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                      GüNTER’S GAMBOL
                    FALCO FIRST FLIGHT
                        9 CYLINDER RADIAL
    maintenance instrument 43/11
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   SAAA members who are insured with QBE and enrolled in the Flight Safety
   Assistance Programme will receive an $80 rebate* if they also attend the
   SAAA’s Maintenance Procedures Course.

   We encourage our policyholders to undertake regular safety and proficiency
   training which is why we support you and the SAAA.

   So, get on board the SAAA with QBE.

   That way, we all win.

*Applies to Full Flight Risks Hull cover only.
 For further information
 please contact our                                                      QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited
 Melbourne Office                                              ABN: 78 003 191 035, AFS Licence No 239545
 on (03) 8602 9900.                       Photograph courtesy of Rainer Huefner and Rob Wintulich.
                                                                          SAAA national councillors
            The Sport Aircraft Association
            of Australia is a group of
            aviation enthusiasts assisting
            each other to build, maintain
            and operate sport aircraft.
                                                                          Hon National President
            We educate members to                                         Brian Hunter
            continuously improve                                          Pacific Pines Qld
            safety outcomes.                                              Tel 07 5502 9940 Mob 0417 555 030

            contents                                                      Hon National Vice President
                                                                          Bo Hannington
            President’s Report	                                      05   Baldivis WA
            From The Editor	                                         07   Tel 08 9524 2000 Mob 0427 044 156
            National Convention                                      07
            Calendar Of Events	                                      08
            Welcome To Our New Members	                              08   Hon National Treasurer
            Safety Report	                                           09   Anthony Baldry
            Vale - Erik Kneen	                                       10   Airlie Beach Qld
            Langley Park Fly-in                                      10   Mob 0427 267 237
            Tech Talk	                                               11
            First Flight - Falco VH-SRP	                             12
            Dave Derbyshire Award	                                   15   Hon National Secretary
            Vale John McCorkell	                                     16   Geoff Shrimski
                                                                          Frenchs Forest NSW
            Kakadu Crunch	                                           17
                                                                          Tel 02 9452 2428 Mob 0414 400 304
            Günter’s Gambol	                                         18
            SAAA Team Thunderbird	                                   20
            Mechanical Musings	                                      22
                                                                          National Councillor
            9 Cylinder Radial	                                       24
                                                                          Martin Ongley
            Corby Starlet project                                    27   Kings Park NSW
            Chapter Chatter	                                         28   Tel 02 9837 2551
            Builders’ Log	                                           30
            Classifieds                                              34
            SAAA Contacts                                            36   National Councillor /Training & Administration of TCs
            Chapter Contacts                                         37   Graeme Humphreys
            SAAA Membership Information	                             38   Beerwah Qld
                                                                          Tel 07 5494 9582 Mob 0417 555 328
            cover: Giles 202 VH-YOB, Recently imported          
            from the US by Scott Robinson, NSW

                                                                          National Councillor
                                                                          John Livsey
                                                                          Hampton East VIC
                                                                          Tel 03 9532 2442 Mob 0448 020 446
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                A IRCRAFT / AIRCRA

  Call C&H Freight First!
  Over 13 years experience in this market.
     Door to door service, if required
     Part container as well as full container services
     Weekly departures for both consolidated cargo
     as well as full containers (FCL)
     Competitive costing
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     Honest advice
  C&H Freight are forwarders for:
  Mustang - Murphy - Rotorway - Sonex - Vans
  Zenith - Aero Sport Power - Eggenfellner - Glasair
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  with weights & dimensions, that’s all we need.
                                                            UNIT 3, 4-8 MARENO ROAD,

  Give C&H a try - you’ll be glad you did                   TULLAMARINE VIC 3043
                                                            TEL: 61 3 9330 0800

  Call 03 9330 0800                                         FAX: 61 3 9330 0811
  C&H Freight is a 100% Australian owned company.
                                                                                        president’s report

                     Natural disasters
                     As I write this the latest natural disaster             The instrument also allows for any
                     to hit our country is unfolding to the                  approved CASR Part 147 training
                     North courtesy of Cyclone Yasi.                         organisation to also provide a course.
                                                                             Perhaps in time that may happen.
                     To all our members affected in any way by the series
                     of disasters inflicted over the past two months our     Stay legal folks!
                     thoughts are with you and if we can help in any
                     way please give a call to SAAA Headquarters (HQ).
     Brian Hunter
                     To the Chapters, there is no time like the present to   National Convention September 2011
                     organise a fund raising event to assist those doing
                                                                             Planning for the 2011 SAAA convention was delayed
                     it tough. Your event can bring comfort to many
                                                                             while we sorted through the various bids that we
                     folks via a donation. We can all do something.

                                                                             received in response to out tendering the venue.
                                                                             The winner is Narromine, NSW And the date is 15
                                                                             to 17 September 2011. For the first time we will
            …the     Maintenance Instrument 43/11
                                                                             have our HQ at the same field as the convention.
      instrument     The replacement instrument is now out there             Workshops & forums will be in buildings and not
                     and takes the place of EX10/11. It applies to both      in marquees. The aero club will supply meals and
makes possession     ABBA and experimental amateur built aircraft. The       of course, live entertainment on the Friday night at
  of a Certificate   delay by CASA getting it on their website is due to     the club. The Saturday night presentation dinner
                     some typographical errors needing correction. This      will be held in town. We are working on having
  of Attainment      particular instrument is the most detailed yet.         our own SAAA fuel facility in action for you.
     compulsory      I urge that you become very familiar with the           Narromine is alive with aviation history. Have
      before you     instrument. From 1 February 2011 it makes               a look in the air museum and admire the
                     the attendance at an approved course of                 first Australian built kit aircraft circa 1930.
         conduct     training and be in possession of a Certificate          Compare it with the Wright Flyer replica.
      any further    of Attainment compulsory before you conduct             And the CAC Sabre jet is another story.
                     any further maintenance on your aircraft.
maintenance on       No certificate means that your pride and joy
                                                                             Feedback from members indicates a need for a
                                                                             change to the format of the program. We thought
   your aircraft”    defaults to LAME maintenance except for the
                                                                             that we would hold the workshops & forums
                     Schedule 8 items that you have demonstrated
                                                                             between 1000 – 1430. This allows the quiet of the
                     competency (pilot maintenance).
                                                                             cool mornings to be broken by our intrepid ‘dawn
                     While we could not say with certainty over the past     patrol’ aviators. The late starters can get up into the
                     year that this would be a fact, we certainly alluded    air for an afternoon fix. Anyway you cut it we want
                     to it many times and as a result some 400 members       to see more flying activity happening. Early days
                     have already attended the SAAA Maintenance              in the planning and we welcome any suggestions
                     Procedures Course (MPC). In terms of obtaining          that you may have to
                     that all important Certificate of Attainment, 103
                     members have yet to sit the exam. It’s time to get
                     motivated folks. If you have sat the exam, passed       Believe it or not
                     same and are yet to receive your certificate please
                                                                             I have had reports from our APs about some reckless,
                     contact HQ on 02 6889 7777 or by email at
                                                                             selfish and arrogant behavior by a small number of
                                                                             members when presenting their aircraft to them for
                     Only SAAA members will be eligible to attend            the issue of the CofA. Namely, owners admitting
                     the SAAA course and receive a Certificate of            that the aircraft has already been flown (in one case
                     Attainment. This means that persons wishing to          130 hours); flying the aircraft with known defects
                     attend will need to become members of SAAA.             and no CofA; carrying passengers who are not
                                                                             essential to the safe operation of the aircraft during
                     The MPC Course fee is $535.00.
                                                                             Phase 1 testing and conducting aerobatics without
                     However in recognition of loyalty in membership
                                                                             any previous solo testing and with the passenger
                     we offer the following discounts:
                                                                             on board. I have from time to time also been
                                                                             advised of major repairs and modifications being
                                                                             carried out without any consultation with the AP    .
                      Continuous membership period Course cost
                                                                             The SAAA is not a policeman, however we need to
                      36 months or more                    $150
                                                                             exercise a duty of care to that uninformed passenger
                      24 months to 36 months only          $250              and to those uninformed persons who may be affected
                                                                             by this kind of poor behavior. Let me make our
                      12 months to 24 months only          $350
                                                                             policy clear; where we have evidence of this kind of
                      Less than 12 months                  $535
                                                                                                                             cont. >>

                                                                                                                       AIRSPORT • 5
>> president’s report

   behavior we will report same to the regulator         this a reality however at this early stage the           lobby our political masters to get behind
   for their follow up action. No apologies here.        confidence meter is climbing up. The dates               the push and get this CASA licence a reality.
   We all have too much to lose through the ill-         are October 15 & 16 this year. An arrival                To this end here is an extract of part of my
   considered actions of this minority of idiots.        at Langley is a rare event and worthy of the             communication to the President of AOPA:
                                                         trip over. Put this into your calendar now.
                                                                                                                  “The disturbing matter in all this is that the GA
                                                                                                                  world seems to be either largely ignorant of the
   Flight operations and restrictions
                                                                                                                  RPL or worse dismissive. Part of this may be
                                                         Training at SAAA Narromine
   Elsewhere in this issue [Tech Talk] Mark Rowe                                                                  explained by the fact that this has been on the
   has penned some advisory words relating to            We have started the process to train the                 board for some 10 years with almost no push
   test flying your aircraft. Please read them. In the   trainers who will take over and deliver the              by the GA fraternity. Sadly I have to say that
   meantime if you have a hankering for aerobatic        Vans Introductory Metalwork training. We have            this state is still in vogue. I have seen very little
   flight in your aircraft I urge you to download        been very fortunate in having Sam Richards               evidence to the contrary. I hear & read nothing
   CAAP 155-1(0) as part of your preparation.            allow us to take over the excellent course that          from the GA training industry, the various GA
   Note paragraph 3.5.1 regarding the conduct            he has developed over these past years. When             interest groups - Cessna Pilots, Bonanza Society,
   of aeros in amateur homebuilt aircraft:               the team is ready we will post the dates on the          etc, and from the various orgs themselves.”
                                                         SAAA website. In the meantime I encourage
   “Aircraft with experimental certificates are                                                                   One voice won’t make much of an impact
                                                         any member wishing to attend the two day
   required to undergo a flight test programme                                                                    but 1400 will. If you are a member of any
                                                         course to register your interest with HQ.
   showing controllability throughout the normal                                                                  GA VH organisation, e.g. the Bonanza
   range of speeds and manoeuvres. Specific              Additional training in the planning stage is             Society or even your local GA flight
   aerobatic manoeuvres will have                        a composite course and an electrical course.             training school, communicate with the
   to be demonstrated as part of the                     The composite course has previously been                 Board, CFI, etc, and demand that they get
   flight test programme and documented                  delivered to the GFA ( gliding) by Mark                  educated on this licence and the benefits of
   in the aircraft logbook.”                             Rowe. Again please register your interest                continuous aviation that flows from it.
                                                         so that we can gauge the demand.
   This CAAP has other interesting                                                                                Safe building and flying,
   advices regarding G loading, risk and                 To attend any of these courses you must be
   threat and error management.                          a member of SAAA. Course Fees are yet to
                                                         be set however they will include provision

   SAAA Langley park Fly-in
                                                         of accommodation at Narromine.
   Andy George and his small team over in WA
                                                         Recreational pilots Licence (RpL)                        Brian Hunter
   have advanced the preparation of the SAAA
                                                                                                                  Hon National President
   fly-in to the delightful Langley Park, Perth.         At every opportunity I urge members to phone,
   There are still hurdles to jump in making             write, email - basically whatever it takes to

   6 • AIRSPORT                                                                                           SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
                                                                                                        from the editor

                                Welcome to the first issue of Airsport for           Take a few days off and go further afield.
                                2011 and to all new SAAA members!                    Make this the year you get out there!
                                Safety first                                         Contributions wanted

                                We kick off 2011 with the focus on safety –          Members are reminded that Airsport welcomes
                                building, maintenance and flying. National           your contributions – we want your articles
                                Councillor John Livsey brings you an update          big and small, building reports, letters to the
                                from the Safety Committee, National Technical        editor, chapter news and photographs. This
                                Manager Mark Rowe says a few words on CofAs          issue we have engines, first flights and trans-
  Ryan Keen                     and National President Brian Hunter introduces       Tasman adventures. What will the next issue
                                the new maintenance instrument 43/11.                hold? If you have a project you think we’d like
                                                                                     to hear about, or some great photographs from
                                The instrument is currently available on the
                                                                                     your last flight or progress in the shop, send
                                SAAA website but CASA have advised there will
                                                                                     it in! Deadline for the next issue is 1 May.
                                be an update shortly. We will print the updated
                                version in the June issue for your easy reference.   Happy building, flying AND writing…
                                Upcoming events

                                There are SAAA events aplenty this year,
                                                                                     Ryan Keen
                                with Langley and Narromine just to name a
                                                                                     Editor, Airsport
                                couple. Support your local Chapter events.

SAAA National
Convention 2011
Thursday 15 to
Saturday 17 September
Book this into your calendar now!

The convention this year will be
largely based on training and we are
aiming to include many useful and
relevant courses for builders and
maintainers of experimental aircraft.
In accordance with tradition, the
SAAA Annual General Meeting will
be held on the Saturday followed
by the Convention dinner.
Mark it in your diaries now and
keep your eye on Airsport and the
SAAA website for more details
over the coming months!

Lisa & Graham Harvey                      Lisa & Graham Harvey

                                                                                                                           AIRSPORT • 7
       calendar of of events

                1st & 3rd Saturday          Aircraft Showcase Days

                of each month >
                                            The Showcase days aim to provide visitors with a personal, interactive and in-depth experience.
               Temora Aviation              See flying displays, chat with the pilot, take photographs, and inspect the cockpit and engine. The
                      Museum                Engineering Hangar will be open to visitors, and the Engineering Team will demonstrate the projects
                        Temora              they are working on including the unique processes, materials and techniques required to keep this
                                YTEM        fleet of vintage aircraft flying. Contact the Museum on 02 6977 1088 or visit

               22-24 Apr 2011 >             Classic Fighters 2011 “V for Victory”
            Omaka Aerodrome                 Next Easter you’ll witness the Allies on the offensive, with some of the greatest, iconic fighter
            Blenheim, New Zealand           aircraft in history going head to head. Victory in Europe is the quest, both during the Great War of
                               NZOM         1914-18 and again in the Second World War of 1939-1945. All against the backdrop of beautiful
                                            Marlborough during wine harvest time. Visit for full details and ticket purchase.

