susan Duvall-Serota and David Hoffman, location graciously donated by Cookie and Jerry!

                       Please RSVP no later than June 10th to or call Susan at 916.712.8051

             Also, if you would like to compete please contact Susan, all chefs are reimbursed for the cost of the ribs.

                       the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -                                  Page 3
HOOD SHOCKS                                                                 don’t prepare the clip so it is open, and little grease on the ball is
                                                                            a good tip as well. I prepare the clip by sliding it ever so slightly
by Lisa Thomas, SVR Tech Chair                                              “forward” – e.g. away from the body of the spring. Place your
                                                                            small screwdriver under the clip and lift up on the handle so that
When purchasing used Porsche’s I feel like a voyeur to the previous         you leverage the clip forward up onto ledge that forms the front of
owner’s life when freeing the car of its old clutter. They all contain      the ball socket – this will hold the clip open enough that when you
loose change, cassette tapes, a box of fuses, a travelers aspirin           place the ball socket over the ball it will snap in place. Prepare the
container, and a bottle of brake fluid, but one would find these            clips on both springs if you are changing both sides.
when clearing out any make of old car. I think it’s interesting how         The left side is the easiest. Have your stick handy to hold the hood
being a Porsche leads those owners to have certain Porsche specific         open. Remove the plastic cover that is over the fresh air blowers
items in their cars. If it is a 914, there is always a box of door          (993) – to do this, lift the rubber seal straight up and off of the
handles and related door mechanisms, all of them broken in various          sheet metal, and then pull the whole assembly (gently) forward.
places. It’s as if the owner kept buying them on eBay in hopes of           Put it safely out of the way. Now, remove the small metal clip on
finally finding the one that is together at the right spot that would       top of the cover for the pollen filter. Move the wires that are under
fix their particular door ailment. When sorting through used 911’s          the clip out of the way. Unscrew the pollen filter cover retaining
there is always at least one stick in the front trunk for propping the      nut (an aluminum knurled affair) and unclip the retaining clip on
hood, sometimes there are two of different lengths, one for the front       the far left side and remove the cover. (Note – if you have a really
and the other for the back.                                                 long screwdriver, you may not need to do this step). Push the pin
                                                                            that holds the spring to the hood towards the inside of the car, and
I have collected these sticks and have them in an accessible corner         remove the clip. Then remove the pin. Moving the hood up/down
of my work space. I will grab the correct one without thought,              until there is no pressure on the pin helps. Release the clip on the
broomstick length for the long hooded cars, 2 foot length for the           ball socket like you practiced. Holding both the screwdriver and
74-89 911’s. I realized that while I have a rather large collection of      the old spring, apply force towards the centerline of the car and the
sticks, I only own one car with working hood shocks. I even came            ball socket will pop free. Remove the old spring. To install the new
across a car that was fitted with a double set of shocks that looked as     spring, first check that the clip is still in the “prepared” position.
if the factory set it up that way, and that car also came with its stick.   Push the ball socket over the ball joint and verify that the clip
                                                                            snapped into the groove. Attach the upper end of the gas spring
While it is not technically difficult to change the hood shocks, it         (having an assistant raise the hood so you can get the top of the
is physically challenging unless being a contortionist is in your           spring into it’s slot, and then lower the hood until the holes for the
repertoire. The right rear is the easiest, so do it first. Remove the air   pin line up). Insert the pin and attach the pin’s retaining clip. You
cleaner cover and the air cleaner element. Have your stick handy            may elect to put a little grease on the pin – the factory seems not to
to hold the hood open. Remove the clip with a small flathead                have done this, and so the pin does show wear.
screwdriver, be careful not to drop it. Push the pin from the back
(away from the firewall) end of the spring. Remove the clip and             After the spring is properly connected, replace the pollen filter
pin holding the other end (the end near the firewall) – be very             cover – be careful to line up the various groves – when you get it
careful not to drop any parts, if you do, you will never see them           right it will slide smoothly into place. Place the wires back where
again. Install the new spring by doing the opposite – e.g. install          they came from and replace the metal clip that holds them in place.
the firewall end of the gas spring by pushing the pin through the            The right side is replaced using the same procedure, with the
spring and placing the clip back in place (being careful not to drop        following additional steps: There is a wiring harness that goes over
anything). Then, attach the end that connects to the deck lid. Note         the top of the pollen filter cover. There is a plug on the side of the
that the case of the spring is attached to the lid, and the piston rod      pollen filter cover. Unplug the harness at this plug. Slide the part
is attached to the firewall.                                                of the harness that was attached to the cover up and towards the
                                                                            center of the car to release it from the cover.
The left side is exactly the same but there is little access, and nothing
to move without an extensive teardown. If you have small hands              There is a plastic sleeve that prevents the spring from chaffing
you can reach in from below for the bottom, and up over the top             against the wires that are near it. This sleeve is in the way and can
for the top.                                                                be pulled upwards towards the spring body so you can see and
                                                                            release the clip that holds the ball socket.
The front springs are larger, and access to the lower end of either
spring is actually impossible, so you need some special tools. One          Don’t forget to put the plastic sleeve back on the new spring before
is what I call a “grabber”, it is a long spring with a plunger like         you install it.
mechanism that opens a pronged hand at the other end of it – you
will need this when you drop parts The parts are recoverable with           I hope this helps. If not, the stick is a popular option.
a grabber (as opposed to the rear gas springs where any dropped
parts are just plain gone) because they will fall into the enclosed
body area. These springs are removed and replaced exactly like the
rears, but on 993’s and newer cars the lower end of each gas spring
rides on a ball joint. It is held onto the ball joint by a retaining clip
that is released by sliding a small screwdriver under it. I strongly
suggest you practice this 3 or 4 times with your new spring before
you try and take out the old ones. Just hold the screwdriver parallel
to the gas spring piston rod and slide the blade under the clip (and
if needed, twist a little). Don’t go too far or the clip will spring off
and then you will need to use the grabber to retrieve it, and you’ll
need a special flashlight to find it (ask me how I know this).
You will not be able to get the ball socket over the little ball if you

