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					 Distance Education/Online Learning / Engineering Technology
ACE Apprenticeship Math            MATH10047                                                               Pre-Licence Truck - Coach Technician-
Enhance skills developed in Core Mathematics           Engineering Technology                              Class 310T                MOTPSAM65
in preparation for apprenticeship study.                                                                   Prepare for the Truck-Coach Technician Class
Topics include number sense and algebra;              Questions?                                           310T exam under the Ontario Apprenticeship
measurement and geometry; proportional                905-575-2203/ 905-575-2507/ 905-575-2139             Tradesmen’s	Qualification	Act.
reasoning; analytic geometry; relations and                              12368 SC     WE     Jan11   6:30-9:30 12 $267.67
functions; trigonometric functions; statistics; and
personal	finance.		Prerequisite:	MATH10045.	          See each certificate description or refer to
                                                      the web site at                                      Pre-Licence Auto Service Technician-
100 hours
11296 OL            Jan13
                                                        Class 310S                MOTPSAM66
                                                      Engineering Technology Admission                     Prepare for the Automotive Service Technician
                                                                                                           Class 310S exam under the Ontario
ACE Business Mathematics MATH10046                    Requirements
                                                                                                           Apprenticeship	Tradesmen’s	Qualification	Act.
Enhance your skill with business-related              Unless stated otherwise, the admission               12367 FF     WE     Jan11   6:30-9:30 12 $267.67
mathematics. Topics include arithmetic and            requirements for all Engineering Technology
geometric sequences and series; simple and            programs include Ontario Grade 12 Diploma or
compound interest; annuities; exponential             equivalent or Mature Student status.                       Give the Gift of Education!
growth; retail mathematics; data analysis;            NOTE: You must ensure you have the                            Gift	Certificates	available
and solving various mathematical problems.            required course prerequisites listed in the                         905-385-4295
Prerequisite: MATH10045. 120 hours                    course descriptions and on our website
11289 OL            Jan13

ACE Chemistry                       GSCI10004          Apprenticeship                                       Skilled Trades
Enhance your knowledge of chemistry. Focus
on industrial and environmental issues, analyze                                                            Automotive - Other
problems, complete laboratory exercises and
                                                      Certificate of Qualification                         Questions?
communicate	scientific	information	effectively.	      Examination Preparatory                              905-575-2507 /
Content is geared to adult learners entering          Courses                                              905-575-2746 /
health and environmental science programs.            Prepare	for	the	Certificate	of	Qualification	
Prerequisites: MATH10045. 120 hours
11292 OL            Jan13
                                                      exam stipulated by the Ontario Apprenticeship        Body Communication Systems
                                                      Tradesmen’s	Qualification	Act,	by	reviewing	         MOTP10065
                                                      various	relevant	theory	for	a	specific	trade.        Focus on automotive body electronics and
ACE Computers                      COMP10083
Become comfortable using computer                     Questions?                                           communication systems. You will take a
hardware and software (2 types) and online            905-575-2507/               strategic approach to repairing communication
communication tools such as the Internet.                                systems and programming modules using state
Learn to generate documents, using popular                                                                 of the art diagnostic equipment. Prerequisite:
                                                      Admission Requirements                               Class ‘S’ Automotive technician or apprentice.
application software. Ethical and safety              Before	registering	in	a	Certificate	of	
issues associated with computer use are also                                                               12366 FF   TU/TH Jan31      6:30-9:30   2   $44.61
                                                      Qualification	course,	please	contact	your	local	
discussed. 80 hours                                   Apprenticeship	Branch	Office.	Confirm	your	
11298 OL            Jan13                                                                                  Air Conditioning and Climate Controls
                                                      Trade	Identification	Number	for	appropriate	
                                                      exam and determine your eligibility to write         MOTP10066
ACE Physics                        PHYS10000          the exam. Branch numbers: 1-800-668-4479             Learn the latest automotive air conditioning
Develop an understanding of physical concepts         Hamilton 905-521-7764 & Brantford                    equipment updates and diagnostic tips.
and principles and learn to apply them to             519-756-5197.                                        Diagnose domestic and import climate control
various practical systems. Explore forces                                                                  systems. Prerequisite: Ozone Depletion Card
and motion; energy and simple machines;               Pre-License Electrical            ELECHEQ12          12365 FF   TU/TH    Feb7    6:30-9:30   2   $44.61
waves, sound, light, and optics; electricity
and magnetism; and hydraulic and pneumatic
                                                      Review theory and electrical code for the
                                                      Construction & Maintenance 309A exam. Text
                                                                                                           CNC Programming
systems. Prerequisite: MATH10045. 120 hours           requirements	will	be	discussed	in	the	first	class.   Certificate (Including CAD/
11293 OL            Jan13
                                                      12528 SC MO/WE Jan16        6:00-9:00 20 $429.61     CAM)
ACE Self Management and Self                          Certificate Of Qualification Prep                    Mohawk College Certificate
Direction                CRED10044                    Machinist                    MACHHAQ02               Develop skills in basic microcomputer
Develop knowledge, skills, and behaviours to          Review the theory of the Machinist trade area        operation, manual CNC programming and
enhance academic, employment and personal             for the exam Industrial Machinist 429A Trade         CAD/CAM programming, using PC-based
effectiveness. Focus on areas such as self            as stipulated by the Ontario Apprenticeship          MasterCAM. Some review of geometry and
reflection,	critical	thinking,	goal	setting,	study	   Tradesmen’s	Qualification	Act.                       trigonometry included. Intended for individuals
skills, organizational skills, group dynamics, and    11606 SC TU/TH Jan10        6:00-9:00 24 $498.95     with experience in machining.
career/employment exploration. 80 hours                                                                    Questions?
11294 OL            Jan13                                                                                  905-575-2507 /
                                                      Certificate of Qualification Prep - Tool &
                                                      Die                          MACHHEQ03               519-758-6027 / 905-575-1212 ext. 6027 /
ACE Technology Math                MATH10044                                                     
Enhance algebraic skills mastered in Core             Prepare to write the Examination in the Tool and
Mathematics in preparation for technology             Die Trade 430A as stipulated by the Ontario          Admission Requirements
study. Learn to solve applied problems involving      Apprenticeship	Tradesmen’s	Qualification	Act.        For the CNC courses, you must be able to
trigonometry, polynomial/rational exponential         11607 SC TU/TH Jan10        6:00-9:00 24 $498.95     function at a Grade 12 level in Mathematics
expressions, polynomial/exponential/logarithmic                                                            and interpret engineering drawings. Since
functions, and geometric principles and               Cert Of Qualification Prep Mechanic                  basic machining parameters are not covered,
measurement. Prerequisite: MATH10045. 120             MECHHEQ02                                            industrial experience in operating conventional
hours                                                 Prepare for the Examination in the Industrial        machine tools such as turning or milling
11295 OL            Jan13                             Mechanic (Millwright) 433A Trade area under          machines is recommended. (See Machine Tool
                                                      the Ontario Apprenticeship Tradesmen’s               Operator	Certificate	for	basic	skills).
                                                      Qualification	Act.                                   For program details visit
             Sign up now!                             11599 BF MO/WE Jan9         6:00-9:00 24 $498.95
      Registration opens at 8:30 am                                                                        Some components of this program require
       on Tuesday, November 29                              Free Academic Upgrading                        approved safety glasses and footwear.

44     How to read course              CRN*           Location        Day(s)        Start          Times            #Sessions               Fee
            details:                   12256              FF            WE          Jan11         6:30-9:30                6             $104.20
                                                                                            Engineering Technology
CNC Programming - Intermediate                      Fluid Power Society                                of the IMM Apprenticeship Program.
MACHRE811                                           Hydraulic Specialists                              Candidates will be evaluated individually by the
                                                                                                       Apprenticeship branch.
Explore sequences including canned cycles,
macros, machine tool set-up and operation.
                                                    Certification Program                              Questions?
Prerequisite: MACHRE810.                            Prepare to write the Hydraulic Specialist          905-575-2507 /
11655 SC TU/TH Jan10       7:00-10:00 20 $429.61    Certification	examination	with	this	review	course	 905-575-2531 /
                                                    offered in cooperation with the Fluid Power
CAD/CAM (MasterCAM) 3D CADMRE456                    Society. Testing facilities for the Hydraulic
                                                    Specialist	Certificate	will	be	available	at	       Admission Requirements
Generate 3 dimensional wire frame models
and multi surface tool paths for pattern and        Mohawk College. You must register directly with Work experience in some aspect of the trade is
mould making or die sinking. Prerequisite:          the Fluid Power Society to write the exam.         an asset.