                 01 May 2011 >              Barossa Airshow

          Rowland Flat Airstrip             Staged at the end of the Barossa Vintage Festival, The Barossa Airshow – Fly-In is a day of Aviation for the
                Barossa Valley, SA          enthusiast and novice alike. A family fun day with rides, amusements, static displays, stalls, food, wine.
                      34 33’S 138 57’E      Top Aerobatic displays, helicopter joy flights. Winner of the Community Event of the Year in 2000 and an SA
                                            Great Commendation in 2007. All pilots are welcome to fly in for the day, (or overnight). Anyone not familiar
                                            with the 600m strip at Rowland Flat is encouraged to contact Steve Ahrens for an airfield briefing 0427 244 930

             24-27 June 2011 >              wings Of Life Longreach Fly–In

                      Longreach             Open to all aviators - an action packed weeked! Fly in to Longreach 5-7pm, drinks Qantas
                            QLD             Museum, sell, swap or buy aviation parts. See Replica Spitfires, RV-8, R44. Qantas Founders
                                 YLRE       Museum, Stockmans Hall of Fame tours. See the sights of what Longreach has to offer. Wings
                                            of Life charity dinner under the stars for Royal Flying Doctors, at the Qantas Museum. Activities:
                                            Boat cruise, horse and buggy tour (Kinnon and Co). Contact Annalisa
                                            27-28 (TBC) SAAA Maintenance procedures Course at the Qantas Founders Museum
                                            Alison Shannon 0459 555 025

           There are many regional club events and fly-ins that might be of interest to SAAA members – for a comprehensive list, visit

         welcome to our new members
                                            Australian Capital Territory                • M.M. Eric De Chalain Kirwan               western Australia
                                            • Juris Jakovics Fraser                     • Simon Cooper Spring Hill                  • Tony Michelsen Bedfordale
                                            • Antony Kain Holt                          • Tony Carmody Wurtulla                     • James Williams Boulder
                                                                                                                                    • Stewart Graham Dalkeith
                                            New South wales                             Northern Territory
                                                                                                                                    • Chrisitian Siemer Esperance
                                            • Taran Laval Bargo                         • Christopher McKay Parap
                                                                                                                                    • Claude Meunier Grass Valley
           A warm welcome                   • Ian Harvie Grose Vale
                                                                                        South Australia                             • Jack Donsen Heathridge
            to the following                • Chris Noy Gymea Bay
                                                                                        • Carl Marshall Birdwood                    • Carl Harrington Mariginiup
           new members >                    • Nathan Pooley Howlong
                                                                                        • Bill Galka Parkside                       • Jack Shiner Narrikup
                                            • Gerard Beekhuis Inverell
                                                                                        • Bruce Deslandes Whyalla                   • Shane Mackenzie Rockingham
                                            • Rob Frazer Lawson
                                                                                                                                    • William (Bill) Dearle Scarborough
                                            Queensland                                                                              • Geoffrey McDougall
                                                                                        • Brett Goodrich Hampton
                                            • Geoffrey Noble                                                                           Tarcoola Beach
                                                                                        • Jeff Rowlands Mansfield
                                              Broadbeach Waters                                                                     • Paul Saccani Thornlie
                                                                                        • Peter Lansell Melbourne
                                            • Sandra-Lee                                                                            • Roberto Franco Wembley
                                                                                        • David Bills-Thompson
                                              Groundwater Gundiah                                                                   • Michael Karsten Willetton 
                                                                                          Mill Park
                                            • Colin Crittenden Hervey Bay

       8 • AIRSPORT                                                                                         SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
                                                                                               safety report

                     Safety and the Home Builder - Update
                     from the SAAA Safety Committee

                     There is a lot of focus on safety in all            requirement for a mandatory reporting system.
                     walks of life nowadays and our hobby is no          It is hoped that this system will also enable us
                     exception. We are all aware of the front-page       to capture events that fall “under the radar”
                     newspaper reports about various airlines            of the CASA and ATSB systems. We would
                     having safety impacting “incidents”. We             hope that we could capture events (including
     John Livsey
                     need to ensure that our operations never            incidents and accidents) that occur not only in
                     attract the same sort of press coverage. We         operations but also in the workshop during the
                     should be very conscious of the fact that           build phase and during maintenance activities.
                     we operate our homebuilt aircraft under

                                                                         The Aviation regulator, CASA, requires that all
                     “privileges” given to us by the regulator.
                                                                         “recreational” flying groups have a formal Safety
                     Despite what you may hear some people say we        Management System in exactly the same way as
          We must    have NO rights, only privileges. To protect these   all other (commercial) aviation operators have.
        be able to   privileges it is up to each and every one of us     CASA, being mindful of the limited resources
                     to take safety very seriously. We must be able to   of the recreational sector, is assisting all these
      demonstrate    demonstrate not only to the regulator but the       groups with training and practical support
   not only to the   public at large that what we do is safe and we      by AeroSafe as part of the Aviation Safety
                     operate to the highest possible safety standards.   Network (ASN), an outside safety consultant
regulator but the                                                        contracted to CASA. It is to SAAA’s benefit to
                     Over the course of the last twelve months
   public at large   the Safety Committee have been busy getting
                                                                         take advantage of this assistance and bring
                                                                         our Safety Management Systems up to date.
 that what we do     the SAAA Safety Management System (SMS)
                     completed. The projects forming part of             As already mentioned we need to ensure that
   is safe and we    the overall Safety plan include the Safety          builders operate to the highest levels of safety
    operate to the   Management System itself, the Venture Risk          possible. To this end we will be rolling out
                     Management Plan for Fly-Ins, the Education          educational material this year to not only help
  highest possible   and Communication Plan for SAAA Members             educate our members on safety issues but raise
safety standards”    and lastly the setting up of an Integrated Risk     the overall awareness of safety in our operation.
                     Information System (IRIS). In addition to           It is worth commenting that this education is
                     this work members of the Safety Committee           not solely focussed on flying operations but
                     have attended training in various aspects of        includes the build phase, operations phase
                     our Safety Management System. As these              and importantly, the maintenance phase.
                     documents and processes are finalised they will
                                                                         Finally I would like to thank the members of
                     be placed on the SAAA Forum on our website.
                                                                         the Safety Committee, Peter Jolly, Anthony
                     In June 2010 Brian Hunter, President of the         Baldry and Brian Hunter, for their generous
                     SAAA and John Livsey, Safety Manager of the         efforts and time over the last twelve months.
                     SAAA attended the Sports Aviation Forum
                     in Sydney. This forum, sponsored by CASA,
                     brought together all of the Sports Aviation
                     bodies. The main theme was the progress
                     that had been made by the Sports Aviation
                     bodies in respect of their safety management
                                                                         John Livsey
                     systems. The presentation delivered by the
                                                                         on behalf of the SAAA Safety Committee
                     SAAA can be found on the SAAA Forum
                     under Safety Management System - Reports.
                     Perhaps the most significant initiative that we
                     intend to introduce this year is the Integrated
                     Risk Information System (IRIS). The safety
                     committee will be trialling the system in the
                     next few months and following any required
                     “tweaks” it is hoped to go “live” by mid year.
                     While the initial thought by members may be
                     that they already have to report incidents &
                     accidents to both CASA and the ATSB so why
                     yet another system? It is planned to streamline
                     the occurrence reporting system so that one
                     report entered into IRIS will then be sent to the
                     ATSB and CASA, if we can make IRIS meet the

                                                                                                                  AIRSPORT • 9
vale Eric Joseph Kneen 1924–2010

In July 2010 SAAA                                        After being demobilized in 1946 he spent                                    obtained the materials and built the
                                                         the next 24 years dividing his time each year                               only hangar there for the members.
Queensland said                                          between trawling in the prawn season having
                                                                                                                                     When the group moved to the present
farewell to one of its                                   built his own trawler, and working for the
                                                                                                                                     airfield site and formed the present
                                                         Queensland Railways, building bridges.
foundation members.                                                                                                                  incorporated Aero Club, Eric was there as a
                                                         He learnt to fly at Archerfield in                                          foundation member and a constant worker
                                                         the early post war years.                                                   during the construction of the airfield.
Anyone who spent considerable time                       After selling his trawler “Lady Clare” in 1970                              Eric had a multitude of interests, many
at the airfield knew Eric Kneen, a                       his long time interest in aircraft picked up                                probably not known except to those he chose
slightly built wiry man with a heart of                  and he started to build his first aircraft – a                              as close friends. These included: classical
gold who was always willing to lend a                    Jodel which unfortunately he crashed on                                     music (he was an accomplished violinist
helping hand and never held grudges.                     one of its early flights. This aircraft was                                 in his earlier years), sailing, 8mm movie
                                                         followed by his Taylor and at the time of his                               making, roller-skating at Redcliffe and travel.
Eric was born on 3rd August 1924
                                                         unfortunate fatal workshop accident, he had
in Brisbane. After attending Sandgate                                                                                                Eric was farewelled on Monday 19th
                                                         a Jodel Princess well under construction.
State School he went into the carpentry                                                                                              July 2010 at the Northern Garden of
trade, receiving his trade certificate                   Eric was one of the first members of                                        Remembrance Caboolture Crematorium,
from the then Trade and Technical                        the SAAA Queensland Chapter when it                                         Deception Bay and was honoured
College on 31st May 1943.                                started and was instrumental in founding                                    by a fly-over by the Caboolture Aero
                                                         the SAAA Chapter now at Caboolture.                                         Club Pythons Tiger Flight.
He immediately enlisted in the Army
and was assigned to the 7th Field                        He was an active member of the original                                     He will be missed by many on the airfield.
Butchering Unit stationed initially in                   Caboolture Aero Club at the old
the Townsville/Charters Towers area.                     airfield south of the river at Morayfield,                                  Gary Smith SAAA Chapter 22 Sunshine Coast

Langley park Fly-In 15-16 October 2011
Organisation for the proposed 2011 Langley
Fly-in is progressing and has stepped up a
notch or two since the Christmas break.

The date is locked with the City of Perth for
15th and 16th of October, with registration
and aircraft scrutineering to occur at
Serpentine (YSEN) on 13th & 14th October.
Meetings with Perth City Council, CASA &
Emergency Services are proceeding. Regular
event updates will be included on the SAAA
website from later in February, and these
will include full event details, application
forms and eligibility requirements.
                                                 Dan Valentine -

Members – our last Langley was 1999 and a
huge success – time and the developers are
moving on – this may be the last time this
unique opportunity is available to land in the
middle of a City – anywhere in the world.

purpose                                                                          Aims                                                   Location
To showcase SAAA aircraft and members to                                         Entice SAAA members aircraft from throughout           Starting at the Serpentine Airfield (YSEN) and
the public of Western Australia, and to allow                                    Australia, aviation enthusiasts, trade exhibitors      overnighting at Langley Park – Perth’s first
a gathering of SAAA Chapters and members                                         and over 10,000 members of the general                 airfield – on the banks of the Swan River and
in a unique and historic environment.                                            public to this unique environment.                     only 1000 m from Perth’s CBD. Langley Park is
                                                                                                                                        owned and controlled by the City of Perth.
Co-ordinators SAAA Chapter 24 – assisted by all WA Chapters. Visit for updates.

10 • AIRSPORT                                                                                                              SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
                                                                                                            tech talk

                     Flight Operations and Restrictions

                     It is clear that we have some within the               phase 2
                     organisation who may not completely
                                                                            Phase 2 is the area we are all familiar with; it’s
                     understand the operating limitations
                                                                            when we operate aircraft in a known state. The
                     of their aircraft and why it is so.
                                                                            AP has now completed the risk profile for your
                     Let’s start from the beginning. When you apply         specific aircraft based on the configuration you
                     for your brand new Certificate of Airworthiness        completed during the test phase. The aircraft
     Mark Rowe
                     (CofA) the AP must conduct a preliminary risk          should have stable and known characteristics
                     assessment. With this critical view of your aircraft   for you to go out and commit aviation.
                     he permits limited operation for the TEST phase
                     or Phase 1 of your CofA.
“It doesn’t mean     phase 1                                                What happens if I modify my left overhead
                                                                            widget on the forward empennage?
  take Doris for a   Normally this has restrictions, such as, to
                     be flown not over population to the greatest           Good question! Ask yourself:
whirl so she can     extent practicable. That means we don’t
                                                                            > Is this aircraft now going to fly the
   watch the fuel    expect aerobatics on departure to remain
                                                                              same as it did when Bill did my CofA?
                     aimed at a clearing, but we do expect that you
gauge while we       don’t go showing off buzzing your house.               > Is this aircraft exactly as it was
barrel roll down     Note: The 2 most dangerous words
                                                                              when I finished Phase 1?
     the coast…”     in aviation: “Watch this!”                             If the answer is yes to both then
                                                                            go commit aviation again.
                     If your CofA says no PAX, then that is what it
                     means. If it says only essential personnel who         If either answer is a NO then whoa back there.
                     must be there for the operation or testing of the
                                                                            It’s time to understand that your aircraft is now
                     aircraft, that’s exactly what it means. It doesn’t
                                                                            modified from its original state. This basically
                     mean take Doris for a whirl so she can watch
                                                                            makes your risk profile and CofA invalid (let’s
                     the fuel gauge while we barrel roll down the
                                                                            not test that one hey). Easy answer though is to
                     coast for a $100 hamburger; or take your mate
                                                                            first ring your AP. He may tell you to surrender
                     Bill on the pretext that he is essential to record
                                                                            your existing (now broken) CofA so he can issue
                     data. Sorry, technology provides a solution for
                                                                            another or he may ask you to revert to Phase
                     recording data, ergo; Bill is not essential at all.
                                                                            1 for a period to provide some assurance with
                     The flight test phase is a very serious concern        regard to the modification. If you take it upon
                     and if not taken seriously then I am aware             yourself to define the risk and airworthiness
                     that the rules of Darwin may come to visit.            of your aircraft you are putting the public,
                                                                            your family and your own life at a risk that is
                     Phase 1 is designed as a shakedown of the
                                                                            not acceptable. You are not formally qualified
                     wonderful work you have done. It is there to
                                                                            to make that assessment. There is evidence
                     protect you somewhat but more importantly
                                                                            of extremely competent pilot/builders who
                     it is there to protect the public from having
                                                                            have come to grief and taken friends and the
                     aircraft and/or parts raining from the sky. We
                                                                            public with them purely because they did not
                     have enormous resources available for test flying
                                                                            consider that maybe they didn’t know it all.
                     in the experience of folks like Keith Engelsman
                     and Peter Budd who can both educate the heck           Instead of “Watch this” how about we be proud of
                     out of you but also reassure you with regards          “My aircraft can do XXXX” and it’s all approved.
                     to the test phase, and certainly they can give
                                                                            The ability to think beyond oneself increases
                     advice that may be critical one day. Why not
                                                                            the safety margin exponentially.
                     pick up the phone and simply talk to one of
                     the listed Flight Advisors in Airsport? It could       Fly safe.
                     be the most important call you ever make.
                     More education for you; If your aircraft is
                     aerobatic capable and aerobatics are not part of
                     your flight test schedule then the aircraft must
                                                                            Mark Rowe
                     be placarded or a note put in your flight manual
                                                                            National Technical Manager
                     that aerobatics are prohibited. This is necessary to
                     protect other users of your aircraft or the second
                     hand buyer. The prohibition can be lifted simply
                     by discussion and planning with your AP, and
                     re-entering Phase 1 to carry out the aero testing.
                                                                                                                   AIRSPORT • 11
feature project