  Page 4                  the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -
COMPETITION CORNER                                                            route is recorded and is the basis for your score. You are penalized
                                                                              for being either early or late to a check point, normally every second
By Bob Peake, SVR Competition and Safety Director                             is a point. You may or may not know where the check points are,
                                                                              and it may be a straight forward route, or there may be “tricks and
OK, we are now officially halfway through the year, and into the
                                                                              puzzles” like a gimmick rallye that will affect the time it takes you to
“Summer Season”. Summer means different things to different people.
                                                                              get to a check point.
For many it means the kids are out of school and family trips camping
to the lakes and rivers. For some it means shipping them off to summer
                                                                              The most common in PCA is a Time/Speed /Distance (TSD)
camps and relatives for part of the summer. For others it means bringing
                                                                              Rallye. The perfect score for a leg is calculated by how long it would
them to an SVR event to see what mom and dad like to do with their
                                                                              take if you traveled the exact course distance (measured to 0.01
cars. It also brings us to the letter “R”, since “E” (eating?) and all the
                                                                              miles) at the exact assigned speed (example 34 mph). During a
letters in between “D” and “R” aren’t Competition Events for us.
                                                                              single leg the speed can change multiple times based on the route
In general, a Rally is sort of like a “tour with a twist” where you drive
                                                                              instructions and gimmicks along the route. Travel too far at the
some fun roads and see some nice scenery along the way. The goal is
                                                                              right speed, and you arrive “late”, drive the correct route too fast
always to get to the finish, but how you find the “correct route” and
                                                                              and you arrive “early”. There are usually multiple “legs” in a TSD
what you are required along the way is what makes the different kinds /
                                                                              Rallye, so if you do poorly one, you can still do well on the other
styles of rallies.
                                                                              legs and it’s the lowest “total score” that wins.
                                                                              Another form of TSD Rallye is the Monte Carlo. This is basically a
First, let’s get the “World Rally Cup” stuff that you might see on TV
                                                                              TSD, but there is only one or two speeds assigned during a leg, and
out of the way… That is racing on a “closed course” that has both a
                                                                              no route traps. You are told the exact route; you just need to drive
driver and a navigator in the car. The goal is to finish the leg in the
                                                                              the proper speed. Monte Carlo rallyes usually travel longer distances
fastest possible time, PCA doesn’t do those…. In our rallies there is also
                                                                              on fun driving roads compared to TSD’s, which usually have lots of
a driver and a navigator, and the style or type of rallye determines what
                                                                              turns, intersections, and landmarks to deal with.
you must do to win and is different for each one.
                                                                              The number and types of rallyes SVR puts on varies from year to
                                                                              year. We sometimes have a “Kids Rallye” in the summer, which is
In a Gimmick Rallye there are no speed or time constraints, other than
                                                                              normally a Gimmick Rallye so they can actively participate. Each
making it to the finish location before everybody else has gone home.
                                                                              fall we do Carrera, which is a TSD rallye that is being held on Sept
A gimmick rallye is full of puzzles and tricks. Your score is based on
                                                                              17th this year. Last year we did a “Poker Run” which is another type
information you record on your score sheet, which shows how well you
                                                                              of Gimmick rallye. There are normally several different rallyes held
solved the puzzles and avoided being tricked. If you do it “right” you put
                                                                              at the Porsche Parade each year as well.
down one answer, if you did it wrong, you will have a different answer
                                                                              So, if you are looking for another way to enjoy driving your
or no answer to a certain question. There are often signs used (pie plates)
                                                                              Porsche, you might want to try a Rallye or two. Personally, I am
to keep everyone “on course”, but you will see only see some of the signs
                                                                              fine as the driver on a TSD, but if I am the navigator (and have to
if you missed a “trick”, they will put on back on course to get to the
                                                                              read and write while the car is moving around), there is always a
finish. Another type of Gimmick Rallye is a “Picture Rallye’ where the
                                                                              brief unscheduled stop to “toss my cookies”, then we have to drive
route or answers to questions are based on photo’s in the instructions.
                                                                              faster to try and make up the lost time. It’s always a good idea to
                                                                              understand your car sickness limits before you go …..
In Timed Rallyes, the time that you arrive at “check points” along the

         Advertise in the Drifter and online at

                                              Contact: Mike Willis
                                             Advertising Manager

                Monthly Newsletter - the drifter - online at

                       the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -                                 Page 5
                                                                     Airport regarding the final billing for the two events already held
JUNE BOARD MINUTES                                                   there this year.
by Kevin R. Dougherty, 2011 Secretary                                - The June 19th AX event has 24 people already signed up.
Minutes taken by Rik Larson                                          - The only dates for having a DE at Laguna Seca are during
                                                                     Christmas week, we will not select any of them. No SVR
 CALL TO ORDER                                                       sponsored DE this year.
                                                                     -Bob to check options for insuring the contents of the SVR AX
 President Frederick Rauch called the meeting to order at 7:04       Trailer.
                                                                     Advertising (Mike Willis): requested that we provide a
 Attending: Frederick Rauch, Rik Larson, Bob Peake, John             “This Space Available” for any open and available space in any
 Murphy, Mike Willis, Dan Rowland,                                   DRIFTER.
 Jerry Cupler, Cookie Anderson, Kim Nelson.