CADMRE455.                                          Questions?                                         For program details visit
11656 SC     TU    Jan10   6:00-10:00 13 $378.93    Contact the Society at or   
                                                    905-575-2531 /
Electrical Fundamentals                                         Machine Tool Operator
Certificate                                         Exam Night: Tuesday, March 20, 2012, 6:00          Certificate
                                                    p.m. - 9:00 p.m. at the STARRT Institute.
Mohawk College Certificate                          Hydraulic Specialists wishing to write the         Mohawk College Certificate
Benefit	from	a	thorough	grounding	in	electrical	    examination only, should contact                   Enhance your knowledge of general machine
fundamentals required in various maintenance                      shop practice and improve practical skills using
occupations.                                                                                           specific,	conventional	machine	tools.	Machine	
Questions?                                          Hydraulics Specialist                STEN10000 Tool Operators may operate lathes, drilling
905-575-2507 /             Review hydraulics, and mechanical and              machines, milling machines, grinders, or special
905-575-1212 ext. 3988 /                            electrical fundamentals. Manual included.          purpose machines to machine a work piece                       12292 SC      TU    Jan10 6:00-9:00 10 $383.86     on a production basis. Work tasks performed
                                                                                                       include lifting, positioning and securing work
Admission Requirements                              Industrial Lubrication                             piece and work holding devices, interpreting
A minimum of Grade 11 mathematics and
physics, or equivalent.
                                                    Certificate                                        mechanical drawings, inspecting work pieces
                                                                                                       to	ensure	conformance	to	specifications,	and	
For program details visit                           Mohawk College Certificate                         changing and sharpening worn or defective          Enhance your knowledge of industrial               cutting tools.
                                                    lubrication practices in this program, offered     Questions?
MATHMA002 - Preparatory Mathematics                 in co-operation with the Hamilton section of
(Technology)                                                                                           905-575-2507 /
                                                    the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication        519-758-6027 / 905-575-1212 ext. 6027 /
Refer to Math Learning Centre courses in the        Engineers (STLE).                        
Math/Statistics section.                            Applicants who complete the program should
ELECHV200 - Electricity 2 & ELECHV107 -             be prepared to write the STLE Lubrication          Admission Requirements
Electricity 1                                       Specialist	Certification	Examination.              You require Grade 12 Mathematics, and a
Refer to Heating, Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning   Questions?                                         strong mechanical aptitude.
(HRAC)	Certificate.                                 905-575-2507 /            For program details visit
                                                    905-575-2531 /                           
Fluid Power Certificate                   
                                                                                                       Some components of this program require
Mohawk College Certificate                          Admission Requirements                             approved safety glasses and footwear.
Benefit	from	practical	‘hands-on’	training	in	      You should have employment responsibilities
hydraulics/pneumatics, components/systems,          involving lubrication and several years related    Machine Shop 1                     MACHRE165
troubleshooting methods and electronic/             experience. Secondary school background with Study engine lathe operation with attention
electrical	control	for	fluid	power.                 chemistry, physics and mathematics is an asset. to safety, measuring, layout tools, set-up with
For	individuals	in	fluid	power	related	             For program details visit                          3 and 4 jaw chucks, speed/feed calculation,
occupations who work with systems from a            drilling, tapping, reaming, and external thread
practical standpoint, but who have little or no                                                        cutting. Miscellaneous fee included.
formal	training	in	fluid	power.                     Lubrication Fundamentals MATLLUB00                   11603 SC     SA   Jan14   8:00-12:00 10 $337.41
Questions?                                          Focus on tribology/lubrication principles,
905-575-2507 /             systems,	classification,	environmental	              Machine Shop 2                  MACHRE265
905-575-2531 /                                      considerations, installation layout and system       Focus on safety procedures, operational                       operation and troubleshooting.                       formulae, intermediate engine lathe operation,
                                                    12288 SC     MO     Jan9    6:00-9:15 14 $334.58     eccentric turning, internal and external thread
Admission Requirements                                                                                   cutting, basic drilling, milling and surface
You require basic knowledge of or experience                                                             grinding operations. Prerequisite: MACHRE165.
with	fluid	power	systems.                           Lubrication Systems, Storage and                     Miscellaneous fee included.
For program details visit
                                                    Handling                  MATLLUB04                  11604 SC     SA   Jan14   8:00-12:00 10 $337.41
                                                    Develop an understanding of general equipment                      terminology, guidelines and applications,            Machine Shop 3                  MACHRE465
Some components of this program require             manual and automatic lubrication systems,            Study safety procedures, advanced turning
approved safety glasses and footwear.               operating procedures and trouble-shooting.           operations, advanced milling applications
                                                    12291 SC     TU    Jan10    6:00-9:15 14 $334.58     and operational calculations. Prerequisite:
Hydraulic Trouble Shooting & Re-                    Industrial Mechanic                                  MACHRE265. Miscellaneous fee included.
Building                   STENMF101                                                                     11605 SC     SA   Jan14   8:00-12:00 10 $337.41
Examine theory and practice of break down,          (Millwright) Certificate
re-build, testing components, troubleshooting,      Mohawk College Certificate                           Blueprint Reading Mechanical
researching and applying documentation,             Prepare for skilled employment in                    TDRWRE152
and	relating	components	to	specifications.	         manufacturing and industrial settings. Learn to      Learn to visualize objects and interpret
Prerequisite: STENMF100.                            install, maintain and repair industrial equipment,   dimensions, sections, tolerances, machine
12293 SC     WE    Jan11   6:00-9:15 12 $289.97
                                                    operate hoisting devices and fabricate parts.        finishes,	assemblies,	etc.
                                                    NOTE: Advanced standing is available for             11608 SC     TU   Jan10   7:00-10:00 12 $267.67
           Need Help?                               those with credits in similar CE courses. This
   AskMohawk at                 program may meet in-school requirements

                       Register online at (*CRN required)                                                                          45
 Engineering Technology
Maintenance Mechanic                                Gas Metal Arc Welding              WELDRE237         Woodworking
Fundamentals Certificate                            Weld	basic	joints	in	the	flat	and	horizontal	        Questions?
                                                    positions using the GMAW (MIG) spray and             905-575-2507 /
Mohawk College Certificate                          short circuit transfer modes as well as FCAW         905-575-1212 ext. 5027 /
Intended for individuals interested in entering     (Flux Cored Arc Welding) with a gas shielding
the	field	of	maintenance	mechanics,	who	have	       in	the	flat,	horizontal,	and	vertical	positions.	
no prior knowledge of the occupation.               Introduction to basic PULSE-MIG transfer             For details visit
Questions?                                          and the GTAW (TIG) process. Prerequisite:  
905-575-2507 /             WELDRE236 or WELD10052 or equivalent.
                                                    Material fee included.                               Some components of this program require
905-575-2531 /                                                                                           approved safety glasses and footwear.                       12123 SC MO/WE Jan9         6:30-9:30 26 $669.33

Admission Requirements                              Blueprint Reading Welding TDRWRE154                  Cabinet Making for Women BLDG10022
Grade 12 mathematics, physics and chemistry.        Cover welding symbols, types of welds,               Produce several small woodworking projects
A good mechanical aptitude recommended.             assemblies, fabrication, sectional drawings and      from solid lumber in order to develop basic
                                                    terminology.                                         machine competency skills on the radial arm
For program details visit                                                                                saw, band saw, table saw, jointer, planer, drill             12119 SC      TU    Jan10   7:00-10:00 13 $289.97
                                                                                                         press and hand router. Tools supplied. Materials
MATLLUB00 - Lubrication Fundamentals                Welding - Other                                      extra. Theory and practical tests included.
Refer	to	the	Industrial	Lubrication	Certificate.                                                         12513 SC     MO       Jan9    6:30-9:30 12 $267.67
                                                    905-575-2507 /              Hand Tool Techniques                BLDGTZ030
      Oops! We didn’t know you                      905-575-1212 ext. 5058 /                             Practice various hand tool techniques with
                 wanted it                                           construction of a small piece of furniture. Hand
                                                    Brantford Courses?                                   cut joinery and drawer construction, hand
     Register early - we need at least 10           519-758-6027 / 905-575-1212 ext. 6027
        students to run our classes                                                                      planing,	finishing,	and	repairs	are	covered.	
                                                             Tools supplied. Materials extra.
