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									             Northlew & Ashbury Church of England Primary School

                                Admissions Policy


The County Council is the admitting authority for Northlew and Ashbury Primary
School. The Admission Policy of the school adheres to the guidelines issued by the
county council. As such admission to the reception year is dealt with centrally by the
Admissions Team. Parents will apply directly to Devon County Council who will
allocate, where possible, a place in a school of their choice. Admissions to other year
groups will continue to be administered by the school.


1)     To outline the governing body’s duties with regards to the school’s planned
       admission level.
2)     To establish the timing of admission for children who are entrants for the first
3)     To set out clearly the priorities for admission to the school when the number
       of requests for places at the school exceeds the planned admission number.
4)     To set out the arrangements for the hearing of appeals by parents should their
       child not be offered a place at the school of their choice.


1)     Admission Criteria
       Admission Criteria to be followed:-
       1.) Children who are in public care
       2.) A child living in the school’s designated area with a sibling who will be
           attending the school (or the linked primary-phase school) at the time of
       3.) Other children living in the school’s designated area.
       4.) Children living outside the school’s designated area, but with a sibling
           who will be attending the school at the time of admission.
       5.) Other children living outside the school’s designated area.
2)     PAN
       The Planned Admission Number for Northlew & Ashbury Parochial Primary
       School is set at 7. This number will be reviewed annually by the Governing
2)     Children will be admitted to school during the year of their 5th birthday.
       Northlew has two entry dates. Children born between 1st September and 28th
       or 29th February will be admitted to school in September. Those born between
       1st March and 31st August will be admitted in January.
3)     Deferred Admission
       Occasionally a parent may request to defer the admission of their child. In
       line with county guidelines a deferred place must be taken up within the
       academic year. The deferred place is guaranteed. Deferred admission should
       be made on medical education or social grounds. Requests for deferred
       admissions should normally be made half a term before the pupil would
       normally be admitted. The Headteacher and the County Authorities will
       consider the request.
4)     A request for early admission will be referred to County for consideration.
5)     The PAN will only be exceeded after approval has been sought from the
       Divisional Education Officer. It is anticipated the PAN will be exceeded in
       some years but will fall below in others. Admission cannot be refused where
       the PAN has not been reached. Should this result in the KS1 class rising in
       number to over 30 advice will be taken from the Divisional Education Office.
6)     Where the school is unable to offer a place as requested the parent must be
       given the right to Appeal. The Appeals Panel’s decision for binding. (There
       are two exceptions to these details that can be found in County guidelines).
       Advice and guidance will be sought from the Education Office to ensure
       correct procedures are followed.

Last reviewed: 08.05.07

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