 OLD BUSINESS:                                                       Drifter (Kyle Gong): Rik reminded everyone that the deadline
                                                                     for the July DRIFTER is June 10th.
 Minutes: The May minutes were approved..
                                                                     Financial: --- report was issued by Phil Wood dated June 1, 2011.
 NEW BUSINESS:                                                       Question raised by Phil as to the insurance coverage on contents
                                                                     of the trailer (discussion related to value stated for tax purposes).
 How is Niello Porsche involved with SVR? A background and           Mike and Cookie to research.
 history was provided by Bob Peake and Kim Nelson. Kim
 Nelson is the liaison to Niello from SVR. Our relationship          New Member Group:
 goes back many years but we mostly talked about the period          -       Dan Rowland --- discussion of new member tour vs. the
 beginning with the support at the Porsche Parade in 2000.           CAM Car Cruise ----- date conflict
 Kim meets with Niello each October/November to address the          -       We will proceed with identifying the CAM event as a
 upcoming year’s events, sponsorship, door prizes, etc.              potential non-SVR event for people to attend.
 Kim Nelson provided information on the upcoming Car                 Goodie Store:
 Cruise being presented by the California Automobile Museum          -        $143 of stuff sold at the June 4th breakfast
 (CAM----- previously known as the Towe). This will be held on       -        License plate sales are going well
 Saturday, August 6th. It will not be an official SVR event but      -        We should put an SVR Frame on the AX Trailer for
 members of SVR are invited to participate. Details will appear      advertising.
 in the July DRIFTER.
                                                                     Membership (Mike Willis): 575 primary members, 415 family
 Christmas Party ---- will be Saturday, December 10th. Frederick     members and 54 affiliate members and 6 dual members for a total
 and Cookie are working on suggestions for a location and chair.     of 1,050 members
 Treasurer -- actions being discussed regarding a replacement and    Social (Cookie Anderson): The budget for the August 27th tour
 transfer of items                                                   and dinner at Deaver’s was approved. The San Simeon tour final
 - accountant has reviewed our 2010 taxes (thanks to John            accounting was received (thanks Mike).
 Smolich, SVR member)
 - Rik Larson is working with Tambra Kroetz to get an                Tech – no report
 acknowledgement from the Friends of the Folsom Zoo
 regarding our donation in 2010.                                     Webmaster (John Murphy): CRAB 35 photos by Jeff Kinder
 - Mike Willis will be performing as the Treasurer on an interim     are now on the web; Classifieds are definitely an area of interest to
 basis.                                                              folks
 Post Office Box Status                                              Vice President (Rik Larson): discussed event insurance status.
 Bob Peake made a motion (2nd by Mike Willis) that Rik               The Rib-Cookoff will have a specific rider requested for the
 Larson be the person of record on the post office box               residence of Yvonne Anderson and Jerry Cupler.
 paperwork. Motion approved. Rik will meet with Greg Peart to
 have the paperwork updated.                                         Past Presdient (Cookie Anderson): no report

                                                                     President (Frederick Rauch): August board meeting is moved to
 BOARD MEMBER REPORTS:                                               August 17th.
 Charity (Ruth Stark): No report                                     Secretary (Kevin Dougherty): No report.

                                                                     Meeting adjourned: 8: 37 P.M.
 - Bob Peake reported that we had 53 entries at our Zone 7           Next Meeting: RPM Indoor Kart
 AX held on May 28th at Infineon Raceway. Thanks goes to             Racing,
 TrackMasters and Doug Gale for providing the site.                  Wednesday, July13, 2011 at 7:00 PM.
 - Bob reported that he has sent an e-mail to the folks at Mather

Page 6                   the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -
                                                             THE RACER’S GROUP


With six consecutive Rolex 24 at Daytona podium placements, TRG knows what is
                    necessary for a high performance vehicle.
                   Arrive and Drive: TRG offers unparalleled Arrive-and-Drive programs designed to be user friendly and cost
                   effective. By using the same tools as top professional drivers, you will have the opportunity to improve your
                   racecraft. We also offer full corporate hospitality services for you and your guests. Immerse yourself into the
                   team for an exhilarating experience you will never forget! Call today for more information.

                               Visit our new online store and shop 24 / 7

           TRG offers our own line of                  TRG stocks more Pagid                     GoPro mountable
           race-proven components                      sizes and compounds                       cameras are perfect for
           for any model Porsche.                      than anyone.                              recording any sport.

           Full line of Tilton products                Full line of JRZ dampers                   TRG carries HANS
           available for race or street                for most makes. Call for                   devices and are factory
           applications.                               details.                                   trained installers.

            These exhausts are the                     Eibach suspension                         We have access to all
            pinnacle of efficient,                     components are built                      Porsche OE components.
            quality design.                            for optimal performance.

M-F 8am-5pm PST • 707.935.3999 • • 1995 S. McDowell Blvd. Petaluma, CA 94954

          the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -                                         Page 7
                                           Upcoming Event! Quick Info
           Event: David Girard Vineyards - When: Sunday - July 24 - 11:00AM Location: Sierra Foothills

                                      Sacramento Valley Region
                                       David Girard Vineyards

                   invites you to an afternoon of wine, music
                    and Porsches in the scenic Sierra Foothills.

                          July 24th, 2011 11:00am-3:30pm

                  Savor award winning wines while enjoying
                     your picnic lunch among the grapes.

                       “People’s Choice Award”
            generously provided by David Girard Vineyards.

                       This is a no cost event, but space is limited!
                              Please contact Joe Schumacher
                                    at 916-736-3122
                           to confirm your space by July 18th.

                                     Here are a few more reasons to join the PCA!

                                                         Autocross Events

                                                                                              Concours Events

         Driving & Exploring Tour Events                                           and more...see page 12 to join now!

Page 8               the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -
                            Upcoming Event! Quick Info
   Event: Carrera De Sierra - When: Saturday - Sept. 17 - 8:00AM Location: Rocklin

                    Sacramento Valley Region, Porsche Club of America
                     San Francisco Region, Sports Car Club of America
                                         CARRERA DE

               A Time and Distance Rally, open to all cars, not just Porsches
                              Rallymaster, Richard Wetzel

                        Saturday, September 17, 2011
        Entry fee is $30.00 per car through September 9th, $35.00 after September 9th
                 Start at Niello Porsche • 4525 Granite Drive, Rocklin, CA
                              Beginner Rally School at 9:30 A.M.

                 Registration opens at 8.00 A.M. • First car out at 9:01 A.M.
                        Duration is approximately five to six hours.

The route travels the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, using little known high-
country and foothill roads east of Highway 49. Finish in the Gold Rush Country.

                                         Rally Classes
Equipped, unlimited measuring and computing equipment • Stock, stock odometer and no
computers, basic calculators are O.K. • Beginner, with same equipment as Stock, only for
those with limited rally experience.

Preregistration is recommended. Send your check, made payable to PCA-SVR, to Rik Larson,
2120 Maddox Court, Carmichael, CA 95608. General Instructions will be sent out to those
who preregister. Include with your check the class in which you will be running, contact
information, and e-mail address (es).