                                                                                                         Rob Phillis and Falco VH-SRP take a break during taxi tests

 First Flight                                                        Falco VH-SRP by Rob Phillis

              ateline September 25                    I’ve read many accounts of first flights where         the gear and flaps up immediately to
              2010, 4.30pm – and                      the builder has been moved to tears by the             minimize drag and nursing a sick engine
              another example of                      sight of his creation leaving the ground at long       around for one quick circuit and landing.
              what many consider to                   last, but for me this wasn’t quite the case.           Seeing only 75-80 knots at full throttle and
              be Stelio Frati’s most                                                                         no ability to climb was a tad discouraging.
                                                      I elected to do the flight myself, with the
beautiful design took to the air.
                                                      plan to request the tower for an orbit of              Just to add to the fun the Angle of Attack
VH-SRP departed runway 24R at Jandakot                the field before an upwind departure                   annunciator was repeating over and over
Airport, Perth (WA) to become the 7th Aussie-         to the southern training area once I was               “Stall Stall” in a sweet feminine voice – I
built Falco to fly. The Australian fleet now totals   happy that everything was working as                   had turned off all other alarms for the
eight, including the ex-Stephen Wilkinson             advertised. This proved to be a good idea.             first flight to avoid distractions but as this
plane that was imported several years ago.                                                                   wasn’t yet configured I had overlooked it.
                                                      A partly blocked fuel injector resulted in
The flight represented the culmination                me being seriously down on power but                   Fortunately I realised why it was yelling at me
of just over eight years of building.                 too far into the takeoff to abort, so a rapid          and was able to ignore it whilst I completed
                                                      re-plan was required. This entailed getting            the circuit. Working my way through the

12 • AIRSPORT                                                                                         SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
    Lesley and the Falco – nearly ready to fly.                                                                                                  First takeoff

                            “Where Is He?” My daughter (centre long hair), getting a tad concerned.                         Taxiing back after the first flight

                                                      Back at the hangar the post-mortem begins, after the shortest first flight in history – about 5 minutes.

menu system to figure out how to silence           under very difficult circumstances and                    Falco Facts VH-SRP
it just wasn’t an option at the time.              we both got to fly another day.
                                                                                                             Construction: Wood semi-monocoque
Having to firewall the throttle all the way        Subsequent flights have been less exciting but            Seats: 2
to short final convinced me that taking            far more enjoyable and I’ve currently got about           Gear: Tricycle, retractable,
full flap for the landing may not be a good        5 hours up as I explore the characteristics                         trailing link mains
idea. I wasn’t sure I’d have enough power to       of this wonderful little aeroplane.                       Engine:   Superior I0-360 180hp
overcome the additional drag so the approach                                                                 Prop:     MT 3-blade
                                                   Finally, my gratitude to all at Chapter
was made with about 20 degrees of flap. As                                                                   Cruise:   160 knots 75% / 170 knots 100%
                                                   24 (Jandakot) and a very special thank
it transpired, my first landing was excellent                                                                Stall:    53 knots 45º flap
                                                   you to Lesley for her uncomplaining
– probably the best I’ll ever accomplish.                                                                    Panel:    VFR, Dynon D180, Tru-trak IIVSG
                                                   support, encouragement, weekends
                                                                                                                       AP, Garmin GNC420 GPS / Comm 1
So that was my first flight –                      alone, attendance at Falco Fly-ins listening
                                                                                                                       Garmin SL40 Comm 2,
memorable, to say the least.                       to aeroplane talk for hours and her
                                                                                                                       Garmin GTX330 transponder,
                                                   unswerving belief that I could, and would,
Nonetheless it has to be deemed a                                                                                      PSE9000 audio panel
                                                   see the project through to the end.
success – the Falco performed admirably

                                                                                                                                            AIRSPORT • 13
>> feature project: Falco VH-SRp – The Build

                       The fuselage jig gets the chop

   Out of the jig & first chance for aeroplane noises!                                                          Finally – an aeroplane shape!

                                                            Above: First engine start

                                                         Above right: Wing internals

                                                           Left: Off to the paint shop

                                                                Right: Cabin interior

   14 • AIRSPORT                                                                     SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
  by Fred Moreno                                                                 2010 Dave Darbyshire Award

  At the SAAA National Convention in                WA landing on the Coxall’s beautiful and
  Cowra last year, Noel Stoney was                  immaculately mowed 800 metre grass strip.
  awarded the Dave Darbyshire award for             Flight demonstrations included powered
  outstanding contribution to the SAAA.             parachute and model aircraft flights, some
                                                    small rocket firings, one of which barely
  His achievements were many and noted
                                                    missed Brian Holman’s award winning RV-6
  by National President, SAAA in the last
                                                    as it floated down on its parachute. We also
  issue of Airsport, including his significant
                                                    enjoyed the lawn watering by the fire bomber.
  contribution to the preparation and
  delivery of the Maintenance Procedures            Late in the afternoon a BBQ supplied all the
  Course (MPC) developed over the last              sustenance needed by the many attending
  several years. The only catch was that            aviation enthusiasts. Those who drove in
  the trophy was not ready at Cowra.                rather than fly in were given used tea bags
                                                    and luke warm water for refreshment since
  So Chapter 13 took the opportunity to
                                                    they missed such a great flying day.
  award the trophy to Noel amid pomp
  and circumstance at the Chapter 13                Noel has yet to
                                                                                                                                     Noel Stoney
  Christmas party sponsored by Beate                notify Beate and
  and Colin Coxall at their private strip at        Colin that we
  Narrikup near Albany, WA. Noel received           expect this to
  thunderous applause and a low pass from           become an annual
  a water bomber after it tried to extinguish       event that only
  a burning hay bale alongside the runway.          grows with time.
                                                    Keep that grass
  A great time was had by all, with aircraft
                                                    green, Colin!
  arriving from around the southwest of

                                                                     The 10.4” Odyssey & 8.4” Voyager
                                                                     World’s most advanced EFIS’s
                                                                          with everything!
                                                                     Complete Odyssey-Voyager systems
                                                                     approx. $7,000 delivered!
                                                                     •	 Extremely	powerful,	flexible,	simple	&	
                                                                        intuitive	operation	in	a	huge,	high	quality,	
                                                                        high	resolution,	sunlight	readable	displays		
                                                                        (9	user	designable	screens).	
                                                                     •	 Odyssey-Voyager	advanced	features	
                                                                        dramatically	lighten	pilot	burden	&	increase	
                                                                        safety,	particularly,	in	high	workload	
                                                                        situations	(e.g.	with	their	spoken	voice	        MGL VHF COM Radio
The Enigma                                                              -	engine,	flight,	terrain	&	airspace	alerts).	
                                                                     •	 Every	conceivable	function:	all	flight;	HITS;	    New advanced features
All the advanced features                                               VOR,	ILS,	GLS,	GVOR;	AOA;		all	engine;	‘black	
                                                                        box’	recording;	AH/Compass;	GPS	(m/map);	        & design - 3.5”, large
of the Odyssey-Voyager in a
                                                                        terrain	(2D/3D);	integrated	GPS	&	encoder;	      display, under 250
smaller package (5.7” display)                                          radio/transponder/AutoP	interfaces,	‘spoken	     grams. Now FCC approved
Complete Systems approx.                                                voice’	alerts	&	much,	much	more!	
                                                                                                                         and available!
$5,800 delivered!                                                    •	 Integrated	autopliot	(just	add	servos	and	
                                                                        interface	module).                               $1,275 delivered
                                                                     •	 Free,	simply	installed	software	upgrades.
                     Complete range of light, accurate, multi-function, advanced instruments.
                     Straight swap out for standard 2.25” & 3.5” instruments & now the new
                     2.25” and 3.5” ranges with brilliant one button interface & even more
                     advanced features.                                                                              now with integrat
                     Advanced AH & compass systems, including a new BAe ring gyro system                                              ed autopilot
                     for applications requiring exceptional, professional level performance.                              Just add servos

  website:                                                                phone: (02) 6259 2002 or 0419 423 286
                                                                                                                            AIRSPORT • 15
vale John McCorkell 1948–2011

                                 On Friday 07January John McCorkell passed             so far, and told them we had decided to move
                                 away peacefully at St Vincents Hospital.              in so long as Lyndon was in charge of all meals.
                                                                                       He also came to Wings Over Illawarra regularly
                                 Born on 14 March 1948, John spent his life
                                                                                       and assisted with other members in the myriad
                                 involved in aviation. He was previously a Qantas
                                                                                       of tasks required to make these events work.
                                 747 captain, flying all over the world and had
                                 accumulated some 19,000 hours of flying time.         He was an absolute gentleman, an avid aviation
                                 It was during some time off in Italy that he          enthusiast at many levels and was also an
                                 came across the Storm family of aircraft, flying      enthusiastic builder and supporter of the
                                 one a few times while communicating with              SAAA and it’s chapter structure. He worked
                                 the Italian test pilot using a combination            relentlessly to build Chapter 2 membership into
                                 of Italglish and gesticulating hand signals.          a small but dedicated and enthusiastic band
                                 Despite the communication issues he must              of members that helped each other whenever
                John McCorkell
                                 have been impressed because he promptly               needed, epitomising the true spirit of the self-
                                 ordered a kit, imported it to Australia and           help structure developed for our membership.
                                 got stuck into building it. This ultimately
                                                                                       Our thoughts and sincere condolences go out to
                                 led him to become one of the Australia/
       …an absolute              New Zealand distributors for the brand.
                                                                                       Lyndon and the family. He will be sorely missed
                                                                                       by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.
      gentleman, an              He was a founding member and inaugural
       avid aviation             president of SAAA Chapter 2, and held many            phil Ayrton
                                 workshop meetings at his house near Picton,
        enthusiast at            where he and Lyndon welcomed us on many
                                                                                       SAAA Chapter 4
        many levels              occasions. I can clearly remember his contagious
                                                                                       South Coast NSW
                                 laugh when we awarded them both the only
                                 10/10 for workshop meeting catering awarded

16 • AIRSPORT                                                                       SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
                                        Flight Information Screen                       fighters was constantly frustrated
                                        (EFIS). See the F111 cockpit                    by the need to accommodate
                                        photo later in this article for an              tactical instrumentation such
                                        example. During the mid 1950’s                  as gunsights, radar screens and
                                        American analysis arrived at                    radar warning receiver dials.
                                        a set of guidelines for cockpit                 However their military multi-
                                        lighting, ergonomics, controls                  engined aircraft were beautifully

             kakadu crunch
                                        and instrument layout. The most                 standardised.
                                        notable achievement was the
                                        standardisation of the standard
                                        T for flight instruments that has               1960-1980 The age
                                        been internationally adopted.                   of colour and electro-
                                        Unfortunately American efforts                  mechanical complexity
                                        to adopt the standard layout in

                                                                                                                       survivors party
                                                                                                The photo of Fred F111C, designed
                                              The previous edition of Airsport described the travails above is of anMoreno, in the mid 19
                                                                                                tested in 1950 and could withstand aerobatics without
                                                                                                the right is the experienced
                                            Chris Howden, Shirley Harding and Noel Stoney when theysame technology. The strip format ASI, V
                                                                                                but are the predecessor to the coloured strips in modern
                                        an engine failure and forced landing while flying over the crocodile-infested
                                                                                                The in to the reunion.
                                       swamps of the Kakadu National park last July. Fred fills usneedonachieve viable all-                        that
                                                                                                                                   weather capability introduced        the l
                                                                                                                                   tactical radars into the military    sphe

                                                                                                                                   cockpit, and that overcrowded        The
            here were about                                                                                                        pilot instrument panels. Space       and
            eleven “major pucker”                                                                                                  saving devices such as combined      into
            minutes during the                                                                                                     machmeter/ASI and strip              indic
            glide to the Jabiru                                                                                                    instruments for ASI, altimeter and   instr
            airport followed by                                                                                                    VSI now showed up.                   a bit
            laughing and joking                                                                                                                                         xxxx
after we recognized that we             This is a picture of a DC3 that was modernised in the 1960’s to incorporate the standard   In the F111 pictured above we        and
had dodged a big bullet (or             T flight instrument layout. Note the increased use of colour and the overall clarity of    now see the ‘standard T’ layout      devi
crocodile, if you prefer).              presentation.
                                         Lancair YFM after the forced landing                Shirley Harding, Fred Moreno, Chris Howden and Noel Stoney                 than
By December, all the required                                                                                                                                           muc
repair parts had arrived for Lancair                                                                                                                                    when
YFM, and the engine came in from
Platinum Aviation overhauled                                                                                                                                            Duri
to new standards, arriving on                                                                                                                                           deve
Christmas Eve. Chris and Fred                                                                                                                                           nava
installed the engine on Christmas                                                                                                                                       of th
day. It only seemed appropriate.                                                                                                                                        airlin
On January 8 Shirley Harding                                                                                                                                            inert
and husband Andrew flew from                                                                                                                                            the r
Serpentine to Denmark, WA airport                                                                                                                                       long
in their bright red RV-6 which                                                                                                                                          engi
we have dubbed “Big Red,” and a              • Kit Prices Starting                                                                                                      four
Kakadu Crunch reunion was held                 at $13,995 USD                                                                                                           bein
with all the participants, including         • Total Completion
                                               Costs Starting at
YFM. A luncheon party was held                 $25,600 USD                                                                                                              airlin
in the hangar, and Fred’s wife Tunie         • Cruise 150-170 mph                                                                                                       unio
presented each of the survivors                at 33-42 mpg
(including YFM) with a small                 • Easy to Build and
crocodile which she had knitted.
                                               Inexpensive to Own                                                                                                       Da
                                             • All Models Aerobatic
The survivors mob plus crocodiles            • Build as Tail Wheel
are shown in the photograph. Stories           or Tricycle Gear
of radioactive, glow-in-the-dark             • The Best Performance                                                                                                     In th
crocodiles are likely to continue              Per Dollar available
for some time to come.                                                                                                                                                  revie
                                         Find Out More:                                                      Tel (U.S.): 920.231.8297
                                                                                                                                                AIRSPORT • 17

                                        Home of Australian Experimental Aircraft
K            erikeri, New Zealand
             to Norfolk Island –
             Norfolk Island to Lord
Howe island – Lord Howe Island to
Stradbroke Island, Queensland!

