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									                                                                                               Volume I, Issue 2
                                                                                               Summer 2010

                                What’s Up Doc?
             The Rowhedge & University Medical Practice Newsletter

INSIDE THIS ISSUE:          A New Era….                      Staffing News                     New Practice at
Reception News          2   Much has changed in the          Dr. Emily Foster is sadly
                            short time since the last        leaving the practice and is       Plans for relocating and
Dispensary News         2
                            edition. Following the general   moving to Tanzania with her       expanding the practice are
MMR                     2   election, a new government       husband. We wish her all          still under consideration. As
                            and prime minister have          the best for the future and       mentioned in the last
Sunburn and Stings      3
                            been appointed. It will be       ask her to keep us up to date     Newsletter, our current
Home Medicine Cabinet   3   interesting to see how the       with her adventures in Africa.    premises pose a limit to our
                            coalition government will run                                      ability to expand our service
Accident & Emergency    3   the Department of Health.        Dr. Matthew Dawson will           provision and hence we are
                                                             be replacing Dr. Foster from      looking into the possibility of
NHS Update              4   How this will affect general     3rd August and we look            a new surgery within the
                            practice and the services we     forward to welcoming him.         village. We are exploring a
Patients Corner         4
                            provide is uncertain. No firm    Dr. Dawson has just finished      couple of options at present.
                            decisions have been taken to     his vocational training to        This is still very much at
                            date. We look to keeping         become a GP and is moving         early stages and a lot of
                            our practice population          to Colchester having trained      work still needs to be done.
                            informed of any changes as       in the Cambridge region.
                            they emerge. However, it is                                        This project will become an
                            apparent that, in the current    Mrs. Sarah Eshelby has            increasing priority as the
                            economic climate, cuts will      joined the University practice    practice population expands
                            be made to medical               as part of the reception staff,   and traditional hospital
                            spending. These have been        having worked in the              services become more
                            said to be up to £20 billion     pharmacy at the Garrison          community based.
                            over the next 4 years. The       Medical Centre. She brings
                            Government has been quick        many years of medical
                            to say any savings will not      expertise with her and we
                            affect front line services and   are delighted to have her
                            are most likely to be            working with us.
                            administrative at regional
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                                                                                              What’s Up Doc?

                     Monday Morning Surgery
                     Monday morning tends to be         morning appointment for a
                     the busiest time for patients      routine problem or
                     requesting appointments.           medication review and
                     With the surgery having been       instead request appointments
                     closed over the weekend, it        for routine clinical problems
                     is important that patients         or reviews at other times.
                     who have become unwell
                     during the weekend are able        Patient Contact Details:
Midnight Walk        to access an appointment
                                                        Patients are requested to
                                                        update, when appropriate,
Dr. Richardson       In order to help us offer this     their contact details including
would like to        service efficiently, we would      next of kin, especially those
                     be grateful if patients could      who are dependent on family
thank everyone
                     avoid requesting a Monday          or friends in the provision of
for all the
                                                        their health care.
support she
received for
participating in
                     Dispensary Information
the Midnight         The dispensary continues to        The dispensary closes             For advice on medicines that
Walk in aid of St.   be very busy, so as with           between 12.00 and 14.00 to        are useful to have in the
Helena Hospice.      appointments, we would             allow drug deliveries to be       home – please see the article
Dr. Richardson       urge patients not to collect       received and stock updated        below on the Home Medicine
                     routine repeat medications                                           Cabinet.
completed the                                           Certain medications are
                     first thing on a Monday
walk in the                                             available over the counter
pouring rain at                                         and are often much cheaper
3am. Your            All prescriptions must be paid     than purchased with a
sponsorship          for prior to collection unless a   prescription. Our medical
raised £183 on       valid prescription charge          staff will always try and
                     exemption certificate is           prescribe, or advise on the
behalf of the
                     presented.                         most cost effective

