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					Hertford College
 The Admissions Process
The College admits about 120 undergraduates each year and
  has, on average, a total of about 370 undergraduates at any
  time. We welcome applicants from all types of
  educational background and we admit on academic
  promise alone. Hertford has for many years admitted an
  unusually large number of pupils from maintained schools,
  and welcomes applications from schools that have not
  made a practice of encouraging Oxford applications in the
  past. Our undergraduates are drawn from a diverse range of
  backgrounds and we welcome applicants from all types of
  schools both in the UK and abroad.
As in all Oxford colleges, the subject tutors interview and
  select their future students. We take into consideration
  your school report, your examination results, your school’s
  prediction of your future grades, written work sent, and
  test or exam you may have had to sit as part of the
  application process, and what you tell us at interview.
  Please see individual subject websites in the University
  Undergraduate Prospectus: for details on written
  work requirements and test/exam arrangements. We
  make allowances for difficulties which may have a bearing
  on your work, such as ill health, and changes to schooling
  or curriculum.
We are looking for people with flair and the greatest potential
 to benefit from the challenging Oxford environment. Our
 aim is to select the candidates who have the maximum
 ability for the subject they wish to study and who will put
 most effort and enthusiasm into studying it. The subject
 quotas for entry to Hertford are not rigid and we do our
 best to award places in the light of the overall competition,
 except for Medicine where the quota is imposed by the
We can make allowances for particular difficulties which may
 have a bearing on your exam results: the application
 procedure is about you as an individual and your potential;
 it is not a machine which processes pieces of paper. Our
 aim is to find the applicants who can most benefit from
 our intensive and challenging system of tuition, and to
 identify those who will put the most into their Oxford
 degree as well as those who will take the most from it.
Hertford welcomes applications from most subjects offered
  by the University, however please note that we do not offer
  the following: Ancient and Modern History, Classical
  Archaeology and Ancient History; Classics in any
  combination of subjects; European and Middle Eastern
  Languages; Engineering and Materials; Materials
  Economics and Management; Mathematics and Statistics;
  Theology in any combination of subjects. The following
  languages are not offered, alone or in combination:
  Russian, Polish, Czech, Modern Greek, Portuguese, Celtic.
Please read our admissions information in conjunction with
   the Oxford University Undergraduate Prospectus which
   gives details of the application procedures. If you have any
   questions not answered in either prospectuses please feel
   free to contact either the Tutor for Admissions or the
   Admissions Secretary.

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