In 1975, Günter Barthel (me) a printer             Günter’s	
by trade, purchased a set of plans to
construct an aeroplane. Thirteen years
later the wood and fabric covered plane
emerged complete from under the house.
The two seat low wing Cavalier
102.5 has its design roots in France,
but considerable changes were
made by a Canadian designer.
My aircraft has flown for nearly 20 years
and until now exclusively and extensively                                                              A Trans Tasman Adventure
in New Zealand. The temptation to
fly to Australia was always lurking in
                                                                                                                by Günter Barthel

Günter and companion Al under way                                              Good VFR conditions                     Stretching the legs at Norfolk Island

the back of my mind. After six months              My Auckland based plane cleared customs
of planning and doing various loading              and was refueled at Kerikeri, northern New
and fuel burn off sequence calculations, it        Zealand, about an hours flight away. A
became clear that the trip was possible.           plane load of friends followed me on that
                                                   leg and though they said it was to assist
The aluminium auxiliary tank with its
                                                   with refueling and to say goodbye, I think
120 litre capacity sat next to me. Its
                                                   they just wanted to make sure that I wasn’t
name is Al (short for aluminium) and
                                                   going to “chicken out” at the last minute.
Al can have an explosive nature, gets
tanked-up occasionally, but doesn’t talk           These flights have to be started relatively
much. The total fuel capacity amounted             early in the day, because if a return                            Large fish in the bay at Norfolk Island
to 225 litres to keep the 100 horsepower           just at the “point of no return” should
Rolls Royce engine up front happy. It              become necessary, one could run                       The two GPS systems said that I was
turns a wooden fixed pitch propeller.              out of daylight. The flights had to be                almost there before I could see it.
                                                   conducted strictly by visual flight rules
After acquiring all the necessary gear for                                                               After a pleasant overnight stay and
                                                   as I am not qualified to fly in cloud.
survival (one life raft, one life jacket, flares                                                         preparations for the next leg to Lord Howe
and a “grab bag” with food and drink) and          The leg to Norfolk Island took 5.45                   Island were completed, the “met man”
the essential picking of other knowledgeable       hours and on arrival, the island was                  said that it should be okay weather wise.
people’s brains, it was time to go.                covered in cloud to a relatively low level.           A very accurate actual weather report

18 • AIRSPORT                                                                                    SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
                                                                                            Imminent departure – Günter Barthel and his Cavalier

The distinctive view of Lord Howe Island                            Safely tucked up at Dunwich                      Surveying my new home town

can’t be obtained because no one lives in       to have the landing fees reduced because I    After the trip I was nursing sunburned lips,
the middle of the ocean. Weather balloons,      didn’t have to use much of their runway!     nose and the back of my hands. I thought the
pressures and temperatures do that.             On trips like this one has to land with      people on Straddie were joking when saying
                                                no diversions possible because of fuel       that I should watch where I placed my hands
After 6.25 hours of flying the large rocks of
                                                endurance. Lord Howe Island is full of lovelywhen opening the hangar doors because of
Lord Howe Island came into view. Landing
                                                palm trees, has two huge rocks sticking      red-backed spiders. They mentioned one
a light low powered plane on Lord Howe
                                                out of the ocean and is very expensive.      should look when walking in the “wilderness”
Island airfield is not for the faint hearted
                                                                                                          because of snakes. Now New
in certain wind conditions. The wind was
                                                                                                          Zealand has very few poisonous
straight down the runway but gusts of 27        “...Landing a light low                 powered           critters and they are rare.
and 29 knots were recorded at the time of
my arrival. The downdraft experienced on
                                                plane on Lord Howe Island                                     My plane is presently hangared at
final approach made for a very short but        airfield is not for the faint hearted”                        Jacobs Well airfield Queensland.
smooth touch down. I tried (unsuccessfully)                                                                   It has a new Aussie call sign
                                                                                                              and an Australian CofA in the
                                                After clearing customs I was free to fly to the
                                                                                                  Experimental category. I am settling in
                                                Australian mainland. The local policeman is
                                                                                                  well into the Queensland way of life after
                                                also the customs officer. The next day flight
                                                                                                  leaving my comfort zone and home of
                                                planning was completed in the office of the
                                                                                                  45 years. See, age really is no barrier!
                                                meteorological station and then I pointed my
                                                plane towards Dunwich airfield on Stradbroke      Just one last thing this trip experience
                                                Island, East of Brisbane. The word had got        has revealed to me personally: “When
                                                out about my arrival and I was greeted by a       One sets out to do something unusual
                                                welcoming committee. Meeting with nice and        and succeeds, One is of value----if things
                                                helpful people continued on Straddie Island.      happen to go wrong One is a fool.”

                                                                                                                                   AIRSPORT • 19
Team SAAA Thunderbird: part 2

                                                                           With 6 weeks to go the “glass half full” workers were optimistic
                                                                           but the “glass half empty” workers were worried. With the
                                                                           detailed design happening as the build progressed it was
                                                                           difficult to have an efficient production line. However with
                                                                           a couple of late evenings in the final week the project was
                                                                           complete and loaded on a trailer ready for the trip to Sydney.

                unday 7 November              Step Two:                                            paid off with enough lift to skim to an
                The Big Day arrives.                                                               Australian record breaking distance of
                                              Pilot Dave Zemel climbed the steps and
                                                                                                   20.5 metres and Flugtag victory!
                 Team SAAA was to be 9th      onto Thunderbird. Dave saluted the crowd,
                 off the ramp. Masquerading   the Safety Officer gave the all clear and            Step Five:
                 as Thunderbird puppets       Team SAAA pushed as fast as they could.
                                                                                                   Recovery. Dreams of a victorious display
                 they fought back the         Thunderbirds were go! Acceleration was
                                                                                                   at Avalon in March were dashed as all
nerves while waiting in amongst the Four      excellent and Thunderbird gracefully lifted off
                                                                                                   aircraft were stowed securely by recovery
Fat Elvises, Marilyn Munroe, the Ned Kelly    the dolly and headed out into the harbour.
                                                                                                   teams in skip bins post retrieval!
Gang and the Great Budgie Smugglers.
                                              Step Three:
Finally, they made their way to the top…                                                           After the flight we (Team SAAA) had ample
                                              No seatbelts allowed so Pilot Dave hung on           opportunity to watch our competitors.
Step One:
                                              with his left hand, held the tail neutral until      With our first hand knowledge, our hearts
Dance as Thunderbird puppets for              the end of the ramp and applied a little up          went out to other competitors when we
the all important Entertainment               elevator to ensure removal from the dolly.           saw their aircraft disintegrate in midair or
Score. Result? A terrible 4/10!                                                                    fail to disengage from their dollies and
                                              Step Four:
                                                                                                   disappear straight down into the glorious
Spectators cheerfully voiced their
                                              The inevitable dive (plummet) towards                depths of the Sydney Harbour. Just one
disapproval to the judges.
                                              the water to build up flying speed                   slip and that could have been us!

20 • AIRSPORT                                                                              SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
                      are                                                               GO!
                                by John Kneen

Above: Dave     Zemel begins Thunderbird’s plummet into Sydney Harbour and the SAAA History books.
                                                Congratulations to Captain Dave Zemel, Dave Robbins, Briam Ham,
                                                      John Livsey and all who contributed to this outstandng effort!

                                                              “     the inevitable dive paid off… with
                                                            enough lift to skim to an Australian record
                                                             breaking distance... and Flugtag victory!”
 Phil Hilyard

                                                                                                                     Phil Hilyard

                                                                                                     AIRSPORT • 21
mechanical musings

                                     This issue we look at some of the gremlins                      engine manual carefully and you might be
                                     waiting to attack your engine and whilst we                     surprised to learn that there is an inspection
                                     might think, “it won’t happen to me”, both                      process to be carried out whilst the engine is
                                     events described below have occurred recently.                  sitting in the box in the corner of the shed.
                                                                                                     Requirements vary according to the engine
                                     Gremlins in your engine                                         manufacturer, however this process should
                                                                                                     be carried out, entered into the engine Log
                                     Gremlin No 1 resulted in an in-flight                                          caption uia vellore mun Puda derrovidero mo
                                                                                                     Book and signed for by an appropriately
                                     sudden stoppage of an engine with less than
       Ken Garland                                                                                   licensed /approved person (AP). Failure
                                     150 hours time since new. To the owner’s
                                                                                                     to do so will void your Warranty.
                                     disappointment the manufacturer refused
                                     warranty. The reason why may affect a large                     In the case of the engine with the sudden
                                     majority of us without our realising it.                        stoppage, a lack of protective lubrication on the
                                                                                                     cam follower caused corrosion and excessive
                                     To take advantage of the kit manufacturer’s
                                                                                                     wear on the follower, affecting valve operation.
                                     prices and consolidated freight rates, many of
                                     us place an order for our engines at the time                   Whilst on the subject of inactive engines,
                                     of ordering our kits. The engine arrives, it’s                  some operators are running the engines on
                                     inhibited, has silica gel plugs and caps, and is                the ground in an attempt to prevent rust
                                     plastic wrapped so the engine then sits in the                  between infrequent flights. Lycoming state:
                                     corner of the shed, undisturbed for a couple
                                                                                                     “…this may harm rather than help the engine if the
                                     of years awaiting the time for installation.
                                                                                                     oil temperature is not brought up to 74C/ 165F    ,
                                     We all know that the engine Operation Manuals                   because the water and acids from combustion will
                                     cover “Corrosion Prevention in Engines Installed                accumulate in the engine oil. The best way to get
                                     in Inactive Aircraft” for instance but that’s once              the required oil temperatures is to fly the aircraft.
                                     our engine is running. The thing that most of                   During flight the oil normally gets hot enough to
                                     us don’t realise, is that corrosion starts even                 vaporise the water and most acids and eliminate

      echni      Quiz                before the engine leaves the factory. Read your                 them from the oil. If the engine is merely ground

  Techniquiz is designed             2. With regard to the use of avgas,                             4. For maximum engine life and trouble-
  to get you thinking about             which statement is true?                                        free operation, engine break in during
  maintenance tasks. Not                                                                                the first 25 to 50 hours of engine
                                     a. Use of a lower-than-specified grade of fuel
  just the “what to do”                                                                                 operation should be accomplished by;
                                        may result in a reduced power output but is
  but “how to” and “what
                                        usually less harmful than higher rated fuel.                 a. limiting take off power to five minutes per flight
  data should I use?”
                                                                                                        and using 65%power maximum for cruise
                                     b. Use of the next higher-than-specified grade of fuel is
  Quiz content reproduced with
                                        permitted if the specific grade of fuel is not available.    b. running the engine continuously at
  permission courtesy of Textron
                                                                                                        65% to 75% power with full power or
  Lycoming “Key Reprints”.           c. Use of the lower-than-specified grade
                                                                                                        maximum power available for climbs
  Answers on page 38.                   of fuel is permitted if the specified
                                        grade of fuel is not available.                              c. using less than 100% power for take-off
                                                                                                        and cruising at 75% power or above
                                     d. Use of a higher-than-specified grade
  1. If the engine of an
                                        of fuel usually results in lower-than-                       d. running the engine at 1200 RPM for at least twenty
     aeroplane is permitted
                                        normal cylinder head temperatures.                              minutes before the first take off of the day
     to idle for a long period
     of time on the ground;
  a. a hydraulic lock may develop    3. If the engine oil temperature and cylinder                   5. If the grade of fuel used in an aircraft
     in one or more cylinders           temperature gauges have exceeded their                          engine is lower than specified for the
                                        normal operating range, you may have been;                      engine, it will most likely cause
  b. the lean mixture may cause
     the engine to miss or quit      a. operating with higher-than-normal oil pressure               a. an increase in power which could overstress
                                                                                                        internal engine components
  c. the result may be an            b. using fuel that has a higher-
     excessively high oil pressure      than-specified fuel rating                                   b. detonation

  d. the spark plugs may             c. operating with too much power and                            c. lower cylinder head temperatures
     become fouled                      with the mixture set too lean
                                                                                                     d. a non-uniform mixture of fuel and air
                                     d. operating with the mixture set too rich                         in the cylinders