                     MMR Vaccination
                     There have been a number           different countries as            Patients may have the MMR
                     of new cases of mumps at           evidenced by the high             vaccine by attending the
                     the University Practice in         number of our overseas            Walk-in-Clinic Monday –
                     recent weeks. We have              students. This is an excellent    Friday, between 15.00 -
                     witnessed a pattern of similar     opportunity to remind all of      18.00. No appointment is
                     outbreaks during the last few      our patients who are aged         necessary. For anyone under
                     years. The cases tend to           between 17 and 25 that it is      the age of 17, appointments
                     appear in areas where the          important to ensure they          can be booked at the surgery
                     vaccination levels have fallen,    have had 2 separate vaccines      for an MMR vaccine.
                     or are low due to differences      for MMR, otherwise they may
                     in vaccination policies in         not be adequately protected.
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Medical Information – Sunburn and Stings
With summer hopefully on its way,               Bites and stings can be treated with    The average burn time for people
there are a number of medical                   topical creams such as Eurax™ and       who have not applied sun screen
conditions which are more                       Calamine, which have a skin             is 20 minutes on a sunny day.
frequently seen during the summer               soothing effect. Simple analgesics      Always think about the need to
months. Most commonly, these                    such as paracetamol or ibuprofen        apply sun screen in good
include hayfever, insect bites and              can be given to treat the discomfort    weather, especially to children
sunburn.                                        associated with bites or stings.        who are much more susceptible
                                                                                        to sunburn than adults.
Insect bite occurrence can be                   Sunburn is frequently forgotten
reduced by the use of an insect                 about in the UK, until we have been     (For advice on hayfever, please
repellant. Generally in the UK these            burnt! With temperatures rising,        refer to the previous issue of the
are not required, but when                      more time is spent outdoors. Even       Newsletter.)
travelling abroad, taking one with              on cloudy days UV light exposure
you is strongly recommended.                    can be significant.

Medical Information – The Home Medical Cabinet
In order to provide basic care for ourselves, it is important
to have a medical cabinet with a few essentials in stock. It
is essential to check that these items are “in date” just as
you would with food. The following is a suggested list of
“must have” items for your home:

    1.   Paracetamol ( Calpol for children)

    2.   Ibuprofen (Nurofen syrup for children)

    3.   Anti-histamine tablet (for allergy)

    4.   Plasters / Simple Dressings

    5.   Moisturising Cream (eg Aqueous cream)

    6.   Sun screen

    7.   Simple plasters or dressings & antiseptic

Accident and Emergency Services
 Local GPs have rightly come under             Other options for medical care include   Out of Hours: The Out of Hours
 increasing scrutiny with regards to           the following when the surgery is        Service is available for patients who
 their patient population’s use of             closed:                                  need to see a doctor when the
 A&E.                                                                                   surgery is closed. Telephone the
                                               NHS direct: Phone NHS direct on          surgery for the automated message
 Patients are reminded that A&E                0845 4647 for health advice.
 services at the hospital are aimed
 specifically for those serious                North Colchester Health Care
 accidents or emergencies only.                Centre: The Primary Care Centre in
                                               Colchester is based on Turner Road.
 Attending with minor ailments is an           Patients may be seen by a doctor or
 inappropriate use of resources and            nurse with no appointment necessary.
 delays the treatment of seriously ill         The centre can be contacted on 01206
 patients.                                     314015.
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                                                                                                What’s Up Doc?

                               Department of Health Policy Update
                               Summary Care Record              who will be given access to      boundaries and opening
      PRACTICE                                                  this information. The new        practice patient lists. The
                               The East of England was due      Government has stated its        British Medical Association
                               to be the pilot region for the   intent to discontinue the        opposes the proposed
   7 Rectory Road              role out of the Summary          summary care record              change based on the fact
      Rowhedge                 Care Record. The DoH has         program.                         that more of GPs’ time will be
                               announced that the pilot                                          spent on administrative
Colchester CO5 7HP             program will be delayed due      Your Choice of GP                tasks, there may be
                               to complaints, that the          Practice                         decreased continuity of care
                               general public was not                                            while inappropriate use of
   01206 728585               adequately advised during        The new Government
                                                                                                 services such as A&E may
                               the consultation period on       remains keen to review the
   01206 729262                                                                                 increase. Patients can
                               the full details on the          issue of choice of GP as was
                                                                                                 register their views via the
                               summary care scheme, the         mentioned in the last
                                                                                                 public consultation on line at
                               storage of personal              newsletter. This would
 Check us online at:                                                                   
                               information and the people       involve removing practice                                                                        pond-online/

                               Patient Corner
                               It is the aim of Rowhedge        A suggestions box is located
                               surgery to provide the           in the reception area next to
                               highest level of medical         the front desk, any feedback
                               care to our practice             is taken seriously and any
                                                                changes implemented as a
                               We would like to have            result of patient suggestions
                               feedback from patients on        will be printed in the news
                               their experiences with the       letter.
                               surgery and any
                               suggestions as to how our
                               services could be
                               improved in the future.

                               BLOOD TAKING SERVICES IN COLCHESTER

 Colchester Walk In Centre                           Mon – Fri: 07:00 – 14:00 Tel: (01206) 744300

 Essex County Hospital                               Mon – Fri: 08:30 – 12:30 Tel: (01206) 744468

 Colchester General Hospital                         Mon – Thu: 08:30 – 16:15 Tel: (01206) 742416
                                                     Fri:       08:30 – 15:45

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