                     Sponsored by Niello Porsche, Frank’s Automotive,
                        and Richard Wetzel at First Northern Bank

                       For further information, contact Rik Larson at
                       916.481.6084 or e-mail

    the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -         Page 9
                                            Sacramento Valley Region
                                               Calendar of Events
                                                          July 2011
      1-2    Driver’s Ed - Trackmasters       Infineon Raceway, Sonoma            Frederick Rauch          916.595.3371
                                              Monthly at Waffle Square, Citrus
      2      SVR First Saturday Breakfast                                         Herb & Jan Hoover        916.424.5163
      9      SVR AX                           Mather Airport, Sacramento          Bob Peake                916.353.1369
      9      356CAR Breakfast                 Marie Callender's, Citrus Heights   Jim Hardie               916.972.7232
      10     Zone 7 - Concours                Carmel Valley Community Park        David Aliotti            831.658.0356
      13     SVR Board Meeting                RPM Motorsports, Sacramento         Frederick Rauch          916.989.0580
                                              Carlsen Porsche, Redwood City,
      17     Zone 7 - Concours                                                    Larry Adams              650.345.2232
                                              Golden Gate Region
      23     Zone 7 - AX                      Marina, Golden Gate Region          Larry Adams              650.345.2232
      24     Zone 7 - AX                      Marina, Loma Prieta Region          Larry Adams              650.345.2232
      24     SVR Picnic & Car Display         David Girard Vineyard, Placerville Joe Schumacher            916.736.3122
      31     Porsche Parade                   Savannah, GA              

                                                         August 2011
      1-6    Porsche Parade                   Savannah, GA              
                                              Monthly at Waffle Square, Citrus
      6      SVR First Saturday Breakfast                                         Herb & Jan Hoover        916.424.5163
      6      Breakfast & Tour, New Member     Waffle Square, Citrus Heights       Lee Deter, Dan Rowland   916.989.0580
                                              California Auto Museum, Sacra-
      6      Car Cruise                                                           Kim Nelson               530.676.3560
                                              mento State to Fulton Avenue
      12     Driver’s Ed - Trackmasters       Thunderhill, Willows                Frederick Rauch          916.595.3371
      13     356CAR Breakfast                 Marie Callender's, Citrus Heights   Jim Hardie               916.972.7232
      14     SVR AX                           Mather Airport, Sacramento          Bob Peake                916.353.1369
      17     SVR Board Meeting                RPM Motorsports, Sacramento         Frederick Rauch          916.989.0580
     18-21   Monterey Historics               Laguna Seca, Monterey
      19     Concours - Autobahn              Monterey                            Zone 7
      27     SVR Dinner & Tour                Deaver Winery, Plymouth             Ron & Bente Riley        916.366.8834
      28     Zone 7 Concours - YR             Stockton, Yosemite Region           Yosemite Region

                                                     September 2011
                                              Monthly at Waffle Square, Citrus
       3     SVR First Saturday Breakfast                                         Herb & Jan Hoover        916.424.5163
      10     356CAR Breakfast                 Marie Callender’s, Citrus Heights   Jim Hardie               916.972.7232
      11     SVR Charity Auction              Stark Residence, Orangevale         Ruth Stark               916.987.4882
      11     Driver’s Ed - Trackmasters       Infineon Raceway, Sonoma            Frederick Rauch          916.595.3371
      14     SVR Board Meeting                RPM Motorsports, Sacramento         Frederick Rauch          916.989.0580
     15-18   Porsche Escape                   Flagstaff, Arizona                  PCA National
      17     Zone 7 Rally by SVR              Carrera de Sierra                   Richard Wetzel           916.419.4334
      18     SVR AX                           Mather Airport, Sacramento          Bob Peake                916.353.1369
      25     Zone 7 Concours by RR            Ledson Winery

             Check out the latest calendar information available online at
             Information regarding Zone 7 events for 2011 is available at
Page 10           the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -
                                       Upcoming Event! Quick Info
         Event: 3rd Annual Car Cruise - When: Saturday, August 6th - 2:00PM Location: Sacramento

      California Automobile Museum
           3rd Annual Car Cruise
           Saturday, August 6th

   Join us as we cruise through the streets of Sacramento with a police led escort on the 3rd Annual California
Automobile Museum Car Cruise. The Car Cruise begins at 2:00pm at Sacramento State Parking lot 1 where we
 will gather with our friends, listen to some music and have an opportunity to look at hundreds of unique and
exciting cars. The cruise starts at 4:00 and we will begin winding through the streets of Sacramento ending right
      in the heart of the Fulton Avenue Business District where the streets will be blocked off for us to park.

  Once at the Fulton Avenue location there will be many things to do. Three bands will be playing; a beer garden
     and food court will be set up; new car dealers will be showcasing the latest models; over 30 Fulton Avenue
 restaurants and shops will be open and hundreds of cars will be lining the streets. Awards will be given out in 15
different car categories including an award for the car club with the most cars which the Porsche Club won during
 the 1st Car Cruise. Early registration with a discount ends July 15th and all registrants will get a goodie bag and
                                                     free t-shirt.

The Porsche group will be meeting at 2:00pm at the Sac State parking lot and forming so that we can all cruise as
                     a group and park together at the ending location on Fulton Avenue.

 You can get more information and register at on the Museum’s Website at or contact
                 Kim Nelson at or 916.337.7716 or 530.676.3560

                                       Upcoming Event! Quick Info
   Event: Friendly Get together - When: First Saturday of every month - 9:00AM Location: Citrus Heights

                           Join Your Fellow SVR Members At

                    7811 Greenback Lane, Citrus Heights (Across from Lowe’s)

                      The First Saturday of Each Month
   The Club is a conversational group dedicated to the enjoyment of its members. It is a friendly
   group in which there are no strangers. Please join us for an hour or two of conversation
   about our cars, upcoming events, or anything else that interests you.

                           Meet in the banquet room at 9:00 A.M.