22 • AIRSPORT                                                                                    SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT

run, water accumulated in the oil                Sadler Radial Engine Model R1765u                               performance
will gradually turn to acid. If the                                                                              with 66” 2–blade wood propeller
                                                 The Sadler Radial Engine is a compact, fuel
engine is flown so infrequently that
                                                 efficient and smooth running aircraft engine.                    Normal rated power, take off:
it does not accumulate the operating
                                                 The 6 cylinder radial uses two banks of three                    62 bhp @ 2,850 rpm
hours recommended for an oil
                                                 cylinders with power pulses every 120 degrees                     Max rated power:               65 bhp @ 2,975 rpm
change (25 hours for pressure screen
                                                 of revolution. In order to minimize design risk,
system and 50 hours for a full flow                                                                                Continuous rated power (90%):           58.5 bhp
                                                 utilisation of off-the-shelf components, where
filter system), then the oil should                                                                                 w/ average fuel burn of 15.5 Lt/hr (4.1 USg/hr)
                                                 available, were considered. The design uses VW
be changed at four-month intervals                                                                                 Typical cruise power (75%):            49.5 bhp
                                                 cylinders and pistons for reliability and inexpensive
to eliminate water and acids.”                                                                                       w/ average fuel burn of 12.8 Lt/hr (3.4 USg/hr)
                                                 parts. Other parameters considered essential were:
Gremlin No 2 resulted in leaks in                air cooled, dual ignition, low RPM four-cycle,                    Idle speed                                  800 rpm
fibreglass fuel tanks. The aircraft had          minimum vibration, Low fuel consumption,
been happily operating on Premium                light weight, low noise level and reliability.
Grade Mogas or Avgas for a couple                                                                                Design
of years without any signs of leakage.
                                                                                                                 The Sadler Radial Engine project objective was
The tanks were removed from the                  General Specifications
                                                                                                                 to design a reliable, lightweight, four-cycle,
aircraft and inspected. What we
                                                 Configuration: Direct drive, 6 cylinder, four-                  aircraft engine in the 65 horsepower range. The
found was that almost all of the tank
                                                 cycle, internal combustion, gasoline fuelled, free              engine is a great alternative to 2-stroke power.
sealant had come adrift from the
                                                 air cooled engine, one gravity fed carburettor,
tank and was floating in the fuel.
                                                 and a dry sump lubrication system.
Luck was on our side as we found
very little of the sealant had made
its way into the fuel system itself,
                                                   HP/Torque @ 3000 rpm:           65 hp / 113.4 ft/lbs
and no blockages had resulted.
                                                   Displacement:                    1721 cc (105 cu in)          Concorde
Inspection of the fuel itself                                                                                    RG-12LSA
identified no less than 3% ethanol.                Stroke:                            50 mm (1.969 in)           Aircraft Battery
According to the oil companies                     Lubrication:                 dry sump, pressurized
                                                                                                                 New Concorde RG-12LSA is a small, lightweight
contacted there should be NO                       Bore:                            85.5 mm (3.366 in)           sealed valve regulated lead acid battery for
ethanol in Premium Grade Mogas!
                                                   Rotation:             clockwise, viewed from rear             experimental and new Type Certified aircraft.
What are we to do? Don’t trust                                                                                   This RG® Series battery incorporates Concorde’s
                                                   Start:                                        electric
what you get at the service station.                                                                             recombinant gas technology installed on various
If, like me, you have an older ‘ASA’               Accessories:           oil cooler, oil tank (4 quart)         types of commercial, military and private
Fuel Tester, either replace it with a              Weight with components (dry):                  49 kg          aircraft for engine cranking. Built under strict
DAASEN USA type that has an alcohol                                                         (prop start)         ISO 9001:2000 + AS9100B quality standards
% tester incorporated or ‘Briggs &                 Engine weight with electric start:                            using the manufacturing processes you have
Stratton’ produce an alcohol tester.               alternator systems:                           55.3 kg         come to expect with all Concorde Batteries.
Test the fuel, at the service station if
                                                   Diameter:                  52.5 cm (20.5 in)                  View Aircraft Spruce’s complete product
possible, but certainly before it goes
                                                      plus oil system components below engine                    line at
into your aircraft fuel tank.

    AN-BOLTS - A ordable aircraft hardware for the homebuilder
      All prices in Australian dollars       Only pay actual postage cost
      No minimum order                          All hardware AN certi ed
      Save time and money                        Fast and friendly service
      We accept orders 24/7 PHONE: 0466 286 630       Stocked in Australia
      AN-BOLTS is here to service the Australian homebuilt aircraft community with the nest AN certi ed hardware at the lowest possible prices. As a member of
      SAAA and RA-Aus, and as an active aircraft builder, I fully appreciate the satisfaction of using the right hardware for the job. I also know our frustrations about
      the outrageous costs of buying and shipping that hardware to our front doors. You can now avoid this expensive obstacle and buy directly from AN-BOLTS.

                                                                                                                                    Darren Cloutang-Crompton
                                                                                                                                             SAAA #7125 - Chapter 18
                                                                                                                                             RA-Aus #25866

                                                                                                                                                            AIRSPORT • 23
tales from the toolbox

                                                                                                                       8 LItRE / 350
          have been running an engineering

          business in Melbourne for 20 years
          (Drysdale Motorcycle Co) and over
          that time, I’ve had some weird project
          requests. Most are just a little left of
          centre and then there is some really
strange stuff. It’s not that I go looking for
this type of work; it just seems to find me!

And so it was that I got a phone call from a
Kiwi guy called Russell Sutton a couple of years
ago, asking me to build him a crankshaft for an
aircraft engine he was building - a 9 cylinder, 8
litre, 350 hp monster radial of his own design!
I have to admit straight up that I put him into
the ‘mad inventor’ category and made some
polite excuse about being too busy to take on
something like that for the next year. I thought
that would be the last I would hear from him.
About 6 months later, I got another call from Russell
and he was beside himself with worry. He had            by Ian Drysdale              Springvale VIC – SAAA Chapter 21
contracted an engineering company in Sydney to
                                                        for “administration costs”) I think they            radial on modern motorcycle components
do the job and they had agreed but demanded
                                                        are lucky Russell didn’t get a couple of            had to give him a head start. After all,
full payment up front, taken his money and then
                                                        his mates to call in on them for a chat.            they are tough, reliable and have good
told him they couldn’t do the job! Even more
                                                                                                            power output for size/weight. He settled
bizarrely, they weren’t going to give his money         Russell is a diesel mechanic in the mines
                                                                                                            on Honda XR600 air-cooled cylinders
back to him! (It took Russell almost 2 years to get     in Western Australia. He is a permanent
                                                                                                            and heads, which meant that he would
his money back, and even then they kept $1,000          resident (not fly-in / fly-out) and he works
                                                                                                            need 9 cam chain drives, as the heads
                                                        6 days on, 6 days off. Born with an active
                                                                                                            are SOHC. Whilst radials traditionally
                                                         mind and not being the type to sit in the
                                                                                                            use push-rod valve activation, there is a
                                                            pub all day, 6 idle days every other
                                                                                                            precedent for an OHC radial, an engine
                                                              week causes a man to start thinking,
                                                                                                            built by BMW before WWII, although this
                                                                  and he decided to build himself a
                                                                                                            engine used bevel gears to drive the cams.
                                                                     radial aircraft engine. Russell is a
                                                                       lifetime plane and motorcycle        At 96.5mm, the piston bore is 0.5mm
                                                                           enthusiast and reasoned          under the original Honda specs, but this
                                                                                       that basing his      allows V6 Commodore car pistons to be
                                                                                                            used. Russell has increased the stroke
                                                                                                            to from 80.0mm to 118.0mm, which
                                                                                                            results in just under 8 litres capacity.
                                                                                                            Russell’s crankcase is unusual for a radial in
                                                                                                            several respects; firstly it is weld fabricated
                                                                                                                 from aluminium plate and secondly
                                                                                                                         it is not split down the middle
                                                                                                                               of the bores, which made
                                                                                                                                the crankshaft design a
                                                                                                                                bit more challenging.

24 • AIRSPORT                                                                              SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
    The crankshaft is typical for a radial in        it actually worked quite well in the long
    that it is a split design with a one piece       run. We would design in 3D CAD, do a 2D
    master rod, it’s just that it all now has        drawing and email it to Russell. He would
    to be assembled through that front               scribble alterations and modifications on
    cover cavity. Once everything is in, the         the drawings and fax them back to us to
    front cover is fitted, which completes           modify, which all worked very well. Modern
    the crankcase and stiffens it all up.            communications are a wonderful thing.
    Russell supplied a CAD model of the crank        We designed the master rod along pretty
    and con-rods, we tidied them up and              conventional radial aircraft lines, except
    sucked them into Pro-Engineer and then           that we used automotive bearing shells
    animated them, only to find that they            for the big end bearing, instead of the
    left a lot to be desired. The link rods ( you    traditional bronze bush. Automotive shells
    can’t call them slave rods any more ) all        are cheap and robust, but are designed for
    clashed into each other and there wasn’t         split con-rods. To get them to fit a one-piece
    enough metal on the crankshaft webs to           con-rod, we removed the location tags and
    achieve a desirable balance factor. If made      pressed them into place using a special jig
    as it was, the thing would have shaken           that we made up for the job. I have used
    itself out of its engine mounts. At DMCo,        this technique on a couple of other jobs
    we ended up redesigning the crankshaft,          and it works very well. Should Russell ever
    master rod and link rods to achieve the          happen to damage the BE bearing, $25
    correct rod to rod clearances and balance        or $30 should see him in action again.
    factor. We decided to make all 8 link rods
                                                     To lubricate the link pins that attach
    identical in length and make the radius of
                                                     the link rods to the master rod, an oil jet
    the link pinholes variable, whilst Russell’s
                                                     mounted on the front crank web squirts
    original design called for 4 pairs of rods of
                                                     oil into a hole in the hollow link pins as
    different lengths with a constant pitch circle
                                                     each comes past. This may seem crude,
    diameter for the link pins. With DMCo in
                                                     but many of the radials of old used this
    Melbourne and Russell in northern WA, it
                                                     same principle with good reliability.
    might sound like a recipe for disaster, but

                                                                                     AIRSPORT • 25
>> tales from the toolbox: 9 cylinder radial

    Once the crank and con-rods were well under        The 9 cylinder radial runs a full ring exhaust,      the reliability has been proven, he will look
    way, Russell asked if we could do the camchain     which increases in section as more cylinders         around for a suitable aircraft to fit it to. He is in
    drive gears and shafts for him too, which          join into it. The thing is a work of art. 9 header   no hurry to get it airborne as he would rather
    we were happy to do. The photos of the 10          pipes would be bad enough, but with the twin         discover problems whilst blasting across a
    gears ( main central drive gear and 9 driven       port Honda cylinder heads, a total of 18 header      lake or swamp with his engine in a boat first.
    gears ) clearly show what a challenge it was       pipes must be blended into the exhaust ring.         It’s easier to row to the shore than to find
    to fit them all in. Some people mistakenly                                                              somewhere to land a plane dead-stick !
                                                       Although he plans to start off testing with
    think there are 9 separate crankshafts with a
                                                       the engine “normally aspirated”, Russell has         A PSRU is included in the design of Russell’s
    gear on each end, but these 10 gears are just
                                                       incorporated a drive pulley in the design            radial, as the maximum crank speed is planned
    to drive the camchains ! For the crankshaft,
                                                       at the rear for a tooth belt driven blower,          to be 3,500 rpm. He is intending to eventually
    Russell supplied us with a 3D CAD drawing
                                                       which will be a turbine type, effectively            use a planetary gear set from a Caterpillar
    of sorts, which whilst it required extensive
                                                       half of an automotive turbo-charger. The             bulldozer automatic transmission, but this
    redesign, was at least a starting point. For the
                                                       boost will only be low as he is aiming for a         will be phase 2. To run the engine to start
    gears and shafts, we only had Russell’s hand
                                                       modest 350 hp out of his 8 litre engine.             with, he is using a tooth belt PSRU, which
    sketches, which even so, are a credit to a
                                                                                                            will also raise the prop height and lower the
    man with no design qualifications. This is an      EFI has been chosen to supply the fuel,
                                                                                                            engine mass for its initial use in the air boat.
    extremely complex piece of design that had         with the injectors sitting right at the intake
    us scratching our heads more than a little!        ports, they will probably be hooked up to a          To see the engine ‘in the flesh’ is an impressive
                                                       programmable MoTeC engine management                 sight. It is an engineering masterpiece and a
    The final camchain drive gears are only half
                                                       system. This should eliminate the difficult          credit to a guy with no design training and
    the width of Russell’s original spec and he
                                                       starting that plagues many aircraft                  only basic tools - the “can do” Kiwi/Aussie
    took some convincing to get them down
                                                       engines with such long intake tracts.                spirit still lives! A word of warning though,
    to that. Once he saw the finished items in
                                                                                                            if you ever accept Russell’s hospitality be
    the flesh of course, he commented that             Russell’s radial will be fitted to an air boat
                                                                                                            prepared to have to sit through hours and
    they could be even thinner. One thing is           (also called swamp boat) initially, then once
                                                                                                            hours of DVDs of his favorite radial engines at
    for sure, he will never wear them out.             he has a couple of hundred hours on it and
                                                                                                            full noise! The man is a true enthusiast..

     FRASER COAST LIFTS LANDING FEES                                      SAAA Member John Kelman reports that the Fraser Coast Regional Council
     will no longer be charging landing fees at either Maryborough or Hervey Bay Airports, a very welcome initiative on the Council’s part.

   26 • AIRSPORT                                                                                    SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
                                                                                            tales from the toolbox

            Corby Builders: All parts are completed to a point where sanding
            and painting is all that is needed. We will beat all current prices!
                                                                                             Cowling mould laid up – all that remains
                                 Contact Paul Sharp on 0428 938 729, or email                is to put a steel frame on the outside to
                   for photos and information.                 keep its shape.

                      Corby Starlet project - Murray Bridge High School

                                                                                          I          n South Australia, the Murray
                                                                                                     Bridge High School and The
                                                                                                     Innovation Training & Skill Centre
                                                                                                     runs a training workshop for the
                                                                                                     Composite (GRP) industry.

                                                                                          The year 10 to year 12 students in their polymer
                                                                                          training workshop are manufacturing selected
                                                                                          Corby Starlet aircraft fibreglass parts for sale to Corby
                                                                                          builders. The parts being manufactured are wheel
Student removing the first new wheel           Upper engine cowling plug with black
                                                                                          fairings, wing fairings and upper engine cowling.
fairing from the mould.                        gelcoat drying before applying the
                                               fibreglass to form the new mould.          The students when working on these Corby parts
                                                                                          are mindful of weight requirements. All the materials
                                                                                          are calculated out to control the weight of each part.
                                                                                          The mould for the upper engine cowling turned
                                                                                          out to be a big job for the students because the
                                                                                          part supplied was out of shape. To reshape it the
                                                                                          students made up an inside frame. Shaping took a
                                                                                          week to finish before we could make a mould of it.
                                                                                          We hope to make the first cowling part
                                                                                          this term. Sale of the manufactured parts
                                                                                          will help cover the cost of materials.
                                                                                          Norm Clements
                                                                                          (Industry based trainer for the
Students manufactured a new wheel fairing plug & mould. Pictured is a finished fairing.   Innovation Training & Skill Centre)

                                                                                                                                    AIRSPORT • 27
    chapter chatter

     VICTORIA                                                                   NORTHERN TERRITORY

    20             Kyneton                                                      35             Northern Australia
    Aircraft Wiring Workshop > John Kneen                                       The first 12 months –
    Chapter 20, Kyneton, again took advantage of having a highly                an overview > Vern Taylor
    experienced member in the person of ex-LAME Ed Groot,
                                                                                Chapter 35 came into existence due to the enthusiasm of it’s
    to deliver a second and final full day workshop in aircraft wiring at
                                                                                individual members. I was asked by Mark Rowe to contact
    Bacchus Marsh. Pitched at the experimental builder in need of basic
                                                                                each NT SAAA member and found that although only a
    information the 13 participants voted the day a great success.
                                                                                couple knew each other, they would all like to get together.