                                                    For details visit                                    12515 SC     MO       Jan9    6:30-9:30 12 $267.67
Welder Operator Certificate               
Mohawk College Certificate                                                                               Cabinet Making - Level 1            BLDGTZ070
                                                    You must supply Safety Glasses, Safety               Produce several small woodworking projects
Provides skill development for individuals          Boots and Welding Gloves.
currently	employed	in	the	welding	field	or	for	                                                          from solid lumber in order to develop basic
those interested in welding and mechanical                                                               machine competency skills on the radial arm
                                                    Welding I                          WELDRE125         saw, band saw, table saw, jointer, planer, drill
                                                    Focus on arc Welding with accepted electrodes        press and hand router. Tools supplied. Materials
Questions?                                          (E6011,	E6013,	E7018)	in	the	flat	position,	butt,	   extra. Theory and practical tests included.
905-575-2507 /             lap	and	fillet,	using	light	gauge	and	1/4+	plate	    12511 SC     TH       Jan12   6:30-9:30 12 $267.67
905-575-1212 ext. 5058 /                            metal. Material fee included.                          11600 BF      SA    Jan14   8:00-12:00 9   $330.67   Cabinet Making - Level 2            BLDGTZ071
Admission Requirements                                                                                   Further develop cabinet making skills by
Good mechanical aptitude required. You will be      Welding II                         WELDRE126         producing	a	fine	hall	or	sofa	table	from	solid	
assessed	during	the	first	course,	Shielded	Metal	   Further develop welding skills in the vertical and   lumber. Prerequisite: Level 1 Cabinet Making
Arc Welding 1, to determine which level of the      horizontal positions. Prerequisite: WELDRE125.       BLDGTZ070 or BLDG10022 completed within
program is appropriate. Everyone must register      Material fee included.                               one year. (Project may or may not be completed
in Shielded Metal Arc Welding 1.                    11601 BF      SA    Jan14   8:00-12:00 9   $330.67   within the 12 weeks.)
                                                                                                         12512 SC     TU       Jan10   6:30-9:30 12 $267.67
For program details visit                           Welding III                        WELDRE129 Both            Continue developing welding skills in all            Furniture/Cabinetmaking             BLDGTZ073
the theory and practical components are             positions. Prerequisite: WELDRE126. Material         Build a piece of furniture or cabinet with the
required to receive credit in each course.          fee included.                                        guidance of a cabinet maker. Use techniques
Most theory is self-study.                          11602 BF      SA    Jan14   8:00-12:00 9   $330.67   from Levels 1 and 2 to build your own custom
You must supply Safety Glasses, Safety                                                                   project (size limitations). Supply own plan and
Boots and Welding Gloves.                           Completion of WELDRE125, WELDRE126,                  materials. Prerequisite BLDGTZ071.
                                                    & WELDRE129 may qualify you for C.W.B.               12514 SC     WE       Jan11   6:30-9:30 12 $267.67
Shielded Metal Arc Welding 1                        equivalent certification in the flat position
Develop	skills	in	welding	in	the	flat	and	                                                                Electrotechnology
horizontal positions, safety, and Oxyfuel gas       Welding Pipe & T I G               WELDRE215
cutting. Material fee included.                     Develop skills in pipe Welding, Shielded Metal       Electronic Fundamentals
                                                    Arc Welding with the uphand technique, Gas
12120 SC MO/WE Jan9          6:30-9:30 26 $669.33
                                                    Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG) on the 1st pass           Certificate
Shielded Metal Arc Welding 2                        pipe welding, and SMAW with the downhand             Mohawk College Certificate
                                                    technique for Gas and Oil Transmission Lines.        Electronics are a key element of modern
WELDRE235                                           Prerequisites: WELDRE129 or WELDRE236 or
Focus on welding in the vertical position,                                                               Industrial equipment and consumer projects.
                                                    equivalent. Material fee included.                   Explore all areas of modern electronics,
identification	of	basic	joint	design,	selection	    12124 SC      SA    Jan14   8:00-12:00 12 $437.59
of electrodes, terminology and safety.                                                                   including passive components, circuits,
Prerequisite: WELDRE234 or equivalent.                                                                   semiconductor components, and digital logic.
Material fee included.
                                                    Welding                            WELDRE226         Questions?
                                                    Cover basic Shielded Metal Arc Welding;              905-575-2139 /
12121 SC MO/WE Jan9          6:30-9:30 26 $669.33
                                                    SMAW to C.W.B. Standards; SMAW to TSSA               905-575-1212 ext. 3988 /
                                                    Standards; Gas Metal Arc Welding including 
Shielded Metal Arc Welding 3                        Spray Arc, Short Arc and Flux-Core techniques.
WELDRE236                                           Material fee included.                               Admission Requirements
Learn to weld in overhead positions, identify       12125 SC      SA    Jan14   8:00-12:00 12 $437.59    Grade 12 Mathematics or equivalent.
basic joint design, select electrodes, and work
                                                                                                         For program details visit
safely. Prerequisite: WELDRE235 or equivalent.            Free Academic Upgrading              
Material fee included.                                           905-575-2029
12122 SC MO/WE Jan9          6:30-9:30 26 $669.33

46      How to read course              CRN*        Location        Day(s)        Start           Times           #Sessions                Fee
             details:                   12256           FF             WE         Jan11          6:30-9:30                 6             $104.20
                                                                                           Engineering Technology
DC Electrical/Electronic Theory                    Instrumentation 2 For Tradesmen
ELECER001                                          INSTRE155                                             Legislative Compliance
Develop knowledge of electrical theory with        Focus on On-Off and PID controls, digital
emphasis on terminology, basic DC concepts         electronic and pneumatic controllers and loops.      Air Brake Training
and characteristics, and safety procedures.        Combustion pH and conductivity analysis
12260 SC     TU    Jan17   6:00-10:00 14 $404.27   and control, control valves, positioners, and        Questions?
                                                   calibrations. Prerequisite:INSTRE047 or              905-575-2507 /
AC Electrical/Electronic Theory                    equivalent.                                
ELECER002                                          12502 FF    TU/TH Jan17     6:00-9:00 24 $498.95
                                                                                                        Admission Requirements
Study AC electrical/electronic terms, concepts,
and characteristics, and safety procedures.        Industrial Drives Certificate                        Minimum requirement is full class “G” license.
Prerequisite: ELECER001.                           Mohawk College Certificate
12312 FF    WE     Jan18   6:00-10:00 12 $353.59                                                        Air Brake Training              MOTPSAM70
                                                   Industrial drives are essential components           Earn your ‘Z’ Air Brake Endorsement on your
                                                   in conveyor systems, fans, pumps, and
Electrotechnology - Other                          manufacturing systems requiring precise control
                                                                                                        license, as required by The Ontario Ministry of
Questions?                                         of motor speed and torque. These workhorses          12038 SC SA/SU Jan14       8:30-5:30   2   $241.54
905-575-2139 /            of manufacturing require unique skills to install,   12039 SC SA/SU Feb11       8:30-5:30   2   $241.54                    maintain, and troubleshoot.
Admission Requirements                             Questions?                                           CFC/ODP Training Courses
                                                   905-575-2139 /              Required by individuals who do not have an
Basic computer skills.                                         ODP card or for those whose ODP card has
Introduction to LabView Basics 1                   For program details visit                            expired. Under Ontario regulations, individuals
                                                          who handle refrigerants must successfully
ASYS10009                                                                                               complete training and an exam as part of
Learn to use LabView to create applications        ELECER001/ER002 - DC Elec/Electronic                 the Ozone Depleting Substances Awareness
for test and measurement, data acquisitions,       Theory & AC Elec/Electronic Theory                   Program. Those who successfully complete the
instrument control, data logging, measurement      Refer to the Electronic Fundamentals                 full one-day course will receive a renewable
analysis and report generation. The creation of    Certificate.                                         Ontario Ozone Depletion Card, and a nationally
standalone executables and shared libraries is                                                          registered number for refrigerant purchase.
also covered.                                      Industrial Drives 2                ASYS10002
12374 FF    MO     Jan9    6:00-10:00 14 $404.27
                                                   Enhance your understanding of drive                  905-575-2139 /
                                                   control for DC motors. Analog and Digital
Human-Machine Interfacing                          DC Drive Regulator systems are covered.    