                  Order from the menu and pay for your own meal.
                                            Senior Menu Available
       If you plan to join us, call Herb or Jan Hoover at 916.424.5163

               the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -           Page 11
by Mike Willis, 2011 Membership Director
The Sacramento Valley Region of the Porsche Club of America has 575 regular members, 469 affiliate & Family members and 6 dual members
for a total of 1,044.
If you have been reading the board minutes you noticed that SVR has gone back to a one year new members recognition. Our new members
group chairs Dan Rowland and Lee Deter have scheduled 4 new members gatherings this year. 2 will be focused on our monthly breakfast
meetings and one will be a social and the other will be a tour open to all members with focus on new members.
Since we use email for most of our communications it is necessary for all of us to keep our email current with SVR and PCA. So please go to and login to your membership record and make any updates as needed. Also even though we get the information from PCA monthly
you can send the same information to and I will update our data base so you will continue to stay connected. By
now each of you should have received the new SVR membership directory in the mail. Please contact me if you did not receive your copy.

NEW MEMBERS                                CHANGES                   A N N I V E R S A Ry S           SPECIAL RECOGNITION
David Cusick
H: 530-677-5265                                                      One (1) year Anniversary         Twenty (20) year Anniversary                                               David Kestler
Shingle Springs, CA 95682                                                                             Robert & Jeralyn Andre
2010 Carrera 4S Gray                                                 Ronald & Venita Metzinger
                                                                     Tim Unruh
Eric & Brianna Daniels                                                                                Twenty Five (25) year Anniversary
H: 530-393-1533                                                      Five (5) year Anniversary        Hari & Shayle Matsuda                                                 Tim & Annabell Conkling
Woodland, CA 95776                                                   Charles & Jeanne DeWitt
2001 Boxster Silver                                                  Robert & Robert Hrabak, Sr, II   Thirty Five (35) year Anniversary
                                                                     James King                       Peter & Toni Neukirchner
Thomas Mills
H: 916-391-8311                                                      Ray & Sherry Lancaster
Sacramento, CA 95831                                                 Ten (10) year Anniversary
                                                                     Mark Ford
Neil Mac Donald                                                      Dion & Cheryl Goldsworthy
Carmichael, CA 95608                                                 Brent & Sue Harrington
                                                                     Greg & Laura Moore
                                                                     John & Barbara Van Dyke

                                                      Upcoming Event! Quick Info
                                     Event: Zone 7 Concours - When: July 17 - Location: Redwood City

                              CARLSEN PORSCHE CONCOURS
                         Presented by Golden Gate Region, Porsche Club of America

                                                Sunday, July 17, 2011                                         Series 2011

                                                Carlsen Porsche Dealership
                                                 3636 Haven Avenue, Redwood City, CA                                      Rally

                                         Entry Fee: $30.00 per Car • Display Only: Free
                                          Car placement from 8:00 A.M. to 9:00 A.M.
                                        Entry fee includes a catered buffet lunch for two

                 Directions: From Highway 101, exit East onto Marsh Road and turn left onto Haven Avenue.
                     For Information, call Larry Adams at (650) 345-2232 or e-mail

 Page 12                    the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -
by Cookie Anderson, SVR Goodiestorekeeper
We are going to have a cold winter. How do I know that? I read some years back in the Farmers Almanac that if acorns fall off the tree
during early summer that we will have a cold winter. Guess what? My acorns have been falling off my oak tree since late June. So far that
Farmers Almanac hasn’t been wrong.

This is your chance on stocking up on warm clothes from the Goodie Store. Do you have a warm sweatshirt with the Porsche Crest yet? We
have several sizes and colors on sale for $25.00 originally priced at $35.00. We have red vests with the small Porsche Crest sizes in medium,
large and extra large for $35.00.
SVR car badges $15.00, PCA car badges $18.00 and the new Zone 7 car badge $18.00.

We have several hats in black and white for $15.00.
                                                                                                                    PCA Metal Frames
Brand NEW!!! Check out the great license plate frames available NOW...only $10.00.!                                     $10.00

If any of these items look interesting either email me or give me a call 916.988.6534.

   Extreme Indoor Kart Racing

   Arrive and Drive
   All Equipment is Provided

   Summer Race Camp

   Race Leagues

   Corporate Team Building

   Meeting Rooms &
   Conference Facilities

   Birthday Party Packages

   Food Service & Catering

   SUBWAY Located Inside
                                                          We Provide the Ride - You Supply the Drive

   SPEED SHOP - Cool Apparel                                     916.368.RACE (7223) •
   & Accessories
                                                                  3130 Bradshaw Road, Sacramento, CA 95827

M E M B E R S E RV I C E S / C H A N G E S
Two email addresses. Want Club info sent to a second address, work, home, spouse,
friend...? It’s as easy as emailing your second email address to the Membership Director.

Lost the gold medallion from your membership badge? Mail $3.00 to the Membership
Director to receive a shiny, new replacement.

Membership badges. Do your fellow club members a favor by helping them remember
your name. Only $12.50 with either a pin or magnetic clasp. Email the Membership
Director to receive an order form.

Changing Contact Info
If you change your email or street address, notify the membership director at to insure uninterrupted delivery of bi-monthly event notices
and of the drifter.
Update your PCA record at
                                                                                            Above photo courtesy of Porsche Media
                         the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -                       Page 13
                                             Upcoming Event! Quick Info
             Event: Deaver Vineyard Tour - When: Saturday - August 27 - 5:00PM Location: Plymouth

                     Deaver Vineyard - Tour, Wine Tasting and Dinner
               Saturday, August 27, 2011
   Hot August nights, Supper on the ground, Hootenanny, Hoedown,
                          call it what you like
  but here what’s planned for a fun filled day and a scrumptious dinner.

 •	   The Tour: Tour with the Porsche group, or, drive on your own,
      to Deaver Vineyards at 12455 Steiner Road, in the Shenandoah
      area of Plymouth, Amador County, Ca. Kirk and Linda Bradford
      will be leading the tour again this year. (They won the award
      last year for best tour.) Details for the tour will be in future
      announcements. If you drive on your own, be at Deaver’s at 5:00
      PM for the wine tasting. There’s plenty of parking at Deaver’s.

 •	   The Wine Tasting: A private tasting for the Porsche Club at 5:00
      PM. Pair your wine with a dinner of prime rib and select some to take home.