                                                                                At the inaugural meeting, we decided to meet at irregular
                                                                                times, at intervals of three and five weeks, to cater for the shift
                                                                                workers who might spend 14 days on site, then 14 days off.
                                                                                Three projects were under construction:

                                                                                > Bob Orchard has made great strides with his Cobra and
                                                                                  had the initial engine run-up just prior to the wet season
                                                                                  start. It is probable that it will fly early in the new year.
                                                                                > Bill Markey is making rapid progress with his Vans RV-4
                                                                                  but because he is self-employed and can work long
                                                                                  hours, cannot schedule a date for completion.
                                                                                > Keith Fowler also has advanced with his KR-2S, and due to the
The Chapter 20 aircraft wiring workshop group
                                                                                  onset of the wet season, has sealed everything up for a while.

                                                                                During the year, Noel Stoney and the MPC team from WA travelled
                                                                                to Darwin in Fred Moreno’s Lancair to hold the course over the
                  Moorabbin                                                     weekend of 16/17 July. I am pleased to say that all but one chapter
                                                                                member attended and all passed. The team from WA had further
    April Builders Visit > John Kneen                                           adventures in Kakadu [ see page 17 ] and flew home by other
                                                                                means. We are hoping you get back in the air again soon, Fred.
    Chapter 21 ended 2010 with a power point presentation of
    Thunderbird, the SAAA’s entry in the 2010 Flugtag competition.              We also attended the Aviation Heritage Society’s open cockpit
    A lively discussion followed about what should be the optimum flight        day in aid of Legacy, and have the Society to thank for the
    profile for such a flight. However, it was generally conceded that flying   supply of their boardroom for our MPC. Bob’s Cobra made an
    the actual Thunderbird with Sydney Harbour rushing up to meet               appearance at the AHSNT hangar and it drew a lot of attention.
    you would get the heart beating much faster than all the theories
                                                                                I travelled to Cowra for the SAAA AGM with the view of becoming
    after a good meal at the Royal Victorian Aero Club dining room.
                                                                                more involved in the future, and got an overview of running a
    With Flugtag out of his system Brian Ham has been able to                   fly-in. Hopefully, we will be able to schedule one for this year, if
    return to work on his Sonex. In 2010 Brian had also been very               a convenient date can be arranged, or early next year, when the
    busy with Cowra, Maintenance Courses and the Approved                       local Corsair project is completed. Nobby Bartsch (the late Guido
    Person’s duties so the Sonex had taken a back seat. The                     Zuccoli’s engineer) expects it to take about 18 months yet.
    photo shows Brian and son Chris getting ready to fly!
                                                                                So the first 12 months have been very active, and I am on my
                                                                                toes keeping up the activities. Progress is being made and in
                                                                                future issues I plan to have photos to go with the articles.
                                                                                Safe flying.

                                                                                “        Chapter 35 were the first chapter to achieve 100%
                                                                                         pass rate in the MpC. participants got
                                                                                         together to work on the quiz despite the difficulties of
                                                                                         distance and time, and every participant successfully
                                                                                         completed the quiz. well done gentlemen!
                                                                                         Shirley Harding, Trainer MPC.
    Brian Ham and son Chris test the legroom in their Sonex

    28 • AIRSPORT                                                                          SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
                                                                                                           chapter chatter

                                                                         in his Murphy Moose, so several members and I enjoyed a
wESTERN AUSTRALIA                                                        local flight in this very charismatic aircraft. Thanks Gary.

                                                                         Heading back to Hugh Ragg’s hanger we found Hugh and local
                                                                         AP Howard Mason tinkering with Hugh’s freshly installed Dynon
             Serpentine                                                  Skyview EFIS. Once fired up the display was a very impressive sight.
                                                                         Hugh has made great progress on his aircraft, recently having
RVs Jaunt to Margaret River > Shirley Harding                            installed the IO-360 engine, a carbon fibre plenum and is now
                                                                         well on the way to completing the instruments and electrical
Andrew Tainsh suggested a group of us fly from Serpentine
                                                                         installations. Our local AP Howard Mason then gave a very
to Margaret River for brunch one day after Christmas.
                                                                         interesting and informative demonstration of correct technique
It seemed like a good idea, the weather cooperated, so on Thursday       for wire stripping and selection and crimping of wiring terminals.
morning 3 RV 6s and a Cessna 172 set off. Andrew Tainsh and Bo
Hannington launched first, and flew in loose formation. Bo had
fellow RV6 builder Graham Hewitt as co-pilot. Shirley Harding
and Andrew Morley followed in their RV6. Despite being painted
go-faster red, ASF couldn’t catch up, and the other two RVs
disappeared into the haze of the inversion after a few miles.
A little while later, Martin Softly took off in his C172 carrying Roy
and Adam Frost, fellow members of the Sport Aircraft Builders
Club at Serpentine. The RVs covered the distance in about 45
minutes. Conditions were surprisingly smooth given the heat.
On arrival at Margaret River, the three RVs waited in the parking area
                                                                         Günter Barthel, Hugh Ragg, Brian Hunter, Howard Mason and Brian Budd
for the Cessna to catch up. We should have given him a head start!
                                                                         look over Hugh’s rapidly progressing RV-7.
When Martin landed, we all piled into the maxi-cab which we had
prearranged, and drove the short distance into town. We had a
brief wander around, then settled into a very busy cafe for brunch.
The maxi taxi was summoned to take us back to the strip,
where we found a small audience of holiday-makers hanging
over the fence admiring the aircraft. We also had to remove
a very small boy who was heading for the runway on a
mini-motorbike – presumably a Christmas present. It was
fortunate he hadn’t arrived earlier – would have been a nasty
surprise to see him on the strip as we came in to land.
The wind had increased in strength since our arrival, and the
takeoff was distinctly bumpy with turbulence from the adjacent
trees. In cruise the conditions were again smooth and pleasant,
and all four aircraft arrived back at Serpentine by mid afternoon.
A great time was had by all – thanks for organising it, Andrew!


19           Gold Coast
AGM and visit to Hugh Ragg’s
RV-7 project > John Keen
Sunday 26th of September saw several Chapter 19
members turn up to Southport Flying Club for the
Chapter’s Annual General Meeting and to have a look at
Hugh Ragg’s progress on his RV-7 quickbuild project.

The AGM formalities were efficiently taken care of with
National President Brian Hunter and Chapter President Gary
Spicer outlining some interesting ideas and goals for the
Chapter in 2011. Without further ado Gary announced circuits

                                                                                                                                  AIRSPORT • 29
builders’ log

                                                                                      How to submit to Builders’ Log
welcome to the Builders’ Log
Compiled by Rob Stocker #06894
                                                                                     1. Log in to SAAA website ( &
Happy New Year to all and welcome to this edition of Builder’s Log.                  complete the electronic form with as much
                                                                                     detail as possible OR 2. email the following
It seems that over the festive season much hard work has been going
                                                                                     details to Rob Stocker at
on. So much so that builders have forgotten to let us know about
any significant progress made since the last edition of Airsport.                    >	First and last name
                                                                                     >	SAAA membership number
We do have a few CofAs issued and congratulations to those builders
who have achieved such a great milestone in the building program.                    >	Chapter number and location
                                                                                     >	Contact details (email, phone if you
Please remind yourselves how you can submit your building reports to the               want others to be able to contact you)
Builders’ Log electronically by reading on, then send in those reports!
                                                                                     >	Details of the aircraft you are working
The electronic submission process on the SAAA website                     on (name, model, manufacturer,
is now fully operational and you can upload your project progress reports              registration number, etc)
there. For those who are not members you can continue to submit your                 >	Information about the building process
progress reports by emailing them (together with your photos) directly to me
                                                                                     >	pictures in jpeg format (around 1 Mb in size)
at including the details listed in the panel at right.

                                                                                      CofA Special


 The airframe was built in Canberra from a 1996 slow build kit.
 During construction it was converted from tricycle to tail wheel
 gear using drawings and parts from Vans Aircraft. My original intent
 was to build a quick day/night VFR aircraft equipped with well-
 proven avionics to use as an IFR training platform. To achieve this end
 the panel was planned around Garmin and King avionics including GNC
 300XL, GXT 327 and GMA 340 as well as KNS 80 and KR 87 radios.
 Vacuum driven AH and DG are installed and a 2 axis Trutrack ADI Pilot 2 is
 fitted. The Garmin CDI is switchable between the GPS and VOR with G/S. A
 Scania 5-35 encoder provides altitude data to the GPS and Transponder. Dipole
 antennas are installed in the wing tips with nav/landing/strobe lights under
 RMD covers. A heated pitot tube is positioned under the left wing and a 60
 Amp o/v protected alternator keeps the Odyssey 925 battery charged.
 A factory new Lycoming O 360 A1A with a Sensenich FM72 x 83 fixed
 pitch metal prop is fitted. It should have adequate performance.
 As Vans had not at the time released their pressure recovery wheel
 pants I used the excellent Team Rocket products instead.
 RVW is resident in Temora, and with special CofA now issued,
 phase 1 testing is scheduled to commence in March.

30 • AIRSPORT                                                                    SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
                                                              builders’ log



Martin Ongley issued the CofA
on Phil’s RV-7 VH-XPA and it was
signed off on 3rd January 2011.



Martin Ongley has issued the CofA for Greg Wardman’s
RV-7A on 21st December 2010. What a great Christmas
present! As you can see by the photo a lot of hours and TLC
has been expended on this fine example of the model.



Bill Keehner issued the CofA for John Smith’s beautiful
Lancair Legacy on 9th November 2010. This sleek
aircraft sports a 3-blade prop, retractable undercarriage
and looks ready to “break the surly bonds”.

                                                                    AIRSPORT • 31
builders’ log



David’s Midget Mustang is O200                 I have a O200 cowl plug that
powered and is about 80% finished.             could save enormous amounts
The stages that he has completed               of time for someone, and a
include Fuz wing cockpit, panel, engine,       spare set of new RV spats /
mount, cowl, tail, and undercarriage.          hardware I would like to sell.
The aircraft was purchased as                  It is slow progress but great fun
part completed project.                        to do and very rewarding.
This aircraft is being built to go - not       I have restored a
show, and will be built on a very limited      1946 J3 Cub and
budget – with no compromises on safety.        am also rebuilding
                                               a 1928 Corben
It is my goal to prove that one can
                                               Baby Ace.
build a fast safe aircraft on a limited
budget and have fun in the process.            David Mills
The KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle
is to be used, and basic instruments
with an O200 engine scavenged from
a storm damaged Cessna 150.
The plan is to put high compression
pistons in the O200 and trick it up a
bit to get a few more horsepower.
progress this past year:

> Fuz, empennage, wings
  complete(as purchased). One wing
  required to be reskinned.
> All materials, fittings and parts
  purchased to complete the project.
> Panel with steam guages completed.
  Toe brakes installed on pedals
> Fuel tank made with level guage installed.

> C150 wreck purchased for O200
  engine and instruments.
> Wood prop, spacer and Spinner purchased.
  Engine mount completed for installation.
> Undercarriage made and fitted to wheels
  with brakes. Spats(RV type) purchased
  for undercarriage to be fitted.
> Cowl fabricated and currently
  being fitted with 16” spinner.
I would love to hear from any other
Australian MM1 builders.

32 • AIRSPORT                                                                      SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
                                                                 builders’ log

   A/C TYpE: VANS RV-7


   Bill Keehner issued the CofA for Peter Mulhern’s neat RV-7A
   on16th October 2010.The photo shows the attention to detail
   and of course Peter’s excitement at completing his project.

CofA Special



   Bill Keehner also issued the CofA for Brian
   Davies’ Glasair III around 10th January 2011. This
   “plastic” retractable is going places - fast.

   A/C TYpE: JABIRU J430


   Martin Ongley issued the CofA on Paul’s
   Jabiru. Congratulations Paul!

