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					Plate Costing Calculator
#1 General Information
Item                                               Date

#2 Enter Recipe Data

       Ingredients                              Quantity       Unit       Unit Cost   Extension
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -
                                                                                      $     -

       Total Cost of Recipe                                                           $     -
       Cost per Serving                                                               $     -

#3 Plate Costing & Menu Pricing
  Cost Per Serving                   $    -                Number of Servings             10
  Plate Cost Calculation                                   Target Food Cost               32.0%
       Portion Cost of This Recipe   $    -                Menu Price at Target       $    3.13
       Sauce: Portion Cost           $   0.25              Current Menu Price         $   18.50
       Side Dish: Portion Cost       $   0.50              Current Food Cost               5.4%
       Cover Cost                    $   0.25              Mark Up Per Plate          $   12.00
       Total Plate Cost              $   1.00              Cost Plus Plate Cost       $   13.00
(1) Enter General Information
           a. In the Item cell, enter the name of the plate or dish, for example, "Salmon with Roast Potato and
                 Basil Sauce."
           b. In the Date cell, enter today's date.

(2) Enter Recipe Data
          a. In the Ingredients column, enter the name of each product in the recipe.
          b. In the Quantity column, enter the number of units used in this recipe for each product.
          c. In the Unit column, enter the measurement unit, for example, "lb." for pounds.
          d. In the Unit Cost column, enter the cost per unit in dollars and cents, for example "1.63" for one
                 dollar and sixty-three cents per unit.
                 The worksheet displays the total cost of the recipe, and the cost per serving

(3) Enter Plate Costing and Menu Pricing Data
     -In the cells with white backgrounds and green text, enter the
     following required information.
        a. In the Number of Servings cell, enter the number of servings this recipe produces.
           b. If there is an additional sauce not included in the recipe, in the Sauce:Portion Cost cell, enter the
                  cost of one portion of sauce.
           c. If there is any side dish not included in the recipe, in the Side Dish:Portion Cost cell, enter the
                  cost of one portion of side dish.
           d. In the Cover Cost cell, add the cost of bread and any other items not included in the recipe but that
                  come with the plate.
                 The worksheet displays the total cost of the plate as served to the guest
           e. In the Target Food Cost cell, enter your ideal or target cost (by percent) for this plate.
                 The worksheet displays your targeted menu price per budgeted food cost
         f. In the Current Menu Cost cell, enter the price of this menu item.
                 The worksheet displays the current food cost % on this plate, at current
                   menu pricing
           g. In the Mark Up Per Plate cell, enter the amount in dollars you would like the gross profit (balance
                 after the total plate cost) to be.
                 The worksheet displays the plate cost plus your intended plate markup

                             THIS SHEET IS PASSWORD PROTECTED
This sheet is password protected to avoid writing over formulas that are in the yellow fields. To remove the protection: click on the
TOOLS section, then click PROTECTION, and then UNPROTECT, when prompted enter the password enter the password:

Once you have unprotected the sheet you can modify it for your operation. Once you have modified it you should check for
accuracy and then re-protect the sheet to maintain the tools integrity.

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