 •	   The Dinner.: The dinner is a cook out, and will be served around 7:00 PM. and we will eat outdoors. Dinner will
      be cooked in huge cast iron dutch ovens over charcoal. This is Cowboy cooking. If you have an interest in this type
      of cooking, come early and see how it’s done. The cook will demonstrate. Dinner will consist of a large cut of USDA
      Choice Prime Rib of Beef, salad, cowboy potatoes, Sloughhouse corn, home made sour dough biscuits, with cobbler,
      fried pies and ice cream for desert. A vegetarian dish, cooked in a dutch oven, will also be offered.

 •	   The Cook: Leonard Sanders has developed quite a reputation for cowboy and Dutch oven cooking. He has cooked for
      some very large groups including CRAB this year and for this same occasion last year. He cooks one of the best prime
      rib dinners you’ll ever taste.

 •	   The Music: This type of dinner naturally calls for Bluegrass music and arrangements have been made for The Notorious
      Shank Brothers Bluegrass band to play from 5:30 to 8:30 PM. Think Foggy Mountain Breakdown and Dueling Banjo’s.
      (Same group as last year.)

 •	   The Vineyards and Winery: Deaver Vineyards and Winery is one of the oldest in Amador County and is certainly the
      most picturesque. It’s the perfect place for a cook out and Bluegrass Music. Their wines are good too. Ken Deaver and
      Joey Deaver-Bigwood have been great to work with. I appreciate them letting us use their facility and I’m sure you are
      going to enjoy being there.

                          We need a good turn out to make this event work. Polish up your Porsche,
                           enjoy a ride through the Sierra Nevada foot hills. Pass through towns like
                          Mt.Aukum, Omo Ranch, Somerset, Grizzly Flat, Slug Gulch, Fiddle Town,
                                              Fair Play, Drytown and Pokerville.

         Enjoy dinner outdoors at dusk, a bottle of wine, listening to Bluegrass, with the best people and cars on earth.
                   We also have a couple of surprises for this year’s event which will add to your enjoyment.

                     Dinner with live music will be $30.00 per person. Please respond early, by August 14.
                       For more information contact Ron Riley at 916.366.8834 or

                                   Circle Saturday, August 27, 2011 on your calendar.

Page 14             the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -
Tips for Navigating the Sea of                                      choice” or “optional”. Other cone arrangements you will want
                                                                    to notice are triple or double cone sets which generally indicate a
Cones in Autocross                                                  turn or change in direction of the course.
By Collin Fat, SVR Member
                                                                    When approaching a slalom, for example, try to imagine yourself
For the beginner autocrosser, nothing seems more intimidating       navigating the pylons and most importantly looking ahead. Just
than the sea of orange cones or pylons that make up an              like a slalom skier has to approach his course, the autocrosser is
autocross course. Oh my gosh, how will I ever remember              always rewarded for looking several pylons ahead. At speeds of up
where to go, where to turn and where to exit. It seems so over-     to 50 mph, you are traveling up to 73 feet per second and you will
whelming and even after several course walks I can’t take it all    have to actually initiate a turn before you reach the pylon. Turn
in! These were exactly the words from Nick, my student, at a        in late and you will surely miss the turn. Looking ahead helps you
recent autocross event for the Redwood Region.                      anticipate the next turn coming up within 6o feet. Looking ahead
                                                                    coming off the slalom is also very important and helps you prepare
There is no instant pill or piece of advice that I can give that    for the next turn. All happening in less than .0005 seconds!
will help you remember how to navigate an autocross course,
but I will attempt to lay down a few basic concepts that will       When approaching a 90 degree corner, it is always important to
help you to visualize.                                              look at where you want to exit as well as well you want to begin
                                                                    the turn. Do you want to early or late apex? Where to you want
The job of all autocross designers to is design a course that       to brake? Mark notes on the course map for yourself so that when
flows, is safe yet challenging, and tests one’s skills. See the     you have completed your course walk you can close your eyes and
example of our recent course lay out at Infineon raceway;           try to visualize the course and your approach. Try to feel the flow
exhibit A. Certain parts of a course are designed to award          of the course and where and when you can apply the throttle and
speed and horsepower while other parts of a course are              where you have to give it up.
designed to reward handling and skill. Every course that you
will encounter will more than likely be different at each event.    When approaching a 180 degree sweeper where the middle of the
There-in lays the problem with visualization. In autocross,         turn extends over 60 feet, not only do you want to look ahead for
unlike running a road course like Laguna Seca, road courses         the apex, but you also want to look at the corresponding return. If
only have about 12-16 turns and the course is almost always         you don’t look in anticipation, you will often find yourself being
set up in the same manner. Generally after 2-3 runs, you get        late for the entry.
the course down. In autocross, every course is different and
there can be as many as 50-70 inputs to your steering and up        After your first or second run, you may determine that you are
to 4 times as many turns. A typical autocross will use as many      getting the course but are having particular difficulty picking up
as 200 cones or pylons to mark a course!                            the entry at turn number 7. Make a mental note and a physical
                                                                    note on your course map. Try to visualize the turn and try to find
How do you avoid the visual confusion on your first or even         a reference point or marker that you can identify to help you
third event if every course is designed differently? How do I       navigate this section of the course more efficiently. Perhaps a tree
navigate this sea of cones?                                         in the horizon or the edge of building can be used to help you
                                                                    remember and to visualize your approach.
One of the most important tools is to get in the habit of
getting to the event early enough to have an opportunity to         I remember watching a fellow autorcrosser at an event a few years
walk the course, several times if necessary. At all SVR events,     ago sitting in his car with course map in hand and eyes closed
there is generally a course map available for drivers. Take         visualizing the course and going over the course in his mind. His
one with you when you walk the course. Also, many times,            hands would move side to side as he was running the course in
one of our instructors will also offer to walk the course with      his mind. This requires patience and the ability to focus but is
beginners and will try to point out what the best line to take      a skill easily learned. All types of sport athletes use visualization
will be and how to position your car for entry and exit. It is      to help them. Whether it is Tiger Woods visualizing the shape
highly recommended that you take the course walk with this          of his approach shot before addressing the ball or Walter Rohrl
instructor.                                                         heading down the straight at Le Mans all these athletes use
                                                                    visualization and the skill of looking ahead. At 200 mph, Walter
When you walk the course relate what you are seeing with            has milliseconds to initiate a turn and the consequences of going
the course map. Also, try to imagine that you are sitting in        off course could be deadly.
your car and walk the line that you actually want to try. It
is important to look for pointer cones, and any directional         So the next time you participate in an autocross try applying some
cones that the course designer has included in his set-up. These    of my suggestions and the result should be constant improvement
are cones that are generally lying on their side pointing you       and quicker lap times.
in the direction of travel. Pointer cones are also used when
approaching a slalom when the course designer wants you to
go left or right. A slalom without a pointer cone that can be
entered from either the left or right is referred to as “driver’s