                                                                       AIRSPORT • 33

  wA                                                                                  NSw/ACT                                    RV-4 Project Kit #3535 circa
                                                                                                                                 1994.Complete Kit incl finishing kit.
                                                                                     THORP T18C PROJECT Sunderland               With I.O. 360 (150hp) H2AD (400
                                                                                     Folding Wing, Airframe 95%                  hrs to run) with carby. Empennage,
                                                                                     complete, all controls installed and        ailerons, flaps and stbd wing done.
                                                                                     functioning, all fairings and engine        (Photos avail on line). Builder has tech
                                                                                     cowls, dynafocal engine mount,              background. Build log available. Some
                                                                                     undercarriage, wheels, tires, brakes,       tools, lots of Clecos etc incl. $25,000
                                          Vari Eze project 98% complete              windscreen and sliding canopy,              ono. Ph Allan 0412 217 557
Zenith CH300 Tri-Z ABAA built             I have a Vari Eze project that is          some instruments. SAAA inspection
                                                                                                                                 ENGINE PARTS Four Cylinder
1983. 800 Hrs TT. Lyc O360.A3A 800        almost complete that I want to sell.       report, full set all drawings, material
                                                                                                                                 assemblies inc pistons and valves
hrs SMOH. MR annual to Oct 2010.          The airframe is build and painted          receipts and construction history
                                                                                                                                 removed from Lycoming 0320-
115 kts cruise. Long range tanks (280     externally, the cockpit is not. Includes   including photos. $29,000. Ph Mike
                                                                                                                                 D3G engine at 2000hrs. $800.
ltrs), ADF, GPS55. Based Albany WA.       a professionally rebuilt Cont. O200        0408164946 or email: kermik@
                                                                                                                                 Lycoming 0320 D3G Camshaft
$39,000. Contact Bob 08 9844              fitted with high compression pistons
                                                                                                                                 serviceable $250. Sky-Tec Hi
7046 or 0409 090 493.                     and electronic ignition, new Prince
                                                                                                                                 Torque Starter 149NL serviceable
                                          ‘P’ tip propeller and instruments.
RV6A 0-320-E2A-150HP. Sensensich                                                                                                 $250. Ph Mike 0408 164 946 or
                                          The bulk of work remaining is to
Metal Prop. TTAF 280hrs, Engine                                                                                                  email
                                          complete the wiring loom, install &
SMOH 280hrs. New Annual Feb
                                          baffle the engine. The only significant                                                Sensenich Fixed Pitch Propeller
2010, Full Panel, Icom A200 Radio,
                                          outlay left is prop extension and seat                                                 Model 70CM6S16-0-77, S/N 33971K,
Garmin Txpdr, King Encoder, Navaid
                                          belt. Asking $25K. Ph Don Railton                                                      457.9 hours TTIS, removed off
Autopilot Coupled To a Garmin AVD
                                          (08) 9447 9842 or 0413 296 611,                                                        160 hp Glasair, includes 3/8 inch
55 GPS. Heated Pitot, Elec Elv Trim,                                                 Monnett Sonerai IIL RAAus
                                          email                                                         bolt kit, Glasair composite spinner
Manual Aileron Trim, Nav Lights, 2x                                                  19-4528, previously CASA.
                                                                                                                                 assy, Lycoming 3/8 inch prop
Landing Lights, Located YMUL, WA.                                                    Professionally rebuilt & maintained.
                                                                                                                                 flange bushes, very good condition,
LAME maintained, Always Hangared                                                     CAO 101.28 compliant, choice of
                                                                                                                                 not needed after constant speed
$97,500. Ph Mark 0416 081049                                                         registration / maintenance. AeroVee
                                                                                                                                 conversion, best offer over $2,000.
or Colin 0431 691 419. Pos part ex                                                   1835, 60HP, single Zenith carburettor,
                                                                                                                                 Ph Dennis Stacey 0407 006 292 or
J160 or other easy entry plane.                                                      alternator, hand start, Bishton
                                                                                     propeller. 105 KTAS @ 3100 RPM, 16
Sensinich propeller brand new
                                                                                     ltr/hr. Tinted canopy, dual controls,       Vans RV8, I0360 Lycoming, Constant
70 cm6s9-0-79 suit rv-6a-7a-8a-9a
                                                                                     disk brakes, Garmin GPS, ICOM VHF.          speed Hartzell, AFS 4500 Glass panel
160 hp $3,300. Also Sensinich
                                                                                     X-Country, sport aerobatics. Low time       EFIS with back-up instruments, IFR
propeller 72fm8s9-1-84 to suit 180hp      Scales for weighing aircraft.
                                                                                     AF&E, full documentation, immaculate        Category, full featured Trio Pro Pilot
rv6a-7a-8a-9a as new condition but        Set of 3 EFM weigh-pads. Portable
                                                                                     condition, located Camden YSCN.             A/P. All only 110 Hours since new,
done 300hrs $2,800. Ph Ivan 0418          (all-up 43kg). Certified for weighing
                                                                                     Making way for new aircraft.                Oshkosh Silver Lindy winner. Every
932 816.                                  aircraft. Each scale is certified to
                                                                                     $40,000 ono. Ph Mark AUS: 0437              conceivable extra and no bugs,
                                          2000kg. $5,500. Ph Richard 08
                                                                                     930 730 or HKG: +852 9120 7487 or           $189K, call Kevin or email for photos
                                          9381 9507 or 0437 381 950, email
                                                                                     email           and full spec sheet. Ph 0408694713
                                          for details.
                                                                                                                                 Vans RV-9A Tail Kit Project. 2004
                                          ENGINE  LYC 0-540 E4C5 Tx
                                                                                                                                 Kit, some work done but no riveting,
                                          disassembled but complete with
                                                                                                                                 $1,000. One LN SYS6 Lighting
                                          starter, carb, mags. Crank & C/
                                                                                                                                 System for RV-9 as new $750.
                                          Case checked & tagged $6,500.
HORNET STOL Airframe TT230 hrs.                                                                                                  2005 Avery RV Builders Tool Kit
                                          Greg McFarlane 0417 940 461
100HP 912s 143 hrs. This is possibly                                                                                             with 3X Rivet Gun, $2,000.
one of the best examples around.          RV6 TT 890. 1st Life 0-320 & M/                                                        Ph Paul 02 6231 0975
                                                                                     CORBY STARLET 1835 VW,
Aircraft is fitted with rear cargo door   Prop Dual Plasma3 Ign VFR, Garmin
                                                                                     completed 1984 (was VH- now RAA),
and low stall wing tips. VHF – UHF        695 & 196 GPS, GTX 327 Txpdr
                                                                                     672 AFHR, recent LAME workover                QLD
radios; iPod system connected through     Icom A210. Featured front cover
                                                                                     incl. new matched cylinder heads, new
intercoms. The aircraft is beautifully    Airsport April/May 2010 $85K
                                                                                     & reseated valves, new ASI/ALT/VSI/         Helicopter Mini 500 Helicopter
finished and a pleasure to fly. The       Greg McFarlane 0417 940 461
                                                                                     EGT/CHT/g-meter, digital fuel computer      Rotax 582 fitted, assembled
aircraft is the ideal work horse for
                                          Cavalier project 90% completed;            integrated with GARMIN 296 GPS              and flown by LAME. Would suit
large properties or prospecting and is
                                          having most parts to finish, high          input, elevator trim. This aircraft flies   repowering for property use. Demo
perfect for rough strip applications.
                                          quality workmanship. $6,000 plus           beautifully, trims hands off, cruises 100   DVD available. Can deliver $29,500
The aircraft is in excellent condition
                                          engine available, Rolls-Royce O-240,       KIAS @ 12-15 L/hr, stalls 32 KIAS.          Phone Lawrie (07) 5429 8148
and ready to go. Located in Western
                                          130hp, 600 hrs total time. Will sell       Genuine sale - must sell. $23K. Ph
Australia. $90,000 ono. Ph Rod
                                          separately $9,000 or with aircraft         Geoff 0418 685 158 or email winter.
0427 266 036
                                          $15,000. Ph Gordon 0419 043 161  

34 • AIRSPORT                                                                                            SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT

                                           Slick Magneto Model 4370.                                                             Zenith 4 seat 801. Lycoming
                                           Rotation Left S/N 09022472 non-                                                       0-320; Long range tanks; Landing
                                           impulse . 33 hours only, nil defects.                                                 lights; Dual throttles; Aircraft grade
                                           Removed from Glasair to make way                                                      upholstery; Electric trim; 80%
                                           for PMags. Includes harness, timing                                                   complete (interior fit out remaining);
                                           pin, spare cap screws. Nil drive          Zenith Zodiac CH650B Complete               $50,000. Ph: 0402 885 740
                                           gear cog $350 ono. Ph: Brian              Kit Fully Optioned. Inc the following
EUROPA XS MONOWHEEL VH-XSS                 Budd 0410 605 907 or 07 5536              options: Jabiru USA firewall forward          VIC
First flight 2002, since flown 170         6624, email             kit, Sensenich ground adjustable prop,
hours. Fitted with 6 cyl Jabiru engine                                               Dual controls, Dual Brakes, Long range      RV7 Kit advanced project. Wings
                                           Rapco Vacuum Pump Model
with approved oil cooler mod. All                                                    tanks, Nav lights, Landing lights,          and empenage fitted to aircraft.
                                           No. RA215CC (FAA-PAA Approved
required airframe mods have been                                                     Wheel fairings, Aileron trim tab & Wing     Kit includes finish kit dynon d100
                                           replacement for Airborne 211CC)
carried out. Sale includes trailer,                                                  baggage lockers. Construction of the        efis and parts to convert to 7A
                                           TTIS 6 hours only. Just removed from
removable auxiliary fuel tank, cockpit                                               rudder, stabiliser, elevator and fuselage   very well built currently working on
                                           Glasair due to engine bay upgrade.
cover and Lowrance Airmap GPS.                                                       lower rear section is completed, with a     canopy. call Adrian 0439 801 667
                                           Fits Lycoming 0-235, 0-290, 0-320,
Aircraft a delight to fly and cruises at                                             considerable portion of the front lower
                                           0-360, IO-320, IO-360 and many                                                        GARMIN GPS 150 – Ph 08 9259
130 TAS at 20 l per hour. Hangared                                                   fuselage section complete
                                           others plus Continentals. TSO’d. All                                                  0676; Mob: 0447 560 928
at Caboolture but can be kept at                                                     Workmanship is first class and any
                                           paperwork available. Suitable also for
home on the trailer. Two practised                                                   inspection is welcomed. This kit is
                                           certified aircraft. Wear port equipped.                                                wANTED
adults can have it off the trailer and                                               close to being at the same stage as a
                                           $300. Ph 07 5536 6624 A/H or 0410
ready to fly in 20 mins. Asking price                                                quick build kit for less than the cost of
                                           605 907 or email                                                    Wanted to copy. VM 1000 4
$75,000 neg. Deliver anywhere on                                                     a fully optioned standard kit in US
                                                                                                                                 cylinder metric, Eprom Program chip.
the East coast. Contact Dave 07 3822       New Eggenfellner Subaru                   dollars without freight. Can be either
                                                                                                                                 Mine cooked because faulty resistor
5036 or 0420923561, e-mail djam.           H6 engine 200 HP. Zero time. Paid         RAA or VH registration. Photos at
                                                                                                                                 in DPU. Will consider purchase of Visit http://     $28,200-offers above $14,000.   
                                                                                                                                 whole system. Ph: Reg 0414 806 501 for more details.       Ex Tewantin. Ph: Adam Kane 0409           Contact: Greg Cox coxy.greg@
                                                                                                                                 or email
                                           047 586 / 0439 742 534.         

                                                                                                                                                         AIRSPORT • 35
SAAA contacts

                              John Tenhave                Gary Spicer                 Daniel O’Sullivan             Noel Stoney
 National Technical Manager   Epping                      Hope Island                 Monegeetta                    Redmond
                              Mob 0417 223 230            Mob 0402 822 907            Mob 0417 409 996              Mob 0429 847 101
 Mark Rowe                 peter Cash
 Narromine NSW 2821                                       Terry Grace                 Stuart Trist                  Riverton
 Mob 0403 307 363             peter Bowman
                              Figtree                     Kenmore                     Mordialloc                    Mob 0447 560 928                                       Mob 0423 846 837            Mob 0417 390 211    
                              Mob 0429 130 340
                           Lindsay Danes
 Training & Admin of APs                                  John Gross                  Len Dyson                     Success
                              Rick Harper
                              Forestville                 Mt Cotton                   Newport                       Tel 08 9414 1122
 Darren Barnfield                                         Tel 07 3206 6151            Tel 03 9391 2193    
 Hastings VIC 3915            Mob 0416 041 007
                         p51mustang@                   David Bryant
 Tel 03 5979 1501                                                           
 Fax 03 5979 1526             Geoff Shrimski              peter Karanges                                            Waterford    Frenchs Forest              Sunnybank Hills             Robert Barrow                 Tel 08 9313 3624
                              Mob 0414 400 304            Mob 0407 453 933            Oakleigh South                david.bryant@
                                                      Mob 0405 129 797    
 CASA Authorised Persons                                    bobbarrow@
                                                          Ubair Rehmanjan
                              Barrie Bishton              Prestons                       Flight Advisor & Test
 Jim williams                 Kempsey
 Albury NSW                                               Mob 0410 598 285            peter pendergast            Pilot Coordinator
                              Mob 0439 864 023               Ocean Grove
 (Albury area only)
 Tel 02 6021 5818             Martin Ongley                                           Mob 0408 375 163              Keith Engelsman
                              Kings Park                 South Australia                  Grenfell NSW
 Barry wrenford               Tel 02 9837 2551                                                                      Tel 02 6343 3292
 Bombala NSW                                                                          Graeme Coates
                          Mick Hart                   Richmond                      Mob 0409 076 277
 Tel 02 6458 3583                                                                                         
                              william Coote               Port Lincoln                Mob 0408 326 260
 Martin Ongley                Laurieton                                     
 Kings Park NSW                                           Mob 0407 424 607                                        SAAA Pilot Advisors
                              Mob 0428 599 953                                        Brian Ham
 Tel 02 9837 2551             Templestowe
 David Tennant                                                                                                      Robert (Bob) Redman
                              Drew Done                  Tasmania                     Mob 0409 014 017              Floraville NSW
 Wyongah NSW                                                                
 Mob 0410 491 866             Merimbula                                                                             Tel 02 4947 0768
                              Mob 0409 833 646            Mick Cuppari                Rob McAnally                  Mob 018 570 768
 John paul                West Hobart                 Templestowe         
 Darwin Area NT                                           Mob 0400 183 711            Mob 0418 172 150              Andy Ski (Andrew
 Mob 0425 269 414             Ian Goldie                                    
                              Port Macquarie                                       Sieczkowski)
 peter Lewis                  Mob 0414 259 098                                                                      Grafton Area NSW
 Elanora QLD                                             Victoria                    Western Australia              Tel 02 6642 1104
 Mob 0439 714 617                                                                                                   Mob 0408 573 130
                              Ubair Rehmanjan             peter Schafer               Brian Holman        
 Howard Mason                 Prestons                    Balwyn                      Albany
 Elanora QLD                  Mob 0410 598 285            Mob 0425 837 055            Mob 0429 844 419              Gary Spicer
 Tel 07 5534 8276                bmholman@                     Hope Island QLD
 Brian Turner                                                                       Tel 07 5514 2196
                              Terry Ryan                  Brian Turner                                              Mob 0402 822 907
 Boolarra South VIC           Taree                       Boolarra South              Bo Hannington
 Mob 0429 172 740                                                                                         
                              Mob 0427 480 093            Mob 0429 172 740            Baldivis       ryanaviationservice@      Tel 08 9524 2000              peter McDougall
 Darren Barnfield                                                                           (Helicopters)
                                     Bruce Towns                                               Haliday Bay QLD
 Hastings VIC                 Tony Middleton              Braeside                    Gordon Johanson               Mob 0408 345 507
 Tel 03 5979 1501             Wagga Wagga                 Mob 0408 326 260            Baldivis            
 Robert Hannington            Tel 02 6922 4990        Mob 0419 043 161
 Lower King WA                                                                        Jon Johanson
                          John Cartledge                                            Goolwa SA
 Tel 08 9844 7046                                         Dingley                     peter Nelson                  Tel 08 8555 4251
 Colin Morrow                 Queensland                  Mob 0419 883 123            Baldivis                      Mob 0419 554 656
 Manning WA                                          Mob 0418 949 943    
 Tel 08 9450 2130             Daryl Grove                 Robert Taylor               peter.nelson6@
                              Aitkenvale                                                       Keith Hartley
 Bill Keehner                                             Ferny Creek                                               Tennyson SA
 Mt Pleasant WA               Tel 07 4775 1604            Mob 0428 324 731            Mike Fletcher                 Tel 08 8356 5198
 Tel 08 9364 7690           Bunbury                       Mob 0416 084 069
                              Mike Roselt                 Arthur Stubbs               Mob 0408 090 438    
 Technical Councillors        Applethorpe                 Gembrook          
                                                                                                                    Aub Coote
                              Mob 0417 706 827            Mob 0419 357 648            Colin Morrow                  Grovedale VIC
 New South Wales                Como                          Tel 03 5241 1605
                              Graeme Humphreys            John Livsey                 Mob 0412 069 490
                                                                                       peter James
                              Beerwah                     Hampton East                                              Torquay VIC
 Karl Ahamer                  Tel 07 5494 9582            Mob 0448 020 446            Fred Moreno
 Bowral                                                                                                             Tel 03 5261 6196
                             Denmark                       Mob 0408 616 196
 Mob 0411 290 472                                                                     Tel 08 9848 1431       Craig Aitken                John Stephenson                                 
                                                          Hampton East                frederickmoreno@    
 Chris Byrne                  Boonah                                        
                              Tel 07 5463 4037            Tel 03 9553 5075                                          Ralph Burnett
 Bowral                                                     Terry Doe
 Mob 0414 603 644                                                                     Albany WA
                                                          Frank Deeth                 Eaton                         Tel 08 9842 8963       John Atkinson               Heathmont                   Mob 0437 256 229              Mob 0427 200 673
 Ken Garland                  Cairns                      Mob 0408 559 866     
 Camden                       Mob 0427 534 806  
                                                       Andi George                   David Bryant
 Mob 0417 244 059                                         Ken wickland                                              Jandakot WA             Lance Sandford                                          Kalgoorlie
                                                          Keilor                                                    Tel 08 9313 3624
 John Davison                 Dundowran Beach             Tel 03 9336 7061            Mob 0418 920 404              Mob 0428 582 844
 Coffs Harbour                Mob 0425 715 781                    david.bryant@
 Tel 02 6651 4887                                  
                                                          Norm Edmunds       paul Smith                  Kyneton                     william Keehner               John Chesborough
 George Louez                 Ferney Hills                Mob 0407 098 242            Mount Pleasant                South Perth WA
 Coffs Harbour                Mob 0419 641 853            idgara.aviation@            Mob 0417 972 090              Tel 08 9474 4440
 Tel 02 6651 8701                 Mob 0407 446 869
 Grant piper                  Brian Hunter                Rodney Thynne               David peck                    Laurie Baxter
 Coolah                       Helensvale                  Melton                      Noranda                       Wilson WA
 Mob 0438 890 242             Mob 0416 069 151            Mob 0402 227 607            Mob 0402 177 886              Tel 08 9451 1106