Certificate                                        Drive performance and troubleshooting are
Mohawk College Certificate                         introduced. Prerequisite: ASYS 10001                 CFC/HCFC/HFC Control             ENVRRE904
                                                   12377 FF     WE    Jan11   6:00-10:00 13 $378.93     Examine environmentally correct equipment
Human-Machine Interfacing (HMI) is the                                                                  design, and handling procedures for CFC/
essential component of any modern automation       Programmable Logic                                   HCFC/HFC refrigerants. Intended for those who
system. Develop the skills implement an
effective HMI interface on an automation           Controller Certificate                               wish to obtain an ODP Card or whose Card
                                                                                                        has expired. Course Manual provided. HST
system. Work with a variety of HMI software        Mohawk College Certificate                           included.
packages such as Wonderware Intouch,               For those in the manufacturing sector working        12378 FF     SA    Jan28   8:30-3:30   1   $214.17
Rockwell RSView and Trihedral Visual Tag           with PLC systems. The PLC has evolved to             12379 FF     SA    Mar3    8:30-3:30   1   $214.17
System (VTS). Allen-Bradley PLCs will be           be the central component in all automation
utilized	for	all	logic	and	field	interfacing.	     systems. To remain competitive in world              Fuel Certification Challenge
Significant	time	will	be	spent	on	“hands-on”	
                                                   markets, manufacturers continue to deploy            Examinations
                                                   more automated equipment controlled by PLCs.         Challenge Examinations for all Gas and Oil
Questions?                                         The skills developed in the program will be
905-575-2139 /                                                                 Burner	Technician	Certifications	may	be	
                                                   needed to design, program and maintain PLC-          written at the Technical Standards and Safety                    based automation installations. Several different    Authority (TSSA) 1-877-682-8772 www.tssa.
Admission Requirements                             models of PLCs will be covered in this program.      org. After successful completion of the written
                                                   Significant	time	will	be	spent	on	“hands-on”	        challenge examination (minimum pass 75%),
For	those	who	have	completed	at	least	the	first	   exercises.
course in the Programmable Logic Controller                                                             you must submit to a Practical Assessment.
(PLC)	certificate	and	want	to	move	on	to	the	      Questions?                                           The Technical Standards and Safety Authority
simultaneous Science and Art of Human-             905-575-2139 /              will conduct practical assessments at a location
Machine Interfacing.                                           of their choice. Scheduling appointments and
For program details visit                          Admission Requirements                               costs to be determined at the time of calling the                                                                                 TSSA.
                                                   A basic understanding of electrical circuitry,       Theoretical challenge examinations for the
                                                   particularly control circuits is required.           Oil or Gas Technician will interest those with
HMI Programming 1                 ASYS10004        Applicants should have one of the following          Gas or Oil Burner Technician experience who
Basic simple HMI interfaces, Line Display          electrical/electronic programs: Apprenticeship       are	not	certified	in	any	category	or	have	never	
units, tags and PLC communications are             Certificate,	Journeyman	Licence,	Technical	          possessed	any	Certificate	of	Qualification	as	a	
studied. An introduction to software for HMI       Diploma, Degree, or equivalent hands-on              Gas or Oil Burner Technician. Reinstatement
using the Wonderware Intouch package for           technical experience.                                and higher category challenge examinations will
HMI application covering static and dynamic        For program details visit                            have to be arranged and written at the TSSA.
graphics. Prerequisite: ASYSPLC11.                                     If you wish to challenge the Gas or Oil Burner
12373 FF     TH    Jan12   6:00-10:00 13 $378.93                                                        Technician II exam or the Gas and Oil Burner
                                                   PLC Programming 2                 ASYSPLC12          Technician I exam you must provide proof of the
                                                                                                        following to the TSSA:
Instrumentation Courses                            BCD,	math,	Structured	Sequential	Logic,	files	
                                                   and Analog I/O are introduced. Work on an            1. A valid Gas or Oil Burner Technician III or
Questions?                                         Allen-Bradley PLC-5 using RSLogix software.          II license, depending on the exam you are
905-575-2139 /            Significant	“hands-on”	exercises.	Prerequisite:	     challenging.
905-575-1212 ext. 3988 /                           ASYSPLC11                                            2. Documentation of the hours related to the                      12376 FF     TH     Jan9   6:00-10:00 13 $378.93     work experience for the license that you are
                                                   12375 FF     TU    Jan10   6:00-10:00 13 $378.93     challenging, types of equipment, etc.

                       Register online at (*CRN required)                                                                         47
 Engineering Technology
Documented proof of related work experience            Gas Technician 2 - Part 2         GOPTRE051          Electricity 1 - Residential         ELECHV107
would	include	letters	or	affidavits	from	employers	    Train	for	certification	as	a	Gas	Technician	         Explore theory, wiring diagrams, controls,
detailing work experience related to the               2 (GT-2) in Ontario. Topics include natural/         electric motors, troubleshooting, and use
certification	sought	and	the	name	and	certificate	     propane gas handling, pressure regulation,           of electric test meters, with emphasis on
number	of	the	supervising	certificate	holder(s).       piping and tubing systems, venting, and              residential HVAC systems.
For further information, contact Charles               conversion burners. Prerequisite: Gas                12431 SC TU/TH Jan17          6:00-9:00 24 $498.95
Honey at 905-575-2522 /                                Technician 3. NOTE: Gas Technician 2, part                         2 may be taken before part 1. You must have          Electricity 2-Commercial/Light Industrial
Questions?                                             successfully completed parts 1 and 2 before          ELECHV200
905-575-2507 /                enrolling in parts 3 and 4.                          Focus on thermostats and electric control
                                                       11568 SC MO/WE Jan16       6:00-10:00 30 $769.92     devices, 3-phase motors and starters, complex
Fuel Technician Certification                                                                               control system circuitry and schematic
Gas Technician and Oil Burner Technician               Gas Technician 2 - Part 3         GOPTRE052          wiring diagrams. Field experience and prior
courses, designed to train participants for            Continue	training	for	certification	as	a	Gas	        knowledge of electricity required. Prerequisite:
Ontario	certification,	are	accredited	by	the	          Technician 2 (GT-2) in Ontario. Examine air          ELECHV107.
Technical Standards and Safety Authority. The          handling principles, natural/propane gas forced      12318 SC MO/WE Jan16          6:00-9:00 24 $498.95
modular curriculum devotes approximately               warm air heating systems and add on devices.
equal time to theory and practical instruction.        Prerequisite: GOPTRE050 and GOPTRE051.               Air Conditioning For HRAC HRAPRE905
Successful	completion	for	certification	requires	at	   NOTE: Gas Technician 2, part 4 may be taken          Explore the theory of the mechanical
least 80% attendance and a minimum grade of            before part 3.                                       air conditioning cycle, individual system
75% in both theory and practical for each course       11569 SC MO/WE Jan16       6:00-10:00 30 $769.92     components and accessories, refrigerant piping,
section. Upon completion of all four parts of the                                                           control systems, troubleshooting, installation
Gas Technician 2, the student will be permitted        Gas Technician 2 - Part 4         GOPTRE053          practices and service procedures.
to	book	for	their	final	TSSA	examination.	             Complete the fourth component of training            11577 SC TU/TH Jan24          6:30-9:30 20 $429.61
NOTE: Participants are also required to pay an         for	certification	as	a	Gas	Technician	2	(GT-
Examination Fee of $150.00 for each level (GT-         2) in Ontario, with study of natural/propane         Building Environmental
3,	GT-2,	GT-1)	of	certification.                       gas forced air systems, hydronic heating and
For more information, access the TSSA link via         combo systems. Prerequisite: GOPTRE050               Systems Certificate                     and GOPTRE051. NOTE: Gas Technician 2,               Mohawk College Certificate
Questions?                                             part 4 may be taken before part 3. Examination/      Become	proficient	in	Heating	Systems,	Air	
905-575-2507 /                certification	fee	of	$150.00	is	extra	after	all	4	   Conditioning and Refrigeration Systems,
905-575-2522 /                                         parts are completed.                                 Electrical Systems, Air Handling and                         11570 SC TU/TH Jan17       6:00-10:00 30 $769.92     Preventative Maintenance Programs, Water
Admission Requirements                                                                                      Treatment	Programs	and	Energy	Efficiency	in	
Applicants with Grade 12, especially Mathematics
                                                       Gas Technician 3                  GOPTRE244          Large Buildings.
                                                       Complete this mandatory study to obtain the
& English, are best equipped to handle the             Gas	Technician	3	certificate	(GT-3).	Cover	the	      Questions?
curriculum. Experience working with gas and/or oil     9 modules of required training. An additional        905-575-2507 /
fueled	equipment	is	a	definite	advantage.              examination fee of $150.00 will be charged for       905-575-2522 /
OIL BURNER TECHNICIAN                                  TSSA	certification.                        