                 the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -                            Page 15
            A Typical Autocross Course
           Takes Less Than 60 Seconds!
Join the Porsche Club of America Sacramento Valley Region at its new site,
  located at Mather Air Field, for a day of fun filled action. Test your skills
             against the clock! Beginners are always welcomed!

                April 6th RPM Indoor Kart Center Ground School
             April 10th Mather Air Field, Beginner’s Autocross School
                             May 1st Mather Air Field
                    May 28th Infineon Raceway, Zone 7 Event
                            June 19th Mather Air Field
                             July 9th Mather Air Field
                           August 14th Mather Air Field
                         September 25th Mather Air Field
                          October 22nd Mather Air Field
                 November 19th Infineon Raceway, Charity Event

                    - 8:00 AM Check-in & Tech Inspection
                                   Pre-registration is required.
                              - 9:00 AM First Run Begins
                       You’ll run one warm-up lap and two timed
                    laps each time out for a total of 8 - 12 timed runs.
                         Instructors and loaner helmets available.

                       For more information and directions visit SVR-PCA.Org.
Page 16     the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -
the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -   Page 17
                                    Upcoming Event! Quick Info
             Event: SVR Charity Auction - When: Sunday - Sept. 11 - Location: Orangevale

                    The SVR Charity Auction
                     September 11; at Noon,
                9039 Hidden Glen Lane, Orangevale

             Keep looking for donations to auction!
                Treasures and Trinkets (no trash!),
          Memorabilia and Marvels, Crafts and Creations,
            All things great and small, and of course,
                        PORSCHE stuff!

            Bring your lunch and let’s have FUN.
             There will also be a fabulous Raffle!
     A free Raffle ticket to everyone that takes a number.
                   All proceeds will benefit:
      The Children’s Receiving Home of Sacramento
          Ashoka Kiren Child Care Centre, Nepal
        For more information:
            *We’ll be glad to store your donations before the event, if you can’t attend

Page 18       the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -
                                               Upcoming Event! Quick Info
       Event: SVR Mendocino 2011 Tour - When: Friday- Sunday - Nov. 4th - 6th - Location: Mendocino

                                         Mendocino 2011 Tour
                                                By Sacramento Valley Region

                                        November 4th - 6th – (three days, two nights)

       This is the initial announcement for the annual Mendocino Tour. This is a 3-day, 2-night tour to the
       Mendocino area. And then take an extra hour of sleep on Sunday morning because it is also the end of
                                               daylight savings time.

         This is a very informal tour. We will have some kite flying (weather permitting), miniature golf, and
        several socials. We have several hotels/inns that we work with to house our group. You are welcome to
         stay at any place of your choosing..........some folks have even gotten together and rented a vacation
                house for a few days. Even have had some couples stay at the Point Cabrillo lighthouse.

        Schedule: leave Niello Porsche on Friday morning; lunch stop in the wine country; social on Friday
      evening. Saturday is open (kite flying, miniature golf, shopping, Botanical Gardens, etc.). Sunday is also
                             open with folks generally returning home in some groups.

      Don’t miss out on this popular tour -------- we even have members from other regions join us for a good
                            time. And Redwood Region will join us again on Saturday.

                                      And remember, don’t turn your back to the ocean.
 or Rik Larson at or 916.481.6084

                                                    SECOND CALL!!!
PCA-SVR Zone 7 Autocross at Infineon
By Collin Fat

The Sacramento Region hosted a Zone 7 event on May 28th at Infineon Raceway and the weather cooperated until about 3:00PM when
thunder showers forced us to cancel the afternoon session. Regardless of the weather, everyone enjoyed themselves and stayed relatively
dry. We had a total of 53 drivers with 29 drivers running for zone points and 24 running for fun.

Bob Peake, our competition director, designed a very challenging course which tested the driver’s true abilities to read the course and
decide what the best line to achieve the ultimate time was. We had two high speed slaloms and several diabolical radius corners with 180
degree sweepers that were very technical and challenged even the most experienced autocrosser. Shall I take it tight or take it wide? Shall I
give up speed or drift the back end out with a little more throttle?

Top time of day went to SCCA and Sacramento resident Al Patterson in his 600 HP Dodge Viper, followed by GGR’s Monty Pack who
drove his 2005 Porsche GT3. Only .762 seconds separated the top two finishers. Rounding out the top six finishers were Mike Koozman
from GGR in his 1973 914, Jim Winston in a Super 7, Randy Wonnenberg in his 2007 Chevrolet Corvette and in 6th place PCA and
GGR legend Terry Zaccone in his 1968 911 named Marcel.