36 • AIRSPORT                                                                       SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
flight review                                             (Continued)
                                                                                                                Chapter contacts
Aveko VL3
NSw                                       Meetings: Second Tuesday               each month at 7:30pm, RVA             SOUTH AUSTRALIA
                                          of each month, rotates                 Clubrooms, Moorabbin Airport                  our distances, speed is always
 Chapter 1 Sydney North                   amongst members.                                                                Chapter 17 and they don’t come
                                                                                 Chapter 27 Tyabb Victoria                    a benefit,
 President: Steve Brown                                                                                                   Pallamana Murray Bridge
 North Sydney                             Chapter 23 Frogs Hollow NSW            President: Darren Barnfield                   faster Don Fraser
                                                                                                                          President:on 100HP than the VL3.
 Mob 0412 339 975                         President: Drew Done                   Hastings                                      It is also authorised to use
                                                                                                                          Norwood                       Merimbula                              Tel 03 5979 1501                         Tel 08 8363 (unleaded 95) and uses
                                                                                                                               Mogas 3920 (ah)
 Meetings: Third Wednesday of             Tel 02 6495 9894             
 each month at 7:30pm - rotates                      Meetings: Third Sunday each                 around 15lt/hr, depending
                                                                                                                          Chapter 25 Port Lincoln SA on
 amongst members’ projects.                                                      month at 12pm BBQ get                         how fast you want to
                                                                                                                          President: Michael Hart fly. Its
                                          Chapter 37 Southern NSW                together at Tyabb Airfield                    Lincoln
                                                                                                                          Port simple, virtually 1-piece design
 Chapter 2 Camden                         President: Jarrod Clowes                                                        Tel 08 8682 1977 maintenance, so
                                          Mob 0428 811 884                                                                     also simplifies
 President: Graham Johnston                                                      QUEENSLAND                     
 The Oaks                                                                                          operating costs are low.
 Tel 02 4657 2862                                                                Chapter 15 Queensland                 wESTERN AUSTRALIA
 Mob 0417 985 200                        AUSTRALIAN CApITAL                      President: Peter Karanges                    So what does it cost? In Europe,                      TERRITORY                               Sunnybank Hills                              its basic South €85,150
                                                                                                                          Chapter 10 price is West WA which,
 Meetings: Second Wednesday                                                      Tel 07 3345 3933                         President: Peter Bairstow
                                                                                                                              at current exchange rates is about
 of each month, rotates                   Chapter 26 Monaro ACT                               Contact: Bob Main not the cheapest
                                                                                                                              $A190,000. It’s
 amongst members’ projects.               President: John Morrisey               Meetings: First Thursday of each         Mob 0419 806 its class, but it has
                                          Gilmore                                month at 8:00pm, Clubhouse,                  aircraft in 624
 Chapter 4 South Coast
                                          Mob 02 6239 6146                       Beattie Road Archerfield                     to be one of the best. It will be
 President: Peter Bowman                                                                      Chapter 13 Albany District WA
                                                                                                                              interesting to start seeing them in
 Figtree                                  Meetings: Third Sunday                 Chapter 19 Gold Coast                    President: Noel Stoney
 Tel 02 4229 5350                         afternoon each month, rotates          President: Gary Spicer                       Australian skies.
 Secretary: Philip Ayrton                 amongst members’ projects.             Hope Island                              Tel 08 9845 3242                                                  Tel 07 5514 2196                                     VICTORIA                                Mob 0402 822 907                              Statistics
 Meetings: Last Monday                                                                       Chapter 16 Serpentine WA
 night of each month                      Chapter 14 Latrobe Valley              Contact: Robert Fraser                        wing Bo Hannington
                                                                                                                          President:span             8.44m
                                          President: Terry Fisher                Mob 0429 200 098                         Baldivis
 Chapter 5 Central Coast                  Newborough                                               Sea level climb
                                                                                                                          Tel 08 9524 2000       1,200’/min
 President: Dean Nesbitt                  Mob 03 5127 5765                                                                Mob 0427 044 156
 Mob 0418 757 383                                    Chapter 22 Sunshine Coast                     length
delight to fly. Too soon we lined                   performance and, frankly, its       Potential for Australia
up on long final onto runway              looks. Just as an aside, I
                                          Chapter 18 Melbourne was            The first obvious question is “can Chapter 24 Jandakot WA 100hp
                                                                           Peter Pretorius                           engine power
 Chapter 6 Coffs Harbour
30, brought the speed back to             always taught that you can
                                          President: Dave Robbins expect Moblegally484 here?” Aveko is           Secretary/Treasurer:
 President: Dr Paul Foster                                                    it 0413 fly 963                    Peter Mulhern
210km/hr and put the gear down,           Templestowetop cruise speed
                                          an aircraft’s                                 height               2.05m
 Nambucca Heads
accompanied9484 (ah) with a               Mob 0418 342 983 times its stall
                                          to be about three
                                                                              certainly exploring this ‘odd’
                                                                           Meetings: Third Sunday of possibility Orange Grove
 Tel 02 6569 once again                           and interest has been expressed Mob 0418 923 837
                                                                           numbered months at 10am,
brief vibration. Down to 200 and                       speed. In the VL3, it is around                                            fuel consumption  8-12lt/hr
                                                                           Hangarnumber of Australian aircraft
                                                                              by a 52 Caboolture Airfield
one notch of flap. At around 500’         Chapter 20This professionalism
                                          four times. Kyneton District
 Chapter 7 Mid-North Coast                President: Donald Ashton               Chapter 34 Far North QLD up-
                                                                                  sales groups. However, for                   stall speed                              35kt
we used the Bill Coote setting
 President: second flap                   is also very evident in its
                                          Newham                                 President:information it would be NORTHERN TERRITORY
                                                                                    to-date John Martin
 Tel 02 it at that,
and left6559 9953 easing down to          Secretary: Denisis beautifully
                                          construction. It Mexted                Cairns to contact Aveko directly.
                                                                                                                         tank volume                     90 lt
an impressively smooth landing.           made in factories
                                          Mob 0423 404 233 which truly           Tel 07 4033 5448 manager is Jiri   Chapter 35 Northern Australia
 Meetings: First Friday of                                                          The marketing                        vne
                                                                                                                    President: Vern Taylor             163kt
                                          understand composite
 each month, Hasting’s
The overall impression from this          Meetings: Varies - contactbeen able       Kuncicky, email kuncicky@aveko. Casuarina
 District Flying Club                     and its construction has               Chapter 36 Central QLD
                                                                                    com.                                 Mtow               450/472.5 kg
machine is professionalism. It            Secretary for details                                                     Tel 08 8945 2244
                                           to fulfil the requirements of its     President: Anthony Baldry
 Chapter 11 North-West Sydney
has been designed by skilled and          Chapter 21 Moorabbin Vic                                                       normal cruise                  135kt
                                          great aerodynamics.                    Airlie Beachseem ideally suited to
                                                                                    It would
 President: aircraft designers,
experienced Darin McLean                  President: John Livsey                 Mob 0427 267 237
                                                                                    Australian conditions. Given
 Richmond                                 Tel 03 9532 2442                              For any changes to Chapter details,
 Tel 02 8213 in its
which shows 6223 handling, its
                                                                                            contacts or to notify of errors,              Meetings: Fourth Thursday of                                                   please email

   Specialists in Aviation Insurance
    For all your Aviation insurance needs. We work closely with the aviation community including members of
    organisations such as RA-Aus., GFA, SAAA and HGFA and provide solutions for Aviation groups and Industry.
   - General aviation aircraft (any and all types including schools and clubs)
   - RA-Aus recreational aircraft including schools and clubs
   - Helicopter insurance
   - Gliders, sailplanes and hang gliders
   - Airport operators and hangar owners/occupiers liability
   - Aviation liability for organisations
   - Non owners liability insurance
   - Hot air balloons
   - And other Aviation related insurances
   Call the OAMPS Aviation team to see how we can meet your
   specific insurance needs

    1800 025 481
                                                                                                             OAMPS Insurance Brokers Ltd ABN 34 005 543 920 Ref 0356 - 19MAY09

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   20                                                                                                                           Airsport Magazine December/January
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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Thinking of joining SAAA?
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Broaden your horizons, make new friends

                                                      Q3 (c) operating with too much power and with the mixture set too lean Q4 (b) running the engine continuously at 65% to 75% power with full power or maximum power available for climbs Q5 (b) detonation
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  and learn new skills.
Aircraft Spruce	                                 39
AN-Bolts	                                        23                                                                                                                                                                                                               The SAAA has something to offer everyone with an interest
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  in sport aviation, whether you’re a builder, a pilot or just
Asia Pacific Light Flying	                       15
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  enjoy being around aircraft and fellow aviation enthusiasts.
Australian Light Wing	                           35
Aviaquip	                                        16                                                                                                                                                                                                               If you’re thinking about building your own aircraft, then
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  the SAAA is your starting point. We can provide advice
Bert Flood Imports	                              40
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  and technical information. Our experienced Technical
C&H Freight	                                     04

                                                      TechniQuiz answers: Q1 (d) the spark plugs may become fouled Q2 (b) use of the next higher-than-specified grade of fuel is permitted if the specific grade of fuel is not available
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Councillors can guide you through the challenges of
Jabiru Engines	                                  06                                                                                                                                                                                                               your project and help you to build a competent safe
Latrobe Valley Airframes	                        29                                                                                                                                                                                                               aircraft. You might have an interest in restoring historic,
OAMPS Insurance Brokers	                         37                                                                                                                                                                                                               classic or ex-military aircraft, or you may prefer the
QBE Aviation Insurance	                          02                                                                                                                                                                                                               joys of recreational flying in production aircraft.

Sonex Aircraft	                                  17                                                                                                                                                                                                               Whatever your particular interest in aviation, the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  SAAA provides the opportunity to share the experience
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  with fellow enthusiasts. Membership includes
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  subscription to Airsport, published quarterly.
Advertising in Airsport
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  We encourage all members to join their local Chapter.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  The local Chapters provide an active and enjoyable
Airsport is distributed to members of the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  environment where members work together developing
SAAA four times a year. As such it provides
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  building techniques, work on their projects, get together
an excellent vehicle for presenting the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  for local events and participate in fly-ins.
services of businesses involved specifically
in industries of interest to homebuilt and
sport aircraft builders, owners and pilots.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   SAAA Membership Rates
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Full membership                                          $185
Advertisers can supply their own artwork
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ad for you at competitive rates.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  *Available to pensioners, member’s dependent family,
For an advertising rate sheet and mechanical                                                                                                                                                                                                                      approved Technical Councillors
specifications email
or tel 02 6889 7777
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Members’ non-business classifieds are free for                                                                                                                                                                                                                    PO Box 99 Narromine NSW 2821
two issues. Classifieds may be resubmitted.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       tel 02 6889 7777 / email
Non-members paid classifieds – no limit.                                                                                                                                                                                                                
Send to SAAA
PO Box 99 Narromine NSW 2821
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and advertising in Airsport are:
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38 • AIRSPORT                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           SAAA – THE HOME OF AUSTRALIAN EXPERIMENTAL AIRCRAFT
                                           LoNgREACh FLY-IN                                              24th-27th juNE 2011

hoStS                                    SChEDuLE
Qantas	Founders	Museum             24th Fly-in 5-7 pm drinks at Qantas Founders Museum
Nicholas Vincent                   25th Buy, swap and sell aircraft kit plane left over parts
07 4658 3737                      12pm	Wings of Life fly-in with two 80% scale replica Spitfires
                                        6.30 for 7pm Wings of Life Charity dinner and auction	
Longreach	Aircraft	Maintenance          at Qantas Founders Museum Guest Speaker: Jon Johanson
Annalisa & Ben Bowden                   Dress Theme 1920– 45 War Era. Funds raised go towards the Royal Flying Doctor Service
07 4658 2211                            Nicholas Vincent 07 4658 3737                  26th From 9am Breakfast Qantas Museum 10am Wings of Life depart 11am Sexiest Wings Comp
                                   27th (TBC) SAAA Maintenance Procedures Course (two days) Alison Shannon 0459 555 025

Packages and tours available
Information about our town                              WWW.FLyINgDOC TORS.ORg.AU    WWW.qFOM.COM.AU   WWW.WINgSOFLIFE.COM.AU

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