Quality Enhancement Committee Meeting Minutes - DOC by HC111211104255


									                       Quality Enhancement Committee Meeting Minutes
                                    St. Petersburg/Gibbs

1. In Attendance: Earl Fratus, Angela Picard, Lynn Grinnell, Carol Weideman, Antoinette
   Caraway, Holly Hoopes, Jim Connolly, Nancy Doolittle, Debbie Robinson, Gail Lancaster,
   Janice Thiel, Diane Reese, Karen Miller, Donna Kelly, Jennifer Lechner, Marse Walsh,
   Linda Hogans, Shirley Johnson, Jerry Dyer, George Greenlee, Wendy Mitchell, Deborah
   Boyle, Sharon Williams, Jennifer Minafo, Valerie Case, Slavica Visic, Masayo Nakamura,
   Lisa Hannukainen, Julie McGary, Helen Estes, Alexis Capristo, Jason Ellis, Danielle
   Karfonta, Christina Rodgers, Cathy Tiehaara.
2. The meeting was called to order at 2:35. The minutes from the previous meeting were
3. Welcome members and guests. Due to the addition of several new members and guests Earl
   Fratus requested attendees introduce themselves.
4. State of the QEP.
       a. QEP draft: The draft of the QEP is on the College’s Wiki. Earl gave the rest of the
          QEC a “homework assignment” to review the draft and provide comments, either in
          the Wiki editing area or directly to him via email.
       b. Briefing to Cabinet. An outline of the QEP was briefed to Cabinet on Monday, July
          9th. Several suggestions are being incorporated into the upcoming presentation to the
          Board of Trustees and into the SACS Certified training.
       c. Calendar of events. The following schedule of events is planned:
             i. July 17. Presentation on the QEP to the Board of Trustees.
            ii. July 20. SACS Steering Committee meeting.
           iii. July 30-31. Preliminary visit of the SACS On-site Committee Chair, Dr. Linda
            iv. August 10. SACS Certified training for EpiCenter non-academic staff
            v. August 16. Fall Faculty. Brief presentation and video on the QEP.
            vi. August 20. Student awareness campaign begins.
           vii. Week of September 3. SACS Certified training for campus staff.
          viii. September 18th. SACS Certified training at Professional Development Day for
                faculty and academic A&P.
            ix. September 25-27. SACS On-site Committee visit.
5. Student input. There were a number of new students attending the QEC. Taking advantage
   of that, Earl requested they brainstorm a list of effective tools for increasing student
   awareness of the QEP topic. The brainstorming is captured in an attachment to the minutes.
6. “SACS Certified” training. Lynn Grinnell updated the group on the status of the “SACS
   Certified” training. Some modifications were in the process of being made due to inputs

   from Tina O’Daniels, Doug Duncan, and the President’s Cabinet. The training will be
   reviewed and approved at the next SACS Steering Committee meeting on July 20th. Lynn
   will be conducting training for EpiCenter staff be on August 10th. At the next QEC meeting,
   August 22nd, changes to the training will be reviewed with the current “SACS Certified”
   trainers and additional trainers will be certified.
7. Committee meetings. The Student Success, Professional Development, and Critical Thinking
   Resource subcommittees met to complete their work on the assignments from the last QEC.
       a. Student Success. The Student Success subcommittee added to the list ideas for
          increasing student awareness. Their comments are added to the list in Attachment 1.
       b. Professional Development. The Professional Development subcommittee had
          collected a significant list of outside experts, briefed the group on their plans
       c. Critical Thinking Resources. The subcommittee discussed creating a Faculty
          Toolbox with general and discipline-specific strategies and activities for faculty use
          in the classroom – something practical to accompany the literature review, such as
          sample lesson plans.
             i. Other ideas discussed included advising students to use SmartThinking and
                TurnItIn.com to check for logic and critical thinking in their writing.
            ii. The subcommittee advised creating a template for assignments and activities to
                make it clear and easy for faculty to “fill in the blanks” and have a standardized
                format for critical thinking activities on the Gateway Website. They also
                recommended as part of the process of infusing critical thinking in classes that
                faculty be very clear what is expected in assignments by including detailed
                guidance, such as a grading rubric, in their syllabus or assignments.
           iii. The subcommittee asked whether students would have access to the critical
                thinking tools developed within this initiative. The QEC discussed the
                possibility of having a Student Information Commons, perhaps as a link off
                MySPC and Library Online, with information on critical thinking. Critical
                thinking items could also be placed into program-specific Information
8. Dr. Jim Olliver closed the meeting with an imperative that the QEP become Quickly,
   Everyone’s Priority.
9. The meeting adjourned at 4:05.

Attachment. Brainstorming Student Awareness

      Student emails                            Fun handout with activity
      eCampus welcome pages                     Add to “Start here” page in WITS
      Student newsletters
                                                 Announcements in ANGEL
      Required part of syllabus
                                                 Spokespeople from SGA, PTK, B2B,
      Flyers in textbooks
      Webpage that is required reading
                                                 Booths in prominent areas on each
       before entering course
                                                  campus to reach evening population
      Highlighters
                                                 Make icon available to faculty to use
      Mail out to students                       in their syllabus, class handouts,
      Interactive student orientation
                                                 Contest – do students understand
      Five question fill-in-the-blank for
                                                  critical thinking? Question of the
       extra credit
                                                  day, once per week drawing,
      Students talking to other students         students have to access website to
                                                  submit answer
      Digital signage
                                                 SPC homepage – have students
      Mini-training with prizes (bookstore
                                                  engaged in critical thinking with
       gift certificates)
                                                  QEP or subtitle
      Lunch-and-learn sessions
      Bathroom poster
      Information at welcome back bashes


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