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                          National Collegiate Athletic Association

                             Division II Legislation Committee

NCAA National Office                                                     November 2-3, 2009
Indianapolis, Indiana

1.    Welcome and announcements. (Ann Martin)

            Welcome the new members of the NCAA Division II Legislation Committee: this
             is the first meeting for Melissa Barrett, Jill McCartney and Christina Whetsel.
             Please review your information on the Legislation Committee roster and notify
             Jill Waddell of any changes using the information sheet provided.

2.    Approve June 2009 Legislation Committee report. [Supplement No. 1] (Martin)

            Anticipated Action: Approval of the June 2009 report by the full committee.

3.    Review the NCAA Division II Presidents Council and NCAA Division II Management
      Council July/August Summary of Actions. [Supplement No. 2] (Martin)

            Background: The committee will review the summary of actions to track on
             issues that impact the work of the committee. No action is necessary.

4.    Approve subcommittee minutes.

      a.     NCAA Interpretations Subcommittee of the Division II Legislation Committee.
             (Diana Kling)

                   Review of Division II interpretations. [Supplement Nos. 3-a, 3-b and 3-c]

                    (1)    Anticipated Action: Approval of interpretations issued by the
                           Interpretations Subcommittee since the June 2009 meeting.

                    (2)    Background: Between each in-person meeting, the Interpretations
                           Subcommittee meets via teleconference to review interpretive
                           issues regarding NCAA legislation. If necessary, the sub-
                           committee will issue an official interpretation. All interpretations
                           issued by the subcommittee since June must receive approval by
                           the full committee.
NCAA Division II Legislation Committee Agenda
November 2-3, 2009
Page No. 2

      b.     NCAA Legislative Review Subcommittee of the Division II Legislation
             Committee. [Supplement No. 4] (Carol Rivera)

                   Anticipated Action: Recommend legislative concepts for sponsorship by
                    the Management Council and Presidents Council.

                   Background: Each meeting, the Legislative Review Subcommittee
                    reviews concepts/ideas regarding current NCAA legislation to determine if
                    such a concept should be recommended to the Management Council and
                    Presidents Council for sponsorship of legislation. Information regarding
                    each concept may be found in the supplement. All concepts recommended
                    by the subcommittee must receive approval by the full committee.

5.    2010 NCAA Convention Preparation.

      a.     2010 NCAA Convention Second Publication of Proposed Legislation (SPOPL).
             [Supplement No. 5] (Jenn Fraser)

      b.     2010 Question and Answer Guide. [Supplement Nos. 6-a and 6-b] (Fraser)

                   Background: The Legislation Committee will review and discuss the
                    Question and Answer Guide that will be provided to 2010 NCAA
                    Convention attendees.

      c.     Position paper assignments. [Supplement No. 7 to be distributed at the meeting.]

      d.     Meeting time at 2010 NCAA Convention. (Fraser)

                   Background: The Legislation Committee will meet at Convention to
                    resolve any issues that may arise and to ensure that all members have their
                    positions papers.

6.    Review of amendments-to-amendments and/or resolutions, if necessary. [Supplement
      No. 8 to be distributed at the meeting.] (Fraser)

7.    Complete tracking tool for 2009-12 NCAA Division II Strategic Plan. [Supplement Nos.
      9-a, 9-b, 9-c and 9-d] (Maritza Jones)
NCAA Division II Legislation Committee Agenda
November 2-3, 2009
Page No. 3

             Background: The Division II Planning and Finance Committee established a
              tracking tool to measure the progress of each committee that has responsibility for
              a priority in the 2009-2012 Division II Strategic Plan. The Legislation Committee
              will take part in an exercise to create measureable goals for the priorities it has
              responsibility for.

8.     Update from the NCAA Eligibility Center’s amateurism certification staff. [Supplement
       No. 10] (Leigh Ann Kennedy and Michael Mangarelli)

9.     Discuss Phase Two of the Life in the Balance Initiative.

       a.     Maximum number of contests and dates of competition. (Stephanie Quigg)

       b.     Annual and discretionary exemptions. [Supplement No. 11] (Carl Segura)

       c.     Nonchampionship segment. [Supplement No. 12] (Segura)

       d.     Nonchampionship competition -- opportunities in baseball and softball.
              [Supplement No. 13] (Segura)

10.    Review all permissible and impermissible activities for prospective student-athletes
       pursuant to Bylaws 13 (recruiting) and 16 (awards and benefits). [Supplement No. 14]

11.    Future meeting dates.

       a.     March 18-19, 2010 (Indianapolis, Indiana).

       b.     June 7-9, 2010 (Indianapolis, Indiana).

       c.     November 4-5, 2010 (Indianapolis, Indiana).

12.    Other business.

             Review recently issued interpretations since the last Interpretations Subcommittee
              conference call. [Supplement No. 15] (Fraser)

13.    Adjournment.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association
October 23, 2009                     JF:jcw

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