You must successfully complete Modules 1 - 13          11572 SC MO/WE Jan23       6:00-10:00 36 $905.41     Admission Requirements
for	certification	as	an	Oil	Burner	Technician	3	       11573 SC TU/TH Jan24       6:00-10:00 36 $905.41
(OBT-3). The OBT-3 is a prerequisite for OBT-2                                                              Practical work experience or equivalent.
courses. NOTE: The Oil Burner Technician 3 &           The purchase of books will be required;              For program details visit
2 training is offered through dayschool training       instructors will advise.                   
at this time.                                          Heating, Refrigeration,
GAS TECHNICIAN                                                                                              Heating                            HRAPBES01
You must successfully complete Modules 1 - 9           Air-Conditioning (HRAC)                              Review operation and maintenance of hot
to	earn	a	Gas	Technician	3	(GT-3)	Certificate.	        Certificate                                          water and steam boilers and accessories, oil
The	GT-3	certificate	is	a	prerequisite	for	GT-2	                                                            and gas burners, heating controls, plumbing,
                                                       Ontario College Certificate                          fire	protection	and	alarm	systems.	Intended	for	
courses. You must successfully complete
modules	10	-	24	to	qualify	as	a	certified	Gas	         Intended primarily for individuals employed in       building operators.
Technician 2 (GT-2). Each GT-2 part includes           the H.R.A.C. industry, this program provides no      11580 SC     TH       Feb23   6:00-9:00 15 $334.58
four 120- hour courses which must be taken.            practical, on-the-job experience.
You must successfully complete Modules 26-31           Questions?                                           Electrical                         BLDGBES04
to obtain the GT-1. (GT-2 is a prerequisite).          905-575-2507 /              Learn the basics of electricity and building
                                                       905-575-2522 /                                       electrical services, motor control and wiring
Gas Technician 2 Review            GOPT10002                        diagrams, and calculation of loads and charges.
Benefit	from	this	optional	refresher.		Intended	                                                            Designed for Building Operators.
to help Mohawk CE or Day students who have             Admission Requirements
                                                                                                       11579 SC      TU    Jan17 6:00-9:00 15 $334.58
completed the mandatory training to write the          You require Grade 12 or equivalent (including   13110 OR      WE Jan11 10:30-2:30 14 $303.53
TSSA exam. Will assist those who either missed         Mathematics), strong problem-solving skills,    Controls                          STENBES05
the exam or had an unsuccessful attempt.               good human relation skills, and high mechanical Focus on the fundamentals of automatic
Not intended for those wishing to Challenge            aptitude.                                       controls, how they work, and how they are
the TSSA exam. Prerequisites: GOPTRE050,               For details visit      applied and interconnected.
GOPTRE051, GOPTRE052, GOPTRE053.                       In addition, upon successful completion of a    11578 SC      MO    Jan16 6:00-9:15 14 $334.58
11571 SC TU/TH Jan10        6:00-10:00 4    $89.22     TSSA exam, Oil Burner Technician 3 and Gas
Gas Technician 2 - Part 1          GOPTRE050           Technician 3 Certificates will be issued by the Water Treatment                   STENBES06
Complete a 4 part course curriculum for                Technical Standards and Safety Authority.       Examine water treatment, with emphasis on
certification	as	a	Gas	Technician	2	(GT-2)	in	         BLDGBES03 - Air Handling And Refrigeration the importance of water treatment, its effect on
Ontario. Focus on electrical, mechanical and           Refer to Building Environmental Systems         equipment and water treatment terminology.
electronic controls used in natural/propane                                                            11581 SC      WE    Jan18 6:00-9:00 15 $334.58
gas heating. Prerequisite: Gas Technician              ENVRRE904 - CFC/HCFC/HFC Control
3	certification.	NOTE:	Gas	Technician	2,	                                                              Air Handling & Preventive Maintenance BLDGBES03
part 2 may be taken before part 1. You must            Refer to CFC/ODP Training Courses.              13111 OR TUSign up now!
                                                                                                                           Jan10 10:30-2:30 12 $303.53
successfully complete parts 1 and 2 before             GOPTRE243/RE244 - Gas & Oil Burner                    Registration opens at 8:30 am on
enrolling in parts 3 and 4.                            Technician 3                                                Tuesday, November 29
11567 SC MO/WE Jan23        6:00-10:00 30 $769.92      Refer	to	Fuel	Technician	Certification.

48      How to read course             CRN*            Location        Day(s)       Start           Times            #Sessions                Fee
             details:                  12256               FF            WE          Jan11         6:30-9:30                  6             $104.20
                                                                                             Engineering Technology
                                                    Residential Design &
 Building & Construction                            Construction Certificate                             Computer Sciences
 Sciences                                           Mohawk College Certificate
                                                    Practical, detailed information on the design                             NOTE:
Architectural Drafting                              and construction of residential buildings. Focus      Printing costs will be charged at all printers.
Certificate                                         on current building, framing, drafting, and
                                                    energy	efficient	construction	methods.
Mohawk College Certificate
Enhance your skills or prepare for a career
                                                    Questions?                                          Computer Science
as an architectural draftsperson, job captain,
                                                    905-575-2203 /
                                                                                                        Certificate - Level 1
building inspector, appraiser or site supervisor.                                                       Mohawk College Certificate
Questions?                                          For program details visit
                                                         Explore microcomputers and major applications,
905-575-2203 /                                                                 with a focus on microcomputer hardware, the
905-575-1212 ext. 3994 /                                                                                discipline of Software Engineering, and tools                       Construction Practice-Basic BLDGRE027               and methods to produce and maintain quality
                                                    Explore structural elements of residential          software systems.
For program details visit                           buildings, with emphasis on codes, construction           process, and structural systems in wood,            Questions?
                                                    concrete, and masonry. Offered in all               905-575-2203 /
THIS CERTIFICATE WILL BE PHASED OUT                                                                     905-575-1212 ext. 3310 /
BY FALL 2012.                                       semesters.
                                                    12076 FF     TU     Jan10   6:30-9:30 12 $267.67
Introduction To The Ontario Building                                                                    For program details visit
Code-Part 9                BLDGAR202                Framing Techniques                 BLDGRE028
Applies to all buildings occupying an area          Study framing systems used for residential
greater than 10m2 but not exceeding 600m2           construction,	including	foundations,	floors,	       Programming Fundamentals
and less than 3 stories in building height          walls, roofs, window and door installation
used for major residential, business, and           and stair framing. Participate in typical layout    COMP10001
personal services, mercantile, and medium           procedures. Offered in all semesters.               Learn to apply essential software tools and
and low hazard industrial occupancies. Review       12077 SC     MO     Jan9    6:30-9:30 12 $267.67    methods to produce and maintain quality
applications of the regulations to building                                                             software systems. NOTE: 2 hours on a
                                                                                                        Saturday is required (TBA).
design.                                             Residential Electrical & Plumbing                   12084 FF     TU    Jan10     6:00-10:00 17 $487.66
12070 FF     WE     Jan11   6:00-10:00 14 $404.27   BLDGRE029                                                        SA             10:00-12:00
                                                    Study the installation and safety procedures
Blueprint Reading 1               TDRWAR301         of typical electric circuits and associated
Interpret various residential commercial and                                                          HTML & CSS                       COMPCO710
                                                    equipment,	and	plumbing	lines	and	fixtures.	Will	 Explore HTML basics including design,
industrial drawings, symbols and notations          be offered every semester.
standard to the building industry.                                                                    formatting, hypertext links, frames, tables,
                                                    12082 SC      WE      Jan11 7:00-10:00 12 $267.67 forms and styles.
12069 FF     TU    Jan10    6:00-10:00 14 $404.27
                                                                                                        12108 FF     TU    Jan10    6:00-10:00 14 $404.27
                                                    Building For Energy Efficiency
Construction Estimating                             BLDGRE031                                           Computer Science &
Certificate                                         Explore a variety of cost effective, practical      Information Technology -
                                                    methods of designing and detailing for energy
Mohawk College Certificate
                                                    efficiency.	Offered	in	Winter	semester	only.        Other
Whatever	the	size	of	the	construction	firm,	        12075 FF     TU     Jan10   7:00-10:00 12 $267.67
accurate estimating and careful monitoring                                                              Questions?
of	costs	are	essential	for	ensuring	a	profit.	                                                          905-575-2203 /
Upgrade your estimating skills using computer       Residential Drafting              TDRWRE030         905-575-1212 ext. 3310 /
software.                                           Focus on basic visualization techniques,  
                                                    dimensions and scales, symbols, and detailing
Questions?                                          methods. T-square and basic drawing
905-575-2203 /             instruments required. Offered in Fall semester      Introduction To Micro Computers
905-575-1212 ext. 3994 /                            only.                                               COMPCO165                       12079 FF     TH     Jan12   7:00-10:00 12 $267.67   Focus on computer essentials including the
For program details visit                                                                               Windows 7 operating system and use of MS          Building & Construction                             Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
                                                                                                        12106 FF     WE     Jan11   6:00-10:00 7   $208.19
                                                    Sciences - Other
Estimating 2                       BLDG10010        Questions?