Representing the Sacramento region were Lisa Thomas, Scott Lines, Matt Deter, Bob Peake, Curtis and Janet Conner, Darrel Huckaby,
Doug Chalmers, Ross Butler, Richard Rosenberg, and Collin and Weyland Fat.

                   the drifter - Sacramento Valley Region - Porsche Club of America -                               Page 19
                                                     drifter classifieds
                                                                Cars for sale
                              2007 Porsche 911 Carrera Original owner - Car is in excellent shape - New Front Tires - New Battery - All
                              Service - 51K Miles; 355 HP, 295 lb ft torque; 0-60 4.6 sec, 179 MPH top speed; AWD; 6 cylinder, 3.8 liter;
                              Power Seat Package, Sunroof, Bose High End Sound Package; PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management);
                              PSM (Porsche Stability Management) with ABS, ASR, EDTC, and ABD 13” Vented Rotors with 4 Piston
                              Calipers - front and rear; 8x19 alloy wheels 235/35ZR19 front, 11x19 alloy wheels 295/30ZR19 rear; POSIP
                              (Porsche Side Impact Protection) - 6 total (front, Thorax in seats, head airbags in doors); Stainless Steel Exhaust;
                              Leather Power Seats with Alcantara Headliner; PCM with AM/FM/MP3 capable CD player, 280 watts & 9
                              speakers. Contact Matt 916-833-4214 or . $59,995

                                  2004 911 Turbo - Low miles: 29k only, 6-speed manual, well appointed. Have service records. Silver on
                                  black. Powered GT2 wing. H&R sport springs. Fresh brake fluid. Well trimmed with navigation, factory
                                  silver-painted interior parts including center console and divider, rain sensor, power seats with memory, sunroof,
                                  Porsche crest on sport seat headrests. Single disc cd. Alcantara headliner, Aero sideskirts.
                                  Call Orion, 978-407-5986 (Sacramento). $52k

                                 2003 911 Cabriolet 996 Carrera Excellent condition, Beautiful Orient Red Metallic, local Sacramento area car,
                                 always Garaged, Porsche Sport Exhaust with dash switch, Premium Leather, Remote and Smarttop modules,
                                 Clear Armor protection, Heated seats, Wind deflector, 53k miles, Black Hardtop included.
                                 Contact: Kyle 916.897.4664 or email: $29,995 or best offer

          Photo to                2000 911 Cabriolet - Original Owner. It is black/black and has 120,000 miles on the odometer.
           Come                   Contact Jim at 530.305.0333 $26,000

                                 1991 Carrera 2 Cabriolet 911 (964) - Car is completely original 59,000 miles. The Guards Red exterior is in
                                 excellent shape – always garaged at home and work. Paint is shiny and in excellent condition. The black leather
                                 interior is in excellent condition as well. No cracks in the dash and the seats look fantastic. 5-speed transmission.
                                 The car has never been on the track. Includes after market windscreen and car cover. I have the complete
                                 maintenance history of the car. My shop says it is one of the cleanest 964’s they’ve seen come through. It has no
                                 issues. No oil leaks, recent oil change, new front brakes, and replaced all 4 axle boots. AC was just recharged.
                                 This has been a great car for me but sadly I don’t drive it anymore and this car deserves to be driven!
                                 Contact Karen at or Cell 916.284.8928, $29,500

                              1985 911 Carrera Targa - Champagne w/ brown interior. All service records; 106k miles; 3rd owner,
                              purchased in 1993; garaged; all original.
                              Contact Bob Dierkes at, or at 707-249-3173. $18,950.

                                  1983 911 Turbo Look. Only 117K mi. I’m only the second owner. Everything works as it should.
                                  Contact: Frank 916.372.5555 home; 916.588.8345 cell $20,000 OBO.

                                   1982 911 SC WIDE BODy 930 TURBO LOOK- conversion/paint by Franks using all factory parts, larger torsion bars,
                                   black leather 930 interior with front & rear spoilers. Wine red metallic German paint with Gotti 3 piece wheels/painted
                                   center caps. Power windows/mirrors/sunroof, A/C, fog lights, sport seats, cruise control, heated rear window/mirrors, euro
                                   headlights, alarm. 117,000 original miles. 2nd owner. Dwight Mitchell, Autosport Technology built the engine from an
                                   87 Carrera 3.2L (cost no object) into a very special: 3.5L twin plug Andial motronic ignition, blue printed/balanced with
                                   catalytic converter powerhouse. Latest engine rebuild by Ron Kain of IPB-Autosport in March 2005 @ 97,567 miles.
                                   Upgrades: GT3 Cup 996 type oil pump, ARP cylinder heard studs & rod bolts, IWIS HD timing chains. This is a street car
                                   & has never been raced. Call: Greg Peart, 916-870-7841 or email @: $24,500
Drifter Classifieds for Porsches and/or Porsche-related parts or accessories are available at no charge to PCA members. Non-members may submit ads at $20.00 per
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                                                    Pa rt s f o r s a l e
              Carrera Wing with third taillight for Porsche 996. A great deal at only $750. and its local so you don’t have to pay taxes and
              shipping. Normally retails for over $1,300. It can be easily fitted and repainted. I have a C4S wide body so I switched this
              Carrera wing for the Techart GT2 wing.
              Contact: or 916.372.5555 home; 916 588-8345 cell
  1986 911 hood and fenders, fair to good condition.
  Contacy: Frederick D. Rauch at 916-989-0580 or email at
  ‘87 911 Carrera 4-spoke leather steering wheel, black. Includes the horn button and horn contact/wire. Very nice. $150.
  Car cover for ‘87 911 Carrera coupe with two mirror pockets, all-weather type, one year old. Includes bag and papers. Very nice. $100.
  Contact: Mark Fleishman (916) 409-0255
  914 parts:72 satin silver rim/tire /Race Mark steering wheel w/adaptor kit; 1967- 912 4spd.trans.w/30k on it.Shift lever/knob 4spd.
  steering wheel assembly,washer bottle,rear/front tail lights,headlights,complete set of guages,rear qtr. windows,rightside rear qtr.panel,rear
  bumper,deck lid w/grill/letters and other misc. parts.for body trim,electrical,etc.; 356 parts: 2 chrome bee hive tail light rings,120mph
  speedo,horn ring,wood shift knob all parts are in good to excellent shape.
  Call Rich 530-863-0446 or (3-2011)
  Used Parts from a 1986 Targa, Hood, Right Fender, Left Fender, Targa Top and Frame, Targa A-Pillar section for Targa Conversion
  or rollover repair, Targa Bar and Rear window for Targa Conversion or rollover repair, Passenger Door damage around mirror, Master
  Cylinder, Power Brake Booster, Wiper Assembly and Motor, AC Blower Motor, Burgundy Drivers Seat - Electric, Burgundy Passenger
  Seat, Manual. Contract Frederick at 916-595-3371 or via email at
                               C U R R E N T L I S T I N G S O N W W W. S V R - P C A . O R G

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