Measure the quantities of materials necessary       905-575-2203 /             AutoCAD Design Certificate
to build residential and commercial buildings       905-575-1212 ext. 3994 /
working	from	drawings	and	specifications.	                       Mohawk College Certificate
Prerequisite: BLDGEA202                             NEW!                                                Introduce CAD to your workplace. Using current
12067 FF     WE     Jan11   6:00-10:00 14 $404.27                                                       software, learn to create two dimensional
                                                    Principles of Landscape Construction                drawings and three dimensional models, lisp
Construction Management B                           BLDG10069                                           routines and customized CAD environments.
MGMTCN440                                           Develop the ability and knowledge to create         Questions?
Develop an understanding of the role of project     practical and aesthetically appealing outdoor       905-575-2203 /
management in the construction industry, and        spaces. Gain an understanding of the purpose,
the phases of a typical construction project,       limitations, and construction/installation
                                                    techniques for common landscaping materials.        Admission Requirements
from job acquisition to project close-out.
Prerequisit: MGMTCN340                              12109 FF     WE     Jan11   6:00-9:00 14 $312.28    If you have no previous computer knowledge
12068 FF     TH    Jan12    6:00-10:00 14 $404.27
                                                                                                        or knowledge of Windows you should take
                                                    Environmental Technology ENVREA204                  COMPCO001-Generic Computer Training
                                                    Examine the planning, design, operation and         (Refer to Distance Education) before taking
       Looking for a course?                        maintenance	of	water	supply	systems,	flood	         courses within this program. Drafting knowledge
    Search the index at the back of this            control works, water and wastewater treatment       is strongly recommended.
                catalogue.                          systems and solid waste management.                 For program details visit
                                                    12071 FF     TU     Jan10   6:00-9:00 14 $312.28

                        Register online at (*CRN required)                                                                         49
 Engineering Technology
AutoDESK - REVIT                   CADM10028          For program details visit                           Server and Network Support
Design buildings using REVIT Architecture   
software.	Create	floor	plans,	sections,	
elevations and 3D views, and typical                                                                      Mohawk College Certificate
                                                      Admission Requirements
architectural elements such as walls, windows,                                                            Understand a Local Area Network environment
doors,	furniture,	floors,	ceilings	and	roofs.	Book	   You must have completed the Computer                including how a network handles data, and
included in fees.                                     Science	Level	1	Certificate	or	be	able	to	meet	     shares hardware and software resources.
11592 FF     TU     Jan10   6:00-9:30 13 $386.58      course prerequisites.                               Focus on data communications and networking
                                                      WATCH FOR COURSES NEXT TERM                         essentials, TCP/IP and networking, network
AutoDesk REVIT - Advanced CADM10040                                                                       operating systems for network applications,
REVIT Architecture is a powerful 3D Building          Microcomputer Engineering                           computer and server hardware, and internet
Information Model (BIM) program. Expect                                                                   programming. Provides preparatory studies
to learn advanced collaboration, design               Hardware Certificate                                for	the	Network	Specialist	Certificate,	and	to	
development and construction documentation            Mohawk College Certificate                          write COMPTIA A+, Server+, iNet+, Linux+ and
tools in this class using architectural examples.     Develop skill in interfacing, communications,       Microsoft	Certification	examinations.
Prerequisite:CADM10028. Book included in              and programming to facilitate development           Questions?
fees.                                                 and implementation of engineering oriented          905-575-2203 /
11593 FF     WE     Jan11   6:00-9:30 13 $396.58      microcomputer applications.                         905-575-1212 ext. 3172 /
AutoCAD - Introduction           CADMCAD06            905-575-2203 /
Discover entity creation, dimensioning, layers                                                            Admission Requirements
                                                      905-575-1212 ext. 3172 /                            Grade 12 OSSD, COMPCO001 (refer to
and linetypes and text creation using AutoCAD.
11582 FF  TU   Jan10        6:00-9:30 13 $334.58                                                          Distance Education for Generic Computer
11598 SC  TH   Jan12        6:00-9:30 13 $334.58      Admission Requirements                              Skills) and MATH10042 (refer to Math Learning
11585 FF SA/SU Jan14        9:00-5:00 6 $334.58       Grade 12 (OSSD), MATH10042 (refer to Math           Centre courses) or equivalent.
                                                      Learning Centre courses) and COMPNET01              For program details visit
AutoCAD - 3D Modeling             CADMCAD11           (refer to Server and Network Support      
Produce and edit 3D AutoCAD models                    Certificate)	or	equivalent.
using wire frame and solids. Prerequisite:            For program details visit                           UNIX/Linux                          COMP10052
CADMCAD15.                                                                  Learn to install, maintain, and troubleshoot a
11583 FF     WE     Jan11   6:00-9:30 13 $334.58      microcomputerhardware                               Linux system. Focus on a technical overview
                                                                                                          of the UNIX/Linux operating system, including
AutoCAD - Customization CADMCAD12                                                                         hands-on	experience	with	commands,	files,	
Focus	on	creating	drawing	template	files,	            Digital Systems                    ELEC10103
                                                      Extend the concepts studied in Digital Principles   and tools. Topics include graphical user
external references, customizing AutoCAD,                                                                 interfaces (GUI), UNIX/Linux commands,
automating	AutoCAD	using	script	files	                to include sequential circuits, memory systems,
                                                      buses and microcontroller architecture. Program     user	and	group	management,	configuring	
and creating custom menus and toolbars.                                                                   peripheral	devices,	file	system	maintenance,	
Prerequisite: CADMCAD15.                              the ATmega169 in assembly language to drive
                                                      applications including LCDs, Timers and ADCs.       software management, system monitoring,
11596 FF     TH     Jan12   6:00-9:30 13 $334.58                                                          shell environments and scripting. Prerequisite:
                                                      Build systems to measure voltage, generate
                                                      waveforms,display messages and control              COMPNET01
AutoCAD - Advanced               CADMCAD15            small systems. Prerequisites: ELEC10039 and         11665 FF     WE       Jan11   6:00-10:00 14 $404.27
Study blocks, dynamic blocks, scaling, plotting,
model/paper space applications, advanced              ELEC10040. NOTE: 2 hours on a Saturday is
                                                      required(TBA).                                      Computer Hardware & Software
dimensioning, implied polar snaps, and Internet
applications. Prerequisite: CADMCAD06.                11783 FF     TU    Jan10    6:00-10:00 17 $487.66   COMPNET01
11584 FF     TH   Jan12     6:00-9:30 13 $334.58
                                                                   SA            10:00-12:00              Learn	to	assemble	and	configure	a	computer,	
                                                                                                          install and troubleshoot hardware and software
11594 FF    SA/SU Feb4      9:00-5:00 6 $334.58
                                                      Microcomputer Engineering                           problems and examine system networking and
AutoCAD - Architectural          CADMCAD20            Software Certificate                                network server basics as preparation for A+
Prepare two-dimensional residential and               Mohawk College Certificate                          11653 FF     TH       Jan12   6:00-10:00 14 $404.27
commercial architectural drawings. Create
floor	plans,	roof	plans,	sections	and	elevations.	    Develop fundamental knowledge of proven
Prerequisite: CADMCAD15.                              software development lifecycle methodologies,       Windows Server Administration
11595 FF    SA/SU   Mar3    9:00-5:00   6   $334.58   eBusiness principles, data management and           COMPNET10
                                                      Information Architecture (IA), Oracle and           Learn to plan, install, and manage Microsoft’s
                                                      SAP modules. Of interest to those who work          Windows network operating system.
AutoDESK Inventor                  INFOCAD29          in an environment where management and
Develop skill in producing solid models, detailed                                                         Prerequisite: COMPNET01
                                                      dissemination of information are essential.         11654 FF     MO       Jan9    6:00-10:00 14 $404.27
drawings and assemblies. Examine Solid
Modeling and Parametric Modeling. Intended            Questions?
for mechanical designers.                             905-575-2203 /             Network Fundamentals               COMPNET20
11597 FF    SA/SU Mar24     9:00-5:00   6   $334.58   905-575-1212 ext. 3172 /                            Focus on current and emerging networking
                                                                    technology with emphasis on terminology and
Computer Science -                                    Admission Requirements                              protocols, LANs, WANs, OSI models, cabling,
                                                                                                          switches, routers, Ethernet, IP addressing, and
Software Engineering                                  COMPNET25 and COMP10052 or equivalent               network standards. Online reading required.
Specialist Certificate                                (refer to Server and Network Support                Prerequisite: COMPNET01
Mohawk College Certificate                            Certificate)                                        11691 FF     TH       Jan12   6:00-10:00 14 $404.27
Develop a background in computer                      For program details visit
programming and systems analysis and                                        Network Specialist
design. Focus on the design, development              microcomputersoftware                               Certificate
and implementation of interactive software,           WATCH FOR COURSES NEXT TERM                         Mohawk College Certificate
principle design considerations of Graphical                                                              Focus	on	networking	for	the	small-office,	
User	Interfaces	(GUI),	data	file	processing	in	an	                                                        home-office	(SOHO)	market	as	preparation	for	
object.                                                          Earn your certificate                    work in small or medium sized organizations.
Questions?                                                         while you work.                        Learn	to	install	and	configure	Cisco	switches	
905-575-2203 /                           CE makes it happen!                     and routers in multiprotocol internetworks using
905-575-1212 ext. 3310 /                                                                                  LAN and WAN interfaces, and plan, design,

50      How to read course              CRN*          Location       Day(s)        Start           Times           #Sessions                 Fee
             details:                   12256             FF            WE          Jan11        6:30-9:30                  6             $104.20
                                                                                              Engineering Technology
install, operate and troubleshoot Ethernet, TCP/    Basic Principles Of Fire Safety                        Occupational Health
IP	Networks.	This	certificate	prepares	you	for	
CompTIA	N+	and	Cisco	CCNA	Certifications.
                                                    SAFEFT100                                              & Safety Management
                                                    Focus	on	the	chemistry	and	physics	of	fire,	
                                                    methods	of	extinguishment,	fire	protection	and	
905-575-2203 /             life safety.                                           Mohawk College Certificate
905-575-1212 ext. 3172 /                            12320 FF     MO      Jan9   7:00-10:00 15 $334.58      Under the Occupational Health and Safety                                                                               Act, workplaces must prepare and review at
Admission Requirements                              Fire Safety 4-Water Extinguishing                      least annually a written occupational health
                                                    Systems                      SAFEFT104                 and safety policy and maintain a program to
Server	and	Network	Support	Certificate	                                                                    implement	that	policy.	Benefit	from	guidelines	
or completion of the following courses:             Consider the design and application of
                                                    automatic sprinkler systems including water            and	assistance	in	defining	health	and	safety	
COMPNET01 and COMPNET20.                                                                                   objectives and developing policies and
                                                    applications,	and	fluid	mechanics	for	hydraulic	
For program details visit                           systems. Prerequisite: SAFEFT100.                      procedures. For Supervisors, Safety Co-               12321 FF      TH    Jan12    6:30-9:30 13 $289.97      coordinators, Occupational Health Nurses, Joint
                                                                                                           Health and Safety Committees members, and
Routing (CCNA2)                  COMPNET35          Fire Safety 5-Special Extinguishing                    others who require broader legal and technical
Develop	skills	in	configuring	a	router,	managing	                                                          knowledge to function effectively in their
Cisco	IOS,	configuring	routing	protocol	on	         Systems                      SAFEFT105                 occupation.
routers, and setting access lists to control        Study	fixed	fire	extinguishing	systems	with	
                                                    their applications and design. Prerequisite:           Questions?
the access to routers. 14 hours of online                                                                  905-575-2139 /
education required. MANDATORY Prerequisite:         SAFEFT100.
                                                    12322 FF      TU    Jan10   7:00-10:00 13 $289.97      905-575-2225 /
11692 FF     WE    Jan11   6:00-10:00 14 $404.27                                                           Admission Requirements
                                                    Environmental Engineering                              Knowledge of chemistry, physics and
Switching (CCNA3)                COMPNET40          Certificate                                            mathematics is an asset.
Acquire knowledge and skills to design, set up,     Mohawk College Certificate                             For program details visit
configure	and	support	a	LAN	using	switches	                                                      
and routers. 14 hours of online education           Learn to evaluate and implement programs
required. Prerequisite: COMPNET20.                  to control environmental stresses. Examine
11693 FF     MO    Jan9    6:00-10:00 14 $404.27
                                                    Environmental and Waste Audits, Compliance             Ergonomics                         ENVROH304
                                                    Assessment, Program Implementation, Solid              Learn to design jobs and workplaces to
                                                    and Liquid Waste, Air Quality Assessment,              enhance job effectiveness and well-being.
Wireless & VoIP Technologies                        Best Management Practices, and Emergency               12323 FF      TH    Jan12   6:30-9:30 13 $267.67
COMPNET50                                           Planning. Ideal for those working in the
Focus on the design, planning, implementation,      industrial or municipal sectors who require
operation and troubleshooting of Wireless                                                                  Occupational Toxicology & Disease
                                                    broader knowledge of technical aspects and
LANs. 22 hours of online education required.        environmental legislation.                             ENVROH105
Prerequisite: COMPNET20                                                                                    Learn general toxicological principles and
                                                    Questions?                                             mechanisms of workplace exposure to
11782 FF     TU    Jan10   6:00-10:00 14 $404.27    905-575-2203 /                hazardous chemicals.
                                                    905-318-4295 mailbox 1501 /                            12324 FF     WE     Jan11   7:00-10:00 12 $267.67
 Prep Sciences                            
                                                    Admission Requirements                                 Industrial Engineering
For Mathematics courses refer to the Math/
Statistics section of the catalogue.
                                                    Prep Chemistry (GSCIPE053) or equivalent.              Certificate - Level 1
                                                    Refer to Prep Science section for GSCIPE053            Mohawk College Certificate
Questions?                                          availability.
905-575-2203 /                                                                    For	individuals	employed	in	first	level	Industrial	
                                                    For program details visit                              Engineering positions conduct time-and-motion
905-575-1212 ext. 3481 /                                                                                  studies,	draw	plans	of	efficient	plant	layout;	
                                                    environmentalengineering                               assist in quality control testing; and participate
                                                                                                           in various manufacturing problem solving
Preparatory Chemistry (Gas)                         Principles Of Environmental Chemistry                  applications.
CHEMPE106                                           CHEMOH701                                              Questions?
Focus on: measurement, matter, atoms and the        Explore elements, radicals and compounds,              905-575-2203 /
periodic table, chemical bonding and equations,     stoichiometry, solutions, chemical water               905-575-1212 ext.3650 /
heat of reaction, acids, bases and salts, and       analysis, pH, chemical kinetics and equilibria,
liquids and solutions. Tuesday class is every       gas laws and solubility alkalinity, colloids and
second Tuesday.                                     coagulation, organic compounds, oxidation-             For program details visit
11576 FF   TU/TH Jan10     6:30-9:30 19 $404.27     reduction. Prerequisite: GSCIPE053 or        
                                                                                                           Problem Solving                      IENGIM252
 Physical &                                         11566 FF      TH    Jan12    6:30-9:30 14 $312.28
                                                                                                           Explore analytical and creative problem solving
 Environmental Sciences                             Environmental Legislation And Audit                    techniques.
                                                                                                           12066 FF     WE     Jan11   7:00-10:00 14 $312.28
Fire Safety Certificate                             Develop a working knowledge of environmental
                                                    legislation and its application to air, water, waste   Manufacturing Management MGMTIM153
Mohawk College Certificate                          disposal, noise, transportation and audits.            Analyze the organization of modern industry
Involved in building construction or                Prerequisites: CHEMOH701 & ENVROH702.                  and relationships among different functions.
maintenance,	or	work	as	an	inspector,	fire	         11565 FF      TU    Jan10    6:00-9:00 14 $312.28      12065 FF      TU    Jan10   6:00-9:30 12 $312.28
prevention	officer,	insurance	adjuster,	or	are	
responsible	for	fire	safety	in	commercial	or	       Water And Wastewater Treatment
industrial	institutions?	You	should	benefit	from	   WASTOH705                                                  Register by Web, Mail, Fax or
this program.                                       Develop an understanding of processes,                                   In person
Questions?                                          methods determining operating parameters                   Debit, credit (VISA and MasterCard),
905-575-2139 /             and their relationship to operating process.               cash	and	certified	cheque	accepted.
905-575-2225 /         Prerequisites: CHEMOH701 and ENVROH702.
                                                    11574 FF     WE     Jan11   7:00-10:00 14 $312.28
For program details visit

                       Register online at (*CRN required)                                                                             51
 Engineering Technology / Health Sciences
Quality Assurance                                                                                          Mask Fit Testing                         HSCI10057
Certificate - Level 1                                   Health Sciences                                    Pre-clinical requirement for all Health Science
                                                                                                           programs. You must bring completed “HEALTH
Mohawk College Certificate                                     QUESTIONNAIRE” to class. If you miss your
Quality Sciences Practitioners currently                                                                   scheduled class, you MUST re-register.
                                                       NOTE: MEDICAL CLEARANCE is required
employed in business or industry should                for all clinical/field placement courses and
                                                                                                           15000   IH     MO       Jan16   4:30-6:00    1   $40.00
benefit	from	this	program	offered	in	co-               courses with a clinical component.
                                                                                                           15001   IH     MO       Jan16   6:00-7:30    1   $40.00
operation with the Hamilton Section of the                                                                 15002   IH     WE       Jan18   4:30-6:00    1   $40.00
American Society for Quality (ASQ). Program            You must submit the Communicable Disease            15003   IH     WE       Jan18   6:00-7:30    1   $40.00
content is consistent with ASQ requirements            Screening (Immunization) form, available at         15004   IH     MO       Jan23   4:30-6:00    1   $40.00
for	certification.	The	Hamilton	Section	of	ASQ             15005   IH     MO       Jan23   6:00-7:30    1   $40.00
administers	a	certification	examination	in	March	      to the HEALTH SERVICES OFFICE, IAHS                 15006   IH     WE       Jan25   4:30-6:00    1   $40.00
and October each year. See details on the              - ROOM 303 accompanied by a one-time                15007   IH     WE       Jan25   6:00-7:30    1   $40.00
ASQ website - on how to qualify            processing fee of $115.00. Make cheques             15008   IH     MO       Jan30   4:30-6:00    1   $40.00
for	ASQ	certification	as	a	Certified	Quality	          payable to “Mohawk College Health Services”         15009   IH     MO       Jan30   6:00-7:30    1   $40.00
Technician (CQT).                                      with your student ID number clearly visible         15010   IH     MO       Mar12   4:30-6:00    1   $40.00
                                                       on the front of the cheque. Cash accepted if        15011   IH     MO       Mar12   6:00-7:30    1   $40.00
Questions?                                             dropped off in person to Room 303.
905-575-2203 /                                                                    15012   IH     WE       Mar14   4:30-6:00    1   $40.00
905-575-1212 ext. 3650 /                               Questions?                                          15013   IH     WE       Mar14   6:00-7:30    1   $40.00                         Health Services 905-540-4247 ext. 26750 /           15014   IH     MO       Mar19   4:30-6:00    1   $40.00
                                                              15015   IH     MO       Mar19   6:00-7:30    1   $40.00
Admission Requirements                                 Books for courses offered at the IAHS may be        15016   IH     WE       Mar21   4:30-6:00    1   $40.00
You require Grade 12 Math or equivalent.               purchased at the Health Sciences Bookstore in       15017   IH     WE       Mar21   6:00-7:30    1   $40.00
For program details visit                              McMaster University Medical Centre, 1200 Main       15018   IH     MO       Mar26   4:30-6:00    1   $40.00                   Street West, Room 1G. Phone 905-525-9140            15019   IH     MO       Mar26   6:00-7:30    1   $40.00
                                                       ext. 22288 or 1-(800)-407-9465; Fax 905-570-        15020   IH     WE       Mar28   4:30-6:00    1   $40.00
                                                       0743; or   15021   IH     WE       Mar28   6:00-7:30    1   $40.00
Statistical Process Control 1
MATHQC102                                                 Parking for Continuing Education Health
                                                                                                           Preparatory Biology                      BIOL10006
Examine statistical methods and applications                                                               Examine the anatomy and physiology of the
required by industry including presentation                           Sciences students                    human body. Intended for mature students
and description of data, probability, sampling         McMaster University provides parking                wishing to enter Practical Nursing or other
distribution, statistical inference, and objectives.   services for the Institute for Applied Health       Health Sciences/Health Care programs. This
12058 FF      TH    Jan12    6:00-9:00 13 $289.97      Sciences (campus code-IH). Permits may be           course is not a credit for BScN Nursing. 45
                                                       purchased and picked up in person from the          hours in-class and 11 hours self study.
                                                       E.T. Clarke Centre, Room 102 at McMaster.           15091 IH       TU       Jan10   6:30-9:30 15 $365.63
 Mechanical Design                                     Payment options include cash, cheques, debit,
                                                       MasterCard and VISA. You require your student
                                                                                                           15090 IH       WE       Jan11   6:30-9:30 15 $365.63
Questions?                                             number to pick up your permit. Parking for
905-575-2203 /                evenings and weekends is $6.00 payable upon
905-575-1212 ext. 3058 /                               exit at automated attendant.                                       Sign up now!                                         Questions?                               Registration opens at 8:30 am                               905-525-9140 ext. 24232                          on Tuesday, November 29

SolidWorks Advanced                 CADM10041
Develop skills in using mechanical design
                                                        For the General Public                             CPR and First Aid
automation software for advanced modeling,
                                                       General Health Sciences                             Certification
drawing and assemblies. Explore the full                                                                   Additional courses requested by special interest
power of SolidWorks with a focus on Mold               Questions?                                          groups can also be accommodated.
Design, Sheet Metal, Weldments, Animator and           905-540-4247 ext. 26736 /                           Questions?
edrawings. Prerequisite: CADMRE066.                                     905-540-4247 ext. 26258
11575 FF      TH    Jan12    6:00-9:30 13 $334.58
                                                               Preparatory Biology - BIOL10006
NEW!                                                       is also available in Distance Education.        C.P.R.’C’/AED - Health Care Provider
Co-ordinate Measuring Machines                                                                             Level                        HSCI10086
MECH10024                                                                                                  Designed for Health Professionals, you will
                                                        EMERGENCY MEDICAL RESPONDER (EMR)                  learn how to effectively respond to a respiratory
This course will cover the operation of
Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMM),                  Provide pre-hospital emergency medical              and/or cardiovascular emergency. Automated
measuring routines and programming for                 care for the sick & injured. Designed for           External	Defibrillation	is	included.		This	course	
dimensional measurements. In addition,                 those entering emergency services i.e.              is a prerequisite for PN, BScN,. programs.
students will complete case studies on various         Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Industrial          Heart	and	Stroke	Foundation	certification.
                                                       first responders. This 2 semester, 84 hour          15022   IH     SA        Jan7    9:00-2:30   1   $76.31
drawings and perform manual measuring
                                                       course is also a precursor for Primary Care         15023   IH     SA       Jan21    9:00-2:30   1   $76.31
routines on a Mitutoyo CMM using programs.
                                                       Paramedic Programs in Ontario and across            15024   IH     TU       Feb7    5:00-10:00   1   $76.31
11650 FF     MO      Jan9    6:00-9:00 10 $223.06
                                                       Canada.                                             15025   IH     SA       Mar10    9:00-2:30   1   $76.31

         On Campus after dark?                                                                             C.P.R. ‘C’/AED Recertification - Health
         Volunteers are here to assist                 Emergency Medical Responder Part II                 Care Provider Level           HSCI10087
                                                       HLTH10066                                           Skills and assessment of CPR C - Health Care
                                                       Continue critical thinking skills in recognising,   Provider level for health professionals who have
                                                       evaluating and applying hands on treatment to       previous	CPR	Level	‘C’	certification,	within	the	
                                                       patients during a medical or trauma emergency.      last 12 -13 months.
                                                       Learn how to converse with medical responders       15026   IH     SU        Jan8   9:00-12:00   1   $43.70
                                                       both Fire and EMS and have the ability to           15027   IH     MO       Jan16    4:30-7:30   1   $43.70
                                                       work in a supportive role. Must have CPR “C”        15042   IH     MO       Feb6     4:30-7:30   1   $43.70
                                                       Health Care Provider. NOTE - No class Feb.          15028   IH     SA       Feb18   9:00-12:00   1   $43.70
                                                       20.                                                 15029   IH     MO       Mar12    4:30-7:30   1   $43.70
                                                       15068 IH     MO    Jan9    6:30-9:30 14 $556.11     15030   IH     SA       Mar24   9:00-12:00   1   $43.70

52      How to read course              CRN*           Location       Day(s)        Start             Times             #Sessions               Fee
             details:                   12256              FF            WE         Jan11         6:30-9:30                    6              $104.20

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